Ramsey convinced Arsenal can still win trophies this season

Arsenal may be wracked by injuries and are languishing 11 points behind Chelsea in the Premiership table, but the Welsh wizard Aaron Ramsey still believes that the Gunners, strengthened by our new arrivals, can add to last years FA Cup win by taking more trophies this season.

Ramsey was quoted in the Express as saying: “We know we have the ability to go on and challenge and to win things,”

“We’re hoping this season that we can deliver.

“Danny Welbeck has settled in really well and I thought it was a great bit of business. He scored his first hat trick of his career against Galatasaray and another goal against Hull, so hopefully he can kick on and continue scoring.

“Sanchez has played well in every game. He is up for the fight as well, he’s not just there when he’s got the ball. Defensively, he wants to work hard for the team and realises that’s important. That’s a great quality to have as an attacking player.

“We also have Calum Chambers who has slotted in really well. He is so composed on the ball for a 19-year-old, very strong defensively as well and he’s been a great signing.

“Plus we have the experience of the Germans, they’ve been there and won the top prize in football and it takes a lot to do that. Their experience is only going to benefit us.

“We know we’ve come on a lot last season and hopefully now we can have a better shot at winning things.”

Ramsey has not reached the heights of form he managed last season, but still contributed some excellent goals before sustaining another injury along with most of the Arsenal squad! But now he is back there is high hopes that he can click behind Sanchez and Welbeck and propel Arsenal forward to a long run of winning games.

But does he really believe we have a team good enough to win another trophy this season?

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  1. Hafiz Rahman says:

    wha trophy is he talking about??

    the 4th spot trophy that we win every season?

    he better shaped up or be shipped out

  2. dilla says:

    Wenger saying after the match that Podolski will play a vital role for AFC in the coming months. “He struggled to get back to match fitness but now he is very close.”

    lol. match fitness? when was he injured? Barely played the World Cup. Barely featured near the end of last season. Barely played at all so far this season. Nope. Wenger just hates Poldi, plain and simple. It’s a shame because he’s one of the few players we have that’s clinical in the box.

  3. ruelando says:

    Think Podolski will still be going in January, yes he is a great finisher but lately seems disinterested and may soon nt even have space on the bench, so i figure the only alternative he will have is to leave for greener pastures

    I do believe as ramsay says that arsenal has the potential to win trophies, but our defensive line need reinforcement, not jus to stop a gap but to compete for a starting spot with the regulars, but again its left to our ridiculous manager decision

  4. davidnz says:

    #Next article heading #
    “Relax fans, Arsenal is fine”
    Arsenal is a very experienced
    squad now. We just need to add
    a little bit of polish, grit and smarts.
    The talent is there the squad when fit is deep
    ( albeit one defender short ).
    So far only Mou and Manuel are coping
    in the league and Manuel is struggling in the ECL.
    Rogers struggling in the league and ECL
    while van Gaal, Pochettino and Martinez struggle in the league.

  5. Brada b says:

    I respect #ramsey but I think he need to win his form back then talk bout winning games & by the way #FACK AW! !!

  6. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Wishere is going through the Ramsay old route…. Wenger will keep playing him

    some sacrifices shall be made like having poor results….

    Wennger out!!!

  7. henry12 says:

    I have a feeling if we went back to a 4-2-3-1 where Wilshere play CAM we would win games.
    I think the main reason why we lose games when Wilshere is playing is because he runs the game single handly. He plays the game his own style and forces everyone to play around him. If he was playing in a position where he didn’t need to run the play and Ramsey ran the play we would get back to winning ways.

  8. Greg says:

    Love the confidence by “rambo” i just want you to recapture that “great” from last season and help turn our season around with some consistency! Coyg!

  9. RSH says:

    4th place, R16 exit is the only thing i see coming unfortunately. And if we don’t improve our dismal performances we wont even get the 4th place. Sooner we get a new manager the better… So sad watching us struggle when all it takes to not be horrible is to play players in their positions and not have a stubborn man in charge of the of club.

  10. 61 never again says:

    COYG great win now let’s get our sh#t together and start performing love victorys like that wen we were terrible but still grounded out a result COYG

    1. DaveJay says:

      Comments like this makes me realize there are still decent Arsenal fans out there.

  11. jibber says:

    we played like shat last night, but at least better than the game against Hull.

    As much as everyone hates Wilshere, there’s one thing that Wenger and hodgson is getting right, which is to let Wilshere play more long balls because he does have the passing range.

    i don’t remember any other play chipping and lobbing the ball long and wide on target for our teammates to run into, and he is the man for that.
    the thing that people are upset about wilshere is his dribbling. As much as i think that’s ugly and a bit reckless as well, i think it’s still better to have more players like him trying to penetrate defenses and run head on with the ball, than to have our team pass the ball at the edge of their box and do nothing else.
    Only problem is wilshere ain’t the man for that, he’s better off staying back sending long balls like what cesc used to do.

    I’m sure there are Nay-sayers here will telling me that wilshere should be on the bench, or that he’s no Cesc, Pirlo, Xabi Alonso, etc. sure don’t believe me. But Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Dani Alves, all said he is the best of his age as a Deep lying playmaker.
    You can tell me scholes said other wise, but all Scholes said was he didn’t improve, not that he’s crap. And of course that’s the case if you were injured the whole season and 1/2, with a manager that clueless.

    Some might arguing that Wilshere comes off always seems to make an instant impact, but that’s just false correlation. the man who comes on for him, the ox is where the differences is at. And that’s down to Wenger not playing the right man on the field.

    what i think is that it should’ve been Ox over flamini, and wilshere plays dual mid with Ramsey in a 4-2-3-1. front 3 should’ve been Ox cazorla sanchez, and cazorla down the middle.

    We know Ramsey plays better when he comes in from deeper. and i think wilshere can do a better job if he get’s the same role he plays in england.
    dual CMs also has been our successful formation, because it provides more protection for our defense. we did this last year even with Koscielny playing, i don’t see why we stop playing that way.

    I think Wenger is caught up in having both Wilshere and Ramsey play in an attacking role which i don’t think has to be the case. what’s wrong with alternating!?

    Wilshere himself said he used to take turns with Song to bomb forward, why can’t he do that now?

    if there’s noone behind wilshere and Ramsey, they both become more disciplined and that’s when they play better.

    The problem with us is never down to a single player, it’s always been the way we play. Which is why even with quality such as Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey and whoever your favourite player is, we still look like a midtable team fighting for 4th.
    I’m not saying Wilshere is fantastic, but he’s definitely less shat than many of us here make out to be.

  12. fred cowardly says:

    We were very lucky last night. We played poorly for over 80 minutes against an average side.

  13. GoonerG1 says:

    FA Cup is the only possibility and that turns on luck of the draw. A good team away and we are out of the Cup.

  14. tegh7 says:

    Not quite surprising that there wasn’t any mention as to what trophy the fluffy-bluff fellow was alluding to. Consequently, such reckless opining can be given little substance. Wenger out!!

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