Ramsey says Arsenal players are lazy (except Alexis!) He’s right!

Aaron Ramsey was obviously pleased with Arsenal’s performance against Borussia Dortmund after the massive disappointments of the miserable start to the season, but he was particularly pleased with Alexis Sanchez’s display as he scored an incredible 13th goal of his short career at the Emirates.

Ramsey said on Arsenal.com: “He works so hard for the team and when he gets an opportunity to score, he scores,” he said. “It took him a couple of games to get into it, but he has not stopped scoring since.

“The thing which has impressed me most about him is his workrate off the ball. With the South American players, it is sort of bred into them to work hard. He is no different to any of the other players like Suarez or Aguero, so we are grateful to have him in our team.”

Well Aaron, Arsenal fans re very grateful for him, in fact I dread to think where we would be in the League if Wenger HAD NOT bought him this summer. He makes the other Arsenal players look like big-headed prima-donnas. Where are all the usual excuses like “I can’t find my motivation after the World Cup as I had no holidays” or “I’ve moved to a new country so need time to settle in” or “I haven’t learnt the language yet so can’t communicate with my team-mates”.

Well… Sanchez was playing at he World Cup. Sanchez couldn’t speak a word of English when he arrived, and also had to move to a new house in a new country. BUT he immediately started running his socks off for the team. Why can’t our other players watch and learn? Our English players can’t even use the World Cup (they were straight back on the plane home lol) as an excuse, and they already speak the language and live here!

Why can’t ALL our players have the desire to play to the best of your ability every week and to fight for every ball, no matter whether you were out clubbing the night before or not. If you get paid 50 grand a week minimum to play two games of football a week, you SHOULD be proving you deserve it every minute of every game!

Okay That is my rant over, but surely the Arsenal players should be saying these things and trying to be more like Alexis?

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  1. Young Gun_AFC says:

    The top teams are filled with world class quality. Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern damn even chelsea. Look at Bayern, they have a world class player in every position and even manage to dominate with bastian, lahm and muller out. The only world class player we have is Sanchez and maybe Kos. But look at athletico, not filled with stars but their manager certainly is. We have neither, therefore we will continue to be the guardians of 4th place until change happens.

    1. jermaineBryan says:

      Koke turan godin (Costa,luiz’coutois)

      1. arsenalman365 says:

        Those players ain’t world class. The only positions they were better in last season was keeper and up front. Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla, Kocielny and even Walcott are players I would define as world class. Cazorla, Ozil and Sanchez are a league above Turan, Tiago and Rodriguez. Ramsey was a class above Koke as well. Not much seperating Sagna and Juanfran tbh. Gibbs over Felipe Luis anyday (not that he’s bad). And I’d have Kocielny and Mertesacker over Godin and Miranda anyway. No disrespect to Miranda but he can’t even make the Brazil team. Atletico were good because they played to the strengths, Simeone was very good tactically and they had structure as a team.

        1. Ks-Gunner says:

          You dont understand the meaning of World Class, Sumo.

          1. ethangooner says:

            Poor article. Ramsey just want to praise Alexis work rate and his stamina. Every player has their own weakness and strength. Alexis is blessed with great stamina so he can have higher work rate than others. Players with less stamina would have to distribute their energy wisely through out the game.

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    HeLL yea! i’d believe that, if he included the ramsey of November 2014 on that List of Lazy players …..L()L

  3. Dennis says:

    “With the South American players, it is sort of bred into them to work hard.” did he really just say that or is this a mis-quote? I wonder if he would ever say something like that if his manager was diego simeone or even mourinho lol he would be sold in January, what an absolute joke. Look and schurrle, a wonderful player, a world cup winner and mourinho is freezing him at the bench yet we have nobodies like poldi complaining about not getting playing time.

    1. jermaineBryan says:

      Isn’t this quote from wenger I herd him saying this

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      Yet, when he’s called a French this and French that on here, no one bats an eye…SMDH

  4. Young Gun_AFC says:

    The reason why wenger should go at the end of the season is because for one of the richest teams in football, we have underachieved massively. Every ex player, expert and even people from rival teams knew we needed a CDM and CB. Wenger said no. He purposefully goes into seasons half equipped and then complains about ‘lack of defensive dicipline’ well no sh*t what do you expect playing a 19yr old as RB and CB cover a LB at CB and an ageing mertesacker. And worst of all the 6-0 hammering we got from Chelsea. No top team gets destroyed like that. He should resign but not be sacked. Martinez or simmione.

    1. arsenalman365 says:

      Tell me of this Wenger saying ‘no’.

    2. itsjosh says:

      And no top team gets destroyed like that? Barca and dortmund… sometimes it happens. I love how people seem to think wenger turns down players like he’d rather have no one and likes having injury crisis’… so stupid

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Just Love this man “DIEGO SIMEONE”…….. You should see the way he was Leaping in front of the fans, just after the Athletico Vs deportivo game ……so electrifying

  6. davidnz says:

    Alexiz 32 mill is one of the
    major success stories.
    What a buy !!!
    To be fair the style Wenger has coached
    is a patience possesion tika taka
    walk the ball into the net game.
    Hurtling round the pitch a la Sanchez has
    never been part of that style.
    But now with pace from Sanchez Wellbeck
    Sanogo Walcott and Chamberlain why not
    speed up our game and be more direct?

