Ramsey reckons Arsenal can turn despair to delight next week!

It is a shame that Arsene Wenger will not see the star of the season for Arsenal so far until later this week, as Alexis Sanchez plays for Chile tomorrow night and then has a long flight back to London. But the 25-year old is so good he will slot straight back into Premier League action.

And the Frenchman will have a few days with the rest of the squad in order to get them prepared for the crunch clash with Manchester United at the Emirates on Saturday. We really need to win that in order to get the confidence levels high again before Borussia Dortmund visit next Wednesday.

But Aaron Ramsey is confident that the Gunners can get two good results from those games and the Welsh midfielder reckons that could be the start of a great run which could turn our season from despair to delight once again. As a Daily Star report reveals, the 23-year old knows that Arsenal have a tough week ahead, finishing with a trip to West Brom next Saturday, but he is looking at it as a great opportunity for Arsenal to put the last two games against Anderlecht and Swansea firmly behind us.

Ramsey said, “Hopefully we can get two positive results and turn our season around and get a bit of momentum going.

“We have started slowly. We’ve had a few draws and it was a disappointing result against Swansea.

“We have a tough week. We have Manchester United which is a big game with the top four in mind and then Dortmund.

“They are both tough games, but they are the ones you want to be involved in as a footballer. We have a lot of catch-up still to do, but hopefully we can come out on top in them.

“I’ve had a few injuries this season and I’m just getting back.

“To be honest, I’m still not 100 per cent physically there. The injuries do take a bit out of me. It will take me a few more games to be back to my best.

“But I’m not worried. I know my qualities. Certain criticism from people is unfair.”

Rambo’s battling performance in the middle for Wales against Belgium will certainly help his form and help him to ignore that criticism and the same can be said of all of our international players, who should all come back in good spirits. And a weakened and out of form Man United could be the perfect way for us to start again.

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    1. When he comes back to form you won’t deserve to support him. Goes for the entire squad. You’ll cheer with the others and will pretend/convince yourself that you’re a proper supporter, and nobody will call you out on it. This goes for 99% of the people on this site. Just know that no matter how much you cretans pile onto whichever bandwagon is the flavour of the month, you don’t represent the majority. Enjoy the cesspit you guys have created for yourselves.

      (And just before I go, to clarify the situation: we are not a giant club like Chelsea/City/PSG/Madrid etc and are therefore completely delusional to think that we should be challenging them head to head. We are a large club that plays good football and has an outside chance to get a trophy once in a while. We have the potential to take the next step, but that is a ‘maybe’ and certainly can’t be done immediately. To think that any manager in the world could make our current club ‘the best’ is completely ignorant. If you want constant trophies now, go support Chelsea, otherwise accept the fact that we only have the means to compete with an outside chance and stop being a spoilt brat. Realign your expectations to REALITY, and you will realise that we’re doing fine. Biggest problem with our club is the amount of negative c**** surrounding it).

      1. No one said anything about not supporting him. With your logic we keep giving him games until he returns to form? Then what about the other bench player who can’t get any game time, let alone time to get in form?

        It is common sense to drop players when they are out form.

        1. @HADD9, that’s just how it should be. If a player keeps goofing, give another a chance, for F****k’s SAKE!!!

      2. @Int. Gooner

        I never said I was a “proper” fan, I don’t even know whether such a person exists. When a player does well I cheer him, if he doesn’t do well, I call for him to be benched for someone who’ll give us the best chance of getting a result. I think I’m happy enough with that.

        1. ‘Fan’ (fanatic): a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause.

          ‘Supporter’: a person or thing that supports.

          Careful with your words 🙂

      3. @Int_Gooner, u say “we are not a giant club like
        Chelsea/City/PSG/Madrid etc and are
        therefore completely delusional to think
        that we should be challenging them head
        to head.” OMG!!! OMG!!! Is this what we have now become in the eyes of our very own fans?

        Oh, may the Universe save us!!! What’s this? When did u start supporting Arsenal? Dude, I need to whip ur ass real hard with a crocodile’s tail!!!

