Rangnick blames VAR for Man United defeat to Arsenal

It was certainly an eventful day at the Emirates with a really exciting match with end-to-end football. But the busiest man on the pitch today was the referee, who spent longer talking to the VAR ref and looking at the replays than he did refereeing the game!

Nuno Tavares’ goal that gave us a very early lead was uncontentious, but our second was very weird as Nketiah’s goal was correctly ruled out by VAR for offide, but then strangely we were awarded a penalty for the foul on Saka just before we scored! Saka very bravely took the penalty again and made no mistake.

Then very quickly Cristiano Ronaldo got one back and United were back in the game. Fernandes crazily missed a penalty that would have made the game level again. Cue the Arsenal cheers!.

In the second half Ronaldo scored yet again, but was ruled off for being inches offside. And to cap it off, the United boss believes that Arsenal’s third goal was also offside. Rangnick told BTSport (transcribed by the Guardian) said afterwards: “We showed an improved performance, but in the end, it’s a disappointing result. We bounced back well from the early goal and had numerous chances to score more goals. The only weak side of our performance was that we didn’t defend well inside and around box.

“For me there were also three unlucky VAR decisions. The third goal of Arsenal was clearly offside, David [de Gea] said to me he couldn’t see the ball. The second goal of Cristiano was definitely not offside. There was another handball decision in the first half. We were not happy with those VAR decisions, but it was an improved performance. It would have helped us a lot if [the missed penalty] was the equaliser and would have changed the whole game. But we didn’t, we hit the post, we hit the post twice, plus the crossbar. So in the end, very unlucky for us. There is nothing about the attitude of the players that we should fault today.”

This VAR rubbish seems to be getting worse in every game and to be honest I am heartily sick of it. Remember when you sawa goal go in and you could celebrate straight away.

In my opinion it is making a mockery of the game!

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  1. I thought our penalty was a penalty, so correct by VAR and for me the only contentious decision was their penalty. Yes Tavares arm was in a strange place but the ball came over it without hitting it and, i thought ESR headed the ball on to it 6 inches away when because of three players all jumping, he couldn’t bring it down, it just got struck, ball to hand surely but VAR gave it. We were under the cosh and the only reason utd lost was because they missed the penalty, nothing else. You cant blame VAR for utd losing and us winning.

    1. @Reggie
      Even the commentators thought it odd it was deemed a handball when Nunos hand didn’t touch the ball at all. But said was given due to his arm being in an”unnatural” position.
      My dude Skyball can’t catch a break…IJS

  2. Might i add, if it wasn’t for VAR awarding us the correct penalty, i think it would have been a completely different result.

  3. . Losing managers always blame VAR like they always used to blame referees. Strangely winning managers always praise VAR. Clearly VAR is great for the game adding drama to the game as well as getting the close decisions right. Bruno missing the penalty changed the game but that had nothing to do with VAR. Perfect day as Ronaldo scored but we won. After losing 3 games we were supposed to win we have won 2 we were supposed to lose. Top 6 looking good now.

    1. fairfan Since Ronaldo scoring will not return his tragically dead son, the only reason I can assume you so want him to score , as he did and as you have several times said, is that you are as much of a Ronaldo fan as an Arsenal fan. Possibly more!

      1. @jon fox. Ronaldo is as far as I am concerned the GOAT the greatest who has ever played the game and I have envied Man U+Real Madrid + Juve for all the success he brought to those clubs during the time we have not won a title has made it all the more painful. His first game back after losing his still born son was ethically a matter beyond football allegiance yet I still wanted us to win. So I feared his return might unify the rabble United has become. It worked out brilliantly in the end as possibly the last time we see the GOAT was when he scored but we won. I hope that clears up any misunderstanding jon. Ronaldo number one player Arsenal number one club. Cheers Jon 🙂

  4. As an Arsenal fan it’s always going to be difficult to sure one is being entirely objective. In my view the VAR got all they key decisions right.
    De Gea/Man U were somewhat unfortunate with our third goal but I feel the referees’ call was correct.

    I have been saying it is a farce and should be entirely abolished , ever since it first came in.

    ** The reason I question your belief is because you and Martin so often play Devils Advocate.

  6. Cedric was an accident waiting to happen, really poor at right back, we need a better cover Tomiyasu, Taveres kept losing the ball, but young and will improve. The surprise package for me was Elneny, not a fan but his last two games have impressed me, Xhaka another player not a fan. We were damn lucky, but we won. Ramsdale should have a break and let Leno have a couple of games. Overall it was a great for an early kick off, but our defence was not that great today, lots more improvement, if we get top four, it will be interesting to see who we bring in. The two games I thought we would drop points against we have all six, if only we had beaten Southampton and Brighton, we would have a nine-point cushion

    1. 5 games left.. best 11 in every game, time to rest in summer. Not the time to take the foot off the gas… I would be questioning arteta if i see Leno in net. There are alot of players that need rest more than Ramsdale.

  7. I watched the game like most of us did and I don’t agree that we were lucky at all. My objective assessment is that we clearly deserved to win today’s game. Where was the luck? Clearly our boys were up to the fight and came on top.
    There are some people who are fixated on the mistaken notion that Arsenal can never win against the big teams. Such people are now seeing an unusual happening and cannot believe what they see. It is as if they are in the world of fantasy! Others just can’t comprehend how a rookie coach Iike Artera can outwit reputed coaches. But that is the situation now and we must learn to accept it.

  8. Rangnick is disillusioned.
    We beat them arms down.
    They were lucky to get a 3-2 win in the reverse fixture. We got our deserved victory today and Mr German Coach is looking for excuses. Well, I understand his frustration.

  9. Tuchel blamed his own Chelsea stadium pitch for Chelsea’s loss ti Arsenal.

    Now the Man United manager is blaming VAR for his team’s loss to Arsenal.

    When we went on that 3 game losing streak Arteta was also blaming other things for our losses.

    Lol 😂

  10. most calls the ref got right. I think the Nunez/Elanga foul he has a claim but it depends on the ref. Cedric stuff by the book, is not a pen so there is nothing to debate. Listen, United got their penalty anyways, and blew their chance so it’s ridiculous they are complaining so much.

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