Ray Parlour suggests the two rational signings that could save Arsenal’s transfer window

Is This How Arsenal Can Still Have A Successful Winter Transfer Window?

Can Arsenal still have a dream winter transfer window despite missing out on their top winter target? Why can’t they? In fact, if you listen to Ray Parlour’s prescription for Arteta and Edu for the winter transfer window, you might believe Arsenal can turn their transfer window from disaster to success in the next few days.

Arsenal needs to strengthen their midfield and attack, according to Parlour, and a move for Brentford’s Ivan Toney and Leicester’s Youri Tielemans could do wonders for Arteta’s project this season.

About Ivan Toney, Parlour admitted, “I still believe in Ivan Toney. I really liked the way he plays. He’s always on people’s shoulders. We all know he’s been brilliant for Brentford this season. This is no disrespecting Brentford because they’re doing so well, but imagine you have got Odegaard and Saka giving you chances as well; we might score a lot more goals than what he has done. I don’t know how much the price would be for Ivan Toney. He’s very unlucky not to go to the World Cup.”

About Tieleman’s transfer, he emphasised the obvious fact that Arsenal need to take advantage of the bargain the Leicester man can be signed for, saying, “I’m always worried that Partey is going to pick up an injury because we saw in recent seasons that he’s got injured and been out for quite a while with his thigh sprains.

“Tielemans was mentioned in that midfield area. He is very different to Partey in that respect. I know Partey is very good at winning the ball back. Very similar to Petit and Gilberto Silva. So it’s a bit of a defensive midfielder, but obviously good on the ball as well that can make things happen. With Tielemans. He doesn’t have long left in his contract. So Arsenal can put a little cheeky bid in.”

After the summer transfer window closed in 2022, it was clear that Arsenal would sign an attacker and a midfielder this winter. If Arsenal had signed Mykhailo Mudryk for the high asking price, there was no guarantee that they would have enough money to bolster their midfield. With his current budget, Arteta can make two rational signings, one for his midfield and one for his attack.

We’ll have to wait and see if he goes the Ray Parlour route.

Daniel O

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  1. Ivan Toney all day long… so long as he doesnt get banned!

    Tielemans still dont understand what the fuss is about.. he is not a replacement for Partey!

    1. Exactly, never understood fuss about Tielemans. Not even the best player of a relegation fighting team

      1. Ray Parlour makes sense to some extent. However, we have to also understand he does so as a fan rather than an insider within the coaching team. It is easy to see gaps when you’re following performances from the terraces and can imagine a certain player that’s performing in another club would do the job. Credit to Toney, he’s excelling at Brentford and that’s attracting glances that might be unwelcome by his employers.The manager has created an environment that works to his strengths. It is quite possible that Arteta hasn’t asked for him because that might call for a whole change of the frontline team. That may take time for the team to adjust to and hence affect the momentum the team is in. Waiting till the summer may help because it will give such player time in the team to bed in.

  2. I don’t think anyone will even sneeze on Toneys direction while he’s being investigated about the betting schemes

    1. Yup. I think Arsenal won’t sign a new CF this month

      As for Tielemans, I believe Arsenal would like sign him in the summer

      1. I hope they don’t sign Tielemans, he is such an avg player and brings nothing to our team. I think it’s the fans who want him not the club otherwise he would have been signed up by now. He is a useless player.

        1. I think his ball control, shooting and playmaking skills are good, but we’ve got Smith-Rowe and probably Nelson to be Xhaka’s successor

          1. Nelson is mid table at best , ESR is not Xhaka replacement. ESR will do great playing on front 3 or as ACM in diamond but he will struggle in Xhaka’s role because he does not have the passing range and tackling ability. I prefer we sign a proper CM to paly there like Kudus or Unahi will be good shout.

            1. ESR has no place in Arsenal team anymore. Ode and Vieira will take up that position. He has to play as winger or not enough minutes to let him grow

  3. If you could be certain nothing will happen with Toney I would agree, a big risk though.

    Tielemans doesn’t help us as a dm but he gives more cover and could be a great addition when we need to chase a bit or control the ball offensively. Plus he plays EPL now.

    DMs are hard to come by and there are very few no-brainer, sign-him-up players available, especially in January.

    I would pull the trigger on Rice (and I know that not everyone agrees).

