Ray Parlour accuses AFTV of wanting Arsenal to lose

Parlour Thinks AFTV Is An ‘Embarrassment’ by Dan

No player has played more games in the Premier League for Arsenal then Ray Parlour. He graduated from our academy and went on to win 12 major honours with the Gunners including being a member of our “Invincibles.”

With that resume the 48-year-old shouldn’t have to justify that his love for the club is genuine and that he cares about our reputation. So if he feels that AFTV have embarrassed a side he represented for 15 years, he’s allowed to express his point of view, as he did to Robbie Lyle on Talk Sport radio.

Our ex-midfielder accused the Fan Channel of embarrassing the club, suggesting that they had more subscribers who were fans of rivals than actual Gooners.

“Certain fans, and I’m probably one of them, say that Arsenal Fan TV, you want them to lose so you get more hits on YouTube,” Parlour said on Talk Sport. “What it is, all the other fans want to see Arsenal fans having a meltdown when you lose a game. I look at Arsenal Fan TV and say sometimes you’re quite an embarrassment to look at.

“As an Arsenal fan, I want Arsenal to win every game, I think sometimes you look at it and say, ‘if they lose, we’ll get more hits this week and earn more money’”.

There is zero right and wrong here. It’s just one man giving his opinion about content that he knows something about.

Not just in sport, it’s like unless you don’t give the popular consensus you are shouted down. Robbie’s rebuttal was that the interviewee was simply trying to protect his ‘job’ at the Emirates (Parlour isn’t employed by the club but obviously has connections.)

Last time he was on the Radio station Robbie had a war of words with Simon Jordan, accusing the ex-Palace owner of snobbery towards the modern media.

At Oxford University, Bellerin once echoed what Parlour is now saying.

A week before the FA Cup Final Arsene Wenger warned he wouldn’t “forget” his treatment from certain fans, as BBC showed Youtubers who grew a following by verbally abusing the greatest manager in our history.

There’s long been the rumour that Arsenal distanced themselves from the platform by legally forcing them to change their original name from ‘Arsenal Fan TV’.

Arsenal have on occasion released statements reminding the public AFTV do not reflect their views.
Years ago Robbie was so offended by Gary Neville’s criticism he invited the pundit to a debate,
When Neville showed up all the talking heads shrunk.

Former players, current ones, those on TV, previous Chairmen, a manager, etc ….., Robbie has had exception to anyone who questions his business model. Which is ironic. He gets views by essentially critiquing another company, yet gets sensitive when exactly the same is done to him.

If you’re going to stand outside someone’s work place filming people shouting expletives, then you need to be able to handle an Arsenal legend politely pointing out that it’s helped made us a laughing stock in the Football community.

My own feelings are that I disagree with the notion that Robbie is not a genuine fan.
I question the knowledge of those who largely make up the channel (eg, they thought Tony Adams was part of the Invincibles?).

There’s nothing wrong with someone having a vision and fulfilling his ambition. That should be applauded. Yet he has to accept that the bigger his creation grows, the more there is a conflict of interest between being a fan and what videos make him the most money.

He equally can’t give air time to characters purposely being over the top, then wonder why some no longer see him as representation of our fan base.

I’m passionate about Arsenal. My best friend is obsessed with Liverpool. My brother constantly talks about Man United. My Dad has lived in Greece for 18 years yet still every weekend will follow the Cherries.

Yet none of us have ever responded to a defeat by using the C word or indeed any kind of swear word.

Come to think of it, I watch Redman TV, West Ham Fan TV, The Kick Off and United Stand, and they manage to preview and review going ons without being larger than life personalities who can have a debate without cursing.

His go-to defence is that other broadcasters are equally guilty of using negativity to garner ratings.

What he has to accept is that while he’s done an amazing job, Fan Channels will never be seen as competition by the sporting media because it’s a different genre entirely.

Sky, BT, Five Live, etc have standards and practices to adhere too. Imagine if Jamie Carragher swore live on TV. He wouldn’t appear again. Roy Keane and Souness are feisty but can have a debate without bad language (which all adults should be able to do).

Look how AFTV dealt with last season’s racial scandal. Ron Atkinson ruined his career by racially abusing Desailly. No one on ITV dared try to trivialise it, like Robbie did when under his watch Son was the victim of discrimination.

On one hand he wants to be compared to Sky Sports but when it’s convenient to him can we ignore racism because it’s his friend.

