Ramsey on right is Wrong for Arsenal

Maybe it is the fact that Aaron Ramsey has been one of the many Arsenal players struggling to find top gear this season that has made the Welshman much less effective than he has been in previous campaigns, but I do not think that his current playing position on the right is helping him or Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger clearly has great belief in Ramsey and that faith has been proved well based on many occasions in the past. And the manager may be trying to get Ramsey to play through his current run of form but I cannot see the point of him starting every game in that wide role.

For one thing, Ramsey is much more effective in the middle, where he was playing a couple of years ago when he scored all those goals and was our Player of the Season. And for another thing, we have players like Walcott and the Ox that could be more effective on the right.

Ramsey on the right unbalances the team as he comes inside where he is more comfortable but then we lose width and the midfield becomes congested. His average position from the Leicester game was actually on the edge of the centre circle.

I think it might be a good idea to give Ramsey a game in his old role this week against Olympiakos. That would also add more defensive solidity than Cazorla gives and could allow Wenger to start Arteta. It might be just what Rambo needs to get him going.

Whether it does or not though, Arsenal cannot keep starting with Ramsey on the right can we?

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  1. “Rambo” is not suitable playing on the RW, the “ox” should be playing in that RW position without a doubt in my opinion!

    1. its so wrong………..and i hate it………..Ramsey does just about Nothing on the RW……only constantly drifting in…… Vulnerably Leaving bellerin to play both RW and RB

      1. Do you not think him drifting inwards giving Bellerin space just may be intentional?
        I personally don’t think Bellerin is getting enough credit for the leceister game. I thought it was one of his best games yet!

        1. Congesting the midfield and leaving only Bellerin run the whole wing alone is intentional? Whose intention and what would the motives be anyway?

  2. ______Off Topic________

    People always love it when a proud and arrogant man falls. In fact, people pray such folks fall. I have a feeling Mou will fall and it will be very disastrous for him.

  3. I think Rambo should be rested for a few weeks and the OX to come on for him. Yes have him on the bench and make him hungry for his place. I’m looking foward to jack coming back tbh and I think he should play with FQ but with a little more space then FQ. He’s still raw in that position but very good raw. Needs tiring down to a very big contract

    1. This is one of the ongoing problems with the Arsenal squad. How to balkance the midfield with Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez. Four amazing creative midfielders that IMO typically have a tough time playing all together in big games. With Wilshere coming back it will be even more difficult. Ox on the right is a good idea because he needs time with Bellerin to get some rhythm together. I feel that Monreal and Sanchez do a better job on the left.

      1. Sanchez is creative… Though he’s definitely more of a forward than a midfielder.
        It’s just our style of play. When we first signed Ozil I had wet dreams about the way him and Cazorla were going to link together. It was only upon Ozil’s return second half of last season have we started to see what they’re capable of.
        It seems as though the majority of positions in our preferred XI are locked down. It’s just RW and ST which seem to be tinkered with most. Personally, I don’t think Ramsey has been doing nearly as bad of a job as people are making out. Width has definitely not been a problem for us these past few weeks. Our fullbacks are playing exceptionally well.

    2. Make him hungry for his place? How? He has not been played in his place and he is more than hungry to play there.

  4. Ramsey is long overdue with one of his usual type of injuries
    I think that wenger needs to take it easy with him.

  5. OX should be on the right
    If Giroud is up front Walcott can be on the right
    But when OX and Walcott are healthy, Ramsey should not play on the right
    Ramsey isn’t a RW specialist like OX and Walcott
    Ramsey is best as B2B (Although Cazorla should be 1st choice)

  6. wenger deliberately partners ramsey and bellarin and they work so well. ramsey’s style of play, characterized by free movement, impulsive decisions and odd fliks work well when he is allowed to move and play his own way. (i think this is what wenger likes abt him).if you notice, bellarin always provides the width going the extra distance forward allowing ramsey to roam around the field as he likes from right to left, up or down. and for wenger, he is the extra man in his attacking possasive football. that is why he is often undroped and his stamina helps him to cover a lot of distance on the pitch.

    1. Its strange what kind of things ppl tend to see. I for an instance see Ramsey not running up and down the flanks, but rather him leaving his poz, and spend to much time in places where he doesnt belong. By doing so, other teams tend to attack us often on the left side. Dont believe me, look out for the next game and see it.

      1. ramsey covers the RW better than chambo in deffence. chambo has serious defensive problems and i bet this is the only reason he is benched. him and debutchy are suicidal while bellarin and ramsey are good. how odd is that? my argument is not ramsey should play as a winger (even he doesn’t like it). but that it works better as u said; him moving around the pitch popping everywhere unmarked and being the extra man in our attack than playing chambo( for now).

    2. If Ramsey is going to keep playing on the RW, he has to start learning the position. Day in, day out, it’s the same mistakes from him. Man.ure will tear the RB up if he keeps marauding from his position. Plus, I think he’s blind to see that he overcrowds the midfield area when he strays. Learn the position or sit on the bench Aaron.

  7. Would love alexis to give a repeat performance of his good form against man u and another hattrick from him would surely bring the house down at the emirates! Coyg!

  8. Everyone wants ox instead but to be fair he hasn’t always produced when given the chance. I can see why wenger prefers ramsey there sometimes. Ox in possession also isn’t good enough. But ox when he plays well is amazing. If he can pick up some form our front three is very lethal. Ramsey is just a safer option really…

  9. Rambo plays on the right bec many players at Arsenal are goal shy. You always see Ramsey trying to score goals. For Wenger thats good enough.

