Ramsey hamstring piles pressure and problems on Arsenal boss

As if it was not bad enough that Arsenal lost our first game of the Premier League season yet again, and just like in our opening day defeat to West Ham last season it was a home game, we did so after dominating the first half and taking the lead against a lacklustre Liverpool side.

Things went wrong quickly after that, with problems obvious all over the place for Arsenal, but on a positive note we did score three goals and it is just one match. Add to that the fact that Arsene Wenger was missing some key players in the shape of Ozil, Giroud and Koscielny who should all be back for the next game and maybe we should not take this one defeat too badly.

But the fans at the Emirates did and so the pressure is already being piled on the players as well as the manager. That pressure on Wenger is clearly heavier because of his failure to use the transfer market to add the players that most of us think are needed.

And there may be even more pressure on the Frenchman to spend money if the injury to Aaron Ramsey keeps him out for a long spell. It may well do, as Sky Sports reported after the match that the Welshman has a hamstring problem. He was one of our best players before going off and without him Arsenal will be short in midfield as well as defence and attack.

Is there anything else that could possibly go wrong for Wenger?


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    1. Well… There was Cech, he couldn’t leave the Emirates quick enough. .. Smashed his car, on his way out! ?

  1. Ramsey’s hamstring is not a big issue. Carzola, Xhaka,& Wilshere are available. We also have Coquelin, Elneny and Ozil..that’s six players for 3 slots. The problem is WENGER… I just cannot understand why he’s so blind to the team’s weak points: defence & strike force. The definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result #wengerout # If he fields Holding/Chambers against Leicester then be sure Vardy will punish him & that will make it six dropped points in two matches.. THE SEASON MAY AS WELL END VERY EARLY FOR ARSENAL.

  2. Whats more disappointing than the defeat is the fact that all of us saw this happening and yet noone at the club took steps to prevent this debacle.

    The club(the board) needs to relaise that this is a make or break season for us. If we don’t win the league or don’t make it past the last 16 of UCL we will lose both Ozil and Sanchez.
    Both of them will be on the last year of their contracts and teams like Bayern,Real,Barca,City,Juventus will be eager to sign them. If any of those teams make a move for them we will not be able to retain them, because a) said teams have better chances at winning trophies and b) said teams can pay them better wages.

    Wenger needs to go out and sign a top class striker and a centre back and show some ambition. If this happens maybe the stars will align properly and we will win the league.

    1. he needed to do that years ago.
      so now when were desperate he will get lewandowski and kaloubaly?

      wenger will never win us a title again ive come on here an said this for what 4 years now.
      hes not elite anymore hasnt been for a long time

      1. Ha ha ha….Papers already linking Sanchez to Inter..Is this what Dean meant when he said ” Madness Incoming “.

  3. Wenger “might” get Mustafi and that would be all…
    Only Wenger can play Arshavin or Sanchez as a striker with no real tactical scheme or plan b.

    This is someone called “manager” and who is paid gracefully to answer difficult football questions, but does not seem to raise to the challenge and even goes as far as blaming the fans for some team performances…

    I mean WTF!!

  4. There’s loads of problems the big one is not having a captain a leader tben a real DM tben a winger then 2 CB tben a CF that’s it simple but the do-k won’t buy the players needed. If pep came to Arsenal how much of this team would still be there. I think tbe top teams won’t lose more tben 3 tbis season and we have lost one already. Bad news is Liverpool they won yes but to a very bad Arsenal so they need help. TH hit the nail on tbe head PLAYERS DONT WANT TO COME TO OUR CLUB ?? Why. Get rid of the yank and let our 2nd major share holder take over our club

  5. A top club would have fired Wenger a long time ago… We all know that, but this is Arsene football club, yes it is… He will do what he wants and if he wants another contract they will oblige.

    I have never seen a manager in charge of the transfers, negotiations, wages structure and more at a club but at Arsenal…

    It shows the weakness of the club and how obsolete Arsenal is on the European stage…

  6. poor team management,selection and sheer ignorance.
    Only a specialist in failure can do that.
    Playing unfit and raw players gives you that result .
    Sorry but i dont see anything special with chambers holding elneny ramsey xhaxa coquelin monreal iwobi and walcott.
    All bunch of average overpaid and overrated players.
    A manager with such a squad going against a good team and expects to win is just insane.
    I hope he does not renew his contract and leave this beautiful club intact before he destroys it any further

    1. Sorry I disagree with you on the players you listed
      Monreal, Xhaka and Coquelin aren’t average players. They are good players
      Holding, Chambers are very young and need experience. They shouldn’t have started. Wenger should have signed a top CB early in the summer

      Walcott is def overpaid. I agree with you on him
      £140,000 per week is ridiculous

      I def agree with you on Wenger.
      Wenger has outstayed his welcome
      We may lose ozil and alexis because of Wenger’s stubborness

  7. Same old story! Wenger will never learn! Saw Zlatan today? And he said his age will be questioned, EGO! Wenger must just leave enough of this tension

  8. feel for arsene he was already taking it from all angles.

    now hes getting booed at his own stadium within an hour of new season, fans throwing programmes on the pitch.

    hes been here 20 years…sad to see.