To suggest Parlour would have an agenda is arrogant. You’re not that special.

I even heard a suggestion that Stan Kroenke paid Parlour to try to divide the fanbase before the protest. That’s quite self-involved and arrogant. Our owner doesn’t watch Arsenal and couldn’t name 10 of our squad. So why would he be sat in America watching a Fan Channel?

He wouldn’t care.

I think Ray Parlour has enough money where he doesn’t need to use a YouTube Channel to stay relevant.

So if he’s saying he thinks you’re an embarrassment, it might be because he simply means it.

Be Kind In The Comments…

Dan Smith

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  1. Have always respect Robbie, but this time, he crossed the line.

    How does losing a game change the heart of our owner to sell up?

    Even if I want our owner to leave asap, I still don’t wish Arsenal to lose a game because of that.

    I prefer Arsenal to win every game and win every trophy with Kroenke in charge than losing every game so that Kroenke can sell up.

    Just left AFTV channel, I’m tired of Robbie right now.

      1. Exactly right, 03 Gooner. I watch AFTV regularly and if anybody ever said they wanted Arsenal to lose to get say Wenger, Arteta or Kroenke out, they got short shift and were put down.

      2. Well said, not once has he said he wants Arsenal to lose, in fact the complete opposite.

    1. Your missing the point he was asked on by talksport to discuss the esl and the ownership of the kronkes and instead it turned out a personal attack by parlour

      1. Mal, you are right. I watched/listened to the full interview on YouTube and it was exactly as you state. Robbie Lyle went on to Talk Sport to discuss the ESL and Arsenal and KS&E’s part in it. Ray Parlour attempted to ambush him him to talk about AFTV.
        In my view Robbie held his own and I was disappointed in Ray Parlour.

    2. That is why you first verify the information people post, to determine the truth. I get that people criticize AFTV, and sometimes rightfully so. but there is also an agenda in this post as it relates to AFTV. You always say ‘be kind in you comments’ after being unkind in your viewpoint. How quickly we become that which we despise.

  2. I love Parlour, but he was bang out of order on two fronts, whether you like AFTV or not.

    At a time when all Arsenal fans are trying to unit in our battle, not just against Kroenke, but for a change in how clubs are owned/run, and Parlour wants to pick a fight on a completely different matter? I have no issue with Ray having an opinion about AFTV, but there’s a time and place. As Robbie said on his channel, he wasn’t expecting that, and I agree. It came out of nowhere. Either Ray was just being stupid, or the producers had coerced him for the higher ratings.

    Which leads me onto my second point. Does Parlour not realize where his Talk Sport paycheck is coming from? It’s coming from fans opinions, and there’s no one better than Talk Sport for inciting fans, so that they call in, and give them the ratings they want. The sheer hypocrisy of what Parlour was saying absolutely stunned me!

    Even if you don’t watch AFTV, just watch the interview Robbie does with Moh after the Everton game. Moh perfectly articulates how wrong Parlour was and why.

    I don’t like the cancel culture we live in, so Parlour shouldn’t be “cancelled” by our fans even though he was bang wrong. Hopefully he apologizes, but even if he doesn’t, just chalk it down to him being a fool in that interview…ambush.

    What I have always loved about AFTV is that it was the first time that fans really had a voice within the world of media. People keep claiming that the channel created negativity, when in fact it was Arsenal that was doing that. AFTV are not like the mainstream media, say like the evil CNN, were they’re essentially publishers, because of the bias they have on certain issues, narratives they create, or out right lies. AFTV simply let fans talk, end of. The majority of fans were usually unhappy because there has been nothing to be happy about for over a decade! What do people expect?

    At the end of the day it’s sheer snobbery and ignorance, especially from those sat in a sports studio making money off the exact same fans!

      1. Exactly right, Tommo, he certainly did. Parlour wasted his time deflecting from the issue of the day, which was the ESL and Arsenal’s role in it to a personal attack on AFTV and Robbie Lyle personally.

  3. Some Arsenal fan media use controversies and incitations to get higher traffic and more clicks. I think the creators of those media don’t care whether Arsenal get affected by the incitations or not, because the players might never read our comments

    I also wonder why some fans protested against Kroenke on a match day, because their noise and actions demoralized the squad. They could’ve done it today or tomorrow FFS, unless they didn’t care about the game as long as Kroenke paid attention to them

    The toxic fans deserve to see Arsenal’s slump, because of their mob mentality. We’re still in EL FFS, so stop whining and support the team until we’re out

    1. I think Robbie prefers it when Arsenal are struggling. Hence why he always brings on very emotional actors to keep the traffic up.
      The guy is a businessman.
      He is uses the same tactic as “The JERRY SPRINGER SHOW”.

