Ramsey to Bayern is not a done deal.. say Bild

I have just read an interesting take on the Ramsey situation on Bild, who are ever the mouthpiece for Bayern Munich, and they are saying that the Arsenal midfielder is far from agreeing a deal with the Germany giants. Bild reported the earlier rumours from England and then explained why it was far from certain.

This is what Bild reported (translated by Google)…..

The advisor to Aaron Ramsey, David Baldwin, has already bagged the winter transfer from the Canadian Supertalent Alphonso Davies (18) to Bayern. He is the one who offered Ramsey to the German record champion.

The farewell of the Gunners’ longtime contributor has been virtually fixed for several weeks, after negotiations over a contract extension with Arsenal failed. Ramsey’s current contract expires at the end of the season, so he is on a free transfer. Bayern would only have to agree with Ramsey himself.

According to BILD information, however, there can be no talk of an agreement between Ramsey and Bayern for a long time. Since he is free transfer, he is offered on the transfer market to several clubs in Europe.

Of course, as I have pointed out before, no-one is legally allowed to talk to Ramsey until January anyway, so if it was found to be true then Munich could be sanctioned by UEFA for breaking the rules, so even if it was true, they couldn’t print it as a fact!

Interesting times ahead….



  1. kev says:

    Funny how the general consensus is “Ramsey is average” yet several articles have been written about him since issues about him signing a contract came up.Well what I can say is far far more worse and average players have played for Bayern so if he goes there it’s not an achievement.Even Real,Barca,Milan and other top clubs have had worse players playing for them.I feel a coach like Klopp can make him do far better.What I’m sure of his he’ll surely be going to a top team and if not he’ll get a decent signing on fee and a good salary.Playing for a club like Arsenal adds to a players value.Hoping he makes a decent and if possible excellent career now wherever he goes.

    1. Xxnofx says:

      But he is average kev,how can you say otherwise ,I dont need stats to tell me I can see with both eyes that he is nothing more than an average player ,off he’s going to get a big signing on fee ,that’s a given .only reason any top tier team will be signing him is for homegrown quota

      1. Xxnofx says:

        “Ofc he’s going to get a big signing on fee “

      2. kev says:

        Please read my comment well.I for one consider him a goner so I don’t see why time should be wasted on him.As I said far more worse players have played for top teams than him so I see his going to Bayern or any other top club nothing for it to be made news.I also don’t consider him to be average buy just a normal player who was inconsistent.

    2. gotanidea says:

      I agree that Ramsey is a good box-to-box midfielder and I also agree that Klopp could make him better, as what he did to Chamberlain. I think Ramsey’s bursting runs style is not suitable for Arsenal’s tactics, but he could thrive in Klopp’s system

      I’m relieved that there is no rumor about Ramsey and Liverpool though. I wish Ramsey all the best, but he’d better not continue his journey in England, because he could be a dangerous opponent

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Gotanidea, how many games has Oxlade-Chamberlain played under Klopp to show that he has made him better, please?

  2. jon fox says:

    Who cares where he goes! I care passionately THAT he goes!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Would you care if he goes to another top EPL club? He could score and assist against Arsenal

      1. Xxnofx says:

        But do we care ….no we don’t …and you say Koop as made the ox a better player ,I’m yet to see that

      2. jon fox says:

        And Elneny COULD score a hattrick against City too. But some things are so unlikely as to not be fearful of them. I just want Ramsey gone and could not care where. Anywhere but with us!

  3. I’ll be so relieved when Ramsey finally leaves. Will we promote a youngster to replace him? Or we will buy? Should we decide to buy, will Kroenke release the necessary funds required to secure world-class talent? So many questions. Nonetheless, one less deeply wengerized player will be on the books come May 2019.

    1. jon fox says:

      HEAR, HEAR !

    2. ken1945 says:

      This “deeply wengerized player” is still being chosen by Emery either as first choice or substitute for the first team in every game, coming on as substitute in our last premier league game.
      So Emery, following your warped theory, must also be “deeply wengerized” in his view of the worth/value of Aaron Ramsey.
      In fact, Ramsey saying that he will see out his contract, means that the club have lost any value from his sale.
      Kronkie might just wonder why he should release funds when he’s lost money due to someone being able to walk away from the club for free after over two years of negotiations.
      I would have liked Ramsey to have stayed in the role that Emery is playing him at the moment, because I believe Unai knows what he is doing and/or I am also “deeply wengerized” in my appreciation of his abilities (both for Arsenal and Wales).
      The fact that he has valued himself higher than he actually is worth, doesn’t make him a worse player…just a greedy player.
      He tried to hold the club to ransom, failed and now he and his agent are free to go.
      Good luck Aaron, thanks for the memories and sorry you won’t be around to be part of the Emery era….you silly boy!!!

