Would Arsenal fans be happy if James Rodriguez replaced Ramsey in January?

All the signs are pointing to Arsenal still having an interesting transfer window despite the fact that Unai Emery has made it clear that there is no money for outright purchases but loan deals are still a very real possibility.

The Suarez deal with Barcelona is still very likely to go ahead despite Suarez rejecting the offer on the table from Barca to facilitate his move to Arsenal, but unless he is happy to vegetate on the bench at the Nou Camp for the next six months it is in his interest to come to a compromise.

Another player that will have to face the fact that he has no future in Spain is Madrid’s James Rodriguez as Arsenal try to prise him away on loan as well. The Independent reported today…

As reported by The Independent on Monday, Arsenal have already investigated the possibility of taking Rodriguez on loan, and both Bayern Munich and his parent club Real Madrid would be open to a deal.

Sources close to the player say he prefers a return to Madrid to try and prove himself at the club he joined in 2014, but that may be futile as they press ahead with the attempted purchases of Tottenham Hotspur’s Christian Eriksen and Chelsea’s Eden Hazard.

So this could still be an exciting window for us, as I am sure Gooners would be happy if both Suarez and Rodgriguez come in. The cost of the loans for the two would easily be covered by a nominal fee from Juventus for Ramsey, and the Gunners could even make more money buy offloading Mohammed Elneny as well to make room in the squad list….



    1. Agree. I’m not excited with all these CM loan rumors

      Arsenal require specialists, not generalists

      I believe a winger is highly needed currently, because Arsenal’s attacks are usually dull, but I trust Emery’s strategies

  1. It just sounds too good to be true with the current financial mess we somehow are in.

    Especially if Kroenke can’t even cough 20m to bid for a Carrasco or Suarez (the latter even only being paid for in the Summer!)

    Rodriguez could be utterly fantastic for us.

    1. He did not shine at Real Madrid and Bayern. Arsenal should have aimed higher as one of the richest and most popular European football clubs

      But because they always say money is the problem, they might as well gamble on young talents instead of getting another expensive reject

  2. I doubt Rodriguez wants to play for Arsenal. He is not a bad player. I have seen play a number of times in Ligue 1. However, I do think he is a little overrated and I am not 100% about him being a team player. I am 100% sure he won’t join us this window and 90% sure he won’t join us this summer.

    1. What do you mean when you say he’s “not a bad player”? Obviously he isn’t World Class but do you think he’s just average or better than average ie good reliable player

      Just curious

  3. I for one doesn’t think there is any big name player who is being encourage by there agents that Arsenal is the team to join right now
    Emery’s treatment of players isn’t looking too good especially on the media front
    You’ll are afraid to admit our management structure is in limbo. But somehow think people like James,Isco,Carasco all Superstars are willing to come to the Arsenal at this moment wishful thinking.

    1. Emery treats most of his players well. Torreira, Ramsey, Mkhitaryan, Lacazette, Aubameyang and Xhaka usually start, and Mustafi as well previously

      The only one that seems to be excluded is Ozil, maybe because Ozil is not suitable for Emery’s tactics or perhaps because Ozil rarely performs well

      1. Torriera are you kidding me
        Lacazette fans booing says enough
        Auba bro follow the guys tweets
        Henrick Europa team leader ha
        Not to mention regular 45 minute substitution what football are you really watching

        1. Jah son agreed. Am not sure he has a grand understanding of his team and how he wants them to play. Or maybe premier league is a completely new challenge for him. As to Ozil, if Emery really is a versatile manger he should find a way to use him. I know Emery has a history of fighting with (big) players but Arsenal cannot afford to waste 350 every week. And more so Emery hasn’t done a lot to prove he is right about Ozil, we have been woeful a times. Ozil is a player who was particularly begged before signing his contract so nobody can show him where to jump.

          1. Jah son, Torreira has been carrying a niggling injury so his appearances have been managed. What’s wrong with 45 minute sub times if you see a change is for the better? and we have performed better after those changes. This doesn’t mean his initial selection was wrong in the first place though. How many times were we crying out for subs to be made previously and they didn’t come until 70th minute?

