Real Madrid and Barcelona weighing up a double swoop on Arsenal

Real Madrid and Barcelona have both reportedly been linked with moves for two of our best players, according to a variety of reports in the media.

A couple of days ago we had to contend with the rumours claiming that the Spanish Champions wanted to sign Alexandre Lacazette.

Now, we have to put up with the claim that Real Madrid wants to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as reported by Spanish outfit DiarioGol.

Now, I have read these reports and I can relax a little because to me, both claims are nothing more than assumptions, as an example Diariogol are saying that Aubameyang would be an alternative in the event that Real do not sign Liverpool’s Sadio Mane.

This was always going to happen, both players have had excellent seasons considering the lack of support behind them and they were almost certainly going to be linked with a move to one of the big European sides.

Aubameyang has just won the Golden Boot and we would have been naive in the extreme if we did not think that the media would start with their stirring.

I am not saying that neither transfer will happen but I am saying that I am not surprised by these rumours and fully expected them.

The time for being anxious is if either player rejects a new contract not before.

Though, if we do not win the Europa League and qualify for next seasons Champions League then that could easily change the dynamics as well.


  1. Not surprising at all. Aubameyang is lead goal scorer with almost non existent support, imagine what he can do with a team like real Madrid. As well these teams will give him the chance to win a major trophy. Same with Lacazette. We have to prove to these players that we are serious about competing. We are very lucky to have them.

    1. One of the main reasons RVP left was because the clubs ambitions didn’t meet his own, and I know this will be unpopular, but he was right.

      We mustn’t be in the same position again with our top players leaving because they’re unhappy with the clubs plans/ambitions.

      1. Exactly! Being one of the 5 top strikers in the league and watching your team losing 5-1, 8_2 etc with no chance to win the league because the owner and management are greedy won’t fly with most top players.

        1. RVP wasn’t one of the top 5 strikers, he was the best striker in the league at that time plus he played with teammate a lot unlike some top strikers.

    2. How about them show ambition first by winning the Europa league final and qualify us for champions league. The last time I checked it is the players that win trophies for the clubs and not other way around. As much as you may not rate el, competing in it and for it got us to the final.

  2. So they would really consider exchanging regular first team minutes to dropping to permanent bench players with the Euros & Worldcup being 2 seasons away…

    1. Auba plays for a country that won’t qualify for either. Laca is miles away from adding to his France caps.

      1. “Laca” just said 2 seasons away, Auba suffers from serial Messism when it comes to national duties, Gabon hasn’t qualified for this years continental & the next one is 2 seasons away having won a Golden boot expect the unexpected…

        Which next brings me to Alex though far from a France cap, he was by far the better “Les Bleu” performer this season which saw a number of his compatriots put in subpar performances for their clubs for current World cup champions

  3. This is the time for our club to show ambition and resist any temptation to sell any of these two players. I mean, these two and Leno are the players we should build our team on. I think there is a shortage of strikers all over Europe and we are lucky to have two world class strikers.

  4. However, if we are to sell any of them, I would consider selling Lacazette to Barcelona and then asking for Dembele and Malcom in a swap deal. These two would solve our crisis on the wings and we all know what Auba is capable of if played with proper wingers who can cross.

    1. Dembele has had less than 40 games for Barca in his two seasons with them in all a league that is less physical then epl. He will be Diaby 2.0 if we get him.

  5. A deal is always possible as long as the correct circumstances and the correct emoluments are put in place, that is business. During the 1980s when the “Oil Price Boom” was high and London Property prices were sky rocketing as many Arab multi- millionaires were sweeping up most of London’s desirable properties, One late afternoon outside the Dorchester in Park Lane, one Wealthy Arab Gentleman proved the point. He approached a Young newly married couple still in their wedding attire and said ” congratulations, you are an amazing looking couple, I have a proposal, can I burrow your wife for this night only and I will go now with you to any bank of your choice and transfer £250,000. The couple were taken aback and the man said no way but a few minutes and more conversation and they agreed at £300,000.”
    So let us look at this; Can Arsenal cope losing both Aubameyang and Lacazette? Possibly but best not but one of the two, yes why not.
    Barcelona; wants Lacazette. Yes a deal can be done; a direct swop for Ousmane Dembele + Samuel Umtiti OR Phillipe Courtinho + Samuel Umtiti and as a Sweetner Arsenal will give Jesuit Ozil for £10m.