    1. “…when we need to control the ball offensively”

      Don’t we already have Viera (as a back-up) for that

      I see Tielemans as a Wenger-type of buy
      Buying cos he’s available
      Buying cos he’s cheap

      Remember when our team had so much deadwoods as u guys call it

      If it’s replacement for Partey we’re talking about and we agreee that Tielemans cannot win the ball/be defensive like Partey is, then why do we keep mentioning him as our needed backup for Partey

      Rice fits that bill better to me

      And pardon me, Toney is good,
      But I don’t see how he suits our current style of play

      Except as a planB though (as Giroud was at times)

  4. Only if Edu will have sense for once to listen to Palor and do exactly this..But u see..I feel Edu likes it when we are struggling.I believe the Goal was to get top 4 and not the EPL hence the ambitionless slow movement by Edu to get these players..Imagine having Ivan torney, telemeins and maybe ZAha ..This will send a shock to all the spines of every EpL team but You see this Edu and Vnei they are just after their own clueless and self ambition of not going for the kill now..I feel so sorry for Arteta sometimes cox I think his helpless but if we don’t win this EPL then Edu and his bucnch of backroom staffs and Vnei should be SACKED ASAP

      1. GB AND LE GUNNER naive buch ,Will you be saying the same if god forbid saka gets injuried and we got no back up ? Or partey the brain of the team ????? Theres a chance to win the league why bottle it

  5. We don’t need a striker.
    If AFC buy Toney what happens when Jesus is back to fitness?
    We’ll have Toney and Nketiah on the bench. Makes no sense at all.
    A good winger/attacking player would be welcome but not a striker that can only play one position.

    1. Thank You Very Much OOO

      What if Saka gets injured
      There’s no solid backup for our Starboy
      Our play is largely from his wing

      What we seriously need is a very good Winger/Side Midfielder (cos Saka is very good & there isn’t that type of replacement for him yet)

      Our creativity will go many levels down if he gets injured

      That’s why I trust Arteta & Edu
      Seeing them going for Mudryck I realized they understand exactly what the team needs

      The Midfield will take a hit if Partey gets injured but we would still find ways to keep winning matches cos Elneny can do a job

      It’s the same as we can see with Jesus & Nketiah – our attack is not as potent without Jesus, but is still good enough to beat almost any team

      Saka is the one whose injury will really affect us

      It’s not Toney we need now

      1. Agree 100% with your comment.

        Our front 3 in Martinelli, Jesus and Saka is magic. Nketiah and ESR are great too but ESR fitness level is a bit concerning.

        Not so sure about Nelson Reiss and Marquinhos is very young.

        Would be great to sign a good attacking player but only if it’s the right type of player at decent price.

        I trust Edu and Arteta not to panic buy, they are smart. There’s stupid pressure from fans to buy a short term fix but that almost never works.

    2. Agreed. That’s why Thuram is a logical and safe buy if we can get him. Can play up front or left wing.

  6. I don’t think we will sign anybody now. We will probably see something in the summer.

    I hope that won’t affect our battle for the PL. Remember, 20 more to go!

    My guessing is that MA will start playing ESR on the left side and Marti as a CF soon.

  7. Yes! Ray Parlour has said very well about Arsenal winter transfer window. Which has only 13 days left to it to close. But Arsenal are yet to sign any new players in the window. But they can still sign if they want before the window closes. Even on deadlneday of the window they could sign to bring in new top quality players to reinforced the team. And use the signed to improved on their first half performance of the season.
    Which wasn’t bad anyway but very good. But can still be improved on So that the team could set a new Benchmark Record Breaking 103-107 points 2022-2023 Season Premier League Title win.
    But if Arsenal want to sign Ivan Toney this winter, his club side Brentford could overcharged Arsenal a lot of big money to sign their player. And as for the possibility of Arsenal signing Youri Tielemans at a bargain price this winter. Which looks feasible but if his club Leicester City will not play had ball with Arsenal in his cost of transfer.
    But is youri Tielemans truly the right Dmf which Arsenal need as options and to cover for Thomas Partey? Youri is said to be a box to box kind of player. But I think Arsenal don’t need that now, but they will in this winter need to do a top class holding midfielder digging. Who can provide adequate competition to Partey and Xhaka as well and cover for them whenever the need arose.
    What about Ferran Toress a 23 year old striker at Barca and Declan Rice a top quality Dmf at West Ham? Who have all been linked with Arsenal for their signings.
    Those duo players could be the right attacker and true Dmf who Arsebak are looking out for and need them to reinforced very well this winter window.
    Therefore, I will suggest to Arsenal to explore the possibility of signings those tow players this winter. And sign them if possible this window. More especially Declan Rice, but not wait till next summer window to do his signing..