    1. You are joking right? ?

      The man has basically killed his own legacy and he will probably be remembered more for his delusional and Stubborn way’s, rather than the success he brought, at the beginning of his Arsenal career.

      Some rumours question whether Wenger’s annual bonus is a percentage of the clubs profits! ?
      Now that would explain alot of things. …Right? ?

      Oh.. And his latest excuse was ” we weren’t ready for the start of the season” ????
      What does he mean by “WE” ? … Was that French? Meaning ‘Yes’ ? ?

  9. Wenger is surrounded by “yes” fools (Steve Bould) and incompetent (like him) cronies. Where are all our ex players?
    They all have been asked to leave because most of them are strong personalities and winners.

    None of them, from the manager to the board, none have even pledge their “love” for the club… There is no passion and no characters… It is a well run business and the fans, well some, are still willing to back it financially, so enjoy?

    May be some of them should ask themselves if it worth being taken for a farce?

  10. What a joke.
    We were second last season, and anyone with a winners attitude would look closely at what is needed to become number. Everyone can see it is a strengthening of the defence and the forward position that is needed. But not Wengers Arsenal. We start the season with our 2 centrebacks being one player who couldn’t make the team last season and one, who is a young unexperienced player from the second best division. On top of that we play with Walcott and Iwobi, who can’t defend at all, when the opponent has the ball, and Ramsey who more often than not is lost way ahead of the ball so he can’t support the defence.
    Finally, as usual all our players allow the opponets way too much time when the receive the ball. We have no chance at all with such bad management and so little agressiveness. The result was very foreseeable. Only surprise was, that we got 3 goals.

    1. honestly i dont understand sanchez staying. ozil yes. hes sensitive soul an here hes loved , hes made friends with many . manager kinda worships him an gives him plenty of freedom.

      but sanchez is basically a god in chile an has done incredible things at every level.
      his hunger is relentless . he doesnt give a monkeys he just wants to win

      hes the one that i feel for. deserves a club with real ambition

      1. Sanchez at least earns about 150k a week..

        What about us fans who pay to see Arsenal? We deserve a club with ambition, first and foremost!

  11. Ramsey’s hamstring was a direct result of rushing him back too soon. The same might very well happen to Sanchez in the next few games or later this season. If you don;t give players 4-6 weeks to get ready you risk immediate injury, delayed injury as a result us mid-season fatigue and burnout.

    Glad he didn’t risk Santi and hope he will not rush back Ozil and Kos. The season is long and it is short term risk not worth taking when you play players who are simply not yet ready.

  12. Although I have ZERO optimism for Arsenal because of Wenger, at least there was two huge positives today, the defeat, and conceding a whopping four games at home, and Ramsey’s injury.

    Ramsey is bang average (if that) yet he’s first on the team sheet every frigging week! Wenger always finds a place for him, even if it means Ramsey playing out of position. Not being able to pick him, means that’s one deadwood out of the way.

    Getting torn apart at home will hopefully be a massive wake up call for Wenger before the transfer window shuts…but then again he’s been given many wake up calls down the years, and always ignores them.

    1. ? I don’t rate Ramsey either, he is still living off his one season wonder and unfortunately his end product is far too ? for Arsenal standards, his a modern day Perry Groves lol ?
      I’m expecting the panic buying to start, after we lose at Leicester.
      I hear that his keen on some unknown Exeter player ?

  13. @muffdiver. Your not wrong about sanchez. I watched bayern very dort mundane earlier and could imagine him slotting in superbly, he looks like a fish out of water at arsenal wondering what the fook he did coming.

  14. A few players already out injured.
    Pathetic excuses being made already.
    Having money in the bank, but being reluctant to spend it.
    Being told Arsenal can’t find any players in the market that will improve our current squad.

  15. Yes there is Bob, there’s plenty more that could go wrong. More injuries to more key players could spell the end for him if we don’t dabble a bit more in the market.

  16. Wenger is Hilarious he is the one who played Ramsay and know he is complaining that ramsay did not have enough preparation before the game, yet Joel Campbell who had a wonderful pre-season, and who has even more experience playing forward than Sanchez was left out, Cazorla a far better ball handler and had more pre-season than ramsay was also left out, ox who had a longer pre-season one of the best player in pre-season was left out.

    Now all of the people on liverpool team played in the majority of preseason games and did well in pre-season, so i will say it again WENGER YOU ARE RIDICULOUS and still making excuses

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