Ramsey gives Chelsea credit after Arsenal draw

Chelsea started yesterday’s game at the Emirates without a recognised striker, but that hardly mattered as it seems obvious that they came to Arsenal to get a draw and they did that job efficiently enough in the end. Jose Mourinho is adept a setting up his defence to stop their opponents from scoring, and although the Gunners came close a couple of times, they just couldn’t put the final ball into the net.

Aaron Ramsey was asked if the Arsenal players thought they had done enough to win the game. “I think so.” the Welshman replied on Arsenal.com. “We created a few chances, got into some dangerous areas but didn’t quite take the opportunities when we did get in there. They were very well organised and were happy with the point in the end.

“Probably this season they’ve done really well in the bigger games where they’ve kept their shape and frustrated teams like they did to us. On another day we may have scored a couple and won the game.

“Full credit to them, they defended well. They came here not to lose the game and they did that.”

Ramsey also pinpointed two particular chances in the second half that could have resulted in Arsenal taking the lead. “A chance fell to Mertesacker which he put wide and the ball went through Mesut’s legs after. Little things like that where on a different day they might have dropped straight into one of our paths and we would have been celebrating a victory. It wasn’t to be. They defended really well and we can take some positives out of that.”

Chelsea are now still a solid ten points clear at the top of the table, and Ramsey believes that they have done enough to deserve to be crowned Champions. “Yes I think so.” he concluded. “If that’s the case and they go on to win. They have only lost twice this season, so their consistency has been the best and that’s what you need. They’ve definitely been the best team in the league.”

“It’s going to be quite difficult for Chelsea to drop the points that we need to go top. Second probably is progression from last season definitely and from a couple of seasons where we have been battling for fourth. We’re in another FA Cup final so maybe you can say that’s an improvement on last season.”

Things could have so much different if Arsenal hadn’t suffered so much from injuries at the start of the season, but now Arsenal have to carry on the fight to secure our second place and to retain the FA Cup. Yesterday’s draw means that we have stretched our unbeaten run to ten games. If we can carry on the run to the end of the season, then Chelsea will be worrying about us even more when the next campaign begins….

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  1. Budd says:

    Mertesacker was a bit behind the ball otherwise he will at least shot on target. Anyone there would have had a tough time scoring. The biggest opportunity was indeed with Ozil and Welbeck but hey, as Ramsey said, it wasn’t to be. Moving on to Hull. Hope we win there.

    1. bayjerkoff says:

      Its funny ao arsenal fans just name players they want. As if there re plenty of their type in the market and u can just go to d market to pick the one like…

      U all want reus, barca and mardrid want reus, man city want reus….and there is just only one reus. Can’t see arsenal winnin such race.

      Wenger always say he wanna say top quality wen the opportunity come…and so we had santi, ozil and sanchez…there re all opportunistic signings…

      And we have typical wenger signisgs like koscielny, giroud, paulista ,ramsey and many odas

      Some panic buys which is usually to satisfy the fans like arteta, welbeck, santos, park…a few came good but many ve been poor.

      Management is not so easy these days when money is the number1 factor in acquring players….so let the coach do his thing

  2. Grim Bligh says:

    I love Ramsey and Wilshair but I hate how they are forced into the team in time by Wenger.I do hope they turn good with time but no in detriment of failes experimentation by Leprof.
    I must give a word for Giroud,I use to criticize him but this year the guy turned himself in a world class striker.For me he eas the best in the league when he came back.His luck was that he came back in time of many injuries and he was able to play with fast wingers around him and no slow,weak guies like he has last year.He had just to run in the surface and bang the goals from the cross.
    When there is no speed on the wings he is less effiscient as he is more easy to mark.
    We still need another striker,smaller and faster to play beside him.I would like Reuss or Lacazette.

    1. galen says:

      Absolute nonsense. Ramsey has been our best player in the last 2 years. last season when he got injured the team completely collapsed. We are lucky he came back and ended our trophy drought. What must Rambo do the get respected. Am sure he suffered from a back ache for carrying the team all of last season.
      We don’t rate Rambo because we didn’t pay 45 million for him. Some of you won’t recognise talent even when its your son in your own house.
      Rambo deserve to start for Arsenal and not just start but also play in the middle of the pitch. he is our most complete midfielder and our biggest goal threat from midfield. In games against a team like chelsea u need a Gambler who will run from deep and toe poke a ball inside instead of looking for the perfect goal and the perfect pass.

      Rambo is a big game player. one thing About Rambo is that he never hides. he is like Sanchez when the lose the ball they go back after it. Rambo has 3 lungs and he is all over the pitch tackling winning balls and driving the team forward.

      A decision has to be made on Ozil and cazorla instead. Cazorla is wasted playing deep. You can’t accomodate them all. We either play Ozil or Cazorla at number 10. No need trying to force all of them in the middle of the pitch. That is what competition is all about.

      But I know some people are scared of criticising certain players. So they will naturally criticise and bench Rambo instead because we got him for 5 million. Rambo was our best player vs chelsea even though he was played out of position he gave 100%. No body is here complaining that Rambo is poor because he is playing out wide. He still give a good account for himself wherever he plays. TOP PLAYER TOP LAD.

      1. lugdush says:

        im with u…i think that ozil and cazorla have to fight for 10 role and ramsey stay b2b (fight with wilshere). but i think that we can rotate in some matches, playing cazorla box to box or ozil in the wing, depends to the match…yesterday certantly was difficult to chose between carzorla or ozil because their actual form. maybe i would start with ozil on the wing and change him or cazorla for welbeck if we need the goal (60-70 min, no in the last 10 “a la wenger”.

      2. Ks-Gunner says:

        If you think that a half season wonder makes a player our best in the team i must tell you that you are dead wrong. Way to biased friend.