        2. Jah son, you continually see conflict with the coach, where there is none, except maybe in the case of Mezut Ozil.
          The coach’s role is to improve and bring the best out the players, but for the benefit of the team to make the sum greater than its parts. The responsibility of the players is to understand and implement the coach’s requirements to the best of their abilities.
          Despite the esteem with which Emery is held by his fellow coaches/managers and others who are considered football experts, you take every opportunity to disparage him.
          This is becoming tiresome.

        3. Jah Son – I am watching the same football as gotanidea. Torreira has been smartly utilized and protected against injury and burnout. Laca sees lots of game time and might not always be happy when substituted but which striker is? Laca was very positive after the Chelsea game. The fans booing says nothing about how Laca is treated.

          If anything this coach has shown players that they all have a chance and that the time of favorites has come to an end.

          The reason big players don’t want to come to Arsenal is that we have no ambition and don’t offer CL football.

          Carasco is willing to come to Arsenal if the money is right. He went to China for the money and has a hard time adapting to life over there. He is ready to return to Europe and if we make the best offer he would be willing to come to Arsenal. We are unlikely to make the best offer.

      2. Or equally perhaps – actually there is no”perhaps ” about it – it is because like me and many others who agree with him, Emery refuses to pick players who do not give 100%. Players who do not deign to work 100%, but gladly pocket huge wages, are CHEATING the fans, their club, their sport, themselves and betraying their own integrity, which in my book is a moral crime of major proportions. I JUST TELL IT AS IT IS AND DON’T MAKE FALSE EXCUSES FOR PURE LAZINESS AND LACK OF CHARACTER! Ozil’s own spinelessness has brought this necessary action on himself, though his many excuse makers on here will continue to swear black is white.

        1. Ozil’s alleged lack of character has always been a myth portrayed by people who can’t look past the superficial and, basically, the way he looks, his eyes shape, his posture, etc.
          The facts are that Ozil has consistently been amongst the biggest runners in the team alongside, obviously, the best at creating goals. During the Sanchez days, Mesut would regularly run TWICE more that Alexis when appearances would suggest the opposite.
          That he can of course still progress defensively (which he has done to an extent as well over the seasons he’s been here) doesn’t cancel the amount of efforts he’s been putting in.

    2. 1 – Suarez looks like he’d jump at the chance to join up.

      2 – Carrasco and Suarez are not superstars, they have a foreign name and played at big clubs. Rodriquez is a big name, though he didn’t live up to being the most expensive player, he is still a very talented player, with his stats for goals & assists being that of a dangerously good player.

      3 – I also don’t see this bad treatment of players. If you are willing to put in the work, then you wont have a problem with Emery. Torriera was eased in, and like Ozzie says, there are reasons behind his decisions. Lacazette, I thought the fans who booed that call were clueless, an example of how poor our fans can be. I don’t agree with Emery breaking up the striking pair, at times, but I know it has nothing to do with any bad treatment, maybe judgement, but not treatment in the way that you mean it. Even if it is bad judgement, who am I say that, we lost at WHam with the pair.

      1. Break-on-through, on the issue of Laca and the fans’ booing, I think the boos are not actually directed at Laca, rather they targeted Emery for always substituting him.
        If I were the coach I would do the same thing because Laca, even though he is very skilful and gives 100%, it doesn’t take away the fact that he is temperamental; and given our no love lost with most of the refrees, we can risk playing with only 10 men if he is not subbed in time.
        Both Laca and Auba are world class players, but the difference between those two is; while Auba maintains his cool when things are not really working for him, Laca does not hide his feelings at all. He keeps throwing his hands into the air and questioning the referee’s every decision. Some refrees can easily target him when all the 3 subs chances are expended.
        That’s my opinion though.

  4. Samuel Chukwueze. Villarreal. 19 years old, LW, free in the summer. 5 goals, 2 assists in 12 starts. Amazing dribbler, yet to sign an extension. He was supposed to sign for us with Nwakali. What do we have to lose with him? He would cost like 1-3 millions.

    Enock Kwateng. Nantes. 21 years old, RB, free in the summer. Averages 2,8 tackles and 3,2 interceptions in a match. More of a defensive RB than going forward. Surely worth a try?

