Reaction from players and fans to new Arsenal kit, its all positive

The new Arsenal Adidas kit is now officially released and available in the shops and everyone is just loving it, well, maybe not Tottenham fans.

The players, journalists and fans have all taken to Twitter to give their reactions and from what I can see it is being universally acclaimed.

Of course, you will get a negative reaction from opposing fans but that is just being tribal and you just know, that deep down, they are envious.

The kit is a beauty, simple in design but epitomising everything that Arsenal is about, sleek, classy and sharp.

Here are just a sample of some of the reactions, I could have literally put in 100’s of tweets but thought it best just to give you a sample of the brilliant reaction to the new Adidas kit.

Will the new shirt get Miki going next season?

What is Torreira posing, his tattoo’s or the shirt?

Mesut Ozil loves it

Even Lisa Simpson cannot stop the fans going crazy for the new kit

Poor Lee Judges accepting the inevitable

Tancredi Palmeri all gushing

This from a Chelsea fan


  1. I hope the new jersey signifies new strategies. Be it in the field, in the training ground, in the youth development or in the transfers

    But they don’t seem to have decided the roles of our youngsters yet, if we look at the selected players in the new jersey

    1. I`ve seen the one of Kolasinac on the Arsenal website, Sue !…………….bulging biceps, but his abs dont stick through his shirt like mine do ! 😉

      1. I just looked on there ? so I watched that Adidas advert again… oh he’s so fine, Le Coq!!

        Hahaha (I’m devastated, I can’t find an abs emoji!!!)

    1. Knew my Economics Master’s would eventually be put to good use!

      In a nutshell, we have been worse at generating revenue than other clubs: from player sales (specifically net spending; we invest poorly in player assets), commercially (anything where the Arsenal band can be used to add value e.g. merchandise sales abroad) and property development linked to land owned by the club (eg renting out unused buildings, private events etc). High ticket prices are the equivalent of a country trying to balance the books with higher taxes and little government spending (austerity); it doesn’t work. You invest or you die.

      Seems to me that a lot of the blame should lie at Gazidis’ feet (although player investment is unlikely his domain), especially as he pockets a significant amount of profit (3rd highest in the prem).

    2. I should stress, player recruitment (Wenger et al) failures (inc contract debacles) need to take a lot of the blame too.

    3. Finally, it may indicate a change in recruitment strategy. Don’t expect to see many players under 24 being signed over the next few years; the focus will be on investing in assets that will grow. I’d expect any spare cash to go into youth development.

      1. Thanks Sean.
        My take is that we are f##ked for a few years and dont expect much success, maybe a minor domestic trophy……………..CL or EPL Title are now a distant dream…………….

  2. If by selected players you mean the over 30s with 2 years remaining and not inverted wingers or half wingers or what ever new named wingers you come up with week in week out then no the youngsters are not modelling it and this should give an indication of who will be here this season .

  3. The new kit is absolutely lit….

    Hopefully, some of it’s positive vibes will rub off on our season..

    That kit deserves no trashing or inept performances..

    Kit unveiling?……. CHECK
    New signings?…….FINGERS STILL CROSSED

    Nice one @Adidas

  4. Only one number change so far(Leno 1) so suggests that no more will be announced until some arrivals and more departures take place.

    Available numbers
    3,8,12,19,22,23,24,28,30,32,33 and 35+

    1. Declan-What I wouldn’t give to see the Bruised Banana kit with Limpar 11 put on the pitch.Just the sort of player we need

    1. Oh shut up will you. Some of us support the club and players, not the regime.
      I don’t see how me buying a shirt (not from Arsenal by the way) gives the club more money.

      1. One of the reasons our Adidas deal is one of the biggest in world football, is because of Arsenal’s global appeal of course, but also because they have been selling a lot of kits. If fans stopped buying the kits, or so many of them, then Arsenal wouldn’t be able to negotiate such a good deal. That would then force the club to make radical changes to bring the fans (customers) back on side. Those changes could be actually going big in the transfer window on WC talent for example.

        So as fans, we can make a difference. I think those who buy the kits/merchandise, and then complain about Kroenke, are complete hypocrites. Kroenke does not care at all about Arsenal FC being successful, he only cares about the money. By giving him more money, we just make him stronger, whilst he laughs in our faces.

        I am not aiming that at you, as I do not know your thoughts on the matter, and just talking about the fan base in general.

        1. Fair enough TMJW, perhaps I over reacted and you make some fair points. ?
          Btw, I haven’t complained about Kroenke but perhaps agree that those with strong opinions about him should think again.

