Rashford the latest to be abused by idiots after Arsenal draw

When will people ever learn that there is nothing big about abusing other people on the basis of the colour of their skin or the name of their religion?

This week we have had two black Man United players, Axel Tuanzebe and Anthony Martial, abused after their defeat to Sheffield United in midweek, and now Marcus Rashford has been targetted after last night’s draw at Arsenal. Now my question is; Were they the only United players on the pitch? Should not the players be abused because of the colour of their shirt after a collective defeat rather than the skin?

How can these abusers even call themselves Man United supporters if they only support the players of one particular skin colour? Where does their logic come from? Do these “fans” cheer when Rashford scores (he has over 50 goals for Man United) or do they just look the other way until he makes a mistake.

And what do these uneducated idiots even hope to achieve by abusing black players. Should Man United only buy white players and let all the talented black ones leave? How good would the team be without them? I am at a total loss to understand any reason behind their idiocy. As Rashford himself said in response last night: “Humanity and social media at its worst. Yes I’m a black man and I live every day proud that I am. No one, or no one comment, is going to make me feel any different. So sorry if you were looking for a strong reaction, you’re just simply not going to get it here.

“I’m not sharing screenshots. It would be irresponsible to do so and as you can imagine there’s nothing original in them. I have beautiful children of all colours following me and they don’t need to read it. Beautiful colours that should only be celebrated.”

Is that it? Are they looking to “get a response” from a player? Does that make them feel important in front of their similarly idiotic mates?

Well I think that good thinking people should react, perhaps even more than they do now. If anyone uttered racial abuse in my company I would call them idiots and exclude them from my society until they grew up and realised that skin colour does not affect their intelligence or humanity.

And the police and courts should be informed, and these idiots should be fined or even jailed until they realise that their actions and words are unacceptable in a so-called civilized society, whether in sport or real life…

Okay, rant over for now, but I promise you that any form of racist abuse seen on JustArsenal will see the protaginists banned immediately and their email addresses and IP addresses will be put on a list and passed on to the authorities.

What else can right-thinking civilized people do to try and help stamp this out?


  1. Any human of any race who abuses another, racially or otherwise, displays the nature of the failed home he/ she emerged from. I cant abuse anyone on social media or verbally cuz I was raised 2 respect others. A wise man controls his emotions.

    1. Absolute rubbish!

      So people people that come from failed/broken homes” will display the nature” they emerged from? And a person like you could never abuse people because their parents are decent people?

      Some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet come from failed, abusive homes.

      1. And PJ-SA, some of the worst people on the planet came from good homes with good living caring parents.
        People have to take responsibility for their own actions. Unfortunately people who would not be game to speak such vitriol to a person’s face, gutlessly use social media, thinking they are anonymous.

  2. Spot on Admin, racism is simply not allowed. But up until criminal cases are opened and there’s jail time against against any perpetrator, racism is not going anywhere anytime soon.

    1. He’s a very good in defending, but he’s already 30 years old. We need a young prospect who has better stamina, dribbling skill and willingness to risk his legs when racing with the opponent

  3. Prosecute or name and shame the fools who poison society with their idiotic filth. I’m a white bloke and I have white friends and black friends and Asian friends but I really only have friends as I wont put a bloody label on my mates because of the colour of there skin. It’s time for these so called bigots to grow the hell up and get a life. My rant is now over
    We are all equal

  4. The kneeling is really making a difference! Really doing nothing. Sad thing is that small minded people can’t understand that you can be against kneeling before games and racism…

    No room for racism or politics in sport, i hate both.

    1. This is just unrealisitc. There are literally footballing rivalries based around politics. Sportspeople are human, and EPL is multicultural. Pretending that politics has nothing to do with sports is just choosing to be blind. Putting no racism and no politics in the same sentence is just distasteful, and sounds like you want EPL to be anti-racist, but without actually having to visually see the campaign against it.

  5. We live in a cruel world and there’s ,sadly,much worst things than “abusing” a multi millionaire …..even though he has my support….Let’s move on

    1. NO, NO , NO!!!! We must never “move on” from preventing this disgusting filth from blighting the lives of decent human beings who merely happen to have a shade of skin different from those creatures who abuse them. What you propose is the answer of a snivelling coward and I totally reject that timid, cowardly, even anti human philosophy.