  8. Heard we are now going after Roma’s zaniolo. Seen him play a few times for Roma, good player but very selfish with the ball. Let’s see how the week ends out

  9. I honestly do not understand the hype around Tielemens. He’s good. But he’s Leicester good, not Arsenal good. He doesn’t score enough goals to be a threat and isn’t good enough at defending to help at the back. I think Ivan Toney is a wicked player, but isn’t what we need. I’d prefer someone like Marcus Thuram, if it’s realistic to assume we can get him and whether we can do so without the soulless Chelsea just buying him first because they can.

  10. Declan Rice and calling back Balogan would be my preferred Plan B options near that the window is winding down. One is a proven competitor the other full of potential and free. As someone for the long term, Rice would definitely be worth the money. He would be an ideal replacement for Xhaka and would thrive in the challenges to come both this season and beyond. Having him on the books would be a serious statement of intent by Arsenal that they are a major force.

    1. Maybe the reason Arsenal is not buying a striker is exactly because Balogun WONT be called back as they want him to have a full season scoring goals (and he is!) and then get him competing with Nketiah .

      Hence a winger is the aim this window

      Then Rice and Balogun in summer …

      Arteta / Edu have a proper strategy – we can see this from Saliba . Patino and others are on loan and may also be ready and their preference is to have young players – so why not use our great academy…

      speaking of which hats off to Mertesaker for the work he has been doing there !

  11. Again, my two choices both play for Brighton!!

    Caicedo is required as a back up for either Partey or Xhaka.

    Mitoma as back-up for Saka or Martinelli.

    I worry we mightbe in trouble after the Man United match.

    United are playing quite dirty at the moment, and I fear we will sustain injuries in that game..

    If Partey or Xhaka get hurt, we will be in deep doodoo.

    Too Late then for the club to complain about a possible slide down the TABLE

  12. Arsenal should approach Al-Nassir about getting Anderson Souza Conceição (Talisca) to come in and rotate with Neketiah. That’s exactly the type of player and Salary Arsenal should be looking at 2-3yr deal. With Renaldo there now, best time to approach for Talisca. That would be the smart move!! Do it now under the radar and Arsenal have a talented scorer, good ball skills, and it doesn’t break the bank.

  13. Jw, it’s a negative scenario, but also a well founded one, which is why it’s imperative for Arsenal to stop the Manure charge in its tracks, before they get even more arrogant. I like your two choices from Brighton but knowing how slow Arsenal are in signing off I think time has run out this window. Hypothetically, I think Arsenal should go all out for Rice at whatever price.. He is a player who wants out at West Ham and would thrive at a club with higher ambitions.

  14. Good news for the night is Crystal Palace holding Man U to a draw and Casemiro suspension. What a free kick by Olise thunderous.

  15. If we only sign one player this January, it has to be a wide attacker.

    If Nketiah is missing, Gabi can play upfront, and actually started there when he first joined us.

    Elneny and Lokonga are a big drop off in quality for midfield cover, but at least there’s some cover. Also, Zinchenko can start in midfield as well, with Tierney at LB.

    Plenty of options in defense.

    It’s the wide attacking areas that we’re very short on options. ESR is back, but not really a wide player, and how long until he’s injured again? Definitely need more options as it’s only Saka and Gabi.

  16. Ray Parlour was a great player and a terrible pundit. Ivan Toney and Youri Tielemans are not good enough for Arsenal and their current tactical and technical setup. Both players were at lost when they played against Arsenal this season. And that suppose to impress Arteta? Come on. It’s like marrying any tramp just because you got too old.

  17. According Romano Arsenal have opened talks with Brighton for Trossard..
    Talks are well advance right now…

    1. Talk about knowing exactly what you need
      Talk about a player who’ll hit the ground running
      Brighton be suppyling big teams with good players
      U know Mitoma will soon be outta there (and probably Mac Allister, Estupinan, Caicedo too)

      We’ll have over 50M left from the money we were to get Mudryck with
      Get a proper Partey backup now (not Tielemans) or just wait till summer and add more money to that to get the exact quality we want

  18. I have mentioned it here severally in the past week. That Ivan toney is the striker that we need. Rumors has it that we are currently bidding for trousssard.. I hope that comes to fruition

  19. I won’t like both to be at Arsenal. One for footballing reason as he is not your top club level player such an avg player Tielemans and other for non footballing reason he is not the sort of player you want around a young bunch. One bad apple it takes to ruin all you have created. I don’t care how many goals he scores he is bad influence. Most of ex Arsenal english players turned pundits are jokes.

  20. Bissouma is currently being destroyed by Spurs and appears unhappy. He is one to be kept in the frame, as a DM for Arsenal.

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