Ramsey insists Arsenal Players are behind Wenger

Aaron Ramsey’s improved form was the catalyst in Arsenal’s convincing win in Turkey on Tuesday night, and the Welshman is hoping that this outstanding performance by the Gunners fringe players will take the pressure off our under-fire manager. There was a great contrast to Saturday’s disppointment at Stoke, which ended with Arsenal fans fighting each other on the train home, but Ramsey insists that the players themselves are firmly behind Arsene Wenger.

“It was obviously a disappointing first half at Stoke, but we did well in the second half and almost got back into it,” he said. “It was important to bounce back from that defeat and we did that.

“Every player here wants to work hard for the manager. We proved that again on Tuesday night. He has been under some unfair criticism, but we are all out there, we are in it together. We wanted to get the result for us and for him.

“I think whenever we go into a game, he knows our qualities, always believes in us and gives us a great feeling for matches. Every time we go out there we are representing ourselves, our club and our manager.”

We all know that Wenger can be a great inpiration to his players, but maybe this season the team has mostly failed to react to Le Prof’s motivational speech’s with their performances on the pitch.

Perhap’s we should be blaming the players?

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    1. eh, i only agree somewhat. Yes we have been unlucky that is clear, even though most “fans” on here will not recognize this. But to put our failures all down to luck would be plain wrong and we would not get better if our players and fans thought that.

    2. I would say the same if i was played irrespective of my form. No one can take away that wonder goal against gala…but lets admit it rambo has been half shadow of himself.
      The mear fact that his so called second string side played that well especially LP9 n’ JC28 having 6shots on target,2goals, numerous ball winning tackles, uncountable through passes and 2goals shows it all.
      No hate for wenger but he’s had more than enough time to prove himself…and i don’t c any thing different coming from him.(barca, madrid and may be southampton all sell their stars and still shine more than us)

  1. Well he is not going to come out and say Wenger has lost the dressing room players don’t believe in him anymore and stuff like that is he of course he is going to say positive things he wants to stay in the team!!!

    1. Why would he say that if that’s not true? Just to satisfy some detractors? Here, the message is clear : team is behind Wenger. Now move on.

      1. Oh, please. Do you hear yourself? Ramsey in fact hates Wenger but he was persuaded somehow by the one he hates to come out and speak out AGAINST some of the fans. Mind you, 99% of Arsenal fans are what you call AKB’s otherwise I do believe board would notice that. Football media is just football media. If you decide to live your life after media then you are dead. Fans are always subjective as they want their team to win. Yes, Wenger is stubborn but I doubt that his plan is to make the greedy board even richer. This is just a collateral effect. Every person in this world wants to win, Wenger included. Wonder what spirit is in the team against the game against Newcastle. If they don’t stay behind Wenger now is the time to show it. On the other hand, do you really want that? Players to trash games just to show they are not staying behind the manager? Is it really come to this? I doubt it very much.

  2. Is it every time d players mess up the managers plan; who arranged d players its still d manager, y wld wld u pack a set of players who can’t follow ur instruction… I dnt care #thanks 4 d memories wenger but its time to leave

  3. If we want to have any hope of doinf anything this year, we HAVE to get behind the team and Wenger ….he is with us for this year at least…all this fighting etc will have a negative affect on the whole team…and players we hope to buy may think twice about coming to play for us, while we are fighting amongst ourselves

    The fans have made their point now, I am sure plans are being pup into place for a respectful end to Arsene’s reign..

    We have some great players in our squad…hopefully we will bring in some much needed high quality defensive cover.

    We all love Arsenal

    One of the things I like about being an Arsenal fan, is that whenever or WHEREVER I meet another fan, whatever part of the world…I immediately have a common bond with them….I HATE the idea that now we are fighting amongst ourselves

    Arsene Wenger is coming to the end of his wonderful and successful career…let him do so with the respect he deserves

    1. This is the reality mate. Fans have been fed up with Wenger for some time. But they are being bullied by a minority at the Emirates. There is nothing wrong with voicing your opinion and protesting. AKB’s should allow people to voice their opinions peacefully. Why interfere? I say let the protest get louder. It’s time for Wenger to go. No reason for getting behind him now. Did he get behind the team in the transfer window? No. He insists on his philosophy. Doing things his own way, nevermind that it’s not working. So an emphatic WENGER OUT!! from me. And please allow people their rights to freedom of speech and peaceful expression.

      1. AKB is the vast majority at the Emirates. If the opposite was true then anyone wanting Wenger out would have voiced their oppinions there. But there’s no one saying that. You have to suck it up and live with it.
        And no, Wenger should not go before his contract expires. Plain and simple like that.

        1. Suck it up and live with it is something i will never do. The numbers have changed drastically in recent months. And i firmly believe you cannot conquer what you do not confront. So if AKB’s thi k we are going to go away they better think twice.