      The more ridiculous it gets the better for him as a business.

      I had a little glance at AFTV in 2014 and it made me cringe. Couldn’t bring myself to watch another second of it ever since.

      1. I guess he initially cared about trophies, then he needed the money more than the glory. Just like some senior players as they get older

        I despise toxic fans and inciters. Unfortunately, this is a part of sports business

        1. GAI, if you don’t inform yourself first of what was said, then you shouldn’t comment. It helps if you “do have an idea”.

  4. Whether you like aftv or you are a critic of it (i watch it regularly) talksport(which i listen to as well) were out of order to ambush Robbie like that, using our legend Ray parlour, who has actually been interviewed on aftv before a couple of times before, as a pawn to grill him about his fan channel when, Robbie, beforehand, agree to come onto the station to talk about the protest and our owner which is bigger than aftv vs talksport. I thought it was such a diliberate discusting act, very petty

  5. Your missing the point he was asked on by talksport to discuss the esl and the ownership of the kronkes and instead it turned out a personal attack by parlour

  6. Come on, I bet AFTV (Robbie) loves it when the chips are down at The Arsenal.
    He makes loads of money through hits from our very emotional lot.

    1. Same for Sky, ESPN, BBC, BT Sport, Talk Sport, Radio 5 live, the tabloids, every other internet fan channel, and blog, or even this great site don’t forget! Or should we all just not discuss Arsenal ever again?

      1. You can discuss whatever you like. I ain’t stopping anyone from doing anything. Just can’t stand it when people get too overly emotional.
        One loses their objectivity once they keep letting their emotions overpower them.

        That’s all I am saying.

        1. Although I agree about people being too over emotional, but that’s what makes the show so great! Unlike with the punditry on the major shows, where it’s often very bland because all involved have major constrictions on what they can and can’t say, E.G. No swearing (although I like that), on shows like AFTV you can be yourself. You get to see some real characters!

          But considering you said you haven’t watched AFTV for 7 years, you are not in a position to comment on that show, because you literally will not know what you’re talking about. It’s come on leaps and bounds, and big respect to Robbie for making it what it is, and especially to keep it going when we’ve all been away from the games for so long.

          1. Agree, TMJW, if it was so poor why is it so popular and why have so many other clubs now have fan channels?
            If people don’t like swearing (and I rarely swear, even though I worked all my life in civil construction), I would advise that you don’t watch the Newcastle United fan channel.

  7. Also I’ve never understood the opinion that Robbie and the aftv members want Arsenal to lose to get ‘more views’ for profit, when they were match going fans long before the channel was created. So after all those years of supporting the team pre aftv, all of a sudden they want the team to lose to make money. Makes no logical sense! I think they would want the best of both worlds, the team to be successful and the channel to be success as well.

    Now I am a subscriber to aftv and enjoy it’s content ‘especially when we WIN’ but do acknowledge the criticisms I.e the foul language, the verbal abuse of players managers etc which I am wholly AGAINST which in an ideal world would be not take place. But let us not make that exclusive to aftv as this sort of foul behaviour happens in stadiums and even us watching at home, it is all wrong.

    Another is the critics can’t seem to decipher the difference between and link Robbie, who has own views which may I add is a lot more balanced and considered with other members like for example dt troopz who rant and rave using the said vile language, so automatically label Robbie as negative which is unfair on him.

    To conclude aftv is not all negative, there is other content aside from fan cams after matches which is more enjoyable to watch and there are positive people on the channel ty kelechi Charlene Cecil james

    So there’s nothing wrong with the criticism but some criticise without any substance and admit the don’t even watch it or maybe seen I video or clip.

  8. Arsenal is what you make of it. No matter the situation in my club, I will never wish she lost. It’s in my DNA, my BLOOD, My HEART & my SOUL It is ME. Why should I wish failure 2 myself? Check it now, does it make any sense ? My dream everyday is 4 Arsenal2win. Finally, Arsenal’s what you make of it

  9. How have AFTV helped make Arsenal a laughing stock? By expressing their views whether it be explicit or not? Arsenal have made themselves a laughing stock for at least over a decade. Both on and off the pitch. Certain club legends like Ray Parlour would rather keep a good relationship with the club instead of saying it how it is and criticising ownership

    1. Micah, the current ownership and management at Arsenal are doing a good job of making the Club a “laughing stock”, without any help from others.

