Ramsey believes Arsenal will keep winning now

Arsenal have been playing must-win games for well over a month now, but we stuttered against West Ham and Crystal Palace before getting back into the groove last night against West Bromwich Albion. It was Aaron Ramsey’s first start since his return from his latest injury, and the Welshman thinks that the performance has shown that the Gunners are back to their best.

“We played with a real purpose from the off and we created opportunities,” he said on the official Arsenal site. “We managed to take a couple of them and I thought we deserved it today.

“That is perhaps where we have been lacking in the last couple of games. We definitely proved what we could do tonight and if we play like that all the time there is no reason why we can’t win every game.

“I felt really good out there, really comfortable. I thought it was really important for the whole team to put in a real good performance and I think we did that.”

Ramsey played very well considering his absence. Maybe he can help to push the team on and galvanize them to grab and hold onto Third Place?


  1. Rqamsey i believe that the moment wenger gives up on favorisem, in putting you up in the starting line up, ahead of players like campbell and co. we would have been closer in winning something great.

    even iwobi is miles better then you in the flanks. and eleny suits our game play much more. he does everything you should be doing.

    ramsey, wenger, stan, out out out

  2. oh look aarons talking now.
    in news of the same equivalent i found a jaffa cake down the back of the sofa.

    wba brought nothing to us. didnt press us like some teams know how to so im not gassed off this result just thankful of alexis .

    cant wait for season to end need to recharge my gooner head

    1. Really! A Jaffa cake? Down the back of your sofa???

      Yes! Who said there is no good news around here anymore!?

  3. Well, what can he say. It is a very normal situation for him. He’s grown up to know that this is about the time we usually find our fight and form. Nothing new there. Nothing new to say.

  4. It’s such a shame. Ramsey is such a talented player with an incredible engine. Remember 12/13 season?

    But He’s lost his way somehow. Only if he can relearn some of that discipline and team-work.

    Imagine having an Ozil playing alongside a rejuvenated Sanchez and a Ramsey in his 12/13 season form. What a combo that would be!

    Spice it up with an aggressive CF in the mold of a Lewandowski, Suarez or Higuain.

      1. Yes Rambo was brill from
        mid August till end of
        November that season but
        faded badly, 3 months really.
        To be fair he was over played like Sanchez was last season
        and Ozil has been over played too even Giroud.
        Because we have a bare 14 quality players
        while the rest are old, tired, injured or not good enough.

  5. Oh great Aaron, not that it’s not too late or anything. At least we will be in the champions league again next season ??

  6. Ramsey is a solid plodder
    and not much more.
    To add value to his
    limited skill set he needs to
    stay injury free, provide a pass option
    tackle back provide crosses and score 6-9 goals a season.
    Aaron said “If we play well we should win” Deep very deep 🙂
    So why don’t you play well more often?
    Because you know you do not have to win the EPL
    and won’t be sold unless you want to go.
    To be fair Ramsey has shown flickers of real quality.
    Ramsey should go to a club like Athletico
    where Simone would drag the best out of him.
    But 80 k p/w whether he plays or not with no pressure
    to win any thing substantial is a nice comfort zone.
    Love to see Ramsey put under real intense scrutiny
    because I think like Walcott + Chamberlain he has it too easy.
    One of the “squatters” who needs a rocket, shape up or ship out.

  7. I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…

    I also believe in the boogie and that I am the re-encarnation of Zico..

    Am I right?

    1. Good grief ?
      Is grief good?
      12 years with out
      the EPL title look how
      happy I am with all this grief 🙂
      Yes we will win now because the pressure
      of winning the title is probably gone.
      Plus we have easy Sunderland Norwich and Villa to play.
      Only Citeh is tough.

      1. You know full well that De old foe will cause us problems at the stadium of light.

        Wenger now talks of the importance of finishing 3rd and how the summer transfer plans depend on it ? I’m sure that we have all heard that before? ??

        it’s a shame that he didn’t give winning the premier league any importance! … I’m not expecting an easy ride against Sunderland or Norwich. .. as they will be fighting for survival, compared to Wenger’s fight for home comforts.

  8. Yes, let’s win all the remaining games and show how consistent and efficient we are shall we!?


  9. Did u just suggest Ramsey should go to Athletico under Simeone’s Tutelage?

    How bout we bring simeone to Arsenal and Trade Ramsey to the Yankees

    1. Nah Ramsey’s RBI is too low
      I say we send him to the Pats
      and get Gronk 🙂 or get drunk
      which ever comes sooner 🙂
      He is too old to play for the sooners any way.
      Graeme Sourness played for the scousers
      although bought up in Edinburg.

      1. The wages were terrible back in his day ?
        Today’s Player’s go to whoever pays the most pounds,
        Whereas Graham Sour-ass went to whoever bought the most pints! ??????????????

  10. In previous seasons when we have been fighting for 3/4th place, the talk has been about the need for a champions league spot to attract new players and to keep our existing best players.

    This year it is so different, almost like most of us have lost hope. I suppose it is the realisation that we cannot win the PL even when manu, manc and chelsea all have poor seasons. The many missed opportunities where we get in to good positions and then bottle it. The statement by Kroenke that he is not involved to win championships. The empty seats at the emirates. The feeling that we are being taken for a ride by the owner, having accepted high prices and no trophies due to stadium debt, the promised bright future is not going to happen because the owner is not interested in trophies.

    All very sad, either owner sells or changes his business plan to win things to grow the brand. New chelsea manager has clause in contract, £5m if he wins CL. I would be happy with similar clause in arsenal managers contract to win PL.

  11. To be fair Walcott can’t
    tie his boot laces ,
    Ox trips over his shadow,
    Gibbs can’t find
    the ground and Wilshere
    can’t find his way out of the hospital 🙂

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