      1. kev says:

        Funny enough Emery keeps starting some players who are also still average and have not even made as much impact as Ramsey who’s impact is also termed “average”.In the defense and midfield you can easily see these players.Its a shame that he’s daminf too much.He would’ve been the very last I would’ve wanted to leave of the so called average bunch.

      2. @Ken1945
        “I would have liked Ramsey to have stayed in the role that Emery is playing him at the moment, because I believe Unai knows what he is doing and/or I am also “deeply wengerized” in my appreciation of his abilities (both for Arsenal and Wales).”
        Ramsey has done jack squat in that role he has been played this season. I believe deeply wengerized players like him, El Neny and eventually Xhaka will sooner or later have to be weeded out of the team if we are to achieve sustainable success in the future. As for Kroenke spending on Ramsey’s replacement, he cannot blame anyone for Ramsey walking on a free. Kroenke has a seat on the board and MUST have been aware players are running down contracts left, right and center. He should have put his foot down sooner and cracked down on Wenger and Gazidis recklessness but I accept he cannot manage all his clubs personally. Whether he spends or not, I am glad Ramsey’s unnecessary flicks, tricks and back passes to our goalkeeper during a counter in the opponent’s half, won’t be with us next season.

        1. ken1945 says:

          QD, so in your opinion Ramsey has done jack squat this season…why choose him in the squad, as we have seven other midfield players? Perhaps Unai rates him?

          Deeply Wengerised players like Elneny and Xhaka will be weeded out of the team…why give them new long term contracts? Perhaps Unai rates them?

          Kronkie can’t blame anyone for Ramsey walking away on a free…well he was offered and accepted a new contract. Perhaps Unai rates him and Kronkie baulked at the salary offered?

          Should have cracked down on Wengers and Gazidis recklessness… what while they were delivering reckless CL and top four finishes year after year after year and achieving sustainable success? Perhaps Kronkie appreciated that?

          I accept the last two years were not a success of course.

          At least I am pleased you remember his flicks etc, wasn’t that one at Fulham a joy to behold?
          But if that’s all you saw in Ramsey, you can’t expect Kronkie to replace him with the world class player that you are asking for can you?

          1. Rkw says:

            Oh dear …. Any squad of 20 odd players will have a distribution of talent in it … The problem with ramsey is not that he is average its that he thinks he is exceptional … This is what psychologists call delusional … And as we know this unfortunate mental disorder was the product of the delusional years of the second half of the wenger era which saw us go backwards as a football team… All the evidence points to Emery learning that he is average which is why he is no longer a first choice and i applaud emery for that … Perhaps Bayern has the medical staff to deal with this problem I don’t know and frankly don’t care as even if its treated Ramsey will still just be an average footballer so all I do know is that I will be happy to see Ramsey go as it at least opens the possibility of building a healthier squad .. So yes my prediction that Ramsey will not be part of arsenal’s future under Emery remains on track

      3. jon fox says:

        You seem to be saying that Emery rates him , yet his contract offer was withdrawn . That says it all to me! The real truth is that at the moment he is still a squad member, just not an important enough one, in Emerys opinion to try hard to keep. WE CAN BAT THIS BACK AND FORTH ALL DAY BUT IT IS IRRELEVANT, AS HE WILL BE GONE BY NEXT SUMMER OR BEFORE. Seems to me virtually all on here are relaxed about that – even you want him gone – so our personal opinions are by the by in any case.

  4. AndersS says:

    You can discuss all day long how good Ramsey is, and where he will go. The fact is, he doesn’t represent anything, we really will miss.

    So nor do we have to replace him with a player in his position. We need to be stronger defensively.

    Good luck to Ramsey, wherever he goes.

    1. ken1945 says:

      AndersS, really interested in what you mean about “he doesn’t represent anything we really will miss”.
      Are you talking about style of play, the individual himself, his role at the club?
      Would like to know where you are coming from fellow gooner!!

