Ramsey, Welbeck, Ousmane Dembele, Vida? What to expect of Arsenal’s Deadline Day

We are into the final 24 hours of the Premier League transfer window, and for the first time Arsenal will have to have all their wheelings and dealings done before they get to kick off the campaign.

The main one for many Gunners will be keeping Aaron Ramsey beyond the 5PM deadline, with the thought of losing our 2017-18 Player of the Season unthinkable at present. We signed the likes of Guendouzi and Lucas Torreira, but they simply come into fill holes left by Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere, and losing the Welshman would be devastating. I believe he stays despite the fact he has less than 12 months remaining on his deal, but a new contract is a must before January. Of course he could still seal a move abroad after the deadline, but the strongest interest appeared to be from inside the PL.

Danny Welbeck is one player who has looked certain to go, but now not so much. The Englishman was a firm favourite of former boss Arsene Wenger but appears to have lost his place in the squad following the arrival of Unai Emery this summer. West Ham were linked but that now looks a no-go since they filled that void with Lucas Perez, and we will likely have to now look to try drum up interest abroad unless a late bid comes from him tomorrow.

One more player who is now deemed surplus to requirements is Colombian international David Ospina. The arrival of Bernd Leno is believed to free up his signature with Besiktas strongly linked. That could turn into something of a swap deal however, with us believed to be eyeing their Croatian international defender Domagoj Vida. Certainly an interesting move to keep your eyes on.

Unfortunately the biggest target of our summer window Ousmane Dembele appears to be staying put. We were a little hopeful to be expecting to prise a player away from Barcelona after they spent nearly £100 Million BEFORE add-ons, but a possible loan deal had been mooted, and if Ramsey had to be the makeweight in that deal than I’m probably happy that it didn’t happen…

There could always be new developments tomorrow, and we certainly hope there is an exciting change, but I’ll be happy just to keep Ramsey.

Is Ramsey the most important deal left to do this summer? Have we left ourselves short in any position going into the season? Should we be looking to improve our goalkeeping or winged positions?

Pat J

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  1. arsenal should forget dembele and go for a better player even more better than him in person of Leon Bailey together with a defender so let the season start .best luck to unary

  2. Ramsey is important and we should no doubt keep him… we could use a winger and maybe a left back… I’d be happy to get vida. He’s not world class but is solid and would make us a better team

    1. We need cb! We need a cb! Ffs u fools shocking last year Mustafi is a liability holding can’t even hold a cup of tea kos is injured Sokartis needs time to settle to the pace the prem we r fucked mavapanos is a kid .chambers plays in the Europa final then get loaned out we need a world class cb forget dembele. I feel a new manager new system and the dms will help dropping into a back 3 but r defence is shocking and need 2 add a world class cb ffs has to have pace 4 prem soild and read the game .I like Maguire mina looks soild they will com .boatang is good but want cl football we need a cb u melts vida will do but there is better out there at the back we r shocking sokratis alone ain’t the answer .Jus when I thought mustafi cudnt get worse he did and holding to lol chambers looked good at the end but we r arsenal and need a name leader at the back its a piss take seriously need a proven cb and will b up there.

      1. I agree but not Boateng, did you see what the Mexicans did to him at the World Cup? He is well past it!!!

  3. Seems our dealings are done. Think we are a quality winger short in the squad. Why we didn’t sign one is beyond imagination.

    Chiza and Kev, where are you both?

    Chiza your Dembele deal ain’t happening.

    1. I can’t stand Chiza and Kev… they are annoying and spam the comments section with they’re nonsense

      1. Calm down bro, sometimes they serve as humour under. just love the way they went on each other in previous post.

  4. For me this transfer window will be a disappointment if we do not sign a winger. If we can’t sign Dembele then why not Leon Bailey?

  5. Please stop with the winger nonsense. It is not the 1990s. I don’t think Emery has ever used the term once. Only fans use that term.

