Ramsey is not the only Arsenal player that can leave for free next summer

There has been endless discussion about whether Arsenal should sell Aaron Ramsey if he refuses to sign a new contract extension with the Gunners, and we literally have just ten days to find a solution or risking him walking away on a free transfer next summer.

But the fact is that he is not the only Arsenal first team player that is entering their final year, but for some reason no one seems to be talking about them!

First of all we have Petr Cech, but as he is now 36 and Arsenal have brought in Bernd Leno as his future replacement he is likely to move on or retire next year. He admitted that he had had some interest from an Italian side this summer but he decided to stay and fight for his place. It is doubtful that anyone would stand in his way next summer, although he could certainly carry on playing for many more years yet but maybe at a lower level…

How about Nacho Monreal, who was voted our second best player last season? The 32 year-old may be getting on a bit but if he is still performing as well this season the Gunners could take the option of another year next summer. Defenders do seem to last a lot longer nowadays, look at Lichtsteiner…

Danny Welbeck is a strange one, as he is hardly going to be close to first choice this season, but I’m still sure if we cashed in we could get at least 20 million for him right now. There are rumours but I think he is going to play out his contract as a backup and Europa League player…

So if Ramsey leaves as well, that is four players we are going to have to replace next summer with no returns….



  1. gotanidea says:

    Luckily Arsenal have got their replacements ready at the club. After they are gone, there will be a big wage space for new young players

    To make the wage structure even healthier, Arsenal can sell the expensive underperformers with discounted price in January

    No need to wait till this season ends to cut the players that consistenty have bad forms

    1. Austin says:

      Ramsey for Pavon
      Xhaka for sander berge
      Elneny for Marchisio
      Ozil for Bailey

      Others can be replaced from within
      Tutu, T. Bola, Macey

      1. gotanidea says:

        Sorry I beg to differ bro, Pavon did not play well in World Cup and Marchisio is too old

        Agree with Bailey and Berge though, because they are still very young

  2. Innit says:

    I like how Emery dropped Ramsey against Chelsea.

    Wenger would have started him to get him to sign and probably would have played him in the position Ramsey wants further up the field.

    If he leaves for free so be it but I hope we can get something from him whether it’s money from transfer or him signing an extension on decent terms.

  3. Atid says:

    If emery wants to play a certain way he should have moved on the players who can’t play his way. These 4 could have raised 60m+ to bring in one or two of genuine quality.

  4. Leon says:

    I don’t care if any of them leave.
    There are far far better options out there.

  5. ken1945 says:

    Innit is that what Wenger would have done, or just your opinion?
    Is it your opinion that Emery picked him for the same reason against City and brought him on against Chelsea?

  6. Counsel says:

    We have a huge relegation clash against westham this Saturday to worry about,You can’t force players to extent or to sign contracts,They are 7 major elements of a contract in this cases there must be an offer,acceptance and consideration. stop wild allegations read the law of contracts

    1. Phil says:

      There only TWO issues to consider regarding Ramsey and his Contract Offer from the Club.
      1)Is he going to sign it?
      2) is he not going to sign it?
      We are fans of the Club.If Ramsey was not an Arsenal player we would not be interested in him at all.The monetary issues are not our concern.That is between the player and the Club

  7. Chiza says:

    gearoid de burca……why do you keep on behaving this?……I didn’t get some predictions right thanks to emery selections,assuming we went with our best starting eleven in those matches against city and Chelsea things would have being different and we all know this and as for the dembele transfer we were really in for him until usmanov decided to allow kroenke know that he was ready to sell his shares so that made kroenke drop the expensive acquisition of dembele in other to acquire the shares…trust me gearoid de burca I’m really sorry about everything but you have to move on and be a man and just get off my back for Christ sake

    1. gearoid de burca. says:

      why do you assume , chizzy , that i am a man , that is really sexist of you old bean. i was only remind you , that , some people , on here, do not care about what you write anymore, okay ?.you loud mouthed off your predictions as if they were fact . that is my problem with you ,you were certain that we would earn 6 points from our first two games, you were adamant in fact !.and now , you have the nerve to blame emery for not picking the team that you would have put out. i thank my lucky stars, that , you sir, are not the arsenal manager. and let me make a prediction here, i predict that you will never be arsenal manager, mark my words, gearoid has spoken, lol. have a good evening chum.

    2. Lola says:

      Shut up chiza.
      Who can remember our ITK clowns from 2011 to 2018?
      I can only remember paul, leo , resource, kev.
      May be they are same person with different ids.

      1. gearoid de burca. says:

        very well said lola, i am sick to deat of all these so called pundits telling us how many points we will have . and they are supposed to be arsenal supporters. thats what makes it worse. there is always one of them on here at some stage. i , too, think they are one and the same person down the years.

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    I just do not understand with Emery persisting on trying to develop Cech, when he’s likely to be off in the summer, and is 36 anyway? Surely it makes more sense to see if Leno is of the required quality, just as he’s doing with the outfield, players, before making decisions on them in January/June next year? Given his age, Leno could be a long-time solution in goal for us in goal, so Emery should be using him as our first choice.

    Will be painful if Ramsey leaves on a free. I’d want some money for that rubbish!

