Ramsey – Arsenal will come out on top against Liverpool

The Welsh winger Aaron Ramsey admits that he looks forward to the big games of the season, like tonight’s match against Liverpool but believes that if Arsenal play their usual gae they will come out on top. He said on Arsenal.com: “It is one of those games you always look for when the fixtures come out,”

“You look for the bigger games and this is where you want to test yourself against the better players and this is a fixture that will have that.

“It’s going to be tough, we did well against them at home last season and they will be looking to do us over from what we did last year. Hopefully we can do our best to avoid that and if we play the way we know we can I’m sure we will come out on top.”

The midfielder believes that Arsenal have their fantastic team play because most of them have been at the club for many years, and he thinks this can only lead to more trophies in the future. He remarked: “Most of the players here have been together for a long period of time,”

“I have been here seven years now and the chemistry and the way the players get on with each other, approach each other and fight for one another on the pitch it has never been as good as it is now.

“This team has a lot of quality and we have won a few things now. This team can push onto bigger and better things, and I hope we can show people this season how close a tight-knit group we are.

“We know we have a good squad and we are more than capable of challenging anybody on our day but the main thing is to go into each game individually and try to come out on top. We have had two successful years when we have won things and we will try to see where that takes us this season and I’m sure we will be there or thereabouts.”

It’s alright talking the talk, but tonight’s game can go a long way to increasing the fans belief that there could me more trophies this season. A second home defeat just doesn’t even bear thinking about….

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  1. Our players and talking..i remember how almost everyone talked bout how we would have a strong start until we got beaten by a mediocre team. I ain’t saying we shouldn’t have confidence, am just saying do more, talkless.. don’t talk bout our quality, just focus on winning games and let our legs do the talking. City is a perfect example for that.
    p.s: getting us three points tonight against liverpool will say more than your words could ever say

  2. The Welsh winger 🙂
    The midfielder?
    “If Arsenal play their usual “gae”
    they will come out on top 🙂
    C’mon you Gaeners 🙂

  3. Lets save the talking for the pitch…Liverpool yet to concede a PL goal as yet and still have maximum points from games played – Lets break that…

  4. I appreciate it was an interview but our players should do there talking on the pitch and take as many selfies as they wish after we win the game. We don’t wan the repeat of our last home game.

    Lpool will come all fired up especially having witnessed our defense lapses in the last games. I don’t bash Mert anymore as I used to in the past though when will Gabriel ever get a run in the team, I didn’t figure he was bought as back up but rather un upgrade on Mert. He needs a run in the team and not just cup game appearances for us to have a good look at him.

    Looking forward to the game and here’s to hoping we having a convincing win today.

  5. Have anyone noticed the first 3 words in the article? “The Welsh winger”, seriously??? Now arsenal has 3 right wingers, JOKE OF THE DAY

  6. just let those people who believe ALL GUNS BLAZING are going to be very disappointed his twitter source is a complete fraud was offered opportunity to do interview on benzema transfer to arsenal but he declined this proves his so called source is a silly 10 year old kid just looking for attention. When you look at the whole situation madrid would not sell benzema without a replacement lined up and watching last nights game showed how they need him in there team def no way will this transfer happen the cavarni one has more chance of happening then benzema!

    1. So you know they have no-one lined up do you? Or what or how Benitez plans to play..

      Not saying Benzema will come to us (probably PSG) as a Cavani or Ibra replacement. Where either of those ends up is anyone’s guess. Depends if we are even in the running for a CF!

      RM could be after reus, Griezmann or muller etc… I know RM fans are calling for Reus so they might just get him.

  7. “LOOK”, I hope we win the game against Liverpool. Realistically I only have 55 percent faith that we will come out on top, but that percentage could increase or decrease when I see the team selection.

  8. Our players should really learn how to shoot. So many times you see a player in a good position to shoot but instead they either pass or take one too many touches allowing the defenders time to cover or block.Sanchez could have had a hat trick against palace if he pulled the trigger early instead of dribbling

    1. “He shoots!!!”
      “Long ball!!!”
      “Good header!!!”
      “Great save!!!”


      If you don’t shoot, you can’t score!!!

  9. These Guys should please stop talking. We rarely get good results when they talk, they get over-confident and complacent.

    1. I’d personally like to hear from guys like “Cohesion” and “Team Spirit”.

      What happened before the West Ham game? Same old!!! I said I have 55% faith we’d come out on top, isn’t above average and shouldn’t I be considered optimistic? But fans here are always unrealistic. See how Palace frustrated our midfield; that was just palace.

      We absolutely need world-class signings (striker, dm, etc) but Arsene doesn’t have “world-class” tactics and that’s often a problem. When leave Theo and Ox on the bench just for Ramsey to play in that right flank?

    2. Agree completely, as soon as I read or hear one of our players saying what they’re going to do, how they are going to win, how good the squad is etc, I have a feeling of impending doom, like the sword of Damocles hanging over us.
      Just STFU and get on with doing what you’re paid to do, win!

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