Ramsey thinks Arsenal must improve against Top Four to win title

The Welshman Aaron Ramsey has been giving so many interviews lately I was beginning to think he had been named the Arsenal captain! But as he has scored in both our serious games so far this season he can say what he likes as far as I’m concerned.

This particular nugget has him saying that Arsenal need to get more points away against the big teams, which is a bit like saying “the Pope is a Catholic”, but as I say he is allowed his opinion.

He said on Arsenal.com after yesterdays win: “You saw last season that we picked up a number of points against the teams outside the top four,”

“Our main target this year is to improve our away form against the bigger teams.

“If we did pick up a few points away from home against the top four teams last season then I think we may have been champions, but that wasn’t to be. That’s our biggest thing to improve on – to pick up points away from home.

“The last few seasons we’ve struggled in the first game of the season and we nearly did again today, but it was important to keep on trying even though it wasn’t quite happening for the team today. It wasn’t as fluid as it normally is but we came away with the win and that’s important.

“I didn’t have the best of games today but I kept wanting to try and get into the box and finally it broke to me. I’m trying to improve on last season and I’m counting the Community Shield goal, so I’ve got two so far.”

Like Arsene Wenger, Ramsey has also been impressed with our new arrivals, but again admitted that there was room for improvement. “I think they have started really well,” he said. “We were really solid at the back with Debuchy and Chambers, who were playing as if they’d been there for the last three years.

“Alexis showed glimpses of his quality and he’s very quick on the turn but he’s part of the team and the team struggled to get going today, so we’ll be looking to improve that on Tuesday.”

So that’s the party line. Improvement needed for Tuesday, and if we win well then we will straight away have an advantage over Everton next Saturday as we will have three competitive games under our belt to their one. And there we have two good away games we have a good chance of winning Aaron!


  1. The Handsome_Gooner says:

    I cant wait no more to see ramsey lifting the premier league trophy

  2. khaliid says:

    admin would u give me the code to the fantasy league pls?

    1. northbankgooner says:

      Code to join this league: 916399-328114

      1. khaliid says:

        thx bro

  3. The Handsome_Gooner says:

    How to win thd EPL –

    Win 19 home games = 57 points
    Win the 13 away games against the lower teams = 39 points

    Away games agaist Top 6 are bonus points

    Total = 96 +

    I know what I wrote is easy to say but hard to execute, but whats the harm in being optimistia (and not delusional)

    1. Macotula says:

      If it was that simple Wenger would have already done it. IDC what any other football fans say but we lost the title last season because Walcott, ozil, ramsey,wilshere etc starting players got injured at once. Imagine any other team with those sort of injures to hell WHAT WOULD HAVE LIVERPOOL BEEN WITHOUT STURRIDGE SUAREZ STERLING AND HENDERSON??? NOTHING. lets hope we have better luck this year.. GO GUNNERS!

  4. The Handsome_Gooner says:

    Do you guys think that wenger will be able to win a treble before he retires

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      definitely not…unless he spend big and sign the right players for the club…

      u need a striker u sign a quality one not sign another CM, AM or winger….

  5. The Handsome_Gooner says:

    Wenger said 15-30 August will be a busy period in terms of transfer activity. Any new rumours lately?

  6. The Handsome_Gooner says:

    How would you rate the midfield trio of crowley, ben sheaf and zelalen for the future

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      not good enough at this stage…. just like Pogba when he was 16yo or 20yo not good enough ….

  7. Aussie Jack says:

    Coming from arguably our best midfielder that`s quite a statement.
    Myself, I was happy with our defense against Palace, although I didn`t see the first goal. It was the mid field in the final third that was abysmal, we either got pushed off the ball or gave it away with a poor short pass.
    We won`t mention the (attack)??????Chambers is going to make Mert work for his place and Wilshere is going to struggle to keep his. Problem Jack has is, he`s going to work too hard to prove himself and in doing so he could come unstuck (he`s done it before). That`s immaturity. The sooner Wenger is able to field his full team and let it settle the better.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      Chambers gona be dropped when Mert is back…Wenger always like to field his Favs……tested and proven in the past seasons….

      1. SIK says:

        Mert is better than Chambers overall anyways and has a better understanding with Koscielny

        1. Hafiz Rahman says:

          telll that to Wenger

  8. Mick The Gooner says:

    It’s not necessarily about winning the big away games. Its as much about making the other big teams drop points than gaining them, making ourselves difficult to beat is important. Say for example Man City away we get a draw, that’s 1 point better for us than last season and -2 for City, a 3 point swing, considering we were only 7 points off, 3 points is massive.

    Winning the home games is also very important, I thought we should’ve beaten City at the Emirates, we certainly had the upper hand in the second half. Had we beaten them, that’s +2 for us and -1 for them, another 3 point swing and all of a sudden we’re only 1 point off the title, before even mentioning Chelsea and Liverpool.