          1. Yes, because you see, Wenger really cares about your expert football advice. And In case you didn’t get it, you are not asked if you should suck it up. You are doing it anyway whether you want it or not.
            I don’t want you to go away as you have at least entertaining value to me. But you you do decide to go away then what can i say? godspeed.

      2. “Did he get behind the team in the transfer window?” ooooo that makes sense, i mustve been dreaming when he bought ospina, debuchy, chambers, welbeck, sanchez, and recalled campbell.

  4. Great goal from Ramsey, two in two now, hope he found he’s form.The problem is we see the same sh*t every season. There’s nothing new this season. We have been expecting this. Now the “bull run” (bullsh*t run) for top four will begin, we will beat a couple teams till we meet up with the big three than either lose or draw. I’m not surprised. Not surprised at all. And i won’t be surprised, if this is the season we don’t make top four. #WENGEROUT!!

    1. @dboy
      seriously shut up or just go away your the same tool who says the same sh*t every year get behind the team and stop b*tching

        1. not sure what your trying to say, but unlike you i support the team and don’t b*tch at every opportunity

    2. @dboy # its jus like a job would u negative tings about your boss in public? NO because u know u are going to b on iz sh*t list so ramsey had no other choice but to say positives tings #AWOUT! !!!

    3. The problem is that generally the fans who want Wenger out, (not all of them though) see the last decade as a failure, but forget that from 2005-2012, we had limited funds to compete with and unfairly throwing in that period with the last 2 years and calling it a failure. We have only recently been able to spend money on world class talent and this is why I have always felt Wenger deserves at least till the end of the season. You cannot count the years when we were forced to buy players on the cheap as failure, in fact making top 4 all those years in a row with the shoe string budget we had was a massive success. The problem lies now in that we have the financial collateral, but are nowhere near being in the top 2 sides in the league. There are still problems in our team which haven’t been addressed going years back which do not cost a dime to solve, only correct decision making from a managerial perspective, and it is these persistent problems causing fans to want a new manager. But let’s be honest and realistic guys, Wenger will only retire once his contract expires. I really do not see him going anywhere until then…so lets just hope he can use our new found financial muscle to bring in some great players in Jan and for next season.

      1. @big gun

        Your exactly right but a lot of people don’t see that. We were moving stadiums, in debt, selling our best players and on a shoe string budget. Do you think mourinho, pep, ancelotti, pellegrini etc could’ve done what wenger has done the past 9 years? ABSOLUTELY NOT.
        And like you said now we have stability and funds and within our 1st/2nd season wenger delivered the fa and community shield.

        Wenger deserves the chance I just hope he buys a DM in January cause I like per he just needs some protection and we’d have a balanced and formidable team.

        1. I agree that Mourinho, Guardiola et al probably wouldn’t have achieved what Wenger has done at Arsenal during the seasons when money was tight. But equally, the verdict is still out on whether Wenger can still achieve what the others have achieved now that he has the funds. I want to say an unequivocal yes because he has been tremendous for the club but on current form I wouldn’t bet on it.

  5. If I was getting paid 90,000
    quid a week to play a couple of hours
    of football I’d say all the right things too.
    Free travel, free accomodation, free
    clothing free everything. Play in front
    of 50,000 every game and followed by millions
    online. I only need to play one good game
    in three and I never have to win anything important.
    As a small bonus I have 4 months paid injury leave
    and 9 weeks vacation every year.
    Yeehaaa 🙂

    1. Right mate. It’s amazing how naive some people are. If we beat Newcastle you will see all the old usernames appear. If we lose you will see new ones. Some of these guys don’t know where they stand. I think some of them even use more than one identity.

    2. Yes but you can’t do that. Otherwise probably you were scoring that cracker the other night instead of Ramsey.

        1. So this is what Ramsey does, lie to the media and fans. Boy I really wonder how many of you fu cks will stick around should Arsenal go in championship for a few years. Just to separate the waters here.

          1. actually i was asking you an honest question. I wasn’t clear about your comment and I wanted you to clear it up.

  6. Players can say what they want, but Wenger isn’t going to get away with his oversights. Last season we were handicapped in strike position when we shouldn’t have been. This year he, out of choice handicapped the defence.

  7. Of course they’re behind him because there’s no other club that would put them on the silly wages they’re on

  8. I thought Ramsey looked leaner and faster in the CL game against Galatasaray. But in previous games it seems he had put the pounds on and had mud inside his boots. Fortunately or unfortunately, Ramsey seems to be a midfielder that needs to score regularly in order to keep his confidence up. He’s a lampard kind of player. Hope he can get us 200 EPL goals!

    1. @Twig

      I seriously thought the same thing, i thought i was seeing things, he looked slower and like his engine was gone. Hopefully he just needs some games to get back to full fitness

  9. Yes mr Ramsey, he is beyond fair to you and very bad to others who seem not being able to express their concernes the way you seem to do.