    Real Madrid; wants Aubameyang. Yes a deal can be done; a direct swap for Vinicus Junior + Isco + Keylor Nevas + £50m and Arsenal will throw in Mesuit Ozil as a Sweetner.

    1. Nice story, sounds like Demi Moore’s Indecent Proposal

      There is no way both Spanish giants would like to swap their hot prospects with our strikers, but maybe they would offer their aging players like Gareth Bale/ Luis Suarez or their fringe players like Isco/ Andre Gomes

      These deals are highly unlikely to happen because Lacazette cannot beat other French strikers in France national football team and Aubameyang will be 30 years old this year. What might happen is Arsenal could land Malcolm into the Emirates, because his playing time is very limited at Barcelona and no other clubs seem to be serious in chasing him

      1. well if they won’t sell their hot prospects to us for 2 world class strikers in their prime then we can give them the middle finger. top strikers are rare commodity in football and we have 2. i would prefer we keep both and build a decent team around them but if we can do a liverpool and sell 1 of them for a ridiculous high price and invest it on players who can be even better then why not.

        1. I like what you said really sell auba for a 120-150, I know it sounds weird but it’s possible then get two world class winger and a holding midfielder for the team.

  6. Somebody have to tell our so called club owner the truth….Liverpool is in Champions league final in two consecutive seasons, they almost won the league yet again….Man City is at the verge of winning Tremble this season because they have ambition. What is Arsenal’s ambition??? We have gradually given way out of the English top teams. Is a big shame. If we are unable to attract quality players for lack of champions league games, we have only the board and owner to blame…….Mr. Wenger professionally did his best to cover you up over the years…Our coaches and players have careers to achieve not pleasing the pocket of owners.

    1. Mr. Wenger brought in every one of these players besides for the buys last summer, yet he has no blame and was just covering up???

  7. To be honest it wouldnt be a disaster if one or even both left, it’s all about how much you get for them. Look at Liverpool, they sold Suarez, Sterling, Coutinho and they are the best they have ever been, and that is because they sold them all for huge money and reinvested where needed. If we got £100m for each of them that would be £200m to spend on the squad, plus the annual transfer budget. Spend it well on 5 players and suddenly the team is a better team. That doesnt mean I want them to be sold, I’m just saying it can work out for the better, if we can negotiate a good sale price and scout good replacements.

    I’ve said for a while that the best thing Spurs could do is cash in on Kane and get £150m and reinvest in their team – everyone has their price.

  8. This is why we have to get rid of Ozil asap! We need to tie Auba, and Laca, down on new contracts, and one can see their agents demanding parity with Ozil, at a minimum!

    1. I’m sure the club will try to push his sale as much as possible. Another poor season though and another season his value decreases while his wages remain extraordinary. At least Ozil or Miki need to be out this summer. Ideally both.

    2. Fenerbahce and Beskitas as always…
      @Nonny, Can we market him to one of this Rich Chinese clubs…
      I remember One Chinese club then bought Ramirez 45m from Chelsea around 2016

      Let us take Ozil to them, they might be interested, who knows..
      We can do it @NONNY ??

  9. So, if lacs and aba want/demand £300,000 -£350,000 a week, what do all you Ozil wage knockers suggest that the club do?

    Barca and Real won’t baulk at those demands along with city, Chelsea, manure, psg etc etc.

    Love to know if you think we should show we are a “big club” or not, as our fan’s demanded we should show when Ozil was offerered his salary?

    Time for you contract negotiators to show us dullards the way to make our club the perrenial top four finishers we were for twenty years.