      2. Declan-for the first time ever we have got a Kit Deal actually worth some real money to the Club.The £60m is only bettered by Man Utd and dwarfs everyone else.Supporters buying the kit does not put money into the Club.That goes to Adidas.The more successful Arsenal are over the coming seasons the more we will get the next kit deal comes around.
        How often is it we see young kids wearing the kit?These are the fans for the future.They are the ones who will support the Club long after Kronke has gone.Why is it that some fans are talking protests,not attending matches and blocking merchandise sales and we are only at the 1st July?The new kit is the time we all get ready for the coming season and already we have fans looking at the negative instead of the positives.

        1. “Supporters buying the kit does not put money into the club”. Please explain that?

          If kit sales were down say 50%, or there were no kit sales at all, do think we’d have a kit deal worth some real money as you say?

          It’s the same in all other financial areas. If there was a big reduction of Sky and BT customers, do you think the next broadcasters package would bigger? Of course not! Because Sky and BT would be getting less money.

          The bottom line on ANY financial matter is that the money can ONLY come from one source…the fans (customers).

          1. Adidas pay Arsenal £60m per season for 3 years.Thats whether we sell One shirt or a Million shirts.So it’s Adidas that recoup the profits.Arsenal get only a fraction of incentives being mainly based on performances and TV exposure.CL performances would give more exposure to Adidas than EL games.Therefore Adidas would be more incentivised to renew the deal than if we all stopped buying merchandise.
            Thought that was obvious but seems not

          2. Arsenal get 10-15% of shirt sale plus the annual fee which is reported 60 million ,its Adidas that will make all the profit not the club ,they will probably make somewhere near 100%profit over the term of the contract .so a 180 mil contract will see Adidas probably return 360 mil back .so a 180 mil profit

          3. @Phil

            I still think you’re missing the point though. Why do you think Adidas offered Arsenal that money in the first place?
            Why are Arsenal a global brand? It’s the customers.

            Arsenal have expanded their pre-season tours over the last 8/9 years to enhance the brand, but they would have soon ended if there was no interest, and no signs of that changing, from customers/potential customers.

        2. Phil, that is the reason that one man in particular is so important to Adidas and the brand…the man that has the fifth biggest shirt sales in the world as of the latest figure posted six months ago.
          Sadly, the same fans who are being negative about the shirts, missed this point completely when discussed a while back.

          No need to mention the name, as this an article about our new kit, but it would be interesting to see if the “vast majority” of fans were protesting outside the ground or actually buying shirts?!?!

          Declan, did you get your shirt from the ground? If so, can you give any idea as to the figures?
          Too far for me to go just for a shirt though, will order mine online – wonder how those sales are going?

          Wouldn’t it be funny if the next player named shirt details that came out was headed by “kronkie out”, a really good compromise in my opinion.

  5. We need positive vibes at AFC and the new kit is just that.Great job done by Adidas, the boys finally look like men. For once I like the macho look of Ozil and Mkhi (I have been too critical of them lately, today will be a break!). Boycotting merchandise is not a wise suggestion, Adidas will lose, not Stan.

  6. Yes Phil, United deal is the biggest at present…but Man City’s £65mil per season is second
    Arsenal’s £60mil is same with Chelsea, who also rakes in £60mil.

    Liverpool’s £45mil per season deal will be running out next season and rumors are that the new deal they are currently negotiating will match United’s £75mil per season.

      1. Put this on last post …..

        Phil. You are possibly the best person to ask this question.
        On Arsenal website it is possible to get tickets for home games on the ticket exchange as a red member, but I have never seen away game tickets available on the ticket exchange, have you any idea why this is so ?

  7. Adidas have done a great job with the “new” shirt going back to the Arsenal’s traditional strip. I look forward to the “bruised banana” yellow and dark (navy/royal?) blue away strip. Hopefully this means the turquoise strip is consigned to “the dust bin of history”.
    It would be great if the words of the players quoted (particularly he who ken says cannot be named) are translated into committed performances on the field, showing pride in wearing the shirt and playing for the badge of the great Arsenal FC.

    1. ozziegunner, did you see the link on a previous post regarding mustafi?

      I’m sorry to the poster, but I’ve forgotten your name and it was e real memory jerker.

      Mustafi was bought at the last minute due to key injuries to our two CD mertesacker and gabriel.

      I had forgotten this and thought it might answer your question regarding UE’s injury problems.

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