Ray Parlour gives Arsenal really BAD advice!

Arsenal’s English Core has failed by DN

Okay we all know the failings in the Arsenal team, and the biggest one for me is that the “promising youngsters” that we have expecting great things from, have simply failed to deliver. You know who I’m talking about; Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere, Jenkinson, Gibbs, etc, etc.

I think most readers on JustArsenal are agreed that some of these failures have reached their sell-by date and should now be replaced by some stars that have actually reached their potential. But now I hear our old legend Ray Parlour telling Wenger that he needs to keep the “English Core” and he makes it worse by saying we should be like Tottenham!

When discussing whether Arsenal should sell some of their home-grown players, Parlour said: “I think you have got to have that core. That’s what I like about Spurs. That core of British players they’ve got.

“Both full-backs and you look down the spine of the team, (Eric) Dier, Dele Alli, Harry Kane. I know their two centre-halves are foreign but down that spine of the team they have got good British players.

“I think they (Arsenal) should keep them.”

Well I think you are totally wrong Ray! There is a very big difference between Spurs’ English core and Arsenal’s current crop. The Tottenham lads HAVE reached their potential, and they will certainly displace the Arsenal players as the core of the England side in this summers Euro2016 competition. If Arsenal should have an English core they still need to sell our current lot and replace them with a better selection.

Who agrees?


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  1. We can keep Ramsey, Jack, Welbz, Chambers for now. Sale Ox, Gibbs and Theo and find better players for their spots.

    Some might disagree on Gibbs since his 2nd choice but Monreal is getting old we need to find a proper replacement to groom, the Gibbs experiment has failed.

    1. i have been saying the same thing for God knows how Long…….. When i reaLized Monreal was cLocking 30

      Someone is needed to be groomed in his stead …. Can’t afford to put all my eggs in one basket called “Gibbs”

    2. I’m one of the fans who thinks Gibbs is a solid second choice, though I must admit that’s a sensible idea you highlighted. I never looked at that way before. I also disagree with Parlour, and am a little surprised he thinks we should keep all of them. Maybe he’s sticking up for his fellow Englanders.

  2. Romford Pele is totally right we need the English core….players who play with pride, passion and never say die attitude!
    Mind you not sure about the above lot though….only Jenko has that fire in his belly and physique to go with it!

  3. disagree with ray . our core has been given an easy time for too long now an have failed.
    time to promote youth an sell deadwood

    my dad told me he saw romford ray outside a pub in chigwell 15 yrs back chatting up this girl, but as he was pretty drunk he was struggling to focus on her beyond her cleavage

    eventually she grew tired of this an said….’ffs im up here’
    rays response…’in a minute love…im trynna have a conversation’

    hahaha legend

  4. Ray Parlour is old-school and belongs to the Wenger era. Both should be confined to the annals of history! End of!!!

  5. Comparing Arsenal’s british core to spud’s is just Lame………The trio of Dier, ALLi and Kane aren’t just Core but Key to their recent EPL exploit

    O’er ere, the reverse is the case …. “The core”(Not prepared to name names) in our Team are seemingly problems on our hands (rather than being solutions)…..They are either Inconsistent or injury prone
    with their fat pay check waiting to be cashed in per week for Job undone

    Best Forget bout this core….They got LiL or nothing to offer…..What we really need is out ere in the Market!

  6. our British core has been hit and miss for a while now, i just believe with the right coaching and tactical positioning a lot of them can be very useful players, there are some who need to be told this is what you do and nothing else. and thier injuries need to be manage better maybe less playing time for some than others, unfortunately wenger cant afford to give them the proper time of his coaching, as he is under massive pressure to succeed these days and hasn’t got time to train them up properly, also he isn’t tactically flexible enough to accommodate them into different attacking systems, to test what they can do like having the ox in a 3 man midfield could work wonders. if he is in with elneny and le coq much like ramsey would also work well in a 3 man midfield with those two to as well.
    le coq le coq
    the ox elneny ramsey elneny
    ozil ozil
    these combos would work if use properly lots of energy and graft in the midfield.

  7. I think there’s an argument that the newish rules on minimum numbers of ‘Home Grown players’ in Prem squads is lowering the standard of the Premier League- Britain just doesn’t produce enough stars to go around (and certainly not superstars), and I don’t think enforced over-saturation of Brits in the league will change that particularly. Personally, I just care about quality, not nationality.

  8. I think gibbs is a good second choice on d left we can keep him but theo,ox wilshere let just get rid of hose bad eggs for free if possible.

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