Ramsey rocket to light the touchpaper for Arsenal?

I don’t know about the rest of the Arsenal fans, but I have been a bit worried about how the team would cope after Jack Wilshere picked up his latest ankle injury during the unlucky loss to Manchester United a couple of weeks ago.

The loss of Wilshere, even though he was showing his best form for a long time at the start of this season, would not normally have been such a concern because our other young British central midfielder Aaron Ramsey had eclipsed Jack in the last year or so and would probably have been the first choice anyway.

At least that was the case last year but the Welshman has been a shadow of his former self this season. And it seemed to be linked to his lack of goals, with Arsene Wenger telling him to relax and go back to basics and the goals would come.

That is exactly what the TV pundits have been saying as well but things are much easier to say than to do. Thankfully Ramsey seems to have a great respect for his manager and has trusted Wenger and changed his game accordingly.

And what a result!! Not only does Rambo now have three goals in the last two games, he is a strong contender for goal of the season after that sensational strike against Galatasaray. There will have to be three unbelievable goals scored in the next year for Ramsey not to be up for the next Pushkas award.

Beautiful a strike as it was, the thing that spoke to me was the confidence and calmness that Ramsey displayed, telling me that he is now happy and comfortable again and last season told us just how vital that could be for Arsenal.

Just as last season was wrecked by Ramsey’s injury, I really believe that his return to form could transform this one, but for the better this time. Do you agree?

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    1. Anytime whilshare gets injured Ramsey finds his form…..I pray n wish he keep his from n help the team…..pls can the media leave this lads to do they job well all the hyping has done more harm than good……Wenger out at the end of the season……

      1. If you don’t like Jack’s current addition to our squad or the Ramsey Wilshere partnership.. OK that’s fine by me, it’s your opinion.

        But at least say things which are not False. ”Anytime wilshere gets injured Ramsey finds his form” simply is some superficial crap

        You are just some Hater and we don’t need that, there are haters enough already. So please if you can’t say something which doesn’t make sense, just don’t.

  1. Have you guys seen the cross he made from right side at the free kick with the exterior of his foot? Form is temporary but class? That’s permanent.

    1. True that bro Chambers should have scored Lool i was shouting goal only to see it go out naaah still ramsey was sensational I hope he is back though we need a league and Fa cup push now more than ever.

    2. My stream cut it out but I heard the commentators go nuts..

      How cold was his first goal? Didn’t even put any power to it!

  2. Hope ramseys back our central midfield has been awful this season.
    Wilshere, ramsey and cazorla all been poor bar a few games.

  3. All that I have seen from Wilshere this season is get the ball, take it upfield until running directly into 1-2 opposing players, fall down, grimace, look at the ref with one hand up, then very slowly get up and meander back. Then repeat 15 times per game. He has been a total liability.

  4. Iwonder what Arsene gonna do to Poldi, will he still keep him on the bench all the time???? What a talent, and what a shot!!!! I thought the net on the goals would tear after that rocket! Hope we will kepp him and use him!

    1. I am afraid I know the answer, bench him again and have pretty boy GIROUD back gravitating all over the field falling by himself and yelling to the ref … We were desperately looking for a Striker and we had a good one rusting on the Bench….and then they ask why we want WENGER out.

  5. Why would you worry about losing Wack Wiltshire?
    We win more games when he doesn’t play, statistical fact!
    Also Wenger employ’s that ridiculous 4-1-4-1 formation simply to accommodate him, forcing Ramsey to play further up the field where he simply doesn’t play as well.
    Now he is out we have a better formation, Ramsey is playing where he is meant to and the balance is better.

    i will get thumbed down for this but Wack adds zero to the team, apart from running at walls of defenders, falling over, getting disposed and clutching his ankle, oh yes and he is a card magnet and a liability when we are under pressure.
    He should be sold.
    How many goals in how many years…?

    1. Listen, Arsenal fans tend to be way to judgmental towards Wilsher. Wilsher can play 5 man of the match performances and you ppl ( even though you are Arsenal fans) will find something to put him down.