        Who else should I primarily blame but Wenger? He has succeeded in crippling the image of this great club!!!

        1. Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying: ‘we cannot challenge them HEAD TO HEAD’.
          Why? Money talks, end of story. Now, I didn’t say for one second that we can’t challenge them at all, but to get so angry that you will our team to lose to prove a point is delusional beyond belief. Try and deal in reality please, it will relieve alot of your anxiety, I promise.

      4. Int. Gooner I defer with your Giant Club assessment, all these teams can be beaten, ask Atletico a team not bigger than ours by far, winning La Liga and loosing the CL final.
        We cant blame the players, it’s true some of them underperform, with a Manager as Simeone they would not be in the first team, and that is how you manage a Football Club; the reason why we cannot think of beating the so called Giants, is because our Manager is obsolete, his past glories are long gone and is unable better said UNWILLING to change his ways; while he manages our team we cannot dream and settle as it seems you have.

        1. Nope, not what I said. Nobody EXPECTED Atletico to win, though of course they were capable of it. You have to be a fool if you EXPECT us to win in the face of the obscene amounts of money that the oil clubs are throwing around… at least not yet, we have more building to you. I have certainly not settled, and I certainly believe us to be capable of winning, but I’m also managing my expectations in alignment with our CURRENT REALITY. What is laughably stupid is fanatics throwing their toys out of the pram because we aren’t at their level now. Well duh, of course we’re not at their level NOW, they’ve got way more money than us NOW. Atletico won, we could win, but us not winning is more likely at the moment. Enjoy the journey, don’t get ahead of yourself, and enjoy watching – in my opinion – our rise to the top over the next ten years. Patience.

  1. danny welbz (hamstring injury) i knew it was coming. The guy has been playing since we bought him. Bravo wenger, sanogo against UTD then smh….. poor poor

      1. 64min: Even Arsenal fans might be looking glum now. Their two stars combined brilliantly for the first goal but Danny Welbeck appears to be struggling with a hamstring injury.

        Such is the concern, Rahem Sterling is being hurried to warm up by the England coaches.

    1. Tell me you’re joking.

      Well Giroud has been back for a week. Could he make a start? Or Sanchez can be our striker and roam around and interchange with Podolski and Walcott who both have been used as a striker time to time.

      OX/Podolski – Sanchez – Walcott

  2. wenger will just keep playing a not fully fit Ramsey until he Loses every trace of form in him ……………. WeLbeck on the other hand, must not get injured (he gotta try not to), cuz that’s probably what wenger needs to throw giroud(returns in westbrom game) or sanogo(Lying in wait) straight into the 1st team

  3. sometimes i just hate INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL (especially in the middle of a busy, hectic season) …………mtchewwwww

    1. Chamberlain is in hot form
      and so is Wilshere. Rambo battling back.
      Sanchez scored for Chile Cazorla had
      70 min for Spain and rested the next game.
      Even Sanogo had a good full game
      for the U21. One injury from ten players is good.
      Wellbeck is only battling really in the EPL so
      is no great loss. We have Podolski and Campbell
      sceaming for game time so we can surprise Utd
      or just play 5 AM’s. No worries 🙂

  4. Apparently Jacks assist for Ox’s goal
    was his first assist for England
    in his 26th appearance.
    Not sure what to read into that.

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s incorrect.. Thought he gave some assits not so long ago. Possibly against San Marino..?

      Not 100% sure but 92%.

      1. What about numerous chances Rooney and other forwards miss only passed by Wilshere? If they had been converted into goals, he would be having 5-10 assists now.

  5. Off topic a little injury news ahead of the man u game. Physio room has been updated already after tonight’s games and welbeck is listed as a return date of 22/11 🙂 hope rhis is correct. Shaw is listed as having a pelvic injury but should be okay for Saturday 🙁 but the big news, waot for it……..di maria is injured with a return date of ‘no return date’. Lets hope this is as his injury is long term and not that hes yet to be assessed. Also it looked like a lot of man us defenders would return dor sat but now ‘slight doubt’ has popped up next to many of their names. Get well soon vrryt soon danny boy!!!

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