    Midfielders no longer go up and down the sideline, so that defenders know exactly where they are going. smh

    1. Hep Yo: And who are you, the opinion police? This is a forum for fans to have their say… deal with it.

  6. I do not think we’ll get a winger. Because how do we even accommodate Mkhitaryan, and Ozil, as of now, without one of them on the wing (because they’re not wingers), let alone bringing a winger into the equation as well?

    We’ve just loaned out our best CB from last season (do not ask me why), so surely we’re signing another CB. I cannot see anything else happening beyond that, apart from maybe a replacement for Ramsey, if he goes.

  7. Well. Arsenal’s defence With Hector Bellerin & Shkodran Mustafi very “shakey”.
    Bernd Leno (GK) why? he has no PL experiance and he is expected to line up against Man City. Foolish. Should use Petr Cech
    But. Why farm out Calum Chambers?

  8. One of the worst transfer windows in the last 10 years
    What have we actually signed ?
    A midfielder who everyone is raving about but most have only seen him play 3 games at the World Cup
    A goalkeeper who last had a good season 3 years ago
    2 ageing defenders (no ideas why )
    And a young French midfielder who probably will be playing from the bench this coming season
    On top of that we have offered new contracts to xhaka,elneny,iwobi,Ramsey ,now I’m sorry if that dosent get my juices flowing but come on imagine them 4 running our midfield.
    While our rivals strengthen hard we go about our usual crappy signings ,
    2 of our main rivals have spent our budget on goalkeepers lol.
    In this day and age if you don’t spend money you get left behind and it looks to me like a long old season again with the same frustrations as the last 10 years
    I’m sorry to sound deflated but that’s where I see us this season and I’ve seen it to many times to know that this is no different
    I’m going to say our final league position will be 5th -6th .

    1. I agree with you on many points, and I’d love to see a marquee signing as well, but it’s very difficult I guess with the budget Emery has, no CL football again, and are Arsenal even a top club anymore? Also, I always felt that our fantastic January transfer business would have a detrimental effect on this summer’s budget.

      Despite this, I am still very infused.

      Have we got a better manager – YES.
      Have we retained our best players – YES.
      Have we strengthened the squad as a whole – YES.
      Have we strengthened our weakest areas – YES.

      Hopefully another one or two coming in tomorrow, but I am still very optimistic about this season, if not realistic. I agree with you that I also think we won’t make the top four, and that we haven’t strengthened as much as our rivals. 5th at best I had in my head. But I’m giving Emery a free season, because of what he’s inherited.

      Definitely not as bad as the Cech, and Kallstrom windows. They were shocking! Haha!

      1. ?would rather have solid professionals and rising prospects than often overhyped “marquee” players.
        I have faith in Unai Emery and Sven Mislattat to build a “champion team, rather than a team of champions”.

        1. Ozzie I admire you as a fellow Gunner. Most of the times you post only a thumbs up. You don’t speak much . But when you do, you make a lot of sense. I agree with your above comment completely.

      2. Emery will never be a better manager than Wenger. Wenger was undermined by the lack of spending and his genius will be revealed more when the inevitable decline (started under him) as a result of the lack of spending sets becomes a normal occurrence. Emery is no magician and I don’t think he has Wenger’s ability to make relatively unknown players very good.

  9. I dont wont to stop about tllk about wingers, as wingers are usually the most dangerous players in the pitch. Dont believe me? Watch football! F you if you dont agree with me. lol.

    Never expect anything with Arsenal. To be honest i could not wait for the season to come but somehow i have a feeling that Arsenal is about to change a lot and it wont be the Arsenal i know and love. All of my hopes for salvation where directly linked with a potential departure of Stan out of Arsenal with the Fatmans help. but this hope has sailed away and now one needs to get comfy with the thought that Arsenal can be used as a tool now for whatever reason the american will see fit without giving the rats what fans and others will think about it. Arsenal is yankee powaa now and all the history behind the name means nothing anymore. Nuuuuu

    1. Who forces you to support a team you think has no direction, no ambition, no chance of anything? Go and support any team of your choice but don’t poison our minds! Keep your negative ideas to yourself. Those of us who support our team through thick and thin will do so regardless of your destructive rantings.!