  7. Aussie Jack says:

    When Ozil joined Arsenal for over 42 million many of us (including myself) expected him to take a couple of games to settle in then start to justify the money spent on him. Instead of results we got excuses, new country, language, girlfriend, you name it, anything but results.
    Sanchez came “he saw, he conquered “, that`s the difference.

    1. Twig says:

      They also do winter breaks in Spain apparently but not in England 😀

    2. ethangooner says:

      Physical players adjust to English league much faster. Sanchez, Costa all do not need lots of time.
      Ozil is very different, his style is actually more suitable to Liga. But he is still young and have a lot of time to work on it. Hopefully during this long injury, he can work on his body strength, build some more muscle to deal with intensity of this league

      Sanchez does not fit in the Wenger tactics? It is Wenger’s tactics that make him thrive, 14 goals when it is not yet half the season. It is by far the best goal return in his career. He got more balls more support than he ever get at Barcelona, where everyone play for Messi.

    3. Big Gun says:

      What a load of bullsh*t. Have you even bothered to look at the stats from last season? Mesut was our best midfielder creating something like 88 chances also with top assists. The closest to him with chances creates was Cazorla with 77. The rest like Jack, Ramsey were in the 40’s and 50’s. The second highest assists was Giroud.

      Sick and tired of people posting crap like yours on here without facts to back it up.

  8. Young Gun_AFC says:

    In other news hold up play legend Zigic has held talks with Birmingham.

  9. Me says:

    Lets be honest here and say its not laziness that is the reason Arsenal are so poor.

    Its more the fact that Arsenal are not that good.

    The table does not lie, Arsenal really are nothing more than a upper mid table team managed by someone who lost his touch as a successful manager years ago.

    Arsenal desperately need a fresh start…

  10. Mesut O-grillz says:

    If I could remember correctly, it was not all Sanchez that was pressing the ball high up during the Dortmund match. A lot of our other Gunners like Sanogo, Ox, Ramsey, and Santi were doing it too. Looks like Alexis is spreading that total-pressure disease to his other teammates. It’s about damn time.

    1. davidnz says:

      To be fair to the rest of the team
      most want to attack directly at pace
      but they have been coached to
      play a patience possession game.
      Cazorla Rosicky Chamberlain Wilshere
      Ramsey all want to get forward quickly
      and go for goal too. Sanchez is actually
      disobeying orders just like Gnabry
      and Rosicky. Not for them endless
      sideways backwards passing.
      Thats why Gnabry and Rosicky are out in
      the cold all the time. But Sanchez has got
      away with it because he is top scorer by miles.
      Yet I remember a couple of weeks back
      Wenger and some fans!!! saying Sanchez needs
      to shelve his natural style be more disciplined
      and play team pattern. Please noooooo.

  11. TioMoses says:

    Unfortunately Ramsey is the wrong person to say stuff like this. Ramsey of last season could say it, because he worked hard and his effort was often rewarded with goals.

    Ramsey this season has been lazy himself. Often times he seems selfish, too focused on trying to get goals, and not putting in the work first. He’s right to say that Alexis is a hard worker, but he needs to point the finger at himself if he’s talking about people being lazy.

  12. Twig says:

    He scores in the big games as well. Scored against Brazil, against City and against BVB. Now to get a Yaya Toure in midfield and a Hummels in defence and we’ll be a complete team 😉

  13. Bolly says:

    I’ve read the article three times and still cannot see where Ramsey says our players (apart from Sanchez ) are lazy. Stupid article written by and idiot. Very lazy journalism!

  14. john0711 says:

    I’ve just read acourding to the Daily Express and there’s a link
    Wenger has said there will be 1 coming in Jan and it won’t be a CB as he’s happy with how Monreal is doing and he can now pair him with Mert or the Boss

    I won’t comment anymore or it will all be swear words , how can anyone defend Wenger he’s got a problem

    1. mobaygunner says:

      I really think the old man knew he f**ked in the summer not buy a defender and dm..im willing to give him till the end of the season if he dont fix this in January he gotta go…to be honest he needs to go now…but imo give him time the either save his self or embarrass his self

    2. ethangooner says:

      He had admitted that we need a defender few weeks back.
      He will bring in a defender this Jan, and if Arteta injury is serious, a DM (even if he cannot find a right one to sign permanently, he will look for a short term fix)

  15. Greg says:

    “Rambo” your spot on! Coyg!

  16. CouchCoach says:

    If the manager wants to win the league one day in the distant future … Then slowly build the team. .. making good buys…. careful spending. If the manager wants to win THIS year. …. Then pay any excessive price to plug the weak gaps in the team. You don’t wait for January when half the season is over. Wenger lacked hunger to win this year. . And so we not going to win this year.

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