      As a decent man yourself Pires , you should reconsider this harmful view of yours. It does you no favours as a human being.

    2. Pires
      I am quite dismayed at your comments.
      As a man of colour and a man of mixed race I am neither qualified or have a degree on the matter but my own 56 year plus has served me well on various experiences I have encountered on the subject of racial abuse.
      Money has nothing to do with having the right or entitlement to abuse another person weather a person whether they are rich, poor, black, white, yellow, green or dark blue.
      We live in a world of every changing boundaries but certain boundaries should never be breached and racial abuse is one of them.
      Idiots or just need educating?
      Young Children do not see another child by there skin colour. They see them by knowing if they are good or bad. We as adults should take a leaf out of there judgement
      Shame on you mr piers and please get with the program and stop judging by wealth and colour and judge a person for the person they are as a human being.
      Onwards and upwards my fellow gooner

      1. Am not ,dear Jon and alan,a coward am just telling you the plain truth…..Our societies are sadly allowing people to abuse other peoples in much worst conditions and desperate for help than a Rashford who is thankfully a sucesseful men….I am not saying it’s right but it’s true….

          1. Pires
            You seem an intelligent person but it seems a ignorant and stubborn person who trying to justify a wrong with an old proverbs you
            You.need to do better my friend
            As your way of thinking is outdated and obsolete
            Make a change and help change the world..

        1. Pires But do you not see that when you say “move on” you are saying we should do no more about it and thus accept is as the status quo? Alan, myself and almost all right thinking folk easily see we should NEVER accept it and “MOVE ON”.

          We would not in fact be “moving on” at all but would stay in the same old disgusting age of ignorance and bigotry!

          Decent humans will not tolerate this nonsense and you can see how many others on this thread have also called it out as disgusting filth. They are all right!
          I do not say you approve of it or like it but when you say “move on” you are massively being a coward. If you cannot see that, then you are not thinking as an intelligent person should and would. You should join all decent everywhere people in ACTIVELY combating it , NEVER passively accepting it!

      2. Allan, unfortunately the issue with many racists is that no matter the achievements of a particular individual, the racist always believes that they are superior to that person, because they have a different skin colour or different racial background.

    3. How much money he makes has got nothing to do with it. Your comments insinuates that it is more acceptable because he’s rich.

      1. Dear Jon,am saying to you that our societies are societies of cowards snivling when they want and are blind about much more concerning problems…I am against racism ravenously but we should be aware of bigger plagues….So dont make me “a moral coward” when you knowingly saïd that am not approving it…Am moving on from hypocrisy !!!

        1. Why is it not possible for people to be concerned about multiple things. We all follow football closely and it matters in our lives and we are literally on a footballing forum. So it only makes sense that this is a topic we would care about. There’s nothing stopping any of us from caring about racial abuse in football as well as climate change, income inequality, or any human rights abuse….

        2. Pires So sad to see that a man whom I had always thought a decent man prefers to think that there are more important things than racism to care about. HEALTH AND POVERTY ARE OF COURSE ALSO OF VITAL IMPORTANCE .

          But to claim that there are “more concerning problems” – but NOT to name them – is to duck out of this agenda and it makes you a poorer human for having done so. That actually saddens me, as it means you have not fulfilled the potential you, and in fact almost all humans, COULD and SHOULD achieve.

    4. mr.pires, i normally admire most of your comments, you seem like a normal person. but what you have said there about moving on is exactly the type of sentiment that has the world in this racist situation.it is as if you are actually condoning the racism, i am not saying that you are a racist, but what you have expressed above is coming across as actual racism. for us, the rest of humankind to sit idly by and let these clowns and fools abuse our fellow man because of skin colour is in itself RACISM.i would ask you to retract that comment please, if only to prove that you ,yourself ,are not racist.doing nothing and advising to move on is as bad as the actual racists and abusers.i am very saddened by your comment, i did not think anybody would react like that , being honest.i hang my head in shame knowing that there are still people out there who will stand by and are prepared to leave things as they are.

      1. I think what Pires is trying to say is there are a lot of people who are suffering from racism and other abusive behaviours (which makes them suffer physically, emotionally and economically) but no one take notice because their position in the society is very low.