    1. @ken1945

      I cannot personally think of a single Arsenal fan that wanted Ozil to even get new contract, let alone his disgraceful pay raise. Any one with an ounce of sense new that Ozil’s new contract wasn’t the act of a “big club”, rather an act of a “stupid club”…for the umpteenth time!

      I cannot imagine we’ll have a problem selling Ozil though. I am constantly told he’s WC, so there will be a huge amount of interested clubs. Barca, Real, PSG, Bayern, Juventus, City, Utd, etc, will all be sniffing about.

      1. World class indeed???
        Fenerbahce and one club in china, named Guanzege evergrande are slugging it out to get that fraud called Ozil….

        Is either he ends up in one of China or turkey
        No big Club will consider taking him on a loan talk less of making outright purchase…

        Ozil and Walcott are the biggest fraud I have ever seen in football….

      2. TMJW, how right you are.
        PSG wanted to sign him in the January transfer window and I assume that’s what you are talking about in your final paragraph?

        What a selective memory you have in relation to Ozil!!!
        The fanbase was going crazy when Sanchez decided to leave for manure, stating that “if we were to show the world what a big club we really were, we MUST sign Ozil at any cost”.
        Are you now denying that this was the case?
        Are you now personally representing every single Arsenal fan in claiming that ” not a single Arsenal fan even wanted Ozil to get a new contract, let alone his disgraceful pay rise”? What a load of self importance BS!!
        I assune that you don’t attend matches, but watch from afar and that you have selective hearing problems, as his name is sung at every game he plays…by those ghosts of fans who didn’t want him to sign a new contract.
        Do you want to challenge that FACT?

        Just like your unfounded claim about his contract, of which you have no knowledge whatsoever, you THINK you have a better knowledge than the people who run The Arsenal.
        Please inform those of us who like to deal in FACTS, rather than individual , self delusional people like yourself, who actually think they know know the facts, the details of Ozil’s contract, including clauses such as win bonuses, shirt sales, appearances etc etc.

        So you have more sense than kronkie (sole owner of Arsenal F.C.), gazidis (made a fortune from AFC and AC Milan), UE ( made the man captain and sees him in his long term plans) and thousands upon thousands of The Arsenal fans who, whenever he is selected to play, has his name chanted and is acknowledged by them, as his shirt sales prove?
        Go and check how many shirts that ” one Arsenal fan you cannot think of” has bought to acknowledge the man that you love to lambast with not one shred of evidence or fact.

        So four questions for you to answer:
        1. Did PSG want to sign him and did he refuse to go, stating he wanted to stay at our club? Yes or No.
        2. The fanbase wasn’t up in arms demanding that we acted like a big club and re-signed Ozil, whatever it took? Yes or No, with explanations.
        3. Details of Ozil’s “disgraceful pay rise” that you seem so knowledgeable about…do you have insider knowledge or do you work for the taxman? Yes or No, with explanations.
        4. Are you more successful than kronkie, gazidis and UE in regard to the world of football and their “ounce of sense” in offering and rewarding Ozil with his current contract? Yes or No, with explanations.

        By the way, any of the above clubs showing any interest in your star of tomorrow Iwobi? Not even a sniff from Blackpool, Carlisle, Exeter, Accrington Stanley or Telford United…although i am being constantly told he is more important to The Arsenal than Ozil.
        Not to worry, we will be able to sell him as he is the future because you tell us so and anyone with an ounce of sense (like Barca, Real etc etc )would see it as you do…wonder if Barca will get in before Accrington Stanley?

        The biggest sign of what a fraud you are when it comes to Ozil, is the fact that you have not, at any time, answered my question regarding the question about aba and lacs?
        Too difficult for anyone with a more than an ounce of sense?
        Or are you ignoring the question because it is too difficult to answer?

        Just enlighten me with your superior ounces of sense as to how you would handle this situation, as I am, obviously, supporting a “stupid club”, with stupid supporters and stupid ideas of players worth, both in transfer fees and salaries.

        1. Iffybright, not a very bright post…no b”big club would consider taking him”?

          Why don’t you just CHECK THE FACTS before you make a fool of yourself?