  10. Bob, Ramsey on RW for Arsenal is not wrong. Because the Boss’ hands are forced to play him there as the more adaptable to RW, Jack Wilshere is not available to play there for now. Even if Danny Welbeck comes back, I believe he should be one of our 3 strikers option. As it’s stand now, no youth Gunner has yet been drafted to the RW as I thought the Boss will do as another option to Ramsey before Wilshere returned. Oxlade should cover Sanchez at LW and he even has appeared to play better there than at RW to my understanding.

  11. Rambo’s natural position is not on the RW just like Ozil last season,he’s struggling on the flank,not giving hector the cover he needs,I understand that Wenger wants to play all his best players,but honestly,sometimes some sacrifices needs to be made. Ox also needs to learn how to perform defensively.

  12. Since AW wants Ramsey on RW I think its only fair that Campbell gets a fair chance to compete for the RW spot too! He should be given more chances instead of one start every 5 months , how can he expect a player to improve when he’s sitting on the bench , Ramsey belongs in the B2B period , case closed

  13. Ox should be given ample playing time on the LW. He’s a great tool for success but need to be sharpened. OX can produce at least 10 goals if given much opportunities. Ramsey should be benched for him to go hungry and come back great. Ozil needs no disturbances

  14. Would like to know ramsey’s stats this year tbh …. Not sure he’s scored or assisted many !

    So , our midfield has too many creative players trying to get on the ball in central areas …

    The oppositions left back is generally given an easy ride and freedom to bomb on at will ….

    ….and we aren’t really getting a tune out of Rambo or any goals or assists !

    Tell me , what’s the benefit of us playing him out there again ?

  15. The major issue here is that, there are other players who are more suited to play the RW position, who would give the offensive and defensive work required to make the team more balance.

    Players confidence will not improve with one out of ten games, it will more than likely go in the opposite direction.

    In regards to ramsay i feel that he would be more suited in the Ozil position, where he would get a lot of opportunities to shoot and assist, which would also allow him to interchange with Cazorla and disrupt the opponents midfield.

  16. According to some guy, Ramsey wants to do a Ronaldhino when he’s one third or less the player he is. As for me from my own observation, I think his first touch is very, very poor and he slows down our counter attack a lot. He does this 360 degree turn in some cases for show off sake which takes the play and the team nowhere. In the final third especially in the eighteen yard box when the ball gets to him, he either takes two or three poor touches before making a lame attempt at goal which gets blocked by a defender or he sends the ball directly to the fans or he tries to do a Ronaldinho attempting a weak dribble and the ball taken off he feet in the process. I think Ramsey should go back to the basics to be the player we wanted him to be.

  17. Good win for arsenal but remember arsenal had so much space. Leceister tried to play arsenal the arsenal way. This won’t happen every week against teams who have a better game plan and close down the space

  18. It’s easy to conclude that Ox has to be playing that RW at first glance. But I’m of the opinion that the main reason why Ramsey is preferred to him there is because he plays to the manager’s instructions while Ox often forgets his role. Yes, Ramsey shouldn’t be playing RW but until Ox improves defensively to give the team balance, Ramsey will continually be picked over him. We often forget how much work Sanchez puts in defensively and Ox needs to learn that. I will not forget how he lost the ball during the last match and refused to track back, looking on like a spectator. It was so glaring I was screaming at him. He leaves that wing exposed and the 2nd goal eventually came from there. I have no doubt he’ll be an excellent winger but for now he needs to learn. We need another Sanchez on that wing. Ramsey has to go back to central midfield somehow. How? I don’t know. Ox please step up.

    1. Exactly! People say ‘he’s a midfielder..’ Yeeeah, well we have Santi, Coq and Ozil who have all made their positions their own.
      Ox reminded me of what De Bruyne did for City on the weekend… One great moment in attack followed by one moment stupidity in defence. Which equates to nothing…
      Wenger has been giving him plenty of opportunities late in league games and cup games, but if he can’t fully focus in those chances, he’s not going to lock down a league place. Putting him in for 90 is a lot more of a liability than Ramsey. A lot of fans are acting as though he’s been completely ineffective. IMO that hasn’t been the case.

  19. He’s been a peripheral figure so far, and nowhere near his best form. But as the season wears on and rotation becomes a factor he’s going to be very important when Coquelin, Cazorla and Ozil need a rest.
    Our midfield and flanks has been working well. It was well documented that our finishing was our biggest issue letting us down. I’ve been underwhelmed by Ox so far, and his defensive errors have been costing us. Ramsey’s an important player in our squad, sticking with him will have big benefits if he can re-find his form.

  20. Simply put Ox has to improve. He is not complete to play RW every week. I wish he replaces Ramsey in near future. But right now, Ramsey owns that place. If he is there, I feel confident on our defence and he never gets tired. Ox has to learn some of the good qualities from him.

  21. Rambo is s very good box to box midfielder IMO , if you’re happy to put more emphasis on going forward … His tracking is awful , but he will and has weighed in with goals from centre mid !

    I will probably get slaughtered for this , but I would of moved cazorla on in favour of a more robust Vidal for that box to box role … Santi has been sensational in the games we should win , just not sure he offers that protection you need in the bigger games !

    As for wilshere … We’ve missed the opportunity for 30mil + for him now. I think everybody is fully aware that the lad is a crock !

    With Santi , Rambo and wilshere all fighting for that box to box role (as I don’t believe for one minute that any of them are wingers !) … One of them should of been moved on IMO !

    … Then again , why am I worrying about getting good prices for players ? …we don’t f@%#king spend it anyway !!!!

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