Ramsey must RELAX and Arsenal WILL see his best again!!

It is safe to say that the Arsenal fans have been left a bit disappointed by the contribution made by Aaron Ramsey, the young Welsh midfielder that was our stand out Player of the Year last season. But I think we are a bit harsh on the lad and I think he puts too much pressure on himself as well. If the 24-year old can just relax and play his game, I think that Arsenal will start seeing the best of him again and that would be a major bonus as we face a crucial couple of months.

The standard Rambo set for himself throughout the last campaign, with 16 goals including some real belters and the FA cup final winner against Hull at Wembley, plenty of assists and his all-round game with heavy work rate and aggression in central midfield, has been weighing on him this season.

Arsene Wenger spoke earlier in the season about how the Wales international was trying too hard to score and after that Ramsey started to play his natural game more and then he did start to find the net. His six goals this season is not too bad after all, especially when you consider he has missed a fair chunk of the season with injury problems. Only Alexis, Giroud, Welbeck and Cazorla have scored more and the Spaniard has had plenty of penalties.

The manager declared recently that the club has got to the bottom of the recurring muscle problems and that will hopefully allow Ramsey to play with more freedom. I think we have seen that already in the two sub appearances against QPR and Man United, when Ramsey got stuck in and made a difference as soon as he came on.

Just relax Rambo! You know you can do it and so do we! Another FA cup winner coming up?

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  1. Ramsey plays the Arsenal way, he’ll be back…

    Off topic but I don’t know what’s better, Welbeck helping to knock Utd out of the FA Cup at Old Trafford or David Luiz helping to knock Chelsea out of the CL at Stamford Bridge. Hahahahaha the irony is killing me. #Karma

    1. Yeah, Luiz did shove it up Maureen’s a*s yesterday. Damn it!!! Maureen’s always had it coming!!! I long for the day we shall spank heShe.

      1. Did yous not see the article which said England is in danger of losing one CL place to Italy a result of doing so poorly on the whole. Three CL places is all well have if next season Germany and Italy out perform the English sides again. Id hate for it to happen especially considering che manc utd resources.

        1. I say out perform again but hopefully i spoke too soon, we could still go another round, fingers crossed.

    2. I say it is all better.. Welbeck knocking United out was better and Luiz knocking Chelski out was better too..

      Better Better 😉

      What a fulfilling week it has been.


  2. I don’t have any illusions about any of our players and i judge them solely based on how they perform. This is a big club and we need every player to excel at his position when given a run or else someone else should come and take over. This leads me to this question, what’s his position exactly? we don’t need him belting forward every chance he gets because he’s not that type of player, i think last year was a one off. He needs to settle down, defend, double team with bellerin and put in a shift every game. Most importantly he needs to find a way to stay fit and not over exert himself which is leading to all his injuries. He can’t defend, he’s not dangerous in the air, he can’t take free kicks, i honestly don’t know what he does for this team right now?

    Him and wilshere should be given one more year to prove themselves but if their unavailability continues we should sell them to the highest bidder.

    1. Ramsey is not a DM.. The whole team has got to defend and attack as a unit. Not just 1 player..

      Look at Barcelona, Bayern and Madrid at their best, they do all those things as a team, they press, hurry and do most things in unison, not just one player pressing while other float about doing nothing.

      This is what I have been saying about us for seasons, a single DM will not make a difference as long as we have players that don’t put in a shift.

      They say MATIC is a monster but look what Spuds did to them 5-3, no one was helping him out as they were all cocky and spuds smashed them.

      It’s a team sport.

    2. You are right, pal. I remember Wenger saying the other day that the major reason Le Coq is excelling at the moment is because he identified just what it is that he’s good at (defending) and has stuck to it.

      Last season, Ramsey was indeed a workaholic. He would fight for every ball and his short passes were very good, the goals came naturally. He was very essential to us in every game, NOT MAINLY BECAUSE HE SCORED GOALS, but because he made our midfield concrete.

      Just as The Rock says: KNOW YOUR ROLE!!!

  3. I would rather have the Ramsey who defends and plays a true box to box game than the Ramsey who is blowing off his defensive duties (completely!) and launching himself forward in the desperate home to return to goal scoring form. I don’t want him to relax, I want him to shore up the midfield and take his scoring opportunities as they come. He loses his positional discipline and loses sight of his job too often. If he were to return to being the midfield force that he was and scoring the opportunistic goal, he’d be golden. Keep to the fundamentals – shore up the midfield.

  4. Ramsey will be back like Arnold.
    At his best he is fantastic. I miss that Ramsey.

    However, if Wenger wants to get another box to box midfielder like I don’t know, Vidal, Pogba, Gundogan, Lars Bender or Khedira, I certainly won’t complain lol

    1. After seeing Khedira against Schalke, and even giving him a bit of leeway because it was a poor RM performance, I am far from convinced he will be any sort of answer. He was bloody awful.

  5. Half season wonder doesnt make you a star. He has proven nothing and as a youngster he still needs to train a lot so he can become a decent player one day. If he train like Ronaldo or Sanchez he will end up fine.

  6. Very interested to see what happens with Wilshere and Rambo if we do sign schneiderlin.
    I think Coquelin should be our DM from now on, Schneiderlin along side him will certainly add solidity in the midfield in the big games, of course there will be occasions where both are not needed together and we can play with Wilshere or Rambo.

    But will both be okay playing second fiddle?

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