Ramsey very doubtful so who will be in Arsenal’s midfeld against Man City?

The last time Aaron Ramsey started a game for Arsenal it was against Everton and he scored the first ever hat-trick of his career. He linked up brilliantly with our new strike team A-M-O and he has probably never had more room up front while our opponents were concentrating on Mkhi and Auba and everything worked like a dream.

But he went off injured after scoring his third goal, and it now looks like we are having a race against Time to get him ready to face Man City. When Wenger was asked if Ramsey had recovered enough to be in the squad to face Ostersund tomorrow, he said: “He’s not in the squad. He had a good training session but he’s a bit short for Thursday.

“We’ll see how his evolution goes now from today until Sunday. I don’t rule him out yet, it depends on how well he can improve with the intensity of training until Sunday.”

Ramsey was replaced by Wilshere when he went off in the Everton game, but because of Aaron’s injury, it was Wilshere, Xhaka and Elneny in midfield against Tottenham which didn’t work out so well as we were totally over-run by the Spuds. So if Ramsey does not recover, which is looking unlikely at the moment, should we play with 2 or 3 midfielders? And which two should be first choice?



  1. Break-on-through says:

    I don’t like when players are having a first game back and it’s against strong opponents. Esp in that position because it’s a huge area in the big games. I also am not too keen on our players not having played in almost a fortnight, we aren’t like the other big teams when it comes to resting players ..which has been evident throughout this season.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Wenger used 4-3-3 against Man City last time and it failed. I hope he would try 4-1-3-2 this time, that will offer width (from 2 wide forwards), more midfielders and one DM:

    Bellerin Chambers Mustafi Kolasinac
    ……Mkhitaryan . Ozil . Wilshere
    …….Aubameyang ……. Lacazette

    1. McLovin says:

      Lacazette had a surgery last week and still out at least a month!!!

      1. GB says:

        And Mikki is cup tied so can’t play against City.

  3. Steve h says:

    Play Kolsanic there as a dm

  4. Grandad says:

    Elneny deserves to play but Xhaka will be there due to his high price tag.

    1. Guneal says:

      If Morinho can put a £89m player on the bench, why can’t this untactical (sic) wenger do the same.

      1. Thomas says:

        Un tactical but that was very untactical to say about a man who finished top four 20 years straight who will you play? And will they affect the game and Liverpool played offensive by the way against coty and except for being tired at end of game dominated very well phil i tjink tje idea is to not give those talent players at city to much time on the ball a mourinho style wont work against them everyone i. The league has yried that but liverpool even us with coqueluin in and liverpool won pace and pressure and if we add pass on flanks wilshere can be a release valve with his quick feet and first 10 yards of pace a lay off to ozil for a quality ball and pace will close them down and stretch them out

  5. Phil says:

    I think Wenger knows in his own mind the line up he will play on Sunday





    This is why our Manager is light years ahead of his time in regards Citeh and how they expect us to line up and the tactics we will use.
    Wenger will be aware that EVERYONE knows we do not play with a CDM these days and as Citeh are the best free-flowing,free-scoring team in this country they will be expecting us to do something totally different to what any proper manager does.PACK THE MIDFIELD.
    So Guardiola will have Citeh practising on tactics all week that will be designed to go round us and by pass the centre of midfield.Thats where Wenger will have them!!!!!
    We do not have a Central Defence as we do not have a CDM in front of them so it makes our CD’s irrelevant.
    We won’t have anyone in the CB’s and CDM positions AT ALL.Which to be fair is pretty much how it’s been for years.
    Play the RIGHT player in the CORRECT POSITION and this plan will not fail.IWOBI has it all so Wenger keeps telling us so HOW CAN THIS Fail???????????????????

  6. Thomas says:

    Play iwobi out wide with pace and wilshere in ramseys role i thought we started well against tottenham but lacked overall pace and auba doesn’t work back or hard like laca we found that out when we needed him to but we need pace to open space so ozil can do what he does best lay in quality balls if laca was healthy id say put auba wide or tjem both up front auba needs to get some more muscle for premier league but were grand enough to win go gunners

    1. Stephan Larose says:

      Jesus Christ! You are one hysterically negative “fan”. Please stop your bitching and whining. The last thing we need is more fans attacking their own team, they are under enough pressure as it is. Arsenal have beat Man City many times in the last 3 years. They CAN do so again, and they will! Come on Arsenal!!!

      1. Phil says:

        You know what Pal?Sometimes a light hearted Post can be taken the wrong way and completely mis-interpreted.
        If I really wanted to bitch and whine I would have mate and I have done many many times before as have many many others.
        Wind your neck in and post something for yourself-it’s easy to dig out someone else’s thoughts.

  7. Stephan Larose says:

    Wilshere + Ainsley Maintland Niles.

    1. Thomas says:

      I agree no need for negativity were a talented side and more than good enough to take the day wilshere iwobi go gunners

  8. Maks says:

    Great that Wengers boy is out, great for our team and chance to deliver some good performance.

    1. Phil says:

      Ramsey NEVER EVER HIDES in a game no matter how badly he is playing.I don’t believe Wenger will start with him but if he’s on the bench we could just need him a game changer.

  9. royalman says:

    Who is that man writing negative about iwobi, stop been negative about my country man, if u have issue with arsenal n Wenger go n sort it out.

    1. Phil says:

      Pal-I do not concern myself where a player is from.If he is good enough then of course I want him at Arsenal.
      Be honest with yourself.Do you SERIOUSLY believe Iwobi is good enough to play for a Top Premiership Team?What is he actually good at?
      If you love Iwobi because you think he is a good player then you have a very modest opinion of what a Top Rated Footballer is.
      If you only defend him because he,like you,is Nigerian,then please do everyone at Arsenal a Massive Favour and get him signed up for Go Ahead Eagles or whatever other pub teams you have because trust me that is his limit

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