Ramsey revved-up and ready for Arsenal’s big run-in!

Aaron Ramsey owes a lot to Arsene Wenger, after the Arsenal boss stuck by him when all but the most patient fan was ready for the Welshman to be released. Our central midfielder simply could not find the form that had made him a fan favourite and had persuaded Wenger to sign him from Cardiff in the first place.

Ramsey listened to his boss, who gave him the confidence to keep going through the toughest times when he seemed to earn groans from the Arsenal fans every time he touched the ball, and he came through and found his form in an almost unbelievable way, becoming a goal machine as well as providing the Gunners with the energy and drive we needed from central midfield.

Ramsey has had to listen to Wenger again this season,. as he strove too hard to get back in the goals and his all/round game suffered. As reported by the Daily Express the Wales international was told to relax and play naturally and that has been the key to him getting back on track.

Ramsey said, “[Forcing the issue] was probably what I was guilty of at the beginning of the season where I got off to a good start and then the goals dried up a bit.

“Then I started focusing too much on how to score, putting too much power on the ball when I should have just let it happen naturally. It’s nice when you don’t really think about it too much and just do it.”

But there is also a physical issue with Ramsey and not just because of the ongoing concern about his injury problems. His all-action style requires him to be at full match fitness and so our player knows now that he will not be right back to his best as soon as he returns, but he now has the patience and self-belief to let it happen.

He continued, “Throughout this season I’ve had injuries and it’s taken me a couple of games to get back into it. With my style of play, I like to get up and down the pitch, that’s why it takes me a couple of games to get back into it, to get my fitness up again.

“When I’ve been out for that period of time and getting back into it, it’s quite challenging for me physically and that tires you out in certain things like your decision-making. It’s important for me to get a couple of games in so that I feel I’m ready to go then.”

Now though, as well as a few Arsenal games under his belt, Ramsey has completed a very good game for Wales and is now ready to drive the Gunners on as we enter a crucial and potentially glorious run in to our season.

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  1. CraigZWE says:

    Ramsey, love this guy’s attitude, he keeps those injuries away and we will have a another legend.
    Hope they truly found reason for his injuries as Wenger said.

  2. Greg says:

    “Rambo” is slowly returning to his form! Cant wait for him to hit fever pitch at 100%! Coyg!

  3. jt says:

    I never thought of it like this, but ramsey’s greatest asset last season was his decision making, when to get forward and when to get back, he was everywhere. Obviously concentration drops when you are tired and with his stamina and movement across the pitch being such a vital part of his game its only natural that his game suffered slightly the beginning of this season.

    However he really was not interested in defending much at the beginning of the season, and I think with alexis taking a bit of time to get into his stride and giroud and walcott being out he took it upon himself to score which in turn affected his defending, might even go as far as to say it’s why santi is now playing box to box haha

  4. YingYang69 says:

    Id be interested to know if many Gooners think Ramsey could be a future Arsenal captain. I dont think we have many who jump to the forefront when contemplating next captain but i believe Ramsey is a better choice than the much heralded Wilshere.

    Ramsey comes across very calm cool and collected also very intelligent… i believe given the responsibility he could grow into it then speaking up and organising allot more, his all action game is a big plus as was Vieiras.

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      Ramsey doesn’t look a leader. He’s a good example, but not someone that’ll command the troops and shout at people. I’ve always preferred defensive players as captains personally, they’re just naturally more vocal and commanding I guess. None of our defenders really seem that type. To me, Coquelin looks the best bet at the moment, and he’s only just broken into the team. That says a lot about how much we’re lacking a leader on the pitch.

  5. mohawk says:

    I just read Gary Neville’s team of the season. It all looks fairly reasonable including the selection of Diego Costa as striker unless you look more closely at the stats.

    Costa has 19 goals and 3 assists in 35 appearances in all competitions. This equates to a .63 goal production rate per game.

    Giroud has 18 goals and 4 assists in 27 appearances in all competitions. This is a .81 goal production rate per game.

    Giroud is simply producing goals at a higher rate than Costa. Their goal production raw numbers are nearly identical but Giroud has had fewer games to accomplish this due to his early season injury. Now that Costa is injured again, Giroud seems a favorite to outdistance Costa in both goal production totals as well as rate of production.

    So Mr. Neville, THAT is the real story.

  6. TheDrax says:

    I still remember Ramsey being loaned to Forrest and Cardiff …that was almost the end of his career for Arsenal. thank to wenger who still had faith in him….the rest is history ..

    1. mohawk says:

      What did I miss??

      The only time Ramsey went on loan was after his injury and ONLY for purposes of regaining fitness and form.

      There was never any danger of his Arsenal career ending because of the loan spells – they were purely therapeutic and Wenger had made it clear Ramsey was his boy.

      1. YingYang69 says:

        You are correct Mohawk but there was a time Ramsey looked doomed only for Wenger to stick by him similar to Coq story… if it was down to fans we wouldnt have Ramsey or Coq.

  7. ger burke says:

    come on boys , keep this roll going . even i am believing in you again , keep it up .

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