Ramsey thinks Arsenal are ‘used to the pressure’ and can handle Leicester

The Arsenal fans may be feeling a lot of trepidation ahead of tomorrow’s game against Leicester, but I hope that Aaron Ramsey reflects the attitude that the whole of the Arsenal squad feel. I know what he means, as we are not playing Chelsea or Manchester City, and (let’s be honest here) if we can’t beat a team like Leicester than how are we going to feel when we go up against Barcelona??

But of course the danger is that we get complacent, and that is the one thing that you cannot afford against an attacking team like Leicester, so I hope that the Gunners find the right balance. Anyway listen to what Ramsey has to say and give us your opinion…..

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  1. For LC game i think we should deploy Ramsey to the right and both Coq and Elneny to start in the middle with Mesut infront in CAM. We will hold the mid and neutralise both DrinkBeer and Kante the Kuntakinte. Ramsey will add more creativity in the right of the park(it has never been productive anyway,apart from Chamberlain goal last week)
    Bell Gaby Kocienly Monreal
    Coq Elneny
    Ramsey Theo/Giro Alexis

  2. Refuse to believe it. If the team was really used to the pressure they wouldn’t have given up the 5 point lead in the span of 4 weeks.

  3. ozil might be the most creative player in arsenal. but the distance/gap between OG and Ozil not encouraging OG to play his own style.

  4. Talk, talk talk! World class talkers,average players….
    Let’s hear talk after a win today.
    Until then, STFU!!!!

  5. If the rumors about Ozil and Sanchez are true,,,,i wouldn’t blame them. Cos we have a manager who thinks that Walcott is Henry ,,,,,,,,Giroud is the same as Lewandowski,,,,,Ramsey is like Xavi and Flamini like Busquets( don’t mind my spellings).

  6. Thumbs up if you think Sanchez should be played on the RW not LW. Thumbs down if you think he’s OK where he is.

  7. am expecting Wenger to tell the boys to shoot more often today cos Leicester city’s defenders will not allow us to walk the ball into the net. We have all seen how Huth is playing now. He is going for everything thrown at him.

  8. Evans..
    What Ozil and sanchez are doing imo is only going to help FANS…
    Although the club is bigger than any player buh then if our two most expensive players and currently our best players refuse to extend their contracts until they are assured of the club’s ambitions, then wenger will feel the heat and I don’t think even HE can cope with that….

  9. Ramsey spoke a lot of sense.
    He seemed calm and very
    aware of what is required.
    Could be our next captain.

  10. That Vardey wondergoal against Liverpool would never have happened against us as Cech would have saved it


  11. We have to win this game and win the league or we’ll lose Ozil, maybe Alexis next season.
    I used to think ‘Damned! Why did our players always want to leave when they finally delivered?’. Now i know the answer, because we don’t win what EVERYONE wants: the league!! And Wenger is the one who MUST ‘deliver’ and win us the league or he’d better step down!!

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