    Adrien Rabiot. PSG. 23 years old. CM, free in the summer. Seeing that BARCA have seemingly bought Frankie de Jong from Ajax, Rabiot might not be going there after all. Bayern, Real nor Juve don’t need a CM. He’s frozen out by PSG who might want to sell him now for something. Any chance to bring him in? If he doesn’t work out, we can sell him on. Currently earns around £55k a week.

    Hector Herrera, Porto, 28 years old. CM, free in the summer. 2,4 tackles and 1,2 interceptions per match. Midfield general and captain of Porto, more of a defensive CM with lesser contribution to attack. Great passer! Could do a job for us if Ramsey is to leave this month.

    Few bargains right there. Beggars like us can’t be choosers!

      1. Thanks for showing us the stats McLovin. Rabiot’s only 23, we should have an edge on any other side due to Emery working with him. I here Liv might be interested in him. Chukwueze, I read that rumor earlier and I could’ve sworn I knew him, I thought he might’ve come through our academy or something ..I knew he sounded familiar. Not sure about Herrera, I’m sure he’s solid enough but if he was going to be a star, he would’ve been one by now. Still at Porto, not sure if I fancy that one.

      2. I love Chukwueze and see that as a no lose signing. Sign him up.

        I will throw one more free agent in the summer out there:
        Almamy Touré – Monaco, 22 years old RB. He hasn’t played much this year because Monaco signed several other right backs, but he played 27 games last year for them with 1 goal and 6 assists. The year before that he played 15 games and had 5 assists in Ligue 1 as an 18 year old. I like him more than Enock Kwateng, but that I think either on a free would be great.

    1. Really? I’ve barely ever seen him play but I heard his work rate is no better than Ozil’s. If this is true, Emery will definitely give this transfer a pass.

        1. ?? you know I’m a big Ozil fan QD!! I’m all for giving the benefit of the doubt to whoever comes in…(apart from Lichtsteiner ?)

  5. James is a good player but far from the world class level his salary would dictate. he will be on at least £200k and will want more to join us. Why do you think real have pretty much given him away for a nominal loan fee, they want him off the wage bill.
    We need to move away from over-paying players, this has caused all our current issues..

    Ramsey is leaving as we wouldn’t pay him £200k or similar. As much as i would like to see him stay, he just isnt worth that amount per week. For that reason i am glad he is going to warn the bench in Turin.

    Unfortunately until we get back into champs league we have our hands tied..
    Our current wage bill is the 5th largest in the league and we currently sit 5th in the table.
    Historically the team with the largest wage bill win the league and not the team who spend the most on transfer…
    We therefore need to be more cunning with the wages we can pay to over achieve…

    1. ” i am glad he is going to warn the bench in Turin.” What a lovely way to speak about a player who has given the majority of his professional playing career to us and has been nothing but an upstanding professional, even when large sections of our fanbase were harassing and abusing him game in game out.

      You wanna know why Liverpool were an attractive destination before they were fighting for the title? Because their fans actually support their players and always get behind them no matter what. In comparison our fanbase is an absolute embarrassment. You love lot to moan and whinge about our players, tactics, manager and board, but at the end of the day all of you are contributing to the single worst fanbase in the entire country.

      1. And you’re moaning about fans moaning …
        Couldn’t make that up could you .
        We as fans have every right to show are feelings none when a player is not performing well .these are humans that are getting paid an absolute fortune just because they can kick a bag of air around better than most .
        And talking of Ramsey this is a player who tried to bleed us dry with his demands for more money ,i for one am glad he’s going ,GL in Turin but not our worry now

        1. Agreed Dan.
          Suarez may still happen as well as Malcolm (Arsenal and Spurs interested in a loan deal) because Barcelona need funds as they are signing Boateng. They too have to comply with FPP. This is the reason Rabiot may not get his wish to join Barcelona and may be available.
          Rodriguez is apparently still being offered around by Barcelona, although .currently on loan at Bayern Munchen.
          Personally, I believe Rodriguez’ wage demands will be too high (probably £200k per week) and Suarez and/or Rabiot (currently €70k per week at PSG) are better fits for Arsenal. The issue with Suarez is that he is apparently unwilling to sign an extension to protect Barcelona’s interests on loan. Suarez wants to be a free agent if the Arsenal loan fails to lead to a permanent deal, which at the moment Arsenal isn’t prepared to offer at this stage. Similarly Carasco (current wages £170k per week) will have too high wage demands.

