Raul Sanllehi stamps his mark on Arsenal and promises no more Ramsey stand-offs

Arsenal’s new head of football Raul Sanllehi came in to replace Ivan Gazidis and immediately pulled Aaron Ramsey’s contract off the table, and has promised a get tough attitude with any contract rebels in the future. He told the Telegraph: “In general, I do believe that a player’s contract should never go to the last year, as a policy,”

“But I don’t think I am inventing the wheel. Anybody could agree on that. Normally, the contracts of the players are for five years. You need to have a clear idea of what you want to do with that player when he is in the third year, at the latest.”

“We don’t take decisions overnight, on a quick reflection. We really go through not only a long period of thinking but also a lot of people are involved. People in which we have a high trust. In general I would like to make that point clear. There are no decisions that are left to the last minute. When we reach a decision, it is for a reason.”

So it is obvious that this get tough policy is going to continue for many years, and it must now be obvious that Ramsey will not get another Chance. He had an offer on the table when Wenger was manager, and Gazidis kept it there until he left for AC Milan, so he had ample chance to sign it over the last year at least. He has only himself to blame as far as I’m concerned.

Darren N


  1. gotanidea says:

    I hope Ozil is going to be the last one that can take advantage of Arsenal’s mismanagement and hopefully Ramsey’s issue will be a good example for the players

    No need to talk about Ramsey anymore as he is one foot out the door. The media should have chased Arsenal for their next transfer target instead

    1. Innit says:

      No player should be bigger than the Club or hold it for ransom.
      An example needs to be set for other players
      Ozil and Walcott were handled poorly and given more money than they deserve imo.

      Hopefully we can get something for him in January

      Also agree with need for more transfers

  2. Twig says:

    The game against Liverpool will be tough. What’ll be your preferred lineup for the game?

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      What’s yours Twig? Anyway I’m sure we’re all getting fed up with the Ramsey situation. After this article we should all bring it to a close. It’s my firm opinion he wants to leave on a free transfer, so he can get the maximum amount of money in his next deal. This has always been about money, something I’ve said many times already

      1. Xxnofx says:

        We could also bring the wenger saga to an end also,fans on here still going on about him like he’s managing the team still.
        I wanted him gone more than most but ffs the endless drivel I see on here about wenger is boring the sh1t out of me now .fans were actually blaming him for our draw against palace ,cmon enough is enough .

        1. Angus says:

          The team is basically identical to what Wenger would play although obviously Emery is instilling a different kind of play although that kind of play hasn’t seen us remotely be better from the back yet so all that discussion is mute. I suspect longer term Emery will shore up the back and he will be better suited to our budget (I’d also argue that Wenger would have done better with PSG than Emery.)

          End of the day fans blamed Wenger for Chelsea/City getting rich that is it. Frustrations will continue to boil over until fans accept our standing in the world which often gets messed up by measuring vs europe. Take the much poorer Dortmund they getting exciting youngsters because they are poor but still have a nailed on CL spot in a semi-competitive league we will never have that option.

          1. Durand says:

            The same except for a real DM in Torreria that Wenger never brought in. Oh, and Auba as well who was a Sven and Gazidis buy. Other than the guy who balances our midfield and the scoring machine up top, yeah basically the same players.

          2. ken1945 says:

            Durand, doesn’t this finally prove, however, that it was Gazidis who was actually running the transfer policies?
            This, at a time when we were being told it was all down to one power crazy man?
            I reckon there is even more to come out, so I will keep my powder dry!!!
            I believe that it also gives my theory regarding the saga and blame about Griezman the legs it needed to convince you as to who actually fouled it up?
            Gazidis every single time, the penny pinching puppet of Kronkie ?

          3. jon fox says:

            Ken, I am not sure that most on here EVER thought the actual amount spent was ever down to Wenger. We all knew full well that our owner is a Scrooge. How wisely or foolishly that meagre ration was spent though was certainly down to Wenger. Wenger had a long list of DUFF CB’s he brought in , both before and esp after Sol Campbell, who was our last real top class CB, in my view. Koscielny was easily the best SINCE Campbell, but not in his class , even so. And he landed us with a,£35 mill misfit in Mustafi, who is still harming us , esp as other CB’s are still injured. THIS is why i still mention Wenger, as the squad is still mostly his, which will take some time to come before this changes, thanks to Scrooge. I do though also blame Gazidis for many other things too AND REJOICE HE HAS GONE.

          4. ken 1945 says:

            Jon, I agree with you completely regarding Gazidis, that has long been both our thoughts.
            My beef has been about him handling the transfers, salaries and contracts.
            It was so obvious that he was in control of these, just look at the Griezman saga.
            What I want your opinion on is if you see the same transfer kitty that you said was hampering Emery’s chances of buying a world class defender, also apply to AW?
            If, as I presume you do, doesn’t that explain why we haven’t had any defender of that ilk since Campbell?
            I would put Kos into that bracket, but that is a personal opinion.
            Also Jon, in light of the Ramsey contract debacle, are you still of the opinion that one power crazy individual (AW) was in total control?

            Just to clarify my opinion, the notion that was trumpeted on here is slowly but surely being proved wrong.
            Look forward to your reply.