  10. This is an article to ridicule Robbie. I listened to the interview and it was a personal attack on Robbie.

    I don’t understand why Dan didn’t present what transpired in that interview but rather state what Ray said.

    Robbie was asked about the ESL and how he feels about the future if the Kroenkes. This has nothing to do with him making money when Arsenal loses. I am disappointed in you Dan.

    1. Just for those who ddnt listen to the interview what have I said that’s not true ?
      Did Parlour say those things or not ?
      Robbie not the king
      If you go on national radio the presenter is entitled to ask you what he wants
      Be like Robbie saying ‘ talk about the game don’t mention Stan Koronke ‘

      1. It’s true Ray asked those questions but why didn’t I see Robbie’s response in the article.

        Why do you bring Ray comments only.

        1. Because the article is about an arsenal players opinion towards AFTV
          Robbie says Parlour is saying this to protect his job
          I challenge that ?
          Apart from that the only thing I don’t mention is the interview was about the protest but why would me !mentioning that change anything ?
          The point is Parlours opinion about AFTV

          Would be like saying Jose spoke about Oles not feeding child . Why did the BBC / Sky Sports only show that and not the whole press conference
          You pick out the headlines
          The headline is an Arsenal legend calling a fan channel embarrassing

  11. AFTV is a sensationalist platform. We are losing at present so they will play it up (be negative) to get clicks.
    If we start winning, they will try to find the sensational in that by comparing our teams to The Invincibles , Secretariat, Muhammad Ali, and Winston Churchill.
    Having said that, people seem to react more (on chat forums for instance) to negative stories than to positive stories, so AFTV (and the main stream media) will probably have a NEGATIVE default, at present.

  12. I’m sure Robbie doesn’t enjoy when Arsenal lose like any Arsenal fan! Talksport is more like Talks*it any company that hires a prat like Adrian Durham shouldn’t be taken seriously!

  13. Parlour was bang out of order but he was defending his ambassador position at Arsenal, parlour isnt going to slag off anything Arsenal like that. He deflected questions on Kronk and the team to Robbie.

    1. not sure mate
      Robbie asked ‘ would you trust the owners ‘ and Palour says ‘ no’
      quite cut and dry

      1. Ok but that wasn’t in the transcript i read, never heard it but read the full radio transcript. When Robbie asked him about trusting Kronk he never replied, No. But i only read a transcript, if you listened to it, i will bow to your greater knowledge.

        1. I will just add, i have nothing to beef about Ray, he was in my era when i spent the most time going to Arsenal games, i like him.

  14. OT,

    But Mark McGuinness was immense again today for Ipswich.

    10 aerials won
    2 tackles
    6 interceptions
    2 blocked shots
    2 clearances

  15. Unprofessional interview from Parlour, great player for Arsenal, but you could tell this was set up to knock Aftv, Robbie defended him self perfectly, by trying to get back to the relevant subject, a professional media presenter should not refrain from the current topic, Robbie is a brilliant interviewer and professional, something a certain Mr Parlour should learn from, like Parlour as a person, but will have to learn from this.

        1. So in that moment he wasn’t a great professional ?
          I didn’t say he was alive
          I said he racially abused Son
          That’s a fact

          1. And you’ve never made a mistake, Dan?
            Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.
            As I said at the time, I and probably 95% of others, had no knowledge that the term the late Claude used was derogatory.

          2. To answer your question
            No , I have never racially abused someone
            I lived in London so yes know what it meant
            So did he as he said it ? Lol

            You can’t have it both ways mate
            AFTV want to be seen as the new media
            So if Sky Sports had a presenter say a racial term he/ she would be sacked
            If you went to work and said same thing see what happens
            On one hand we say let’s have zero tolerance to racism but people like you make excuses ?

          3. Dan, I did not make excuses, but said they got it wrong and apologised.
            If you look at the contributors to AFTV, they are more multi racial than most media outlets.

