Ramsey on why Arsenal CAN cope with power of BPL rivals!!

After the Sky pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher dismissed the chances of Arsenal winning the Premier League title this season, and any team other than Chelsea or Man City for that matter, Aaron Ramsey has responded. And not surprisingly, our star midfielder thinks that the Gunners have plenty of qualities of our own to combat the brute force that the Sky boys think will be too much for anyone else.

To be fair to Rambo, he is right to say that pure power does not guarantee anything. If it did, then we would see more rugby players taking up football, after all. Arsenal’s Player of the Year accepts that he and his team mates are smaller in general than City and Chelsea, but he also feels that the way we play means that agility and trickiness on the ball is just as important, as revealed in an ESPN report.

Ramsey is not being boastful and saying that the Gunners will definitely win, he just thinks that we will cope a lot better in those big games and that he believes the title race will be very close again this time around, with up to six possible winners. I hope he is not including the spuds in that six.

The 23-year old said, “It’s going to be more difficult to win it because I think there are six teams now.

“The so-called bigger teams are going to drop points throughout the season. The key when that time comes is to go to the next game and get back to winning ways.

“It’s a long season and I’m sure there are going to be many twists and turns. There’s going to be a few teams fighting for it.

“Manchester City are a big team and Chelsea are a big team. It’s all about opinions. We’re quite a small team by comparison and we like to get the ball down. Maybe they won’t be as agile and we can play around them.

“It helps those teams with power and drive but I’m sure we’ll be playing the other way.

“These teams are always capable of getting results off each other. The Premier League was really tight last season and I think it’s only going to get tighter and tighter.

“The biggest thing we need to do is to pick up points against the bigger teams away from home. If we’d have nicked a win or a couple draws in those games last season we would have been up there on 84 or 85 points.

“We lost to Everton away last year so we go there on Saturday and we’ll be looking to put things right and hopefully come away with a good result.”

A good away performance against Everton later today will certainly go a long way to backing up Rambo’s words and will alsdo give the players confidence for the rest of the season. COYG

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  1. Confidence and Quality is the key to the EPL.Excited about today’s match.Hope we don’t crap Giroud.COYG!

  2. let’s be honest here, the moment we lost ramsey is the moment we lost the league. Instead of looking for an out-and-out DMF we should be looking to sign a cover for ramsey a box-to-box midfielder. If fit diaby is capable or else we will need to look at khedira, l.bender or a poor man’s yaya toure i.e m.sissoko…

  3. I agree with Rambo, but actions speak louder than words. So let’s see how our boys respond today knowing that we got embarrassed the last time we played Everton away.

  4. Dear Aaron,
    My advice to you is keep up the excellent work you’re doing and the TV pundits who most of the time talk crap allow their verball diaria to go in one ear and out the other.

  5. Don’t have a good feeling about today.. We haven’t put in a good performance, or even an ok performance yet. I guess it’s encouraging that Everton drew to Leicester last week, but if we play as we have the last two games we’ll get beaten. A front 3 on Ox, Alexis and Campbell and I’ll be more optimistic though. Need to play counter-attacking football today, we’re not going to be able to press Everton at Goodison, so pace in the counter is important.

  6. All gunners should read this brilliant article: http: //www. theguardian. com/football/2014/aug/22/arsenal-arsene-wenger-everton

  7. Is it only me who thinks Bendtner is better than Giroud and Sanogo? For today, I’ll do

    Alexis Thomas Joel
    Aaron Calum
    Nacho Laurent Per Mathieu

    I like to get the middle of the pack, packed full of energy and commitment.

    1. Bendtner has more talent
      but in recent seasons
      with Arsenal did not produce.
      Giroud plays 50 games
      scores 20, assists 10.
      Yes he misses 100 but many
      stars miss a lot Torres+ underperform
      Rooney are injured RVP or thow hissy fits
      Balo + Bendtner.

  8. Box to Box players has been a key for many teams last season, Pogba, Vidal, Ramsey, Toure, Lampard, Gerrard, the list goes on. I think players cant rely solely on DM or AM positions anymore

  9. None of the Arsenal players
    ever say anything we
    don’t already know.
    Next they will tell us that if
    we score more goals than
    our opponents we will win games.
    By ther way I expect Arsenal
    to beat Everton.

  10. The real problem with Arsenal in the away games was simple – Arsenal never moved up and pressed. This week Sol Campbell said exactly that when he was speaking about the CL qualifier.

    Last season Arsenal never moved up so let the other team play in a huge area. When they moved up they never pressed meaning the other team was getting past Mert and Kos easily. On top of this ball retention was weak.

    So if we see the community shield, when Arsenal pressed and retained the ball the opposition don’t have free reign and they themselves are forced to drop back giving arsenal space. Even a small team can do this.

  11. It is almost impossible for this sadly lightweight Arsenal side to survive the whole season without losing a fair amount of games. The season will take it’s toll and late into Jan/Feb the team will collapse. Wake up Wenger ……you KNOW this. You have the money to sign Khedira and Carvalho. Wenger your obligation is to the CLUB and the SUPPORTERS not to the lightweight ARTETA and FLAMINI. If Wenger feels his obligation is to individual players the he has lost his basic responsibility to the club and will bring the team down.

    1. Don’t be daft/misguided. His obligation is to the club – he has no actual or legal obligation to the supporters. And if he did have an obligation to the supporters which faction of supporters would that be?

  12. didnt read the article but all i can say is:
    giroud is not good enough to lead the arsenal attack.
    its a joke that we r going into our 3rd season with him as our ONLY(!) striker. a fukin joke!

    hope we win the everton match and i would love to see campbell get a chance this time.

  13. Juventus want Podolski and will speak to Arsenal next week.Podolski not included in the squad by Wenger, and not given reason either. can’t believe giroud is staying while podoslki is leaving

  14. Yeh i am amazed as well regarding podolski i remember Wenger saying he is reluctant to play him up top cos he comes to deep to pick ball up well surely he can be coached to stay up top and get in behind the defenders think he would do a great job given the chance best finisher at club by a country mile!!

  15. Also think Wenger will make another big signing but not untill champs league place is secured i think he will go all out for Reus especially if podolski leaves!

  16. Off topic, please Wenger i crave for just two more sigings. We need defensive mainfield and centre back. I dont care about stricker provided podoski remain.

  17. Carragher, Neville, Owen, Durham are all intelligent, insightful analyists/pundits. We must respect their opinions. If they say we can’t win the EPL then it must be true. They have more knowledge and experience than we do.

    But we should still try our best and make the top 4 and try to win another trophy

  18. i honestly cant wait for the game to begin and i will seriously party after a good win.
    i have all the confidence in the team regardless that we have a mediocre striker up front.
    i predict a 0-2 win to Arsenal.

  19. Durham knows nothing he just hates arsenal even when we win he will still put the team down the guy is a complete w….r!!!

  20. @foreve-Arsenal,well i guess Owen was also right when he said last season that Arsenal won’t make top4? It’s very clear that these pundits hate Arsenal.How many times have you heard them say Liverpool or maybe Manu won’t make top4 position? so just forget about those idiots who call themselves pundits,to me they biased pundits who hate Arsenal because they play better football than the so called ‘big teams’ and the fact that Arsenal have a good philosophy in which it’s being runned.Now, instead of the idiotic pundits to appreciate the good work Arsenal are doing they turn around and hate on Arsenal but we will prove them wrong as we have started already with the FA cup and Community shield.Manu are panic buying LOLZ

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