        1. Puff Puff says:

          He wasn’t a half season wonder….he was the spine of the team….he carried us by his hands.I remember he had like 10+goals but still made the most the most successful tackles.Personally I would prefer Arsene dropping Özil or Carzola For the #10 and Rambo/Jack for the B2B role

        2. TH14atl says:

          Prior to last season Ramsey was frustratingly average. We did everything we could to get Jack and Ramsey in the team, and we constantly finished 4th.

          Last season Ramsey had a great year.

          This year prior to getting injured he was nowhere near replicating last season’s form, a reality he acknowledged on multiple occasions. Once he went down again we’ve archived proper balance and made a fantastic run to 2nd.

          He comes back, Arsene forces him in, and we suddenly don’t look as fluid as we once did.

          Somehow the one good season out of the last 4 too many of you establish as his standard, rather than seeing it for the unfortunate exception it may be.

          His play this season – before he got hurt and since he’s returned – has not warranted immediate inclusion back into the b2b role that Santi has played great in; and definitely doesn’t warrant us sacrificing the width and fluidity we had with Welbz and the ox playing wide.

          Stop being biased and see it for what it is.

      3. RSH says:

        spot on. Its a fact Ramsey is our best B2b player. Wenger as usual is scared to make a hard decision and that is whether to pick Ozil or Cazorla as our CAM. Ramsey and Ozil linked up magically last season and they havent had a proper chance to do it this season. I love Cazorla but he doesn’t do enough as a B2b. He has neat passes and wins the ball back, but Ramsey can do all those things AND make great runs into the box and score. Cazorla doesnt score from open play anymore. Its not Ramsey’s fault he’s been thrown out on the wing. Ppl have been critising dumb things about his past few games like his crosses, which he has never been good at, and how he doesnt dribble past players, something he also never did. What he has always done is get into the box and not let Giroud be the only option.

        1. TH14atl says:

          Mourinho moves on from mata and david luiz – wins a title.

          Arsenal continues to get 4th trying to force Jack and Aaron into the team, and arsenal fans scream for more playing time for them.

          Jack and Aaron go down and arsenal surge to 2nd. Aaron comes back, Arsene forces him into a wide area, arsenal suddenly too narrows and less fluid.


  3. sam-afc says:

    Take away the home defeat to Man Utd. We finally look a lot better playing the (so called) bigger teams now. Let’s try and finish the season at least second place and retain the FA cup. Strengthen the squad even more in the summer. Try and get the premier league title we all want next season


    1. galen says:

      @ Sam
      Totally agree that we are now a better team. Our biggest problem is Injuries. We were top of injury table from September to March. I don’t care who you are but if you have 6-8 players out injured all the time there is absolutely no chance you are winning the league. even if we buy new player in the summer we shall get them injured .

      Take Ozil for example he has missed 7 months of football in 2 seasons at arsenal. Cesc has 16 assist for Chelsea because he played every game this season. Ozil has 14 assist in 2 years because he has missed 7 months of football. that is almost 1 season of not playing football.

      Our medical team need to give us and explanation. Pep guadiola has been questioning the bayern DR. he asked why jerome Boetang always got injured. why Ribery is not progressing as quickly as expected? the Dr even resigned at bayern. Most often our players return after schedule. Only giroud came back on time.

      1) Why does ozil always get 3-4 months injury every season
      2)Why is OX always injured? muscle injuries every 2 games
      3) Why is Rambo always having hamstrings?
      4) Why is Kosieny always inured?
      5) gabrille just came in and now he is getting Injured too?
      7) Jack is a regular Customer to the clinic now?
      8) Theo missed football for 1 season.
      9) Gibbs had a always get muscle injuries.
      10) even the powerful Giroud was out for 3 months?
      11) Diaby??? he is like a new signing isn’t he? lol

      Till we sort out our injury problems all the signings in the summer will be useless. Let me ask you all a question.

      The medical team owe us and explanation. Enough is enough.

  4. lugdush says:

    of course we have to give them credit…like it or not, they have the better chances in the game, so we could lose it..they have two hand to hand with ospina and i think if there was sczny in the goal the ramires shot would be goal. Also, we cant stand we that “we were afect with injuries” think…yesterday we have all oue best players avalaible. The Ox and debuchy probably didnt do the first team. Chelsea in the other hand was without costa, remy and drogba was 50 50. Im not a pesimist, and i dont think that The King were right to said we are 4 players in fault. We have to get better, thats right. but i think we need a DM to fight place with Le Coq (i dont bench him for anyone today, kongogbia, schneiderlin, wanyama or any other have to win that place, and play both in some matches), a second GK to fight with ospina (the same, ospina has been awesome, but i dont trust in sczny) and maybe a striker…but if we go for one we have to go for a wc striker and i dont think cavani be it…probably i prefer benteke to cavani, and i go to lacazette all the way

    1. galen says:

      I think benteke and Cavani are to0 similar to Giroud. they may be quicker but they got similarities. Lacazette of Lyon or Luciano Vietto are younger and are also smaller. But they are very mobile and are terrific finishers. Just to give us more variety to our play.

      I was watching Joel campbell for villarreal and i came accross Luciano Vietto. he is another Argentine striker. This kid is terrific as well and similar to lacazette. I think Argentina has got a factory machines of striker.

      Now they have Vietto Icardi and Dybala all of whom are under 21 years old making a name for themselves in the top leagues in Europe. Crazy Argentina.

  5. NIKK says:

    Wenger needs to get mad and sort it out next season….friggin tired of Mouhrins endless cheap jibes and mocking the club and the fans at every opportunity!

  6. Jamal23 says:

    Why won’t he credit Chelsea,an average player he is,wonder why players like him are in arsenal

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