  9. Chiza says:

    To be honest with you guys at this point I really pray arsenal will be bought by a very rich Sheikh or an Arab multi billionaire……… Since we are not able to protect our tradition of having multiple owners and not a sole owner…we just have to pray for us to be bought by a rich sheikh or an Arab multi billionaire instead of being owned by kroenke….we are too far behind right now….arsenal is a very very very attractive club so when Kroenke decides to sell there would be a lot of buyers and I mean a lot

    1. Welbeck says:

      Sadly, it’s too late now but I wouldn’t want Arsenal to be owned by anyone who wasn’t linked with the history of the club. None of these super rich playboy billionaire owners represent anything to do with the real values of a “local” club (This is one of the reasons why I miss Wenger so much, he really understands the concept of “social responsibility). They have very little or nothing in common with the community where these clubs are situated and very often don’t do anything much to improve the lives of the local residents.

      I’m happy for ANYONE to correct me but as it stands, from my limited perspective,the majority of these investors are mainly in it for the massive profits they can generate.

      PS… Who would by Welbeck for £20 million? I want Ramsey to stay (I think I must have a man crush) and Cech is already in transition to make way for Leno. Monreal is probably the most improved player over the last 2/3 seasons so he isn’t going anywhere.

  10. ruelando says:

    All players mention actually have a replacement at the club, which is good, it also frees up space for new players.

    In terms of Cech and Monreal if they are able to still compete at the highest level i doubt if the management team will have any problem extending their contracts.

    In terms of Welbeck and Ramsay, Welbeck seems to have not been offered a contract so they may be considering selling him so he will have to earn that new contract or be moved on. Ramsey is a problem child for arsenal at the moment, its a goodbye or hello situation. I would not mind a new English core about now, because Emery, the Board and some of us fans have given Ramsey and his agent the idea that he is of the utmost importance to “The Arsenal” when it is far from so and this tale that we can not get players better than RAMSEY is a LIE.

  11. Red and white says:

    Except nacho, I’m sick of watching Ramsey chek and welbeck.Add to that xhaka belerin mustafi elneny.coupled to that the retirement home for socrates mikhi lich. Auba. The never ending injuries to kos and saed . The inexperienced Holding Mavo Nelson.The whole team needs a revamp thanks to the owners/ board. Wengers season would end in December, Emery’s season is over in August.arteta rightly dodged the bullet by not getting appointed as our coach

  12. justjoy says:

    soldiers go and soldiers come…

    we remain Arsenal…

    time to start collecting points on Saturdy.

  13. qoni says:

    its all the fault of kroenke and his board. for a once top club like arsenal the manager is given only 50 million to spend on new players is ridiculous. as for emery he is the same as wenger. he keeps playing his favourites. bellerin, ozil, cech, xhaka, and keep going. give a chance to the new players pls. – gooner = forever

    1. Ingleby says:

      I think he is playing them so that he can then say he has given them every chance before getting rid.

      With Cech, there is also the fact that he can be exposed to the opening high-pressure games before making way for Leno to be eased in more gently when the matches against less high profile/local derby teams come along. He’s trying not to damage Leno’s confidence from the outset.

  14. McLovin says:

    Sell Welbeck in January.

    What,about Ademola Lookman? He played really well for Leipzig, who havr offered Everton 22 mils for him. Hes now behind Richarlison, Bernard and Yannick Bolasie.

  15. ks-gunner says:

    Every player today at arsenal is easy replaceable. Simple as.

  16. Malcolm Townsend says:

    Welbeck there were offers from abroad but he said I don’t want to leave Arsenal

  17. Welbeck says:

    I still believe Ramsey can be a very effective player for us because nobody else can do what he does for us, barring the contract situation (which I think is already sorted and they’re just haggling over the finer details) and the sometimes absent positional sense.

    1. ks-gunner says:

      Run like a headless chicken?

      1. Innit says:

        Ramsey scored 11 goals and 12 Assists for Arsenal last season from 32 apps. That isn’t bad. In fact he is very useful as a squad players.

      2. Welbeck says:

        Haha even chickens are good for laying golden eggs (scoring goals) once in a while, but this particular chicken tastes like Welsh Rarebit and Ramsey is his name. This is Wales’s best midfielder (Ladies and gentlemen of the board, for my case in point I refer you to the Wales performance in Euro ’16), he owes Arsenal a lot and has to step up now as one of the elder statesmen in the team.

  18. Tom says:

    Off topic
    ‘When I think of the six versus four that Unai Emery has created in possession, they look to be in positions where, from the shape of the team, they can progress from. Forty-five seconds after the ball was at the goalkeeper’s feet playing out from the back, they end up with the ball in the back of the Chelsea net’ Gary Neville

  19. John Ibrahim says:

    Ramsay, Welbeck, Monreal, Cech and Campbell will leave on a free transfer at the end of the season…

    fans finally get their wishes….the deadwoods are leaving

    1. Phil says:

      Campbell has already gone to some team in Italy that nobody’s ever heard of.Sounds about right to me

  20. John Ibrahim says:

    first win for us this weekend

    west ham, cardiff, newcastle and everton

    thats 4 wins and 16 points…

    all will be good….Emery needs time

    1. Admin says:

      How many points?

      1. Lola says:

        Man lay off him.math is hard

  21. sydney says:

    Ramsay, welbeck, Mustaf, Bererllin, Elneny should be shipped out in January transfer window as they are too average for Arsenal . Its because of players like them who Arsene bought that we have been unable to win major honors. Xhaka and Ozil must improve and if not shown the door. With those sales, we will reduce the wage bill, and bring in atleast four top class players – Center back , midfieder, a winger, a playmaker to replace Ozil and a right back . I though like what Unai is doing – getting touch with players, making right substitutions, pressing etc. He is trying to assess who can fit in his system and I can see a massive clear out this January transfer so he can start building his own side capable of challenging for the title . Lets just give him spaceand in no time he will make us smile.

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