      1. The problem is that you are a nobody to tell any one what to do. I am entitled to my opinion even though to you it might sound to negative and poison a like. There are still fans out there who have ambition and a winning mentality and want to see the club do as good as they can. Supporting the club regardless what happens without questions and concerns is equal as being a sheep person. A tool a like fan Stan would love us all to be, lol. Endure me as much as i endure you. Got problem with that? Help your self and catch us outside and try your luck.

        1. Stan Kroenke taking total control of Arsenal and putting it in private hands, away from any scrutiny, has cast a pall over the excitement I had for the coming season.
          The push by Kroenke to compulsory acquire the shares of the 3% minor shareholders is an act of pure bastardry.

  10. Whatever happens, we are just playing the second violin in the league with our without dembele our opponents are simple superior to us. Top 4 with this current teams is hard to get but possible so lets see and enjoy the show.

  11. Season hasn’t even started and the amount of complaining.. give the new manager time and the new players time to settle. If we get top 4 it will be a success and we can build from there.

    1. Unfortunately Dee, the announcement of the Kroenke buyout of Usmanov is such a major event in the history of the Arsenal, that it is over shadowing everything else due to its magnitude and timing.

  12. I have always rated Ramsey but surely he should have made up his mind by now? He says he has left it to his agent to get the best deal for him, he’s a footballer not a film star!!!

    If he decides to see out his contract out then Emery should either bench him or play him in the reserves. We need 100% commitment from ALL our players.

  13. …are you encouraged at all by anything of arsenal’s pre-season activity? or perhaps just another purveyor of doom and gloom? if your intent on finding faults then do so – but the flip side is their will be some positives and i choose to look at it another way: can emery inspire the same players to be more productivity away from home – and i think he can.

    Essentially we found ourselves up sh** creek as a result of poor away form – now assuming that can be rectified then the team we have can be a success. Emery has a different outlook than you and is a better judge of these players than me or you.

  14. I kind of agree with you, the only two that look like they can improve the squad are Guendouzi and Torreira. The others are underwhelming in my opinion.

    1. Thank you pseudo expert with your unsavoury comment. Do you people really believe you are true Gooners? I highly doubt it. Save our time and support any team of your choice but stop denigrating Arsenal!

      1. So because I’m giving my opinion it entitles a moron like you to tell me to go and support another team.

        I’ve supported Arsenal for just about 50 years, been a season ticket holder for 35 years, and am also one of the poor sods who’s going to have his shares, some of which have been in my family for around 47 years, snatched from him if/when Kroanke takes control of the club.

        I’m not denigrating the club, just giving an honest opinion on the incoming players, I’m not going to blow smoke up yours, or anyone elses’ arse to please you.

        1. Stubill. Do you understand what a moron is? It is somebody whose mental capacity is so low that he thinks being abusive and abrasive will impress others. It is good you have supported the team for so long but does that make you more intelligent than others? Why do you, think only two signings are anything to write home about even before the season starts? A wise man, which you claim to be, would reserve his comments until he sees how these players perform in competitive games. You can’t pass judgement on anyone without giving him chance to prove himself. Any prejudice against new players is not helpful at all. That is why I felt that if you are dissatisfied with your team of fifty years try something else. Did that make me an imbecile? No, to the contrary. A wise man does not stress himself with situations where he has no solutions.

          1. David Rusa, You really are an obnoxious, nasty little weasel of a person. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this is a site of opinions, but your totally out of order attack on Stubill shows you up for the low life you really are. I suggest you just STFU!

