Ramsey’s accepting attitude highlights BIG Arsenal problem

Most Arsenal fans have spent the last day, or the last few weeks if you want to look at it that way, tearing our hair out in frustration and feeling angry that the Gunners look like blowing our best chance of winning the Premier League in years due to the same old failings.

A limp performance like the one against Chelsea, mistakes at crucial times from key players at both ends of the pitch and the age old problem of injury problems and Arsene Wenger seeming to be the only man on the planet that thinks his Arsenal squad has enough quality and quantity.

Another problem is the attitude and I think it comes from the top and filters down to the players and everyone at the club. The words of the Welsh international midfield star Aaron Ramsey just highlights the problem for me as he was reported by the Arsenal website after the draw with Southampton that it was just not meant to be.

Rambo said, “It’s obviously disappointing to draw the game. We want to win our home games and we felt like we needed to bounce back from having lost against Chelsea. It wasn’t to be today. We’re obviously gutted but there’s still a long way to go and we’ll have to bounce back now.

“[Forster] had a very good game. He pulled off some really good saves and we couldn’t beat him today. We have to move on now.”

I get the distinct impression that our major shareholder ‘Silent’ Stan Kroenke is not really all that bothered if Arsenal win the title or not, as long as the money keeps rolling in. Why else would he be content for Wenger to keep his job for so long without success?

The manager seems more intent on his own footballing philosophy than actually winning things and the players seem to accept draws and defeats with a bit of a shrug. Is this the major stumbling block to Arsenal being champions? And what can be done to change it?

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  1. All the pundits talk about out mentality, we have a horrible run and now we get this from Rambo. I love the team and AW has set expectations but I have to agree he is more concerned about style than results and I hope I am wrong but not sure we will win the league with AW in charge.

  2. Fkuc the attitude, Arsenal don’t have a world class striker. Also they are half injured one legged ballet dancers. It is a total muppet clown show this.. being a gooner is so depressing

    1. Exactly, this article is written by the typical Arsenal fan blinded by emotion looking for a scapegoat. If you want to blame a scapegoat blame the manager for playing Ramsey as a DM which is not his natural position, and on top of that for making him play alongside an outdated midfielder who doesn’t provide any form of defensive stability like Coquelin. Why don’t we have articles blasting Walcott and Mertesacker for saying the exact same thing before they go missing in the next game ?? Wake up Arsenal fans, Ramsey isn’t to blame here, the manager is for not finding a back up to Cazorla and Coquelin who can complement the Welshman’s style of play. Also blame the manager for not finding a striker that can guarantee 30 goals a season, or for relying on an English forward that only got 1 goal in 16 games. So many of you expect Ramsey to play like Cazorla when you don’t realize his strengths aren’t keeping possession nor are they to defend all game like Coquelin, his strengths are to provide goals like in the Liverpool game where he saved us from humiliation, he should be playing alongside someone that allows him to assist Mesut in creating chances for the full 90min instead of forcing him to be the deep playmaker that he isn’t.

      1. Seeing the thumbs down, it’s a shame people don’t realize the manager is at fault. Watch the games Cazorla played alongside Flamini and you will notice the same handicap in midfield we have with the Rambo/Flamini partnership. We beat Bayern 2-0 when Ramsey was in midfield, we got a thrashing away when Ramsey was injured. That should sum up how important he is to our midfield.

          1. What dumb basis ? Who’s fault is it that Ramsey who is an ACM is told to play as a DM alongside Flamini who can’t even play well against the likes of West Brom ??

            1. P.S : Last year Arsenal won the most points in 2015 in England and guess what, Ramsey was in the first team the whole time. But the minute he was injured Bayern tore us a new hole despite having Cazorla and Coquelin on the pitch, they kept attacking us from the right side where he usually plays.

  3. I vividly remember writing on this blog (?) some ten years ago that Arsenal will not win another League title in my lifetime. I am now in my eighties and that still holds. You can change the manager tomorrow, you can go on a multi million recruitment campaign it won`t make any difference it all takes time, something I don`t have anymore. Wenger you had your chance, you made a fool of yourself and millions of supporters, especially those who forked out thousands each year for a ticket to pay your ridiculous wages…… mugs!