          4. Did they apologise straight away or after sponsors put pressure on ?
            I have zero tolerance to racism
            Don’t care how multi racial they are

  16. Anybody in the likes, follow retweet, favourites and/or hot-take business is guilty, in some form or fashion, of sensationalism…ever since the rise of the Howard Stern, aka the King of media, the notion of leaning into a more negative narrative in order to increase one’s audience base has become commonplace, if not the norm…as such, the more toxic the environment, the more eyes and ears are drawn into the fray…it’s obvious that Robbie understands this now fundamental concept

    the key factor that absolves him from the vast majority of any potential criticism is that he can’t generally create these negative scenarios on his own, as this requires a poor performance by the team and/or some sort of negative act perpetrated by a player, manager, chief administrator and/or owner…so unless he’s cultivating a highly spurious environment where “hate” language and/or violent behaviour is propagated or encouraged, I welcome their ability to provide a “necessary” outlet for either the jubilation or the frustrations of fans, who have functionally lost their voices regarding most team-related matters when the gulf between them the new wave of Billionaire owners grew exponentially

    it’s far more dubious that Parlour would “stoop” to utilizing the very means that he had cast dispersions about to his own advantage…incredibly hypocritical of him and far more problematic in that he’s acting in a similar fashion yet pretending to be the moral compass in the equation

  17. Parlour dropped his clanger from nowhere as though he had deliberately set out to ambush Robbie. It was out of context considering people were more interested in the ESL and what the Kroenkes have done to this club.

  18. I guess, it helps to know what you are talking about before criticising something. I watch AFT regularly after an Arsenal game since my kids introduced me to it a couple of seasons ago. The type of comments they make are exactly those you would expect to hear on the terraces during or just after a game. Rough raw and from the heart. They also reflect the various voices you would hear from a diverse fan base from the articulate Moh, Turkish and Kelechi to the likes of Troops, Tye and the late Claude. All of them though are as emphatic after an Arsenal win as you or I Parlour’s attack was simply directed from the establishment which does not like any criticism which it cannot control or manipulate. In their view AFT should be talking about the positives such as what a great squad Arsenal have assembled and the wonderful progress being made under the custodianship of Kroenke, Vinai, Edu and Arteta.

    1. As a fan on the terraces
      I rarely hear racial abuse , talk of drugs , the c word used as regular as I hear on AFTV,
      Plus the channels lack of knowledge does not reflect those I sit around
      Think most Arsenal fans for example know that Tony Adams didn’t play for the invincibles , would know we been in a Leauge Cup Final more recently since 1991
      Would know Reyes was signed in 2003 /4 season
      Would know last year’s cup Final was not between Watford City
      Would know who Wenger managed before
      Just a few things they got wrong in last two.weeks
      Also strange I never see grown men arguing and swearing at each other as much as they do ?

      1. Dan, I read lots of incorrect information on this site as well, but it hasn’t stopped me from participating.

      2. Dan, you’ve never seen bananas thrown on the ground, or blown up bananas waved at players, which still occurs in Europe and was once prevalent at UK grounds?
        If you’ve never heard grown men swearing, you haven’t worked in industry, construction or visited a pub. Unfortunately, I have heard language from 15 year old schoolgirls on the bus, which would make a bullocky blush.

  19. Ray parlour is a club legend but is a disappointment for what he did on talksport and talksport themselves and now see after that Childish stupid attack on Robbie.By the way Ray parlour apologized to Robbie and Robbie for gave him ,He Robbie later got a skysport interview which was a great interview its on YouTube Thumbs up.Am based in African(Zambia) at themoment🤔

  20. seems like the writer was only listening to Ray and muting robbie’s responses.what a stupid article

  21. Wow, any fan choosing talkspite over aftv need their head examined! Parlour was simply the talkspite muppet of the day ‘used’ to ask the questions.
    Love Ray as a player but he has to suck to his employer, and that sucks Ray. Wake Up!!
    Big up Robbie Lyle and Mo following the aftv interview.
    Eloquent and correct.

