Ray Parlour hails Arsenal’s signing of “demanding” new boy

Ray Parlour is impressed by Aaron Ramsdale and he has hailed the Arsenal new boy for his performance since he joined the club, as well as his on-field vocal nature.

The former Bournemouth shot-stopper looks to have a good command of his goal area and is always giving instructions to the players in front of him.

Parlour uses an example from the game against Aston Villa to prove that the Englishman is quite vocal, which he believes it’s a great attribute.

He said on TalkSport as quoted by HITC: “Ramsdale has been excellent. He really has. Since he has got his opportunity. Behind-the-scenes, they lost Martinez to Villa, who had a really good end to the season and got good money for him.

“Then you are thinking ‘wait a minute, you have spent £30 million on Ramsdale, is that money well spent?’. It looks like it has been a really good deal for Arsenal in recent weeks because he has played really well.

“What I like about it as well is when they conceded against Villa, you should have seen him, coming out of his box and having a go at people. That’s what you want from your keeper. Jens Lehmann was like that. Demanding.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arsenal has been crying out for a goalkeeper that has a good command of his goal and can also help to lead the defence.

We have gotten that in Ramsdale now and it seems we are settled in that department at the moment.

In front of him, we also have some of the best defenders in England and that means we have a solid base to build our attacks from.

If these players continue to perform well, we can be assured that we could end this campaign back inside the European places, at least.

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  1. ‘Some of the best defenders in England’
    I like our defense but are any of our defenders top 5 in the league for their positions?
    Genuine question so don’t slate me for it lol.

    1. No slating and no reason too either, as you merely asked a reasonable question.

      My opinion is that we have a RB and LB who are around 3rd, 4th or 5th best in their position We also have Tavares, who excites me as to his potential. Ramsdale certainly is top four or higher. Whyte too in top five. Gabriel playing top five standard right now and improving steadily!

      Since all our best defenders became fit and able to play we are certainly at least a top five or higher defence, at least when our best players play!

  2. The proof in all of the pudding will be when we are in the top 4 and we can then start comparing our players to players in the top 4. At the moment we can only compare to where we are and what is around us. Top 4 players and managers play in the top 4.

    1. Far too simplistic a statement Reggie, as so often with you!

      A great deal always depends on how much money is available for managers to buy and to pay top wages.

      Forget MA, as we will never agree on him, but I mention Graham Potter who is a far better manager than say Ole Gunner . SEAN DYCHE AT LOWLY BURNLEY HAS DONE WONDERS WITH ALMOST ZERO SPENDING MONEY OR WAGES.
      Never judge PURELY on Prem positions if you REALLY want the whole truth!

      Yet come seasons end Brigtton will not be in top four as we all know but Ole Gunner with all Man Utds spending power, likely will be, or at least close to it.
      And why? Simply the huge money available to him compared to almost nothing for POTTER and there are many other managers of lower clubs who are clearly better than some RICH clubs have.

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