Ramsey to meet deadline and sign new contract? Or has he?

Well maybe the Arsenal negotiating team have finally cracked a deal with Aaron Ramsey, with just three days of the European transfer window to go. The Sun reports this evening….

AARON RAMSEY still hasn’t signed a new contract at Arsenal – but that could be about to change.

The midfielder’s agents Avid Sports & Entertainment Group have tweeted out today that they are “hoping for some big news today”.

And unsurprisingly, it has sent Gooners into a frenzy, with many believing it means the Welsh star has agreed a new deal.

So what did the tweet say?

It’s not exactly definitive, but it certainly sounds promising considering that all their tweets seem to be about Ramsey lately.

Fingers crossed!



  1. gotanidea says:

    That agency must have many clients, not just Ramsey?

    If he doesn’t sign, it’s okay. If he signs, it’s good because I like his work rate and he has been trying to create those fancy flicks more often

    Now I hope Ozil’s agent can give me a good news before the European transfer window closes

  2. LENOhappy says:

    Replying some comments on the previous threads,I use to be ozil biggest fan but not anymore,because if we are being honest,we all said maybe it’s because he has only giroud that’s why he’s not creating or assisting,but since we bought laca and auba,ozil has only made 4 assist combined for both,i can only imagine what the likes of de brune,David Silva,hazard will do if they have the same forwards like us,and to the Ramsey stuffs,to be honest the best news that will make me happy is if he either sign for 150k per week or leave

  3. Innit says:

    He WILL Sign 100%
    This is his last big pay contract so he is trying to get the most money possible
    All players in their late 20s do this.
    He won’t get as much money at other clubs as Arsenal are willing to pay
    He also enjoys being at Arsenal

    1. Innit says:

      It’s about MONEY

  4. @Admin
    Can we please get a notifications feature for replies? Everyone is unsure of replying on an old post as soon as a new article comes in.
    I responded to you in the Ozil hate-thread.

    1. Sue says:

      Which one?! There have been so many lately!!!!
      I have to ask you QD… you obviously don’t like Ozil very much, so why is he your picture??

      1. Kumagaya says:

        So Sue is admin proxy

      2. @Sue
        Lol! The latest thread on Ozil. As for the picture it looks cool that’s all though I probably should take it down now I also feel Ozil is not dominant enough to be our talisman.

    2. ken1945 says:

      Quantic Dream,
      If it was about the Ozil contract, I have also replied to you.
      Would like to have your thoughts on my reply if possible.

  5. Chiza says:

    people come here to criticize mourinho and feel happy when he loses.. yes I also enjoy it.. but yesterday people enjoyed his agony.. but didn’t take note of the brilliance of Tottenham….even when mourinho is at his lowest it takes a very good tactical and ambitious team to humble him that way on his home ground….Tottenham are going places and with this new stadium they could be a force.. it pains me to admit that fact as a true gooner..i know the pains Man United fans are passing through seeing man city dominating not only Manchester but the premier league…this was a club that was far under them… I see Tottenham giving us this kind of pain but I’m hoping it doesn’t come true…….thank Goodness Tottenham didn’t strengthen this already good squad I wonder what would have happened this season……i feel they missed the chance to win the title or even challenge for it so well by not strenghting their squad….hopefully arsenal will finish above spurs this season…but arsenal need to wake up… Tottenham is a rising sun!!!!!!!!!

    1. Phil says:

      Chiza-The Emirates cost £400m to build and is fimally(I believe) paid off in full.We as a Club struggled financially for a decade to repay the debt and it was only the Genius (Ken1945-please note) of Arsene Wenger giving us Champions League revenue for a decade that prevented the Club from having to sell even more of our top players than we were forced to so as to balance the books.
      Those Pikie’s up the road have saddled themselves with a debt of £800m.How long will it be before they have to start selling players like we were forced to do?They never win anything and I predict they will not win anything this year.
      How long will those players continue to be paid LESS than most of our squad?How long before those players want to move to a Club with a realistic chance of winning major trophies?How long before their Manager is enticed to a BIG CLUB for more money and more chances of competing for the big trophies?
      What happens to them if they lose players and can’t afford to replace them with the same quality (eg-RVP☠️sold and replaced by Geromimo) like we were forced to?
      I give it another year and you just watch those wheels start coming off.We had empty seats over a protest.They will have empty seats because they have a lesser fanbase that is even more fickle than we have.
      I will never accept is being in their shadow and will defend the size and integrity of Arsenal Football Club Over That mob every day I draw breath

      1. ken1945 says:

        Phil, as you know I read all your posts and, of course, agree with this one 100% on ALL of your points, plus the further ten years of CL football you forgot.
        I also acknowledge ( please note!!!) that the last two years has done a lot of damage to the club, more than I realised I have to admit.
        However, what our club has always had is class, remember the bank of england tag?
        My only concern is Mr Kronkie and his vision for the club
        Down the road they are on a roll and are playing some very good team football.
        But I believe that the cost of the new stadium will begin to cripple them this year, both in players and supporters.
        There is already an outcry about season ticket prices and players will not accept the reported salaries they are on at present if we are to believe what other clubs are offering them to transfer over.

