Reaction to Aaron Ramsey playing his last ever game for Arsenal

The end comes for every player at some point and we knew in advance that this would be Aaron Ramsey’s last season as a Gunner, however, it was hoped his last game for us would have been in the Europa League final and not in an away game in Italy.

Ramsey played 369 Games for us, scoring 64 goals, making 65 assists, picking up three trophies and being named the Arsenal player of the season in 2013/14 & 2017/18.

Fans and pundits have been reacting ever since the news broke that the Welsh Wizard had played his last game for us and here are just a few from social media.

From a personal point of view, my overriding memory of Ramsey was his awesome 2013/14 season which culminated in him scoring the winner in the FA Cup final against Hull City in extra time ending a nine-year drought for silverware.

That season was special for me, he was on fire scoring goals at critical points and he showed that he was indeed a big game player.

I accept he was injured a lot and to be frank, sometimes inconsistent, but I will miss him and I thank him for the memories and wish him the best of luck in his new venture in Italy with Juventus.


  1. He was his own worst enemies with the stupid back flicks and the gung-ho attacking mentality at inopportune times.

    But at his best he was our best and these last few games have shown just how much we will miss him.

  2. Not too skilled, but his energy and finishing are commendable

    Having said that, I don’t think I will miss him. His versatility as a generalist has made him assigned in different positions and eventually makes him as the master of none

    I’m curious to see whether Juventus would really assign him as a specialist mezzala or another utility player. We have many options to replace him, yet no rumors link us up with a high quality winger

    1. We’re already missing him. Look at the last three losses. Who’s missing from midfield?

    2. Gotanidea, you talk like you know about the game but reading this post, you obviously know fûck all.

  3. I recall many many many arsenal fans moaning about how Ramsay was not good enough for Arsenal. He was played out wide and filling in a role at a time we were trying to rebuild (always feels like we are rebuilding these days).
    I always thought he showed great quality on the ball, and shows the hunger to develop and even with his major injury he has come back better then expected. In the end, he became a quality player who arguably in the last 5 years has been one of the top midfielders in the league.

    129 goals and assist in 600odd appearances and 3 trophies…and in that time he has got married and become a dad of 3 and help arsenal in difficult times. Of the whole Walcott, Wilshire era…he came out as our greatest asset in that era.

    And as a note, them days when he was abused and not regarded as good enough, just goes to show that as fans (I mean footy fans) we are too keen to attack players…such as the culture has become in modern day football.

    If a lesson is learnt, both fans and club need to value what we have. We in the early days didn’t value him and in the end the club didn’t value him.

    I wish him all the best, he is going to achieve much still in the game.

  4. That is one heck of a servant of this great club leaving. Some wished him gone afew years back. They called him names and labelled him with all sorts. He clearly was not a favourite of some fans. But Wenger stuck with him and bang! An FA Cup and another and another in quick succession. All in four seasons!

    The career-ending injury of a thug name Ryan Shawcross and the huge mountain left for this legend of a player to climb not withstanding, Aaron Ramsey proved that he was made of sterner stuff. He now goes to his well-deserved elevation and probably one of the few big contracts (if not the last) he would be signing.

    No one should begrudge this man. No one should speak ill of him. Arsenal owe him a debt of gratitude for his services to the club since he joined us. He is the qualified for the class of legends.

  5. We are missing this really skilful midfielder with energy and drive presently and he will be the most difficult player to replace.
    Off topic but watching Barca Liverpool game and what a bunch of cheating scumbags Barca really are. I don’t want Liverpool to win the competition but I hope they knock Barca out .

  6. Don’t care. He’s history
    Arsenal was more loyal to him then he was to Arsenal, looking after him during his many injuries
    Thanks for the memories and goals/assists etc
    Adios and good luck

    Hopefully we will get someone as good or better
    Upwards and Onwards

  7. Thank you Aaron Ramsey ???
    I’m sure he’ll do well at Juventus.. I’m gutted that he won’t make the last few games though..