        A person may see these people victimised but they may just brush it off because it happens to nobodies but when a celebrity suffer even a one word racist remark the whole world react as if the apocalypse has arrived.

        In the social media and other platforms like this site everybody is a warrior against racism but do we do that in real life? Do we take any action when we witness racism or other abusive behaviours? Or we just comment, like and share and we feel good about ourselves for having joined the cause.

        1. HH – your response should be required reading for anyone who genuinely wants to have a dialogue about these issues rather than hurl accusations and potentially false labels at others.

          Social media isn’t the best medium to try to understand what other people are trying to say but kudos to you for trying.

          1. Well said Trudeau ,there is nothing worse than loud month idiots spouting off and accusing people of false hoods
            When they do not even know them personally and take some lines written online and turn them into something more sinister than what they actually ment .

        2. Brilliant HH, Pires did not say that he supported Racism, he was right in telling that the support rashford gets here is maybe based on his Popularity and not purely on the context because in the real life when there happen worse things the outcry and support for the victims is much less
          @Pires dont let them attack you and ruin your day a lot uf people understand what you mean and you are not a bad human being just because you didnt say the easy thing

  6. Great sentiments Ad Pat, as we on here have come to expect from you. But until the law is activated to force social media companies to reveal the identity of these creatures masquerading as proper human beings , who peddle their vile filth, no REAL change wiil be possible.

    The LAW of the land is key to stopping this and as a believer in the power of law, I urge all on here to lobby their MP to take this matter up with Boris or whichever leader their own particular country has.


  7. As an older fan who was brought up in thr 1950/60s , I and other older fans, had no choice but to live in a society where ignorance was rife , where people actually used to commonly say that – and get this for a disgusting comment – that house prices would decline if a black person moved into your street! That was almost universally accepted as true and fair comment in England where and WHEN I was brought up.

    I have a great deal more I badly want to say on this subject but it is not specifically Arsenal related, though back in those bad old days open racism was common on the North Bank where I stood and in all grounds everywhere.

    If Ad Pat allows, I would love to give great chapter and verse in series of articles about how MOST of us have escaped from this pit of ignorance and disgust and managed to see that common behaviour as the disgrace it was.

    Please, I urge those of you who agree with me, to ask Ad PAT to allow me to send these articles in for JA . What I have to say will surprise and astonish those of you who were thankfully not destined to live in those disgusting times. Thank you!

    1. Jon, I am also of an age to remember Alf Garnett and that other one about the honky next door. But I lived in a railway village where all races mixed freely (even us Irish!) so of course I know all about it.
      Of course I wrote the above post and will accept articles that are anti racist at any time.

      1. Thank you sincerely PAT! I will now start writing various articles and comments. Some taken from articles I have written, some of them a long while ago, for use in other areas of media and in my public talks. I will try to make it relevant, wherever possible, to our club .

        But bigotry and STONE AGE attitudes to our fellow humans have been around long before football was even thought about and football is of course a fair representation of society at large.

        A society in which attitudes across the free thinking world are fast changing, mercifully, and in which prejudice against decent people, who just happen to be different from the perceived “norm”, whatever “norm” is thought to mean, is fast disappearing, save among the still numerous racists in society.
        As we can all see in JA most football fans TODAY care deeply about fighting prejudice and they care deeply about how ethical their club and their sport is being run. In time to come I am massively hopeful for our development into a more accepting race.

        I will link my thoughts on our current owner and on the corporate ownership of so many clubs into this deep and detailed subject.

        Covid , despite all its horrors, will in time have a definite silver lining in changing attitudes faster than they would otherwise.

      2. Pat It is ironic that Warren Mitchell who I met and knew very slightly was as different from Alf Garnett as it is possible to be He was also a Spuds fan and of course Jewish!

        1. jon, still a great show and really puts racists down, but probably too subtle for some. Then again I grew up with Enid Blyton’s Noddy Books, with gollywogs and never associated them with black people I knew.

  8. Unfortunately bigotry and hatred will never be eradicated from human nature.

    Some people will always find issue with others to try & justify their bigotry. Race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, the list goes on.

    They should be identified and shunned. Exclude them from public office, public gatherings, and remove them from any platform (digital or otherwise) where they can spew their filth.

    Let them feel rejected and excluded until they shed their ignorance.