      Where Ramsey can go 10 games with having shokers of games, only to score one nice goal against a kebab team, to make fans like you shoot rainbows out of their mouths. Just to late you know, Wilsher tends to waste balls bec of his dribblings, Ramsey in other hand likes to waste chances by being selfish at times and shoot the ball on the stends to 4 or more times during a game.

      Respect the player for what he is doing in the pitch bec even though you disslike his game, he always gives his all for the team. Besides him being a player he is also a fan. ( same goes for Carl).

      Ramsey is playing good bec he is playing now where he should be. Who asked Wenger to play Wilsher in the 10. Wilsher himsels asked Wenger to deploy him depper so what is your f point about him being useless?

  6. Back to the bench for Podolski. Wenger’s biggest trait is his stubbornness. Maybe we will see him if we are losing in the 80th minute

    Not too bothered with Campbell. He didn’t impress me at all last night.

  7. the awkward feeling when you see people commenting about Ramsey vs Wilsher as they would be in some kind of competition and not actually team mates.

    One Wonder goal and every fan goes mad. ( makes joker gesture ).

  8. I hope Polski & campbell to play this weekend #COYG!!! @ least give them some minutes mr #aw & not bring them on in the last 10min !!!

  9. Ramsay’s goal is excellent, brilliant, wonderful, so many words i could use to describe the beauty, however i still think Ramsay has not matured yet as a footballer, he has the drive like a Gerrard and Lampard, but still i feel he is not focus on a teams objectives, but more an individual objectives.

    Ramsay has the characteristics of becoming the teams captain and i think he should, which i think would be the key in allowing him to become more responsible in his actions on the field.

    Campbell i felt played well defensively, but had two many missed passes, from observation needs more games to become more competitive. I for one thinks he could play a part in the middle of the park in the ramsay or wilshere position and be quite comfortable.

    Podolski as i said is a excellent finisher, lacks enough game time, but will find it difficult to replace any of the regular starting 11, because they offer a lot more to the team in terms of all round game, although i do Think he did fairly well in all departments in the match. I would still have him as a10-20 minutes substitute, but not as a lone striker but support for the main striker

    1. You are right.

      Campbell’s lack of playing time is really hurting him. When he gets a few minutes he tries to do too much by himself to impress the coach.

      Campbell MUST get his head up and find the right pass instead of trying to dribble thru 5 players or he will quickly end up on Wenger’s infamous dead wood pile.

      Poldi does not need to “replace” any starters – that would not be smart. But Wenger wears out his starters instead of giving players like Poldi, Rosicky, Campbell a chance every 3 – 4 games. They have the quality to fit into the team occasionally.

    1. Yeah and winning 4 out if the last 5 games, out scoring our opponents 10-4 and keeping three clean sheets and your calling for his head.

  10. One thing i will say for Wilshere is on many occasion he has given more fighting performances than any of our other attacking mids.

  11. Great win, but still doesn’t change my mind about Wegner. I understand that the competition is good for a player but why Podolski looks like only one who has to fight with more players to start a game or even have a good 20-25 minut and yet some players have no competition? I think how Wegner treats Podolski is just terrible.

  12. With no sarcasm here whatsoever, please help me understand what Jack was accomplishing that would have people believe he was in good form; and for that matter, please tell me how it was benefiting the team.

    Haven’t we won 3/4 or 4/5 games since Jack’s been injured?

    And for Aaron, if we’re being honest, he hasn’t been playing well lately, except for the first half yesterday against a poor Gala team. He popped up with an assist against Southampton, but wasnt playing well. Same for stoke before and after his goal.

    I hope Rambo can return back to the Ramsey of last year, but I think we have to be realistic and say that in all but maybe two of our games this year he’s been average at best.

    Meanwhile, Joel Campbell plays a collective 97 minutes this season, does some good and some bad, and we need to sell him?

    Also, while I’m asking questions, has Podolski not proven that he deserves more than 15 minutes a game, but not more than 45? How many times has Podolski truly performed as we’d like him to when he’s been in the first 11?

    To me, ramsey plays better when strictly in the CM role and coming from behind the play, rather than getting out in front of it and constantly trying to score. I’m interested to hear why that’s wrong.



