Ramsey focused on piling more misery on Wilshere

The Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey was on Cloud Nine when he gave a lucky assist for Wales winning goal against Slovakia yesterday. They now top the Group after England and Russia drew in the later game, and now a win against the Three Lions will ensure their passage to the knockout stages.

Now the Gunners midfielder is only thinking about beating Jack Wilshere, Jamie Vardy and Co in Thursday’s game, and he thinks Wales are more than ready. Ramsey said: ‘We wanted to start off well and we’ve managed to do that. We work hard for each other, we have quality going forward and we are ready to take on anybody.

‘We are simply focused on trying to win the game against England now. They have a lot of good players, who are quite dangerous individually.

‘They had a faultless (qualifying) campaign. But we will focus on ourselves and what we need to do.’

‘The fans were unbelievable,’ he said. ‘It was really spine-tingling hearing the anthem sung with so much passion. We had to pinch ourselves to stop the tears coming down.

‘In the first half we controlled it pretty well. Second half when they scored we were a bit edgy, but we overcame that in the end. We got into dangerous positions and we are good on the ball, we just need to trust ourselves throughout the game.’

England themselves really could do with a win in that game themselves, as anything less will mean them needing to beat Slovakia in the closing Group match to stay in contention. They local derby will make this game even more exciting with both sides desperate to prove themselves. It should be a great afternoons excitement…


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  1. England looked absolutely rubbish and Hodgson’s decisions were baffling!! Having Kane taking corners, subbing off Rooney who was playing really well and playing on the counter but not even giving Vardy a look just made zero sense!!
    I was kind of rooting for them… And on paper they’re not bad. But they just don’t have the identity of a lot of the other teams. Wales played with so much heart against Slovakia and IMO that was the most entertaining match so far. If Gareth, Ramsey and co. can continue on playing with the sort of passion they showed I’d love to see them qualify from the group.

  2. Hodgsons decisions were baffling, we had the best forward line up we’ve had for decades, yet he uses none of them, even Kane, who has looked distinctly off form now for s verbal weeks, was used to take corners, what?!?!

    A 2 year old put in charge of that team could’ve made better decisions than Hodgson, it was like watching Arsenal again, all the possession, but no one to score a goal, but the unforgivable thing was that we have an glut of goal scorers in the England side, unlike Arsenal, yet they were not used. And then he does the brainless thing of pulling of whatever attacking pace we had on the field, to draw the Russians onto our weak defence. At least with Vardy Sturridge or Rashford on, the Russians would’ve worried about pace and not so keen to come forward. Shocking mismanagement and misuse of players despite what the pud it’s we’re saying

    1. Agree completely.

      Roy: Either get some attacking help on earlier or get some defensive help on later or both. Roy did neither.

      Sterling: Went from mediocre to terrible as the game progressed but still no move from Roy – As you stated, Roy had so many great options. Baffling. (Kane had an off day for sure also).

      Smalling: He is a great defender so long as he can illegally use his hands to push, pull, grab, shove, wrestle and maul. When he is not able to use his hands, he is terrible.

      Rooney: I actually thought he was a bright spot on the pitch.

  3. also kane taking corners??i want england to be eliminates asap so we can find out if vardy is going to sign for us or not(hoping for the latter)

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