    Thank you, Messi

    1. Yea Sue, thanks to Messi….. I really enjoyed watching the game……… oh, thanks to Ramsey too….. I wish luck at Juve, except when he’s up against us.

      1. I was quite surprised they scored 3, but loved it all the same!!
        Ha yes.. no little flicks or back heels when we play Juve! ?

        1. ?? Juve can keep all the flicks and back heels…… it’s up to city to put the final nail in Liverpool’s coffin this season….. I kinda feel sorry for them….. ha!…. who am I kidding? ?

    2. Agree rambo has been a good servant to the club. Won us a couple trophies and that volley against Liverpool in his best season for us was a great game/night I had with my brother at the Emirates. Think he will do really well in Italy and wish him well.

        1. Indeed. To be fair a friend posted has there been a better title race than this (he’s a Liverpool fan!) So I went micky Thomas in injury time winning us the league at anfield! Good times ?

  8. I remember in this site that everyone was slating Ramsey and saying he is average , now that he is going all those people are saying he is/was our best player while slating the club and the players we have !!! LOL makes you wonder if these people are actually Arsenal fans ! anyway my opinion is that in his career he has been an above average player for Arsenal and i’m sure we can do much better if we can buy the right player.

    1. That’s rights he’s an average player that was given a privileged position by wenger as he went in to his King Lear moment … What’s for sure is that if the players worse than him remain at the club .. Inc xhaka mustafi etc … And we rely on untalented yuufff and oldies well past their sell by date we will be in football no man’s land for the foreseeable …

  9. Good for ones faith in the goodness of most human beings to see how many positive and friendly comments on here to wish Ramsey well and I of course share their best wishes for his future. In his decade here he much divided opinion for several reasons. He clearly has a degree of talent but the pertinent question is how regularly useful was he to Arsenal over his decade. To be truthful, I found him very inconsistent and so did most, to judge by many past and also more relatively recent comments. He was injured much of his time and unavailable and however talented(or not, as the case may be) no REGULARLY injured player can ever be classed as a most productive player. In fact, his greatest usefulness to us was shoehorned into the first half of season 2013/14 – he then got another serious injury, typically. He also notably scored two cup final winning goals. But all in all, judged by top level analysis, he was a curates egg only, meaning good in parts and he never really fulfilled the potential he once showed. Though a fighter for the cause and therefore never a Walcott, Ozil, Mkhi or any other of our slacker types, he had a tendency to play selfishly and search for personal glory and his irritating flicks and failure to do what better players could do, became his trademark. It is only because our creative and warrior midfield has long disappeared that many are sad he is leaving, since he always tried hard. All in all we need far better than him IF we are ever to challenge at the very top level and most of us , in the privacy of our own minds know this to be true. He should not be lionised purely because of the paucity of current other players but only if he deserves it. I suggest that he thought he was better than he was, asked for too much money and his bluff was called by a newly more realistic management team. So farewell, Aaron, good luck too but if we ARE still missing him a year from now, then next season will have been a poor one. I doubt that we will much miss him in a years time and obviously also hope not.

  10. Class player who will be sadly lost. Great servant to the club who will be sadly missed olwhere as ozil the part time stays apparently..

  11. Hello Ramsey lovers,
    I am so glad that he is gone, cos Wenger’s forcing him instead of other players annoyed me a lot and fans who loved him more for his haircut and the fact that he is Welsh then for real footballing skills. I think he is insufficiently disciplined to compete for the position of the holding mid and insufficiently creative for the place behind the attacker… at the end he hold his “dear” club for ransom. Under Emery he showed that he can be disciplined, sometimes.
    He likes to go forward and it will be intersting to see reaction of Ronaldo when Ramsey runs in a way of his shot!

  12. Me and some few fans of arsenal who want the club to be best think this kind of player is not good enough for serious teams like arsenal. The sooner we get players in the mould of silva, kovacic, ziyech etc the better.
    One other thing: For our loss to Leicester, am surprised no one acknowledged the brilliance of Rodgers; instead they talk about how poor our players were. He was my first choice for manager but instead they chose this rookie over him. Fascinating.

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