    1. Easier said than done Durand. If an abuser is sending messages from an account protected by a Virtual Private Network (VPN) then as far as I know they cannot be identified. This does not suggest that all internet users with VPNs are abusers of course.

  9. It’s not nice at all, and hopefully these idiots get some form of punishment. Although I do find it hard to sympathize with adults being upset with online abuse, because what did they expect?

    It’s like buying some food that you know is gone off, then complaining about the taste.

    With children, it’s very different. They need to be educated about the dangers of social media, but adults should know the deal by now. If it’s that upsetting, it’s very easy to deal with, just come off whatever platform your on. We do not need social media to live. In fact, it is poisoning societies, even more now than ever, given the censorship of conservative speech, from these left-wing big tech companies.

    1. ThirdManJW
      Well said regarding social media. I myself left Twitter and Facebook when I returned to teaching. Since then I have found more serenity in my private life without the distraction of social media.

      In retrospect, it offered me precious little and I have not missed it one single bit.

      1. Durand, I used to be on FB all thetime but have come to realise how empty of meaningful debate it is and now I only use it for confirming appointments and other trivial matters. Not for platforming at all these days

    2. TMTW, you are a deep thinking man as I have come to realise over the time on here, I WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR THOUGHTS(TO COME) ON SEVERAL ARTICLES ABOUT HUMAN PREJUDICE, HATRED AND INTOLERANCE, which I am writing for JA. It will be partly AFC related but covers a far greater human area then just football or even just sport.

      I also like that you call it straight, just as you see it and do not pussy foot around. That is how I like to I look at life too. To speak plainly and to the point is to give ones true thoughts and that is what we all deserve to receive. The wrong alternative is to play “mind games” with words and I do not like doing that.
      I fear the far left and the far right and see a level of intolerance in both that is dangerous and which needs to be challenged. In essence, even though on supposedly different sides, they both become the “enemy” of human emancipation. I am liberal by nature but not a Lib Dem voter, as I see their brand of so called liberalism in many life areas as exactly the opposite of true liberalism.

      To try to shut down free speech and no platform people with whom they profoundly disagree is anti liberalism and that is precisely what a great number of younger people are. Though they would be horrified to realise it. Hope you don’t mind me writing in this way but I sense a kindred spirit in you!

      1. It’s a shame what has happened in all honestly. Civil discourse seems to be in the minority, whilst screaming your head off, point scoring, lies and propaganda seems to be the norm now.

        Like you, I fear the far right, and far left, but far more the left, given the majority of big tech, media, and schools lean that way. Just look at what’s happening in America! They are quickly heading down the road of a fascist totalitarian state.

        1. Particularly those in the USA, who are finding Rupert Murdoch and Fox News too leftist for them.
          The current Republican Party would have refused to endorse Dwight D Eisenhower.

          1. ozzie, The Republican Party historically has always been a wide coalition from what we in Britain would call moderate Conservative voters, to the far extreme of the Tea Party, encompassing those even to the right of the old disgusting British Nationalist Party.

            Those are the ones now who still support Trump and inhabit Q Anon and who are at odds with all decency and human spirit in life. Until Trump came to power, the dangerous far right o fthe Republican Party were largely controlled by the moderates but that has all changed now.

            On the other hand though, the far left are full of people who are also at odds with much of what passes for ordinary mainstream life and some of them are so far from rationality as to be dangerously deranged. In Britain, we saw the danger to democracy in Corbynites and their disregard for the long established centrist British moderate way of thinking. To SOME extent, these extremists have been marginalised since Corbyn was overthrown by our moderate electorate but they still exist, and are a menace if we relax our guard.

            In essence, these are both dangerous groups divorced from reality and neither practise REAL democracy, though some may well espouse it. But words are never as important as actions!

  10. Anyone who watched a game in the late seventies or early eighties would be familiar with the mass chanting that would single out the sole black player in the opposite team in order to humiliate them. You really had to feel for the early “pioneersl” like Clyde Best, Garth Crooks or our own Davis and what they endured. Even Liverpool fans weren’t above it all until John Barnes arrived with his dignity and skill. The fact that it continues is just a negative side of human nature, although rather than having an entire terrace hurling obscenities it is now down to a few sad idiots.

    1. Blow up plastic bananas being waved in the crowd and throwing bananas on the pitch comes to mind.

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