          PSG wanted him in January, Ozil informed them he was happy at The Arsenal and the fans who attended the matches sang/sing his name in recognition of his commitment to the club…hav you attended any of our games?
          I don’t think so, otherwise you wouldn’t make such elementary errors about frauds such as Walcott and Ozil.
          You’ve been reading too many of the Jon Fox novels..which are, of course, based on science fiction.

          1. Thanks Ken for your response to these anti Ozil fiction writers who feel they know it all, when its obvious they know next to nothing.
            Ozil is a very good player any day. Like it or not ,he is one of arsenal’s star boys.
            Same thing they deluded themselves saying about Ramsey, that Rambo would not make in any of the top clubs in Europe. Where is Rambo heading now, and how much would he be paid weekly?

            1. This comment looks so childish
              @Jay do you know the meaning of a very good player, are you sure you understand those words??

              One thing is certain, no matter how someone is, anything he does is always good to any of his fans…

              Ozil fanboys you guys are the most biased group on Earth

            2. Jay, absolutely correct.
              I remember TMJW spouting about Ramsey being only able to get on the subs bench at a mid table club.
              As for iffy bright, one minute nobody wants Ozil even on loan , then he remembers psg and states they don’t want him now.
              His reasoning? They haven’t put in a bid!
              His knowledge has again letter him down, will you tell him about the transfer dates?

              As for being childish, anyone who has to use “fanboys” to try and make a point, really does need to get down to the Emirates and learn the words to Ozils song that is chanted every time he plays.
              “We’ve got Ozil, Mesut Ozil”…try and keep up with the fans iffybright…you know it makes sense.

  10. Ozil will not leave Arsenal at his age. No one will pay him 300k. If I were him, I would stay put. After all he retired from National Team duties.
    Let him have the money which our stingy owner will otherwise not use for any investment in the club

  11. If u believed psg wanted him, then u would believe Barca wanted iwobi
    The only way psg will want him is to offer him a retirement like buffon

    Paul all ways have a large fan base mostly his Muslim brothers no one
    Will deny that but what will care about is what u can do on the Pitch that’s
    The reason u came in the 1st place

    And for auba and laca demand the only way they will EVEN think about such
    Pay rise is because Ozil is on that wage so it’s it’s a platform of what u can
    Demand when u think ur performance is better than the biggest earner

    Aguero is on 220
    Hazard is on 200
    Harry Kane on 200 is ozil better than any of this players

  12. @Ken1945, Yes I know everything about d Psg January offer to take Ozil on loan, imagine how valueless he is now…
    it’s much like a trial offer
    Loan deals is much like giving you a chance to prove yourself, is just like this Denis Suarez case
    If Denis had been a good deal, we could have purchased him out rightly…..

    We are not doing that because he isn’t worth it…

    Psg didn’t make a bid to buy because he is not worth d gamble….
    its only just a loan bid to give him Six months trial and see if is worth making a purchasing bid for
    Ozil is totally useless now
    so worthless that no one is even making a bid not a loan deal

    1. Simple reply to you is that PSG could only have him on loan, as that was the only way The Arsenal wanted to do business…a loan deal until the end of the seaso n.
      Ozil turned them down, UE made him captain and the two of them have both said they are looking forward to next season at The Emirates.
      Great news all round, Ozil shirt sales will bring in even more revenue to the club and UE will build at title winning team around him.
      What more could we ask for? Oh yeah, Accrington Stanley fighting Barca for Iwobis signature.
      Won’t make as much for the club as Ozils shirt sales, but £10 grand is better than nothing! !,

      1. @Ken, We want progress on the pitch
        we want the club to be competing with the big guns
        nobody is buying Ozil shirts except his fanboys who are just 6%-8% of the Entire Arsenal fanbase

        Ozil been in the club will bring more problems and hindrances to the club

        Ozil must be forced out of the club just like what Real Madrid are doing to Bale now…

        Arsenal must not be seen as a comfort zone for any useless players like Ozil

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