          1. Barca are supposedly interested in
            acquiring the services of Frenke De Jong
            from Ajax before the window closes for
            around £70M. If this deal does happen the
            Spanish giants would be unable to sign
            Rabiot and probably more than willingly to
            let both Suarez and Malcolm on loan or
            for good if any serious suitors come calling
            late in the window.

            Arsenal should be on the phones to both
            Barca and PSG to see deals for Rabiot and
            Malcolm done and dusted before they
            travel to the Emirates in a few weeks time.

      2. I have been a big fan of Ramsey and always sung his praises but he has held arsenal to ransom. Unlike Ozil and many before the club has finally stood up to the player and said no!
        I have grown tired of the various arsenal boards bowing to player pressure over and over. No player is bigger than the club.

        We all have jobs and no matter how long we have been with our employer, if we gave an ultimatum of double/triple my wages or i leave then we would be told to take a walk!

        1. I ESP LOVED YOUR REALISTIC LAST PARAGRAPH WHICH SUMS UP LIFES REALITY. Though your whole post was also true. The contract damage, esp the Ozil sickeningly damaging wage hike for the most idle player currently in top football, even more so than WALCOTT(HOW DAMNING IS THAT!) was ruinously landed on the new regime by the last regime. We are WEEKLY PAYING THE STUPID PRICE OF THEIR MONSTOUS STUPIDITY. ABOUT THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPEND TO ARSENAL SINCE OUR LAST TROPHY WAS GAZIDIS LEAVING. Wenger was second best thing. But Wenger had a great first decade in the credit bank to sustain him; Gazidis was always a smarmy, lying, lowlife, snake oil salesman and careerist piece of corporate minded scum. And that is being kind to him. Please note , midkemma! That last bit is for you alone, who recently and ludicrously told me I did not blame Gazidis enough. A shame that you missed my last 100+ anti Gazidis posts while he was still here! In case you don’t miss this post , no one is stopping you acknowledging that you have at least and at last seen it!

          1. wow, i say mr.fox, stay on the fence then, why dont you, lol . well written sir, real passion flowing from your fingertips as you type out those fantastic words.every single written word a true one. thank you for being so precise and for putting into words what i certainally think.

            1. Fence sitting is for cowards, not me. I have been called many things , some of which I deserved, but NEVER A COWARD. I tell it as it is, plain and simply. Glad you agree. If it looks like a duck , acts like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a duck, NOT a grotesquely overpaid spineless, even though talented, player. The plain truth always!!!

              1. Fence sitting is also for people who have yet to make their own decision, wishing to see both sides so they can make the best, informed decision they can.

                Intelligent people like to get as much information as they can over jumping on bandwagons.

                1. People with vision do not need to sit long on any fence. They make up their mind quickly , decisively and effectively. I repeat that fence sitting is for cowards and people who just refuse to have their own viable opinion. It took me two months back when Walcott first signed to know he was a frail, LAZY, and timid weed. The next awful decade of having to watch this fraud merely confirmed my first opinion. I also knew Ozil was lazy after a few games only . I resolved to give him time to adapt from the culture abroad to ours. But his constant unwillingness to work as other players do has once again confirmed my opinion. He is a complete waste of a shirt, a huge and damaging wage and even speaking about. He will be gone by August next year and I am content with that.

          2. Nice bit about Gazidis.
            I find it funny that you have to go over the top and then mention me by name.

            I know why though, you still want to make out that I lied when I was talking about a single post of yours which didn’t include Gazidis. I responded to that post which was a pile of abuse at Wenger? Asking you to at least include Gazidis in the blame. You go off on one and start talking about other posts, ignoring the one I replied to.

            Glad to see it has bugged you 🙂

        2. “We all have jobs and no matter how long we have been with our employer, if we gave an ultimatum of double/triple my wages or i leave then we would be told to take a walk!”