          5. Angus says:

            I’d argue that Wenger would have had no problem with Torreria. Given his technique I’d argue he’d of been a welcome priority at that price.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    Darren, don’t know how you got “obvious from that, it’s obvious that its been sitting on the table since Wenger was here, right up til a few weeks ago. Some things are obvious, but it’s not a word to throw around just because you have an opinion on something which you are viewing from the outside. I don’t mean to come off the way that sounds, it’s how I write. One thing about this is obvious to me, they negotiated, Ramsey thought he won, but then he lost. Hopefully Raul will put an end to this, I don’t think he’ll get it 100% not ever happening again, some players will be too valuable to our final league position, so they’ll weigh up the costs (pros and cons). I am liking what I’m hearing from Raul all the same, he seems a guy who means what he says.

  4. Goona says:

    basically what the new leader is saying is Ramsey had been offered too much money,hence he took it the contract off the table.He will be offered another contract with less money.
    that’s my 2 cents

  5. Sue says:

    OT so that Chelsea coach was fined 6k for upsetting Maureen. I’d have loved to have waved my clenched fist in his face on many occasions ?

  6. jon fox says:

    Why regurgitate a Ramsey article only hours old on here. Just faking it by putting Raul in the strapline fools no one . It is about Ramsey and we virtually all agree he should go. But then you already knew that , as did we all.

    1. ken 1945 says:

      Blimey Jon, your complaining about regurgitating old news!
      Could this be a breakthrough for you and me?!?!?!

      Totally agree with you on Ramsey, get the bad apple out of the barrel, it’s gone on far to long

  7. Big G says:

    Ramsey had his chance to sign but is also only doing what the majority of players do when reaching their supposed best years in trying to secure the best contract possible and he will achieve that with the free transfer to wherever.

  8. dave says:

    Ramsey and his reps tried to milk the situation by taking advantage of the indecision that pervaded the club during the final years of Wenger’s reign. But it’s clear now Ramsey’s team’s tactics has back fired and the miscalculation is coming back to bite his rear. He now wants an ‘explanation’ for the contract-withdraw. Well, there you have it — a different boss, different rules.

    The argument that he’s a good premier league player is moot at this point. Sanllehi and Emery are trying to chart a different course for the club, from transfer policy to players management and in game tactics. The club has missed the ruthless approach from on the field tactics to off the field mangement over the years. I applaud them for this new start.

  9. TH14-TW14 says:

    Raul is just waxing lyrical. Players running down contract has come to stay. Didn’t Liverpool lose Can on a free? Man U finally gave in to Fellaini, and Martial and De Gea are yet to sign?

    Players now have the power and there’s little clubs can do about it. It doesn’t matter what Raul says, it’s the new order.

    1. jon fox says:

      Your final sentence is too fatalistic and wimpish. Players and agents DO have too much power. We ALL KNOW THAT . BUT, it is not as hopeles as you claim. If we -or any club- played hardball at the right time of the contract, most players would come into line and the ones who don’t we are better off without. We let Ramsey get far too much self regard; much of this is Wengers fault by always playing him when fit instead of treating him like any player should always be treated; ie expendable for any game if he is not doing the business. The remarkable differerence in managererial attitude under the new regime has already shown ALL THE PLAYERS who is in charge. And who is not; ie the players themselves. The club still wields power, just not like in the old days pre George Eastham and even Bosman. Times do change but human nature does not and deterrents still work if used in time and used properly. Hence my view of your last comment as “wimpish” OR PERHAPS DEFEATIST WOULD BE A MORE ACCURATE WORD. You either believe in standing up to would be bullies or you just give in and say nothing can be done. I know which one I believe in.

      1. TH14-TW14 says:

        Yeah, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal (Chelsea, whom I forgot earlier in their Hazard situation and Courtois case) are all “wimpish”. You neither manage a club nor run the affairs of one. All mentioned clubs are giants and same issue happened or is happening to all of them.

        How much of Mourinho ostracizing Martial has got him to sign a new contract? Stop writing in caps, it doesn’t make your shallow arguments more persuasive.

        1. ken1945 says:

          The biggest problem facing our club is this:
          Make a stand, don’t give in to player’s demands and then what?

          In come city, chelsea, united and liverpool to offer whatever the player wants and off they go.

          Next thing? The”fans will criticize everyone but themselves for the situation.

          Now before anyone says it’s not the fans fault, remember the Ozil situation?
          If we hadn’t got him signed on, “we weren’t a big club anymore”……we signed him……now we are club that offered a ridiculous contract to someone who isn’t worth it!!!

  10. Patrick_G says:

    These are the tough decisions management need to take. We can’t complain considering how poor the previous management team was in handling simple procedures and policies.

    We need to trust the new management team. At the end hopefully they have things in order for recruitment and further contract extensions.

    This is all new to everyone, so lets see what happens end of this season.

    I’m sure there is a priority list established. We have two professional people in Raul and Sven.

    Arsenal as a brand is starting to pick up pace again (Adidas kit deal, other stadium sponsorship’s).

    And we working harder as a team. That’s attractive to players who want to win.


  11. Counsel says:

    Emery is yet to prove he can do it only 10 games remember

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