  9. Moreno says:

    BFG needs to play against lower tier teams
    Chambers against big 6. We need his speed against fast counter attacking teams.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      tell that to the Stubborn Wenger, see if he listens

    2. kia says:

      I don’t think Chambers is as fast as we think. He got shown up for pace once or twice against city in the Community Cup… Although, he is Usain Bolt in comparison to BFG!
      I do think he is a great addition though.

  10. davidnz says:

    Home 16 wins 3 draws
    51 points.
    12 wins 3 draws 4 losses.
    39 points.
    Total. 90.
    Home draws City Chelsea Man. U.
    Away draws Spurs Everton Newcastle.
    Away losses Chelsea City Liverpool Man U.

  11. forever-Arsenal says:

    I hope the Germans play next game. I’d also like to see Calum replace Wilshere in midfield.


    1. Big Gun says:

      Not a good idea as we need Chambers to rotate with our other CB’s if injury occurs. We do not have Verm anymore so we cannot afford the luxury of playing all 3 of our CB’s in one game. If we end up signing another CB (which I’m sure we will) then perhaps it’s not a bad idea, but for now we need to play it safe. I agree though that Chambers needs to play against team with quicker strikers. He has only played a few games so far and has slotted in excellently next to Koss. On top of that he showed great composure and technique under pressure over the weekend.

  12. leo says:

    Mertesacker to travel to Turkey with Arsenal squad on Monday, acc 2 media reports. Gibbs injured, Koscielny doubtful.

    Pellegrini confirms Matija Nastasić can leave Man City hope we can sign either nastasic or manolas how can we so under prepared we knew we need a cdm + a cb hope we don’t mess up our game against besiktas

    1. leo says:

      wenger mentioned ignasi miguel. That is a car crash waiting to happen. hope its issac hayden & not miquel

  13. Twig says:

    What’s with the “Ramsey is entitled to his opinions” thingy? Of course he is! Do you have a different view or something? ;(

  14. Twig says:

    A dude on twitter reckons we’re gonna sign Vargas, Rabiot and Manolas. If we do sign Vargas, then Yaya must go on loan.

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      Don’t see the point in getting Vargas. If there’s space for an attacking option, why go for someone that can’t get into the Napoli first team?

      1. leo says:

        heard that vargas agent will meet qpr officials soon for loan deal

        1. leo says:

          VARGAS = A striker who scored 3 goals in 17 is not a player we need

          1. Hafiz Rahman says:


            we need some one who can score 17 goals or more in 17 games

            or at least 14 goals in 17 games

      2. juhislihis says:

        I would have no problem signing Vargas on loan but that would seem like avoiding the real problem. Signing a failure who by the way is more of a right winger than left, is dodging the striker/LW issue once again.

        His stats for country are great but wouldn’t look too much into it since so are Lord Bendtner’s and Chicaritos’s.

  15. arsenallove says:

    I believe we will make 2 more signings, tops. 1 will be probably this week and the second one will be towards the end of transfer.

    Hopefully we get a CB and a CDM. Quality one!!

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      quality?u can dream on… stubborn wenger will sign players he do not need or some cheap ass players that failed to perform

  16. leo says:

    Stuation with Koscielny is worrying. If his Achilles keeps flaring up, he could need surgery. Hope Arsenal buy a CB soon nastasic / manolas + a cdm & maybe a striker

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      Yes Natasic,

      a player who does not perform for City last season and against Arsenal this season….

      we need players that do not perform at Arsenal

  17. ergs says:

    Gibbs injured SHOCK!!!!!
    Such a sick note!
    Need a centre half desperately.
    Kosielny injury is worrying.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      we need a quality back up

  18. jibber says:

    Hafiz, unless you really are a fan of a rival team coming over just to troll everyone, may I kindly ask that you stop the negative messages. It is seriously irritating to me and most likely many of the fans here on the page, because being negative doesn’t help with anything.

    Suggesting things such as sign a specific player without realistic grounds is not only pointless, but it doesn’t add any insight as to how this particular signing could improve our squad. For example, as much as everyone here might want to see falcao coming, it’s simply not a very realistic option. Furthermore, having you reminding everyone about signing said player is your wish in every post multiple times is not going to make your voice heard by those who do make the decisions. Infact, it would only add to your own frustration, and hence spreading negativity to the fans with every post you’ve reiterated the point.

    this page is a place for discussing all things related to Arsenal, and transfer rumors is of course a hot topic. But talking about a player that is nowhere near being signed, or about a role that we need replacements of and then name a player from you wishlist is not adding any insight to any discussion. I would most like to see you share your observations about the player you wished, how his qualities fit to our squad, and provide evidence on how said player can do a better job than another in the same role, so that everyone can debate on the same grounds.

    I understand that everyone has their own right to say whatever they wish, and i know i’m not an admin on the page. Bossing you around is the last thing i would want to do, and most certain not wanting to engage in any argument with you, or any other fan.
    Hence i reiterate, May I kindly ask that you reduce the level of negativity in your post and perhaps provide more insight as to why you think such a way about a player.

    thank you

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