          Let us see if this holds true in all scenarios. You said all first with we all and without knowing what everyone does then it kinda insinuates all jobs.

          Imagine a guy has just brought in a client for his firm and this client will get his firm multi millions, the guy is only on bottom rung wage… He asks for his wage to be doubled.

          Is he fired?

          Or is he given the payrise and told to keep earning it?

          Iwobi goes on and scores in every game from now onwards, he breaks records and blows minds… then asks for triple his wage after blowing our minds for a couple years, consistently. Do Arsenal pay it?

          My point here is that we need to look at the separate cases as separate cases. If Ozil was directly responsible for Adidas paying an extra £30 mil a year than what we are getting currently then why shouldn’t he be rewarded/get some of that fat pie? I know that is unlikely, we do not know how much influence his name had, we should be able to trust the board to make the correct decisions.

          Unfortunately, last guy who was worth his place on the board was Dein and he did say no to wages which the club couldn’t afford. Gazidis was so poor that we do not know if Ozil has earnt that wage in non footballing ways on top of footballing reasons or if Gazidis panic bought.. I mean panic contracted him.

          1. Midkemma, a rational post; a player may bring in much more to the club than what he costs in wages. That doesnt necessary mean he has to play every game.
            There is no doubt that Arsenal began to slip backwards after David Dein was forced out and replaced by Gazidis.

            1. I’m envious as high hell with some of the wages, sometimes I do get jealous…

              I also look at Blizzard, Activision, EA…
              The wages that some people earn in those companies are unreal as well, it isn’t just football that high wages exist, we can also look at actors who star in blockbuster films.

              I have a political viewpoint that we should tax the richer bit more, we should tax companies a bit more, we should use those funds to help people to retrain/social mobility, I feel that this is a political thing over a football thing though. I would be backing the sugar tax more if the money went directly to the NHS.

              We have the government who is voted by the people, they should be representing the people, they have the power to change tax laws.

              Lol, I could talk about this for weeks.. Months, maybe years XD but this isn’t a political site and with many nations being represented by the contributors, I think it could get confusing fast lol.

  6. From what I know about him, he’s better than any player we have in his position, so I am happy if he comes

    I don’t think it’s fair to compare him to Ramsey. IMO Ramsey’s best position is at the back of central midfield. Rodriguez is an attacking midfielder/winger. Ramsey is average in those positions. He is better as a box2box cm.

    I’ve read that Real Madrid prefer Rodriguez to go to SPURS though

    1. If they’d rather deal with the spuds, it probably means they’re interested in Kane, Erikson or even Alli!

      1. That’s true.

        Also Spurs sold them Bale and Modric
        We tend to do more business with Barcelona
        Actually when we bought Ozil , Levy called Real Madrid and tried to ruin it. Maybe their relationship isn’t that strong lol

    2. Yes in an exchange for Erickson. And he is not better than every player we have in his position. It is Ozil, Miki and Ramsey you are talking about. Are you seriously sure he is better than those players.

      1. No way James goes to spurs, they wont pay him £200k+ as it would destroy their wage structure and cause a revolt

  7. Rodriguez is a very good player but doesn’t
    have a long term future at the club unless
    somehow Ozil is moved on in the last week
    of the window. As stated above his wage
    demands would be similar to Ramsey and
    prohibit Arsenal from allocating the necessary
    resources to secure a quality winger and CB
    in the summer window.
    As McLovin stated above Arsenal should be
    on the phone with PSG discussing what it
    would cost to bring Rabiot to the Emirates this
    month. The Frenchman has repeatedly refused
    to commit his future at the club and recently
    been frozen out of the squad by Tuchel. There’s
    never been a better time to get a deal over the
    line, and moving both Ramsey and possibly
    EL NENY on in the next few days could help
    finance such a move.
    I would add that Arsenal should also make a
    serious inquiry to Barca about the availability
    of a loan deal for Malcolm instead of Suarez.
    The Brazilian is starving for any type of futbol
    ATM and would be EXACTLY what the Gunners
    need to add flair, width and pace to an at times
    rather pedestrian attack. Whether genuine or
    not the La Liga heavyweights have expressed
    some willingness to let the young Brazilian
    apply his trade elsewhere on a temporary

    Malcolm, Rabiot and possibly a experienced RB
    type like Sidibe from Monaco would cost AFC
    around 30-40M(less if they were able to move
    on El Neny and either Ramsey or Ozil) and imho
    immediately make Arsenal serious contenders
    for the final CL spot and Europa League trophy.