  22. Is this an article or someone’s opinion….I will rather tilt towards an opinion coz if it were to be an article I would be thumbing this down all day…..
    AFTV is a fan’s channel….. Can somebody tell the writer the meaning of fan’s channel…. It’s where fans air their opinion…. Whatever your opinion is Robbie gives you the microphone to express it….. There are so many fans on aftv with different opinion, some opinion I agree with some I don’t and that’s how the world goes round… You don’t agree with everyone’s opinion…as evil as the ESL sounds some fans still support it…. That’s the world for you….
    To now write an article on someone saying the owner of a fans channel want his club to lose to get hits sounds so ridiculous to me…. Even if that’s what he wants for arsenal to lose , how does that affect what the players do on the pitch….if parlour says he wants arsenal to win why are we not winning just because he wishes us to …. At the end of the day I think parlour is very wrong here and should apologize and the writer of this opinion called an article should retract his opinion coz it’s funny to me to condemn what AFTV does…..if you are such a morally upright person and you don’t want to hear certain language why not switch to the next channel instead of watching and criticising… We all come from different backgrounds and you don’t expect everybody to have same level of morals…. There are some fans on AFTV who don’t use the f word and others do….. Besides morals are only relative…. What is morally upright to you might not be to me…. So Mr writer if you feel offended by what’s bin aired on AFTV then quit watching….. There are some fans views on the channel I never support…fans like kelechi who is Nigerian like me….. but then it doesn’t make me condemn the whole channel coz of kelechi…. They are only fans airing their opinion and I don’t see anything wrong with that…. I love Robbie a whole lot and admire what he does…. fortunately for him arsenal has made him very popular even here in Nigeria among arsenal fans due to our bad results, But how is that a fault of his….bad news generally spread faster than good ones…. That’s nature for you…. Ironically the same thing the writer and talksport accused Robbie of is what they are gaining from…. Talksport is bin talked about everywhere as well as parlour coz they attacked robbie, the writer on this platform gets a lot of comments including mine….and I dont regularly comment, i just read… again only because the writer support attack on Robbie… Are you guys not just hypocrites…..

    1. Yeah everything I write is my opinion dude
      That’s kind of obvious
      I never wrote that I think Robbie wants us to lose ?
      I wrote that Parlour said that and that I don’t agree with that
      No one said anywhere AFTV affects the players on the pitch
      I simply wrote what happened and my opinion to it

      I will maintain that if your business model is critiquing another company, then you can’t get sensitive to someone doing the same to you
      That goes for me as well.
      If I write my opinion I have to accept readers might critique what I wrote
      It’s freedom of speech
      As long as it’s done respectful then it’s fair
      If Robbie think it’s unfair Parlour saying AFTV are embarrassing the club then he can’t the next week verbally abuse a Xakha or Bellerin

  23. The ORIGINAL concept of what was then Arsenal Fan TV was an excellent one But, in common with so much else in football and elsewhere , the vast increase in money and publicity has gone to the heads of SOME of the “not able to speak without foul language” merchants who have disgraced and made that AFTV a pariah.

    When you choose – and it was a choice by Robbie- to give foul mouthed, wild eyed, loose canons regular air time and they disgrace your own vehicle, as they have done, you have no right to expect other than widespread condemnation and being still a pariah. That seems to my mind to be the reality!

  24. Troopz is a joke stereotype, and doesn’t even know it. Ray mentioned him in all but name. It’s really sad because I am sure AFTV would have done o.k. Without him…. Although he helped with hits, obviously. I think this is where Parlour got it right, although how he put his point across was brutal, to say the least.
    For my part, I was born in the Whittington, lived off Upper street, went to school round the corner, was on my dads shoulder in’71 watching the bus, led the chants on the Northbank too… Plus I know a few of the players.. I could go on about what me and Tony Eastlake should have done at Arsenal, but I won’t…So I hope my opinion counts..
    Basically I am embarrassed watching a bunch of goons acting like stepnfetchit. They don’t see the damage they do to young black people in London. But they are fine as they are earning money out of being a stereotype fake jafaican.
    It’s not even close a Jamaican accent. What a buffoon.
    Also, the more Arsenal gets devalued,mths bigger the chance Kronke will sell. So if you really are an Arsenal diehard who didn’t support us just because of the invincibles, then surely you understand Losing a whole lot of games is probably the best recipe for success long term, as Kronke would sell to someone who can restore this once great institution.

    1. I don’t think KS&E would care if Arsenal were relegated. They ar probably looking at how much money Norwich City are being given to go down and up.
      It’s all about the money; success and trophies cost too much, unless by luck or accident.

  25. After that shameful smear campaign on behalf of satan kranky’s guard chihuahua/good boy that was once an Arsenal legend – ray parlour (small caps intentional), I don’t consider him either an ex-Arsenal player nor a human being.

    If I had the power, his name wouldn’t exist in the official history of the club.

  26. Please watch Skysports interview with Robbie on the same topic, then tell me that this article is not bias

  27. i don’t get why Robbie get so much criticism when when every other media are doing exactly the same beside their language being more reserved.

    AFTV is fan TV. They are just expressing their passion.

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