Ramsey reckons Arsenal have momentum to topple Tottenham

Well there was as much a feeling of relief as there was of delight for everyone connected with Arsenal last night, after Mesut Ozil popped up with a brilliant late goal against Ludogorets Razgrad to complete a stirring comeback in a match that had seen us shockingly go two goals down in.

The three points were absolutely vital as well, because our main rivals for the Champions League group PSG pulled off their own Houdini style escape act with an injury time winner in Basel. As well as keeping us level on points with the French champions and setting up a deciding match at the Emirates, the win may be just important to our Premier League hopes.

That was the suggestion of Aaron Ramsey in his post match comments reported on the Arsenal website. The Wales international star said that he and the rest of the Arsenal players are delighted to have shown such fighting spirit to come back and win in Bulgaria.

The midfielder reckons that keeping up the momentum that the Gunners have built was very important and will see us in good stead for the visit of Tottenham on Sunday. What he did not say but was probably thinking is that dropping points last night could have been the start of one of those horrible Novembers that people have been talking about, with Man United next up after the spuds.

Ramsey said, “It was difficult after we went 2-0 down but we showed great character and belief to come back into the game. We got the goals before half-time and that helped our half-time team talk. It was a tough game, but an enjoyable one and obviously I’m delighted with that.

“I’m delighted to be back. It was a bit of a blow [to be injured] but that was what I needed tonight – to start a game and get those minutes under my belt. That’ll set me in good shape now and my target is to just stay fit and play as much as I can.

“We’re on a strong run at the moment and we’re looking forward to the north London derby on Sunday. It was important to keep the momentum going tonight and we come through with a win so we’re in good shape going into that game and hopefully we can come away with a win there as well.”

Spurs could have their own tough test tonight against Bayer Leverkusen and they are by no means certain to qualify from their group as they are second with just four points from the first three games and with the Germans just a point behind them.

No matter what happens with them tonight though, have Arsenal got the momentum and form to inflict the first EPL defeat of the season on our local rivals?


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  1. Arsenal_Girl says:


    A very old wise man once said:
    “No, Try Not. Do, or do not. There is no try.”

    We MUST and WILL beat the Spuds

  2. arsenalian says:

    Ramsey is not the guy for big talk after this game. I watched just the second half. At one point, he gave the ball away 5 possessions in a row. In the second half at least, all he did was slow our play and either pass laterally or give it away. He needs to simplify his game and stop with the tricks.

    1. rkw says:


  3. Jansen says:

    I have had too many false dawns burned by Arsenal implosions. Once again, to me this year “feels different”. But it has felt different many years only to be brought back to reality.

    I see this weekend’s game as a great chance to put a big dent in Spurs confidence and title challenge. Beating them and going 6 points clear of them would be massive.

    But can we honestly say we know which Arsenal will show up this weekend?

    The only good thing about this game will be that it will give us some insight where we stand since it will be a real test. Spurs are no pushovers and IMO have a great manager.

    We bring our A game we can win without a problem. But wil we bring our A game?

    We start Giroud and/or Ramsey and we are in trouble.

  4. Kostafi says:

    Momentum? sounds familiar. Last season after 10 PL games we were tied for 2nd with City on 22 points with 7W1D2L. Seem familiar? 7W2D1L this season with 23 points so yeah. Then November happened. Blitzed 5-1 by Bayern, immediately drew 1-1 with Spuds, lost 2-1 away at the baggies after the int’l break and drew with Norwich to end the PL run of matches. Only win was Giroud 3 Zagreb Nil and the 3-0 away win at Swansea on 31 October- at which point we had dropped to 4th in the league.

    We have a similar run this November with an extra League Cup game. The omens are good this year- but we should not get carried away. Things can change quickly in the space of weeks. There are no easy games in the PL.

  5. Mo1 says:

    how about ramsey shuts that gob of his and stays on the bench alongside jenkinson,giroud,gibbs,ox etc all seem to love talking the talk but never walk it unfortunatley.

    cech, bellers, must kosc,mon
    coq,santi,theo,ozil,iwobi,sanchez for the derby i hope.

    if favouritism gets the nod then what a great shame that would be, i hope yesterdays game was a reminder if it aint broke dont try fixing it.

  6. SarsfieldNY says:

    Ramsey was a bit of a cancer for us against Ludogorets. He is a fantastic box to box CM or 10 but as a winger Ramsey destroys our shape and rhythm. Too many times I noticed him either drifting inside to rotate Ozil out or treating his outside touches as if her were at the top of the box. This led to crowding Ozil’s space, lack of passing options wide and disconnect with Giroud. I pray he doesnt start vs Spurs because we have been playing very well with wingers who want to take responsibility for their position rather than come inside and try to steal the show.

    1. Kostafi says:

      Cancer is a strong word I think. The boss played him there and hinted at it earlier by saying Ramsey doesn’t like it out wide but it’s up to him where he plays. I agree with you that he’s both less effective and wasted out wide. I don’t know if Santi is fit or even match fit and I can see Ramsey doing a job in the NLD if he isn’t. The NLD is a feisty affair and with Clattenburg at the helm, expect cards. Xhaka cannot start a game like this, you want derby experienced box to box operator for this game. Wanyama and Dembele will be very physical so Ozil will need protection.

  7. arsenal_canada says:

    Fingers crossed santi and Walcott are fit for this weekend. Ox on the left anyone? As much as I like iwobi, I feel the ox does more defending than iwobi and could be required to stop walker. What do you guys think?

    1. Dawa says:

      Agree with you on Alex Iwobi. The boy is very poor at defending . My suggestion is we start Giround upfront with Sanchez on the wing.

      1. Wilshegz says:

        if we start Giroud in that game, I can guarantee you we won’t win.

        1. arsenal_canada says:

          Yea, giroud can’t start. Alexis up top, Walcott and ox either side of him. Coq and xhaka if santi isn’t fit.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    Does anyone know if Walcott Cazorla Bellerin Monreal were able to train this week. It’ll be a big blow if these can’t play. If they haven’t been training that itself will be a blow, even if they make the game.

    Injuries are already beginning to niggle at us. I think allot of last nights unbalance was due to both full backs being relatively new to the back line, Mustafi himself is still feeling things out, Kos is still getting to know his partner. Then a new GK, which meant the whole back unit were not what you’d call in-sync. Add to that a central midfield partnership which still has a long way to go before a complete understanding, then Ramsey only back from injury, and playing in a not too familiar role. Giroud too is only recently returned, and you could tell due to his link play.

    People targeting Ramsey are way off. Almost the entire team was out of sync, there were more than a small bunch of players making mistakes, even some of your favorites. Throwing a team together like this was the reason for it, esp when you’re making a few changes to the back line. Some people don’t like admitting that Arsenal looked disorganised and a bit all over the place. So instead they’ll single out one of maybe 6, 7 or 8.

  9. tissiam says:

    how sad people always have to find a scapegoat!!now that nacho has been replaced by gibbs he can,t be criticised,giroud is scoring so can,t say anything bad about him now so people get on ramsey,s back,give him a break he just came back from injury the guy needs a few games to get or his sharpness,rythm…back even though he has 2 assists in 2 games already compared to players like pogba,ibra it,s not bad!!squads wins trophies not teams that,s all the players so when one of them makes a mistake or is going through a difficult patch we should support him even more,encourage him,i would hate to have some of you as friends,as soon as the going gets stuff you,d be gone/turn your backs on me or you would choose the first stranger with say more money to be your new friend over someone you,ve known for years,shame!!

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