        I grew up supporting this wonderful club as the only sensible person in a family of Spud fans. Growing up in Wood Green,nearly all my friends supported them as well.
        But you know what? They are now armchair critics or have given up completely.
        The time under Bertie Mee onwards (despite Rioch) ensured the club left them behind in every aspect of being a football club, certainly with regards to our last fifty odd years.
        Stadium, trophies, players, richest club, consistency, results, it just goes on and on.
        Have you ever seen or read an ex spud player expressing their love for the club? I love reading Pat Jennings take on the differences he witnessed when he transferred to us. Pure and utter class from our great club.
        I feel priviliged to have been chosen to be a Gooner, what a wonderful footballing life it has been.
        Good times, bad times, incrediblle memories, wonderful players and Sanogo!!!

        In their shadow? Well certainly not since 1961 as far as trophies are concerned and don’t they just know it?
        Really jealous of the younger supporters, but hope they can have the memories I have. That fantastic incredible brilliant estatic season following the Invincibles….how lucky those of us who witnessed it were.
        Sincerely hope Unia Emery will bring it back if only so we can make ourselves hoarse singing “Championess Championess Ola Ola Ola”.
        Got to stop now, giving myself a heart attack!!!!!

        1. ken1945 says:

          Should have added that, Chiza, that was an excellent post from an obviously fanatical Gooner.
          Keep the faith my friend , you will never ever regret it.

          1. Phil says:

            Ken -memories.And you are correct.The younger fans never witnessed what being an Arsenal fan was during those yo-yo years in the seventies and eighties.
            I could go on but I won’t other than to say I acknowledge the success Arsene Wenger brought to the Club But I was referring to his performance as a Manager working on a shoestring budget AFTER the Emirates Stadium was built.That 10 years was very difficult and he achieved miracles to continue to get us Top 4 and Champions League with little or no Money coming from the Board.
            However if Wenger had…..No stop there or I too will give myself a heart attack

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Phil and Ken, great discussion and I agree with the analysis of the issues Tottenham will face in the next few years with the stadium debt and trying to keep their fine players given their wage structure.
            Spurs have to start winning trophies before the disintegration starts. However Arsenal fans have to show our class at this time of their abnormal ascendency and acknowledge the team Spurs have built and the quality of their play. Whether it can convert to winning trophies time will tell, given the quality of Man City and the competitiveness of the EPL.

          3. Chiza says:

            Yes brother I would keep the faith and hopefully a manager/head coach would return to our glory days…. Oh dear lord Arsenal fans has gone through alot it is time to make us smile and be proud of our team..

        2. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Ken1945, with respect mate we left them behind a lot earlier than Bertie Mee’s days apart from two spells in a hundred years, (1951 with Ramsey as captain and 1961 with Blanchflower as captain) Spurs have lagged behind us and believe me it’s hurt them, ever since we changed Woolwich for Highbury. RIP Sir Henry Norris.

          1. ken1945 says:

            But Kenny those were the early days when being a gooner was bloody difficult, especially 1961 under Blanchflower.
            Their double winning side was the City of today and we were chugging along with playing catch-up.
            Between the dates you give, we were still second best with regards to the club’s standings.
            Wonder what the likes of Chapman and Norris would make of it all now?
            Still miss the wonderful setting of Highbury and it’s marble entrance where one waited for a glimpse of our heroes.

          2. Kenny Rolfe says:

            You’re absolutely right Ken about that Tottenham double side captained by Danny Blanchflower. They beat us that season on a hot September afternoon 3-2. I remember as if it was yesteday, I was 10 years old at the time, perched on a the end of crash barrier at the back of the North Bank ( the only way I could see) 2-0 down back to 2-2 and then I think it was Frank Saul, deputising for the injured Bobby Smith , who came up with a late winner. That was the perfect description Ken, equivalent to the modern day Manchester City or even our own Invincibles. Ironically the first point they dropped that year was on the 14th game of the season at home to City and the first game they were beaten was on Boxing day at Sheffield Wednesday 2-1. If that wasn’t enough the following season they signed Jimmy Greaves, without doubt, the greatest English striker in the history of the game. The only good thing to come out of that season is they never broke our 66 points record from the Thirties, they finished on 65 points being beaten at home on the last day of the season 2-1 by Derek Kevin’s West Brom. Love talking about the old days Ken.

  6. Yossarian says:

    I’m not too bothered about Ramsey signing a new contract because he’s the past and not the future. He can be useful, but isn’t a great player, and I think he needs Arsenal more than Arsenal need him. Now that Wenger’s gone it won’t be long before he stops getting picked to start games and mostly comes off the bench when the other team is tired.

  7. Durand says:

    Hopefully big news is Ramsey sold to team overseas. Don’t care what league, club, or money amount, just hope big news is Welsh diva sold.

  8. Roshan says:

    Sell Ramsey plus cash to Man U In January for martial. Is exactly what we need

  9. olis says:

    who negotiates this contract s.. why let a players contract go to the last year.. why wasn’t Ramsey given s deadline to sign a new deal.. dude ain’t all that.. there are better players out there

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