    You f. overpayed monkeys should play mainly for the fans. Gee

    1. Well, glad he was fair with Ramsey and unfair with Campbell. At least Ramsey delivers. You lot made him MOTM on Tuesday.

    1. 12 mill sounds like an Arsenal price.
      So thats Diaby replaced.
      Still need to replace the badly injury
      prone or sub standard like Flamini, Arteta
      Wilshere Walcott Ozil Mertz Ospina
      Koz Sanogo Cazorla Rosicky and Vermaelen.
      We need at least 12 new players
      in the Jan and summer windows to be truly
      competitive next season. One or two additions
      just paper over the cracks enough for 4th.

  10. To be honest, I find comments like “Arsenal haven’t won the premier league in 10 years”, “10 years of failure” very harsh and unfair. With the great money advantage City, Chelsea, Man U had in those years and every year we had to sell a key player, it is just not a realistic goal for any manger at Arsenal to win the league.

    Now is the time to actually judge Wenger in terms of his capability to deliver EPL titles. This would be the second season he has a stable squad. In the first he did deliver a FA Cup and Community shield. So the jury is out on whether he can again take Arsenal to the to of the league. It won’t happen this season but at least Arsenal should get 2nd to show real progress.

    Every manager’s philosophy have flaws. I could go on about Mourinho’s extremely defensive, boring and couter-attacking teams like Inter etc. Sure I would Wenger to actually sort out our defense, but it seems so many Arsenal fans are asking for change just for the sake of it. I have rarely seen answers how sacking the manager will improve the club’s position and ability to
    challenge for titles.

      1. I believe Arsenal fans are the only fans that like to put down their own team. I don’t remember any other smaller teams that won the FA cup also regularly finishing top 4. People also forget we also came close to the EPL tile 2007-08 4 points off the top, reached the CL final in 2006 and should have won the League cup in 2011. That is a very decent return for a club with such a less net spend. Realistically I don’t think people should expect anything more considering our net spend. The terms “specialist in failure”, “ten years of failure” are quite frankly very harsh.

  11. @int gooner, its not all about unlucky, its 10 mighty years we are talking about. as for the players, why wont them back the man who is turning blind against other players just to make them happy?? and a person who never criticise his players no matter how poor they are playing??

  12. Sorry to sound so cynical by I’d be behind Wenger if he ok’d me £100grand a wk to kick a ball 1/2times per wk.

  13. So what is wengers job brief ? To win titles and trophies ? To build a team capable of doing this ?
    He states every year that is the aim,not the fans,not the me,not you and not the board but him.
    So when he fails what are we supposed to do,applaud him ?
    I accept there have been severe financial restraints for a lot of years but in the last two summer windows he has the money to spend but he has failed to cover the obvious shortfalls in our squad so no excuses .
    He can put it right in January only if the right players are available and they want to come to Arsenal FC which will be a tough job for him.
    At 8million a year he should be delivering trophies and competing for titles but he is failing himself,the players and the fans.

    1. Whoah!
      Those are serious words right there. I think the general feeling among (a minority?) the AOBs is that Arsene is underachieving. That he is unnecessarily gambling too much. That he is FAILING HIMSELF and even some of his fans.

      But then who sets the standard for success and failure? When it concerns Arsene Wenger, what is success or failure? What will the majority of the fanbase accept as success or failure?

      These questions needs to be answered honestly and clearly. At the least, they should be asked.

  14. What Wenger has done well is made money for the owner and I’m sure stan appreciated the three million gift he took from the club in the summer ! And who pays the price for this ? The fans with a rise in ticket prices again.

  15. Lets leave the WOB vs AKB as is. Last year the whole media and almost everyone on this board were praising Rodgers as the man with a vision (some people wanted him at Arsenal instead of Wenger). Even the England manager Hodgson is using the Liverpool 4-4-2 Diamond template. With Suarez gone and way too many new players to integrate, Liverpool is in trouble and people are calling for the managers head. Are the fans and media over reacting with their RodgersOut comments.

    I was watching Sky Pundits talking after the CL game and they were saying that too many managerial changes are bad for youth development. As for youth to develop a constant managerial structure is better to see youth make it to the first team. They quoted Arsene as the only manager that gives youth a chance.

    1. You see, I am not really agree with that. Wenger does give youth a chance by calling them in the squad. But that does not mean they will actually play. One guy with balls of steel in youth department is LvG. Now this guy does not have any issue in fielding young players. Of course, he prefer experience above enthusiasm but he does not care if you are 17 or 35 as long as you are fit and in form for the next game.

  16. We ALL love Sanchez

    1. He has shown the world how good he is and other teams want him
    2. Other teams can pay him more than us
    3. He wants trophies (in addition to money)

    I’m very scared that we could lose him. He is the closest to Henry we have had in a decade. But if Wenger continues the way he has we will lose him.

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