Ramsey Panenka brings headlines and Arsenal questions

The Arsenal and Wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey just raised the bar in a big way. Giroud, Alexis Sanchez, Xhaka and others have produced but Ramsey’s Panenka penalty to open the scoring in a top of the table qualifier away to Serbia has to be the best so far. As an Arsenal fan you have to ask why Rambo does not show his top quality in club colours so much.

Whether Ramsey thought he had been hard done to with a lack of game time I have no idea, but in reality I feel hen did little to press for a regular starting place in my opinion. You could say that for a lot of Gunners though and to be fair to Ramsey I have been a fan for years but I do feel he gives more for Wales than for Arsenal.

He certainly stepped up for them today, with a cheeky Penenka penalty that even the top players think twice about. The fact it was in a crucial international at a hostile away fixture makes it even more remarkable but perhaps the reason most are talking about it is because it happened in the same ground as the original spot kick by the Czechoslovakian international star Antonin Panenka (hence the name) against the German keeper Sepp Maier that won the 1976 Euro championships. (Did he know?)

The Wales international Aaron Ramsey may not have had the most stunning of seasons for Arsenal Football Club, but the reasons for that will surely be the subject of plenty of talk and right now are besides the point. He certainly ended the season if fine fettle though, netting that wonderful winner in the FA cup final. For Wales tonight and on many other occasions you cannot fault him and often the same is true for Arsenal, but is it often enough?



    1. exactly. I watched the whole game and although Wales done enough to acquit themselves there was nothing brilliant about their performance. They won a penalty which Ramsey converted but it wasn’t anything spectacular ! Not a bad take but he shouldn’t be given any special plaudits !

  1. Ramsey is finally being used properly by wenger in his new system and I think he will kick on next season. I expect him to start scoring on a regular basis again and show all of the skill on the ball he actually possesses.

    1. i hope he does not fall on the stair case and come back with 5 months injury as usual

  2. Just Watched Panenka’s Panenka Penalty
    (try saying that 3 times fast lol) on YouTube.
    The original. Also watched a video of Panenkas by Zidane, Henry, Alexis, Totti

    I got bored very fast watching them on YouTube. It’s almost like watching a replay 10 times because they all look the same.

    1. I know that this is hard to believe but Wenger is actually,really & truly trying is hardest to sign Mbappe ?? his been camping outside the kids house begging for a week and he’s even got Gazidis washing the boy’s parents cars everyday.?? that part was jokes?? some people just don’t understand humour ?

      This ain’t no Arsenal spin folks, Wenger really wants Mbappe at Arsenal and the offer of £122 million is real. Which would also explain Giroud’s strop of late.?? how’s that RSH? Cheerful enough for you???

  3. I really don’t see the point of signing unknown youngsters like Golovin or Onyekuru.

    Unless their going to come here and set the world on fire, surely it’s better to bring through some academy players instead.

    Would maitland miles be any less effective than golovin next season, for example.

  4. I don’t think Wengers system suits Ramsey and I think he would be better with a solid defensive midfielder and a number 10 that works harder.

  5. If Wenger sell Sanchez to city, it’s means that we are not going to be competitive next season.
    Can u emagine our best player going to one of our major contender, I don’t see that happening, if Wenger try it, it gonna be like Van persie story.
    Bcuz surely Sanchez will scores on us every accounter.

  6. The blogs and media are the ones selling all arsenal players off to other teams. Not arsenal fc.

  7. Arsenal fans: Whats the point in signing youngsters, we need result now, we dont need unproven youngsters at the moment (Wenger pass up Zlatan, Drogba, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Yaya Toure, and many others)

    Arsene needs to make three kinds of singings each window, quality player, youngsters and backup (incase players leave). Onyekuru, Golovin are not proven but they show quality for the future.

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