    1. @TH14atl.
      The problem is that you have laid out your points so well, it’s difficult to argue against them.

      1. Lol, thanks man.

        I guess maybe I see it differently than some but if people want to judge one off performances, then hypothetically why not bench Ramsey the next time he plays poorly(or how he has the majority of the season) and move AOC to the box to box role? Was he not just as influential yesterday in the middle as Ramsey was?
        And if we’re going to do that, then we slot Campbell in to get some due time to see if he can legitimately contribute and be the player he was at the WC and loan spells.
        People are quick to slate and want to bench mesut or Santi for performing as average wingers, but take the same average performance from Jack or Aaron in the central and proclaim them the British Zidane. Gotta be fair

  13. Sometimes i get the impression that some wobs are a lot like those big brother and celeb jungle fans. They love to hate so much more than they love to support.
    Some might take that the wrong way and think i mean why not support Wenger but thats not it… its just the way some do come across. You will know if you are one by thinking back to when weeks or months have gone by when times where good for Wenger and the Arsenal. Did you shower him and the players with as much positive energy as you do now with criticism.

    In case anyones wondering… i believe its time for a change of manager at end of season. Although i would love to see Arsene get the ideal personnel in and suddenly everybody took the Arsenal serious all over again.

    1. To answer your question……. Yes I did. I remained faithful to Wenger through repeated acts of managerial incompetence. But at some point reality takes over faith and a sad realization consumes your person.

      I still wish that Wenger would find some humility, admit his mistakes to himself, and correct them, but he does not – he is just too stubborn and vindictive.

      If Wenger were to leave Arsenal that would be a sad and empty day. He does so many good things for Arsenal. But now the negatives are overwhelming the positive.

      The entire planet knew that Arsenal needed a DM, but Wenger stated Diaby could do the job.
      And even the lowest division bottom-of-the-table club has CB backups – not Wenger.

      Is it time for Wenger to go? I don’t know for sure. I just wish he would awaken from his destructive, egotistical slumber – but I don’t see it happening at all.

  14. Podolski/welbz should be rotated on that left flank in a 4-3-3 formation. That left foot of his is lethal and he’s making his living on the bench.

    1. Wenger has admitted that some of his players needed a rest but then immediately starts the same players with Poldi sitting on the bench.

      Even if Wenger just uses Poldi, Rosicky, Campbell to rest his starters that would make sense. But to just completely ignore Poldi is more than disrespectful, it is stupid.

  15. Ramsey’s importance was highlighted not just from his 2 goals but also by his absence in the 2nd half when Arsenal did not look nearly as strong.

    But Arsenal’s main problem is still the defense and its fragility (esp. when Kos is out). Wenger provided wholly insufficient defensive backup this season – that is the plain fact and the REAL problem with Arsenal this season.

    If Chambers covers RB backup that leaves ZERO CB backups. So much for that “2 quality players for each position” idea that Wenger has always touted.

  16. Ramsey and Wilshere never play well together. It forces Ramsey to play #10 matching him with the other teams #6 which is not his best position. Ramsey is a #8 matching him with the other teams #8 because it give him more time on the ball and the freedom to make runs unmarked. Ramsey or Wilshere in the lineup but can’t have both. imo Ramsey #8 ox #10.

  17. @TH14atl.
    The problem is that you have laid out your points so well, it’s difficult to argue against them.

  18. Ggod results. It is very clear that Arsene Wenger should consider playing the Ox and Sanchez through the middle with Podolski and Walcott when fit, on the wings and Welbeck in front. This will surely creates too much pace for any team to commit their players forward and am very sure that many goals will be coming. Lukas Podolski should start match ahead of OG when taken goal tally into factor.

  19. Ramsey is a far better Player IMO than Jack Wheelchair. I like jack, he is a good player but not in the same league talent wise as Rambo.

    If he finds consistency and stays away from injury he could be a massive player (like ‘massive’ on the world stage). His goal last night (and several others especially last season) have proved that he has this potential..not many folk can do that kind of thing.

    Hope wenger or perhaps the next manager realise this!

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