Ramsey tells Wenger to play Walcott on the wing!

Okay we all know that our Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is very keen to keep Aaron Ramsey playing in the starting XI, even if it means that he has to put him on the wing rather than in his favoured central midfielder position, but the Welshman himself has now spoken out and told the manager that he thinks that it is his team-mate Theo Walcott that really should be taking that spot.

Walcott seems to be in a battle of wills with Wenger over his contract at the moment, so he was given (unsuccessfully) half an hour in Giroud’s place as centre-forward against Swansea, but Ramsey thinks he should be playing in his own place on the wing. “Playing on the right is not my preferred position,” said Ramsey. “I am a central midfielder and that’s where I like to be. I like to be involved a lot more in the game.

“But the manager’s asked me to do a job out there, and I do have the licence to drift in and get involved.

“When we are defending, I have to stay in position but when we get the ball I can drift. I am not a winger, I can’t knock the ball beyond my man like Theo does.

“I prefer to get in the little pockets of space, get involved and play the combinations but it is important to do a job for the team.”

So the question must be asked why Wenger is preferring to play Ramsey out of position on the flanks, while leaving a now fit Walcott on the bench. We all know that Walcott fancies himself as a centre-forward, and will not sign his new contract unless he is given that role, but how did that work out against Swansea?

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  1. what?! theo wont sign unless hes promised centre forward role?

    tinky winky, dipsy, lala, NOOOOO-

    if he wants that an a raise- the exit door is on ur left u ungrateful lil punk.

    remind me theo, while we didnt play u this season- what happened/.

    1. is it a coincidence that hours after we are Metroically(coined from the word “metro”) Linked with pogba, juve goes on to ruin Real’s party in the champions League?……..okay seriously, Get Pogba……… Just sell someone…….. Sell someone

      1. Pogba wants to leave
        the Italian champion and
        ECL finalist to come and
        play for Arsenal 🙂
        And prefers 140 k to
        230 k at Chelsea 🙂
        Be a hell of a coup but seriously …

    2. its not true,Walcot hasn’t proved he can play there.if Walcots putting preconditionslike that b4 he signs then hes leaving.it just wont work,playing him upfront,but that wud explain why he keeps takin off Giroud an putting on Theo with 10 minutes to go.Wenger needs to man up an be honest with Theo,hes never going to be a centre forward

  2. Oh how Chamberlain would add so much to that right hand side. The issue is, who plays in the middle alongside Coquelin if you choose a natural winger, Ramsey or Cazorla?

  3. We should have kept Afobe and told The to kick rocks. Theo wants CF because he doesn’t want to do the defensive work on the wings. Fck him…
    Real M are a bunch of whiney moany btches.

  4. Now that Madrid is eliminated, Bale should be looking for a way-out of the fans anger. He was a load of sh1t tonight.

    Not only Wenger that makes wrong substitutions afterall. Ancelotti withdrew sparkling Benzenma for a lacklustre Bale.

    1. carlos gone..thats for certain.

      bales gonna be made the scapegoat here-
      manure will be salivating at the prospect

      1. @muffdiver
        And “Chicharito” is playin better than all of MU’s fowards. Lil dude is quick…

  5. I think if we sign Bale and Lacazette we would have squad for UCL. Watching young Morata, and his quick feet, you have to wonder, how much goals we would score if we had striker like Aguerro or Suarez

  6. Respect to Aaron for stating a fact,Wenger make the fans criticize the players because he force them in the team or play them out of position like wilsh and Ramsey.if Wenger would accept to rotate the players every one would have play time but he insists on playing the same team again and again.He does it when we win and when we loose that why we are never consistent enough to win big trophies.
    The FA cup is a freak trophy as you can win it facing only low ranked teams.

    1. Why didn’t Chelsea/ Man.U/ Man.City/ Liverpool win it? We played top clubs last season in the FA Cup. Remember?

  7. I dont like how Ramsey is developing his game. Its way to un-natural to what he knows. Santi is untuchable, knowing how good he is with both of his feet and his football brain which makes him superiour to many in the team, expecially Ramsey.

    There is no choice, play on the wings or see the bench.

    1. @ks-gunner
      Exactly. You never hear Lil Mozart complaining about where he’s played. He’s just happy to play, period…Ramsey got all caught up in that “play in the pockets” bullsht and left Hector to fend for himself…

  8. Wenger doesn’t care. His only concern is who to play out of position so that Wilshere can play.

  9. If I was Wenger I would sell Walcott. What has he done? Not much of anything. There is room in the squad for more quality. Walcott simply hasn’t earned his wages. It is time for him to move on.

