Ray Parlour makes a bold statement about Arteta and the Arsenal dressing room

Arsenal legend, Ray Parlour, is confident Mikel Arteta has total control of the dressing room at the Emirates now.

The Spaniard has had to make some big decisions recently, including stripping Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of his Arsenal captaincy.

That was a major decision, considering the striker has a tremendous influence on other players in the squad.

However, things have only been better since they have banished Auba from the team, and Parlour reckons the former midfielder is leading his players as expected.

He told TalkSport: ‘I think he’s got the dressing room now. I know it was big news with Aubameyang and what’s happened to him and he’s a big figurehead in that dressing room,’ he added.

‘But since Aubameyang hasn’t been in the side, I’ve seen a good spirit which, sometimes if you leave out an influential player like Aubameyang, then you might have a problem.

‘He got the deadwood out, he got the people he wanted to out. Now if you go through the team, the back four is 24, 23, 22. Ramsdale has been a massive influence, I know it was a poor result against Everton, but other than that it’s been pretty good.’

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Arteta has got to have enough control of this dressing room to succeed at the Emirates.

He is showing he wants a disciplined squad with his action, and banishing Auba from the team will make the rest of the squad take him seriously.

The striker might return to the team before this season ends, but he now understands no one will be placed above the team.

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  1. jon fox says:

    I could not agree more with Parlour. All teams need all ineffective, half tryers and unproductive players as far from the dressing room, pitch and even the club, as possible.

    Very basic common* sense but, amazingly, some are too dull to realise it!
    * “common sense” is of course a misnomer, as it is NOT common to all!

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah I get that Jon- “Common Sense” would probably mean something like Not saying “That’s it!!!- I’m finished forever with Arteta” (or words to that effect) immediately after hearing he had given Xhaka a new contract, don’t you agree? I mean that would not be a “Common Sense” sort of comment at all would it?
      Still, realists such as you would know this wouldn’t they?

      1. jon fox says:

        Phil Though you as a mature fan, as am I too, both know that all humans say things in frustration and in the heat of the moment which we do not actually mean – which explains that comment of mine on MA, I – as distinct from you – am keen to get the whole truth out there, so I write the above for all to understand.

        Most fans well understand that all humans speak hastily at times and say things we do not mean.


        Are you truly that rare a person!! Somehow, I don’t think you are!

        1. Phil says:

          I am – I’m obviously a very rare human indeed

  2. FingersFurnell says:

    Yeah, maybe, but I’m not convinced that this latest thing with Auba is the catalyst of that myself, I think Arteta has had the dressing from the off and I believe that Auba has been helpful in that sense

    For sure Arteta has slowly but surely moved out a number of players he didn’t want and brought in some good ones who are more naturally on side with his vision but I think there was only a couple that he inherited that were a potential threat to that dressing room support that every Manager needs

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