  15. Need a cb every player we bought will improve team
    the new back room staff have have worked miracles given the budget and no cl football to bring the players inn auba miki .the rest litch cover needed torriea looks a baller hope he does does well techinaly very gifted has it all ! But I worry being small will get bullied in the prem . Sokratis yes needed bit slow tho Leno can’t b any worse than them 2 Muppets chechs clearances ospinas punches guendiousey looks a baller small tho .wud have loved nzonzi big powerful soild feel with elneny we have the same player 3 times lol Rowe looks a player Nelsons chance holding is shit mavopaos is a gamble .Niles cud be class need a cb cb cb

  16. We need players who beg and hope to play for Arsenal, and not the other way around. Ramsey is on my hate list and there is no chance that i will support him if he decides to keep on playing for Arsenal without signing ta contract.

    Other players on my hate list: Mustafi, Bellerin. lol.

    Iwobi and Xhaka are at times being criticized to harsh. Some players like Ramsey can do 10 things bad and 1 one thing good and all is good and forgiven. Where Xhaka and Iwobi at times play rlly good but fans are so focused on them that every mistake they do is like the end of the world and nothing they can do is enough to calm fans down again. If those two would be like Ozil i am sure that they would make use of the race card and claim faul whenever being unfairy treatet, hahah. This jk okay. lol.

    1. ks-gunner, “hate” is a bit strong isn’t it? I too am very disapointed in Ramsey’s attitude.

  17. I would be surprised if we are 5th or 6 th at the end of the season. This is more like 8th I think Everton and Westham will give us a run for our money.

    Anyways we also blame Arsene so let’s see what happens now.

    1. Derry, Unai Emery will coach the defense, so Arsenal’s diabolical away form should greatly improve, provided we get a fair go from referees.
      Therefore I consider your expectations very pessimistic.

  18. To suggest arsenal can only achieve 5th or 6th is same as saying you don’t believe in either (i) the new managers capabilities and (ii) you think that achieving champions league football is beyond the arsenal, well it’s not. We’ve a manager who’s won europa 3 times successively which is a ticket to the champions league. And arsenal (albeit in the past) had made it habit to get into the champions league positions – its other sides, not arsenal, who have struggled and been found wanting when it comes to champions league football:

    more often than not its other sides that bottle it when it comes to reaching the higher league positions and not us. Far as i’m concerned last season was a mere blip – arsenal are an elite club with elite club ambition. Thank goodness the players and coach have aspirations that are a world apart from the outlook aired by some miserable souls that visit this site.

      1. waal2waal, I totally agree; Unai Emery has a proven record of competing against the best with limited resources. This has been acknowledged by people such as Pep Guardiola from his time manahing a great Barcelona team against Emery’s Sevilla.
        Let’s see what he can achieve with the Arsenal.

  19. Waal2Waal
    I sincerely respect your post bro these guys are a real turn off wouldn’t want to sit beside either in a bar






    1. CHAMPION = 10% – 30%
    2. RUNNER-UP = 30% – 40%
    3. THIRD POSITION = 40% – 50%
    4. FORTH POSITION = 50% – 60%
    5. SIXTH – EIGHT POSITION = 60% – 100%


    1. How was he able to stop big players at the World Cup and when he played for Sampdoria?

      Big footballing brains and a big heart is better than that of big body.
      Even in the world of wrestling where big body seem to be an obvious advantage, the Rey Mysterio’s, Shinsuski Nakamura’s et al with little bodies have proven with their Legendary performances, that it all boils down to brawn and brain but not size.

  21. Lucas Torreira is a similar build to Kante and we know what a good player he is. On what I have seen and the opinion of his fellow Uruguayan representative Luis Suarez, your concerns will be proved unfounded.

    1. By the way Yusof, using all capitals constitutes “shouting”; we are not hard of “reading”.

    2. at 1.68m Kante and Torreira are exactly the same size – although kante is at his best and arguably the most talented DM on the planet having won the premiership twice and then world cup honours in such a short space of time. Torreira also has character too

  22. Does Ramsey want to stay??? I thought he would have signed by now. I seriously doubt we’re offering him peanuts, so why all the hanging about?? He obviously wants more than what we’re offering…. but will any other teams pay it?

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