    1. Very true,playing Ramsey on the wing is an obvious sign that hes gone back 2 playing people ou of position to accommodate certain players.Playing Rambo on the wing is only a syptom of the real problem,which is Wenger himself

  10. You see guys,if wenger does not change is tactics a little he won’t win any europe cup for us..he is soo stubborn..imagine he sayin walcott is the now striker..makes me laugh @him..playin against a terry and cahill pls tell me ao he wil score,he has no height a vitile ingredient a striker needs..get us a jackson martinez or benteke who will bully them and make them sweat,giroud is too soft though he tries,giroud is too slow and sluggish though he does his best we need anoda force,listen to thiery henry’s advice,every team has a deadly striker..our game against swansea was just lack of luck but we said we can win ugly but y not then..FATIGUE was d main factor,Ozil was tired,sanchez,cazorla was weak.And Wenger listen Ramsey is no winger,dis is all bullshit,y force him out of his line when walcott was on d bench.If we gat to win d premiership next season.pls get dis players.. Kondongbia or Schniederlain,jackson martinez,and a defender,I love dis monaco Defender,he gat no nonsense,just like Cahill…PLS DON’T U WANA DEFEAT MOURINHO IN UR CARER..It is a disgrace…Make mourinho suffer…prove who laugh last laugh best…CHANGE UR WAYS…TAKE A MAture risk..Cazorla,ozil..take shot when the chance is glearing not romance d ball always..MAN U must fall…Don’t start RAMSEY On d wings please..OX shuld start dis..dey won’t come to attack…Dis is wat Ferguson uses…Wingers rule premiership and pls blend wilshere to play like messi,he gat speed,technics,attack on d ball but lack somthing…Shot power,shot target..he can score a lot of goals for us..he risk is life,legs too much.he can play the right wing too,just read messi moves and passing technics…then he will be there.

  11. I think that was a good loss now we know where we stand for next season. That match probable change how wenger approaches the transfer market we already lost the league so for me 2nd or 3rd makes no difference. Secondly do you guys think we have made progress? I think we havent I believe the other teams as done poorly this season we have 3 points more this season than last.

    What do you guys think

    1. i disagree about Wenger changing how he approaches the transfer market due to that match because Wenger isn’t flexible like that it takes enormous pressure or injuries to make him do that..i agree with you about us making progress tho,we are 10 points behind a Chelsea team who cudn’t beat a 10 man PSG,we haven’t gone too far,however i feel the form of Coquelin and the attitude of Sanchez has improved us,but in football these days a little improvement is basically standing still

  12. Wow. Talk about high maintenance. If he wants to play cf then let him go. whether he would get the job done up there or not, that attitude is a cancer to the team. pretty disappointing to read. hope its not true

  13. Ramsey is right and we lost the Swansea game bcos of that. If Wenger had rested Ozil n played Ramsey with Coquelin and Walcott on the side and played Santi in place of Ozil then later Wilshere the Swansea game would have been won Giroud is good where he is but he needs service from both Alexis and Walcott. With balls flying in from left and right he will knock one in and Cazorla sending balls thru d middle their defence will wear out. When I saw d line up I knew it would b difficult to win these guys r human beings not machines.. d bench need action too.. I miss Rosicky on d pitch he shots would have added to our chances and we all know he scores unbelievable shots. I still believe we can win d EPL next season but we need a Verrati or Kondogbia, Cavani or Martinez that’s all our defence is great put Gabriel in place of mertesecker n u will have a tough wall.. Chambers is also a great potential CB like Terry more playing time will bring out d best in him. He is disciplined. Last season (Ozil) we were 4th with d FA cup, this season (Sanchez n Le coq) we hav d community shield, 2nd or 3rd n hopefully with d FA cup again, with great additions who say next season we won’t win d title and FA cup. We slowly becoming a trophy winning club again. I believe in Arsenal

  14. Nope, we lost ‘gainst Swansea because it’s football and sometimes you get unlucky.

    The goal came out of their only chanse and if anyone is to blame it would be Sanchez and Giroud, who constantly finished strait on Fabianski.

    Ramsey is much better in the wing than 2 years ago. He often perfomes as an extra midfielder with Bellerin fast enough to get down the flank and Mertesacker coverering up behind. This wouldn’t work with Walcott, who’s more of a speed specialist and defensively often useless.

    I agree, we might find a striker more clinical than Giroud, but eg. Walcott who finishes would not provide the same physical presence of Giroud. Also, he’s very short – you’re looking for a universal striker = not alot around.

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