Ramsey telling Wenger to play this Arsenal star more?

They say, those people that you keep hearing about but are never quite sure who it is, that having a lot of good players competing for certain positions in a football team is a headache but a nice headache to have. I can see the point but it is not always easy for any manager, the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger included, to get the balance right, keep the squad happy and make sure that the fringe players are match ready when needed.

Danny Welbeck being currently on the Arsenal injury list, and Mesut Ozil unless you believe the conspiracy theory about him being left out of the Arsenal teams for other reasons, has given Wenger a smaller headache but he still has too many forward for the available positions and one man who seems to miss out more than most is Olivier Giroud.

To be honest I am surprised we have not seen more of the big France international this season, especially after his brilliant cameo off the bench in the opening game which we won in the dying stages thanks to his amazing towering header.

I get the fact that Giroud did very well as our super sub last season, and that Wenger wants more mobility up top which he gets from strikers like the summer signing Lacazette and our Chilean star Alexis Sanchez, but you get a lot more than just goals from Giroud as well, as Aaron Ramsey makes clear in his recent comments on the Arsenal website.

The centre forward has a great touch for a big man and with his strength and aerial ability he makes space and makes things happen for the players around him, like Ramsey, which is why the Welshman is clearly happy to have Giroud in the team as much as possible.

Rambo said, “I think he’s a great player. He can score a lot of goals, he’s very good technically and can hold defenders off, he scores a lot of headers and his link up play as well is very good.

“I like to play off him. He has a good understanding of the runs that I make and I try to play off him. We’ve had a few goals where we’ve combined well together.

“I do like that sort of player because make those sort of runs in behind and he’s very strong and can find you with passes or hold up play and flick ons.”

Is this a little message to the Arsenal boss perhaps? Is Ramsey asking for Giroud to play mmore for Arsenal and if so, do you agree with him?



  1. Sue says:

    Giroud seems to have more of an impact coming off the bench

  2. Andrew Ken Reyes says:

    Mr. Wenger is doing a good job thus far with his squad . We’ve got to believe that he’ll do what is right . I know he does not like to buy in the January window but he needs to get Draxler and Goretzka .

  3. adi says:

    I think Wilshere and Giroud makes a good partnertship, add Cazorla too when hes back. they compliment each other well on the pitch

  4. Xi_gunner says:

    Giroud-Lacazette is the combination I can’t wait to see.. sometimes I wish Wenger played a 4 4 2 again

    1. Jessy says:

      Sometimes Arsenal play 1 10 if you know what I am talking about. You can only realize that when a counter attack comes from an opposition team. On the other hand, playing 4 4 2 requires a very strong and skilled Defensive midfielder (Gilberto type) and very creative and fast wingers.

  5. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Who does he think he is Ramsey? First he ‘s telling us he’s happy with Lacazette,, Oh thank you for that, now he’s telling us Giroud should be in the starting eleven, as far as I’m concerned he’s lucky to be in the side in the first pace. So many attacks break down with him and he’s passing’s all over the place, he hardly scores anymore, the only reason he’s in the side is because he’s a Wenger favourite. Get ’em both out , the sooner the better.

    1. quraish05 says:

      Our lack of good players makes him think that he is too good to play for arsenal. I would like to tell him (RAMSY) that he is playing in our first team because we have no option. in fact wenger should sell off players like Ramsy and Walcott, bring in good players like draxler and pastal from PSG.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Kenny, that’s just silly. Of course he’s going to speak well about his teammates, sure why the hell wouldn’t he. Or anyone for that matter. Giroud is a good player, and there’s nothing wrong with a teammate telling him so whilst he’s missing out on game-time. It’s respect and some backing he’s giving him. Listening here to people having a go at Ramsey for acting mature …we really are a bad bunch.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          I get your point about on speaking well of behalf of your mates but to say the things Ramsey says you’ve got to be either the best player, the captain or the manager, Ramsey’s none of these.

  6. Gunner4Life says:

    See.. Its not that Ramsey said.. So it should be done.. But.. He has a point there.. Giroud is the perfect team player.. The most unselfish in Our squad to be honest.. N of course there’s no one better than Him in holding up plays.. N those flicks.. No one does it better.. The Guy has been criticised right from the start of His Arsenal Career.. Still.. He keeps coming from the bench to show Us what He can offer.. It’s We Arsenal fans who dont rate Him.. N if He was just an average striker.. Neither Everton would bid 40 million pounds for a 31 year old player nor He would get into the France National Team which has a Holy Grail of attacking players.. So.. No matter what or how You see it.. This Guy is important to Us.. Right now We might not appreciate what all He’s done for Us.. But remember, when He leaves.. We’ll cry out for Him.. #COYG

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Teams have that one two stuff mostly sussed out by now, the top teams certainly do. They know the ball is going back to the runner, and they know Giroud is not a danger in that situation, he’s only a springboard. It’s too easy to defend against when we’re talking about top teams with solid defenders. The time when it is a danger is when Alexis is the one playing off a springboard, because they know he is always a danger.

    1. Ken says:

      Both Giroud and Ramsey are not reliable.Ramsey has made arsenal as if his property,wants to be so important for nothing. After all whom can we compare this two players to from the list of invincible . Giroud can not ran with the ball and completely an attack, always falling at a small challenge ,out of ten goal shots he can only score one.Thi is a team of babies and not men!

  8. Korede says:

    Ramsey sounds like one who don’t know his primary duty on the field. I hope someone reminds him he plays for Arsenal as a central midfielder and not a striker

  9. deleny says:

    cant blame him for giving a team-mate some credit.

  10. The barrel says:

    Ramsey, Giroud, and Ozil should thank Wenger to be in Arsenal starting line up. They are just Wenger’s favourite players. He should start doing coaching courses if he want to select players. He might be a good coach, not good player. Giroud and Ramsey, they both lack skill and they can’t protect their ball like Wilshere and Campbell. They should all be sold

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