Ramsey desperate to regain goalscoring form against Olympiakos

The Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey watched his team-mate Alexis Sanchez break his goal drought against Leicester this weekend, and quickly follow it up with two more in our 5-2 win. The Welshman is keen to emulate the Chilean in tonight’s game against Olympiakos at the Emirates tonight.

Ramsey’s drought now stretchs back to 14 games but he is looking to get back on track this evening. He said in the Star today: “As soon as the first one goes in two more fly in straight away,”

“Hopefully now he’s in a good place where he can just go from strength to strength.

“Hopefully I can be there soon as well. I don’t know how long it’s been since my last goal, I just know I haven’t got off the mark yet this season which I’m disappointed with.”

“You get frustrated and then all of a sudden a few games down the line one comes and the next thing you know you’re scoring on a regular basis again

“Obviously Olympiakos in the Champions’ League would be a nice time to do it. I didn’t play in our first game but it would be nice to get off the mark in the group with a win and a few goals hopefully.”

Ramsey scored 10 goals in his 41 games last season, but was well behind the previous season when he averaged a goal every two games. Like Sanchez this weekend it really is time for him to get back on the scoresheet. Perhaps Wenger should let him play as centre-forward this evening if he is as hungry as all that….

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  1. juhislihis says:

    Why desperate? He’s a CM, his job IMO is something totally different than scoring. Maybe the problem of the goal drought is because he tries way too hard.

    1. josh37 says:

      That’s not the role he’s currently playing though… Both he and Ozil have free roles and vary their positions of influence. Ramsey has stated in interviews that Wenger has instructed him to try and break the lines, if he does that well then there’s going to be scoring opportunities.
      Coquelin and Cazorla have been primarily occupying the deeper duties and covering the flanks if Monreal and Bellerin are playing in advanced positions. Ramsey as an attacking threat is a priority.

  2. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Ramsay and Oxie has to step up and improve


    if he doesnt perform well regularly…he could be replaced by Reus or Isco in the summer

  3. Gunner says:

    “Perhaps Wenger should let him play as centre-forward this evening if he is as hungry as all that….”
    Ramsey is the one player that plays wherever he wants to no matter what position he starts the game….(im still upset about his disallowed goal vs Pool – that was a class finish)

  4. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Ramsay as centre forward is good option…at least he dares to shoot

  5. muda says:

    Theo, Alexis and Ramsey all in goal scoring form will formidable, un playable. #ComeBackRambo.

  6. Eddy Hoyte says:

    Yea why aint i surprised? that’s why he ends up wasting chances in every match, he’s pushing it too hard. Now ya’ll know what that means? Tonight’s game he’ll frequently bomb forward and waste more chances..yea if he scores then great! but the team should come first before his personal wants. Ozil also said he wants to be scoring didn’t he? but he also said his team comes first, where he sees an open player he passes the ball not take a wide shot. Even Carzola who scores a lot before, his goals has reduced and yet its winning as a team he cares bout, Ox is learning personally from Sanchez the way sanchez plays, why can’t Ramsey learn from Ozil and Carzola? What? or he thought he’s better than them? He should play his game and stop being desperate bout scoring and it’ll come back naturally

    1. josh37 says:

      They’re both currently playing primarily in attacking roles.. Of course they want to add goals!!
      Cazorla’s playing as a DLP.. The comparison doesn’t really work as he has a lot more responsibility in pulling the strings and keeping shape.

      I get that people see Ramsey as a B2B. But that’s not the way we’re playing at the moment. Our fullbacks are playing super attacking and giving us width while we have the additional midfielder in a free role.

      1. mohawk says:

        Yes. True. FBs are attacking and are thus forward constantly. With Ramsey playing the free role…… this leaves Bellerin to do EVERYTHING on the right – he has no help. This sometimes leaves the CBs stranded, unprotected and needing help from a FB or winger who is not there to help.

        Thus, the Ramsey situation is causing DEFENSIVE problems. No matter how you slice it…….. the Ramsey “pretend winger” situation continues to cause problems for the team. He must be rotated or those problems are GUARANTEED to continue.

        1. Koss the Boss says:

          Agreed need a proper out n out winger that does the defensive duties to help bellerin bomb forward!

        2. josh37 says:

          I disagree… Ramsey presses much harder than any of our options on the right which causes opposition turn-overs. Bellerin’s intelligent when he makes his runs and rarely comes too far forward with the risk of being caught the other way.

          Ox and Debuchy have had nightmare games protecting the right flank… When has a full-back or winger been an issue for us this season with Ramsey and Bellerin playing together on the right?

          1. Durand says:

            Because Ramsey abandons Bellerin on the right. People please notice how unbalanced we are defensively. Alexis always tracks back even after he cuts inside; he still runs to help Monreal. Sanchez has THE engine, Ramsey, meh.

            Ramsey cuts inside, and often never recovers to help Bellerin. Ramsey sits and waits in the middle and crowds out Ozil.

            Ozil far better going forward in possession than Ramsey. Who would you rather have making those decisions? I’ll take Ozil.

            I like Ramsey, but he’s getting frustrating to watch. Rather give Ox a run of several games. Ox should be delivering like Domino’s by now, instead he still looks raw and unpolished. He desperately needs game time. Ramsey had his chance; either be proper winger or rotate with Coq.

  7. tatgooner says:

    hey guys it seems petr cech will be playing the league games alone and ospina will be playing the knockout games including the champs league like what barcelona do with ter stegen and bravo

    1. Gunner says:

      atleast our reserve keeper gets game time this way unlike Man City where the reserve just gets thrown in and concedes 4….

  8. arsenalkid1970 says:

    And I wish the Arsenal fans would stop saying the weekend game was easy and any team can score at Leicester football club. They were unbeaten
    It just shows that we can’t even be happy for a win

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