Raya won’t join Arsenal just to be a backup to Ramsdale says Perry Groves

Mark Goldbridge made a comment a few days ago about Mikel Arteta needing to think about his goalkeeping department, alleging Arsenal can’t trust Ramsdale, and we were like, What is this man talking about?

Then, this weekend, it was suddenly revealed that Mikel Arteta is interested in signing David Raya in order to add competition to his goalkeeping department.

If David Raya joins, no one knows who will be Arsenal’s first choice at goal, but Raya will demand promises of game time if he joins. Why would the Spaniard require guarantees? Former Arsenal attacker Perry Groves stated on talkSPORT that Raya ought to realise that at his age (27) he needs to be playing consistently and that he may use this to his advantage when considering his exit from Brentford (considering Bayern Munich is also interested).

“Raya wouldn’t go there to be a number two to see if he can oust Ramsdale! He hasn’t got the time in his career (to do that).

“There’s no way David Raya would go to Arsenal (as a backup); Ramsdale is number one,” Groves said.

There’s talk that Manchester United approached him (Raya) about a move to Old Trafford a while back, and he stated that he was eager to compete for a starting spot.

The message is clear: Aaron Ramsdale must improve his performance or risk becoming a backup himself….

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  1. Before signing David Raya, Arteta should remember about David Ospina. He was another ball-playing GK with great reflexes, yet too small to deal with long crosses and towering opponents in set-pieces

    In my opinion, Robert Sanchez would be a better option, because he is way bigger, younger and used to play for a high ball-possession/ press-resistant team. I also think Sanchez is better in penalty situations, because of his stature

    The problem is Sanchez will be way more expensive, because of his age and contract length

      1. Sanchez over David Raya, are you troying or serious? Do you even watch him or you just see his height and make assumptions
        For the records
        Aerial competence
        Raya acts decisively and uses his stocky frame to outmuscle attackers for high balls, making 52 such claims in 2022/23 with an aerial-duel success rate of 95%. Raya judges the crowded penalty box scene extremely well and knows when to punch or catch, while he shows incredible bravery to collect the ball under pressure.
        Compare him to Ramsdel
        Ramsdale leaves much to be desired in the air and sometimes fails to take control when vacating the goal-line, with poor goals conceded against both Aston Villa and Manchester United last season directly linked to his aerial weaknesses.

    1. Was it just because ospina was too small? Plenty of shorter gks have got by perfectly well, and plenty of taller gks struggle with crosses – it’s just one of the skills needed for a gk. I’m sure height helps, but given the gk has the advantage of being able to extend his arms above his head, he’s usually going to have an advantage over attacking players trying to head the ball.
      I’m not aware of this being a weakness of raya’s and I wouldn’t assume it is based on his height alone. I think arteta always wanted raya because he’s exceptionally good with his feet, I expect far more so than sanchez, though I’m not sure.

      1. I guess Ospina was too small for a high ball-possession team in EPL

        Raya’s Brentford teammates usually played in their own area to protect him, whereas Arsenal’s defenders tend to play with high defensive line

  2. We have seen in the past when the gaffer likes a player how quickly it can turn into an obsession. The gaffer has a long standing intrest in Raya, not sure why his £10 mill release clause was never triggered three years ago.

    Arteta subsequently opted for Ramsdale from Sheffield United for £30 mill that same summer.
    But the gaffer has remained a huge fan of Raya technical abilities and distribution with his feet, his recent stat in saving goals may have become just a little too much to ignore.

    Raya inclusion at Arsenal will upset the apple cart for Ramsdale, who has been caught napping a few times at his near post.

  3. I don’t believe Arteta will bring in Raya, for me, this imo seems like a wake up call for Ramsdale to get him to step up his game

  4. I think Arteta is genuinely looking for a new top class goalkeeper to sign him this summer. But if Turner leaves to pasture new elsewhere this summer. Hence, the Arsenal interest shown in David Raya to sign him as replacement to Turner if he haooorns to leave.
    But talking of size, is Author Okonkwo the Arsenal’s current no 4 goalkeeper not sizable enough to mann the golo post for Arsenal in the Epl next season? As he is giantary but if Arteta will give him the chance to mann it.

  5. We will play 60 games a season.

    38 PL matches
    6-13 CL matches
    Carabao 1-6 matches
    FA cup 1-6 matches

    I don’t remember but have they scrapped the replays?

    Anyways, plenty of matches for 2 keepers

  6. There are a few on this site that claim they are “in the know”. Hands up, who saw this coming??

  7. Let’s not forget how Alison completed the Liverpool puzzle, how Ederson completed the mancity gisaw, now it’s time for Arsenal to complete it’s progress in process.

  8. If Arsenal signs David Raya then we are back to the good times when we had two quality goalkeepers in Bernd Leno and Martinez if Aaron Ramsdale will feel threatened by the prospect of Raya joining then someone should remind him how relaxed Leno was when he Ramsdale was signed so he should also relax when Raya join.

    1. I really want Raya to join arsenal the kind of plunder Aaron has been doing needs someone to keep him in check likewise to Gabriel and Zinchenko they both have Kiwior,Timber and Tomiyasu checking on them.

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