Ramsey believes Cech can make the difference -He already has!

Aaron Ramsey believes that the pressure of winning trophies is nothing new for him or Arsenal. The Wales international playmaker believes that the current Gunners squad can handle the expectations and win silverware.

Ramsey is optimistic of a successful campaign and thinks that winning the season curtain-raiser this weekend would prove a point to everyone. Arsenal defeated Chelsea 1-0 with the solitary goal from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain helping them lift the Community Shield.

Arsene Wenger lifted the FA Cup for the second year in succession last year. At most times last season, Arsenal looked the only side capable of giving a fight to Chelsea for the title. However, the season at the Emirates tapered down and eventually Wenger’s side ended 12 points behind eventual champions Chelsea.

Ramsey however is confident that this team can close the gap and that the Gunners can achieve big things in 2015-16.

“There’s always pressure on Arsenal to go out and win games and win trophies. It’s nothing new to us as players,” the 24-year-old said.

The North London outfit begins the new campaign with a game at home to West Ham United followed by an away trip to Crystal Palace. A slow start to the last season almost pinned the club down for quite some time which was one of the reasons why they couldn’t catch Chelsea at the end.

Ramsey believes that the early indications are good that the squad could hold its own against competition. The growing confidence in the team is something he attributes to the arrival of Petr Cech.

The experienced stopper must have been a rare sight in the Arsenal goal – for Chelsea fans. The game at Wembley was the first competitive one for Cech and he showed the glimpses of what can be expected at the Emirates.

Cech was not exactly involved in the game for long periods of the game. But, he made his presence felt with a couple of smart saves. They just highlighted Cech’s penchant for clean sheets – which could be vital in the coming season.

“It’s been a few games since we’ve lost here, so hopefully we can continue building on that,” Ramsey said.

“[Cech] is obviously a top-class goalkeeper with a lot of experience. He made a couple of good saves. Over the course of the season, hopefully he can save us a few points.

“You can sense that in this team something has clicked into place and everyone knows what they are doing, and we are heading in the right direction. We feel confident we can go and win games. Hopefully we can take that into the new season and keep everybody fit.”

Ramsey himself has an important season to look forward to. After almost making the central midfield role his own, the Wales midfielder will be looking to translate his potential to points. Every Gunner supporter knows that he hasn’t been true to his worth and if he can carry his form through the season, Ramsey could be the difference for Wenger.


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    1. who the hell is he?
      use a question mark not an exclamation greg… denis cheryshev? not denis cheryshev!
      u cant be so kamikaze with grammar greg..u dangerous man 😉

      weve expressed interest in anyone who can remotely play football..according to the media..

        1. We’ve always known he’s a beast, just that he’s not as good as Giroud so Arsene won’t get him.

  1. the positivity among the team mates is great. Cech has added to our firepower, like uncle Ben said “with great power comes great responsibilty” now the pressure to challenge for major titles is very high. but with the way we are going?? bring it on, we are The Originals, we never run from fights and challenges. so happy EPL is finally back

  2. That’s right and the oli and theo show is going to deliver us 50 goals coq will dominate all comers in EPL and CL and mert will develop gazelle like qualities and spring in to action against any pace thrown at our defence ….. We need a f****** quality attacking option and class DM before the window closes otherwise it’s another battle for third or fourth slot … I would settle for drexler and bender at this point … Just some show of ambition from the existential babbler

  3. Of course he can. He is a 10 out of 10. But one keeper alone wont get you 13+ points to make the differance. Osipina wasnt that bad either.

    1. shezzas debut for roma wasnt bad mate…imagine if he does a courtois an comes back a world beater

  4. Yes i totally agree with Ramsey we’re now started to see some positive players players that have an ambition to bring back our invisible Gunners out of darkness we tired of being laughing @ from other football club fans around the world we tired of being aiming higher and end up be to button of our rivals Afc is a very outstanding world class fc for God sake we have all the potential to take our club to the highest level so come on Wenger let’s do it also glad to see the way Wenger treated Morenho on Sunday & I’ll love to see Wenger do the same every time they meet in public place until Morenho realize his arrogant behavior towards Wenger.
    All we need now is just 2 more signing 1 Sf and Df to help push our team forward.
    BIG RESPECT TO ALL ARSENAL FANS AROUND THE GLOBE,we are a true fans fantastic club with outstanding records come rain come Sun or snow we’ve always and we’ll still continue to be there for our team CONGRAT TO ALL ARSENAL PLAYERS, MANAGERS BOARD OF DIRECTORS above all congrats to all the fans of afc love u all.

  5. well there you have it big benz has done himself an injury out for a little while so that’s a no go now, like someone else commented on her before. maybe there might be a glimmer of hope on the lacazette front, we would be almost front runners for that one if it were to come about this late in the window, but i still honestly believe wenger is still on the look out for top lass talent lets just hope something crops up. not so sure if we can get top striker this summer as it has been a limited market for strikers none are moving freely around atm. but maybe this laccazette situation might give us a chance to get someone in my bet is maybe if not then he will go more in for a top class d/m instead. c/f maybe next summer it might be better for that pos then. might be just a case of draxler and bender maybe also. lets just see what swinging space there is for a big transfer.

    1. Perfect time to buy him,

      we have the best injury facilities in the premier the best surgery knowledge and care after all usualy there are more Arsenal players there then on the pitch

    2. @goonerwineverything

      Don’t sweat the injury, Kallstrom anyone?

      If a deal is possible, get it done. We should be able to manage West Ham without a Benz.

      Lew ain’t happening, not sold on Lazcasette (spell check).
      So if no Benz I’d pass on ST this window and save money for future bid for Lew.


  6. i have got a funny feeling that with klopp and pep both maybe/definitely available next summer wenger had better deliver something big this summer/next season, or the board might have other ideas for next summer mangers post it will be an interesting 10-11months. indeed at least it keeps some outside pressure on wenger, at least the board should be planning something in the pipe line if one of them wants to come and takeover for 2016.

  7. Lets not get carried away…….. The injuries are here already…….. Wilshere , flamini, welbeck ….figure?

  8. We are looking like a real team now. Although I don’t know what it’s like in the dressing room, when they’re on the the pitch, all the team look like they get on really well with each like they’re all old friends. You can’t say that about Utd, who seem to spray money at anyone who they think is good, with no thought as to how they are going to get on / fit into the team. They would probably buy Messi and Ronaldo given the chance, with no thought as to how the relationship would work.

    I was slightly irritated at the game on Sunday, that Chelski players seemed to be targeting Carzola, he could’ve had a serious injury. Ramires was up to his old tricks, stamping on his foot, like it was a mistake – really? I think Ramires should be given a few more yellow / red cards, and he might stop it, but after Mourinho made all that fuss over his last red card, refs seem to be shy of dishing them out to him.

  9. The Board will never let Wenger go he brings in too much money for them and the share holders . Cech and a few kids for future sale. Wenger will never change no matter how much money he has to spend. The last few transfer windows he signed 1 Top player and this has not changed he just won’t go the extra mile to make Arsenal great. Wenger out.

    1. I know Reus somehow seems injury prone, but the f**k I wish Arsene wiLl go all out to get him. That guy is smarter and faster than the french Benz!!! Give them 45mil

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