    For once act like the BIG CLUB you so willingly
    pretend to be.

  8. The main thing would be to get Monchi as the head of scouting. Doubtful if he could be prized from Roma.

    This guy was the biggest miracle worker in European football for a number of years when at Sevilla – a team with an even lower budget than Arsenal. Much lower.

    google: The secret behind Sevilla’s success Guardian

    You’ll be able to understand why he would be perfect for a team with 60 or 70 mill. budget for transfers.

    1. he’s really good and with sven leaving us and no funds , he should really be made a priority…so is mitchell with all those youth products, and whomever is signing players at Monaco and Lyon….Lyon seem to scout and develop youth at a very consistent rate for the past decade if i may add, but i would be thrilled with mochi…don’t want our manager to be signing the players, emery works best with someone buying the players for him like in Sevilla…he’s a great coach but a terrible scout 🙂

  9. Have no interest in bringoing in a loan player that has zero future with the club. Why would we do that? Rather give the minutes to one of the young players.

    If reports are correct, pleased we stood firm on Suarez. Would be crazy to tie us into buying a player who might not fit in.

    There has been a distinct lack of transfers this window. I wonder if FFP is finally taking root.

  10. i can only hope for selling out the deadwoods and spending in summer for a overhaul
    sell : elneny, xhaka, mustafi, kos, Bella (very overated), welbeck, iowbi and for god sake mikhi

    i really love this club and its been so long since we have competed on top level
    every year we fans just stand on toes hoping for big transfers
    i can’t just swallow arsenal fighting for 4th place
    but i guess we just have to suck it untill this fukin idiot owner leaves

    i wish i could see this change

    carrasco rodriguez nelson
    dacoure torira
    kolas monalas baily/de ligt sidibe

    and bench having

    its not difficult to get but only if we try
    we can win at least one trophy with this

  11. We’ll have tens of millions in wages freed up (extra funds transfer kitty) and open spots for top talent. We’ll soon see in the Summer if Owner and management are all talk or will spend cash.

    I wouldn’t mind selling Mhki for a loss if the freed up wages helped bring in a better player. However, don’t think many clubs will make an offer for him, and don’t imagine he’d leave London or his nice wages behind.

    Honestly I hope we pass on both James and Suarez and go for better. Dacoure from Watford, Tanguay Ndombele from Lyon, even Rabiot if we can somehow convince him. Absolutely gutted if we can upgrade on box2box CM. Chambers looking nice as DM by the way.

    I’d like Tierney at LB, a RB, and winger. Sell Mustafi and get new CB (Diallo maybe) and we look better, younger, and up for a chase. My 2 cents anyway

  12. So ‘Arsenal have no money’. Arsenal and multi-billionaire owner Greedy Stan Kroenke have loads. Tight ass Kroenke will not release it. To say Arsenal have no money is ********. Now there is no real board Kroenke can do want he wants. As many are saying we are a ‘Portfolio’ club. Kroenke is a ****.

  13. Slightly off topic I know-But did you see how Zaha RUINED James Milner for that first Palace goal at Anfield on Saturday?Surely a bid of around £40m would get him.He knows the Premiership.He is proven.And he would give us that natural width and pace we desperately need.He also scores regularly for a very average Palace side.Worth a punt do you guys think?

    1. Phil, keep your eye on Saka in the U23’s. I watch the highlights of the games and at 17 he is brilliant with pace, elusiveness and an ability to score a goal. Given the opportunity, he could develop into Arsenal’s Saha.

      1. Early days for the lad OG but the reports he is getting are exciting.Hipe he is able to develop that potential along with Riess Nelson and ESR.Its about time we had a few come up through the ranks

    2. Phil, you can watch the highlights of the U23’s on YouTube; quite a few of this seasons games are on there.

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