  4. Wenger should be banned from speaking to the media. His comments are pathetic and an insult to human intelligence.Spends most of the time during the transfer window cooking up lies instead of actually trying to sign players. Claims he is going to be very busy but only signs one player. He Should be put in a home,old mad man

  5. Wonky kronky is running this Arsenal franchise like he’s running his American sports franchise. They all make money but win cufk all. No cups,no shields, nothing.Get Wonky kronky out along with bullsh*ter Wenger would be a good start and get the gooner supporting Russian shareholder in.

  6. Sometimes Wenger has to shake things up and make players understand if your not ready to go 150% for 90 mins than go sit on the bench…be a sub or don’t play the full game!!That being said would love to see in the middle coquelin & elneny with Ramsey on the right/Campbell on the left & Alexis up top (50% less defensive duty) we still have speed, technical quality up top with movements & link up play but also a solid midfield with players that have volume, energy & that are defensive minded also solidity on both wings with Gabriel at the back with Kos

  7. only if we had a good striker to convert atleast a quarter of the chances created in evry game into goals,we wld be winning evry game by +4 goals at minimum..

  8. Arsenal fans are like church goers, believes in unseen, poor and jobless but still paid their hard earn money for what they believe, they were expecting god intervention and miracle to be better in life while pastor doesn’t wait for any miracle before using their money to get every luxury he needed. Arsenal Fans made manager position too easy and comfortable for Wenger, the man know what he was doing, but for the fans to take it this too long means satisfaction, Arsenal approaches towards the big trophies is by far different to those clubs that are winning big and major trophies, Wenger know this quite right, he has be achieving board expectation and they were satisfied, if fans cannot work out a strategies that will force them to make changes we shouldn’t expect one early.

  9. I agree with the premise that the malaise AFC suffers from starts from the top, buy totally disagree with blaming for our failings….can we all take time out to remember he is just deputising in the role he is playing now and whilst I agree he has not been the best blaming him for trying is churlish and unwise….we have owner who are content filling their pocket and care less about winning titles so they keep a manager who is well past his sell by date and who is more interested in proving a point and leaving a legacy of doing things a certain way rather than doing the right things to win….a manager who has a job for life so is willing to take the moat ridiculous of risks and chances, knowing fully well even if au h silly gambles backfire he is still covered and will remain in the job….the players knows it too….so all they need to do is show up, PLEASE the manager and they are safe too, no matter how bad results are, the one thing that matters to them is PLEASING the untouchable man and they can keep getting their fat weekly cheques whilst flopping on the field…a new manager will gut half of this squad because frankly they are not fit foe purpose…its even more annoying when you see how open this year’s league is and how ita possible foe them to win it even as useless and spineless as they are, but we really underestimate just how gutless and totally useless and spineless these eternal losers are….i bet a selected 11 from this forum.will turn them over!!!

  10. Chances of winning the league

    Man City 35% They’ve done it before and can do it again

    Tottenham 30% More experienced than Leicester and on a good run

    Leicester 25% Table toppers but can they last the distance?

    Arsenal 10% Current form suggests they’ll be lucky to finish 5th

    1. If Leicester manage to get any points out of their next two games!… away to City and Us, Then you best give up on waiting for them to falter! … Hahaha To be fair your patients must be good, what with all the waiting for Us to be crowned champions of the premier league again. ???

  11. So i’m guessing we’re gonna be stuck with AW as our manager for longer then hoped coz we’ve seen all the potential replacements sign with other clubs, Klop, Pep, Ancelotti, i don’t see anyone that can come in and do a better job.

    1. There are no managers that could do a better job than AW? Are you mad? So every other manager will also ignore the transfer windows, keep relying on the same old below par players, refuse to change his tactics? Dream on. I am certain Wenger’s time is up and the board will find a suitable replacement. The problem is a lot of fans are terrified of what comes after Wenger. To allow him to continue to defraud the fans would be mad in the extreme. Bilic at W Ham is doing well, Martinez sets his team up to play nice football but with an end result, IE they score! So there are managers out there, we just have to take a chance on one. Rather like we did with a certain Arsene Wenger.

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