      1. AndersS says:

        I am talking about his contribution to the team. We can easily do without him, as we have plenty of players in midfield, and we will not be weaker without him.
        Ramsey is not exceptional, and he will not be missed. IMO

        1. ken1945 says:

          AndersS, thanks for the reply.
          Like you I have noted that we have plenty of midfield players.
          That makes his inclusion in the squad even more baffling to me.
          Obviously Unai sees it differently, but I would personally not have him anywhere near the first team.
          Not because of his abilities, that’s a personal view, but because he held the club to ransom for two years.
          That’s unforgivable and where I thought you were coming from.
          Thank goodness the club took the contract back, although I have no idea what was on the table salary wise.
          Innits comment further down also sums up this Ramsey saga in my oppinion.

  5. LENOhappy says:

    Ramsey you average player who score for us at two fa cups final,i will never forget our comeback against hull city,no matter where you go “average “Ramsey you will always be remembered for those two goals,wish you the best anywhere you go,I will miss all your back passes and stupid flicks…

  6. Aubamezzette says:

    I care less where he ends up , just get some money from his sale in January and lets invest it in needed positions.
    …and i think i speak for 90% of gooners here.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    If Ramsey goes to Bayern I believe allot of people will be of the mind, that Wenger is going to run them next. I reckon Ramsey would do fairly good in the Bundesliga, they still like their box to box players over there, say what you will, but Ramsey is a good B2B if he gets the game time and his confidence grows. He’s a very direct player and sometimes you need that, if the wingers aren’t making the runs or they cannot shake their marker, it is useful to have that runner from somewhere else. The strikers benefit from it, the wingers benefit from it, or else the opponents will be allowing an unmarked threat go manoeuvring throughout the positions. The fact that when confident he can be a high scoring and assisting midfield player, means he will pull markers/defenders towards him. He still has the stamina for this role, it is one of the most difficult roles in football, allot of responsibility and you need to be almost always switched on. This will probably be his last big contract unless he heads over to the far East. These players usually wind down quicker than other players, like how a GK, a CF, or a CB can go well into their thirties. That doesn’t often happen with the B2B’s.

    1. ken1945 says:

      B.O.Through, I agree with you assesment of the role that Ramsey plays when selected.
      The fact that it was so difficult to play both Ozil and him in the same team was the problem.
      Putting Ozil out on the right was a waste of the most creative player we have had since Dennis Bergkamp and a decision needed to be made by the club.
      My opinion is that consideration of salary, sales of merchandise, the brand name and Emery’s plans for the future decided the taking back of the agreed contract.
      On top of that, Ramsey’s agent reported valuation of the man was ridiculous, just as I might add, is Ozil’s reported salary.
      Aaron was looking at his last big contract, was led by his agent and tried to hold the club to ransom.
      It didn’t work, he will play out his contract, sign for another club and Arsenal under Emery will be successful….so sorry Aaron but you blew it…good luck and thanks for the memories.
      Really hope he doesn’t end up like Sanchez though.

  8. Durand says:

    Didn’t much care for Ramsey I must say. Very inconsistent even when played regularly, and little maturity, development, or discipline throughout his years at Arsenal.

    The only things consistent about him are injuries and lack of discipline. Not close to a 10, lacks technique and possession to be quality midfielder, and no discipline to be a DM.

    Rather see AMN get a chance than several more years persisting with underwhelming Ramsey. Glad to see a bit of ruthlessness, and I’ll applaud what he’s done for us, and applaud when he’s finally out the door. Not a big loss, we’ll easily get over it.

  9. Innit says:

    I think he is better than average but this season he has played pretty average. If he had accepted a reasonable salary I would have preferred him to stay. But he went too far and glad Arsenal took away the high offer

    I do think that he would improve the bench of the Top Premier League teams and improve the starting line-ups of teams lower than us.

    That’s why I hope he doesn’t stay In the PL and moves overseas.

    We NEED a better CM to join our DM (Torreira/Guendouzi) than Ramsey and Xhaka if we want to compete with the best. Vieira, Rosicky and Cazorla were tons better than Xhaka and Ramsey. Maybe we won’t be able to get players like them but we still need to improve over the ones we have.

    1. Aubamezzette says:

      Guedouzi is a CM… what we could use is another DM so Torreira wont have to play always…
      Preferably a taller one like Ndidi and get rid of Elneny

  10. ThirdManJW says:

    The biggest mistake we made was not selling him after Euro 2016. He was one of the stars of the tournament, and we could have got huge money. Instead, we kept him, and now look at the sorry situation we’re in!

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