Real Madrid contact the representatives of Arsenal target

Arsenal has been dealt a huge blow in their bid to sign Jules Kounde this summer as Real Madrid becomes interested in the Frenchman.

Arsenal has watched him deliver some fine performances for Sevilla and they have plans to sign him.

However, it seems the Gunners will struggle to get him.

Their failure to qualify for any European competition means they will struggle to sign some of their European targets and Kounde is set to become one of them.

French outlet Foot Mercato reports that Real Madrid has a serious interest in the signature of the Frenchman and they have even made efforts to sign him.

Los Blancos face uncertainty over the future of Raphael Varane and Sergio Ramos and they have started making plans to replace them.

The report adds that Madrid has already made contact with his representatives about signing him in the summer.

Arsenal will rebuild their squad and signing a new defender will be a priority after David Luiz left the club.

Mikel Artetaโ€™s side will now turn their attention to their other targets and their list includes Ben White.

The exact amount Arteta would have for transfers remains unknown, but it should be enough for the club to make some top signings.

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  1. Another HUGE blow to our transfer plans – I just wonder how many players we are going to be dealt “blows” during this window???

  2. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t just stop laughing, again and again it’s all about target target target and target. A player has already gone through medical at liverpool. What a bunch of unserious people destroying our dear club.

  3. Emery was not good for us but he won Europa league today for Villarreal, a club where every player fight with every drop of their sweat and blood.

  4. Instead of another rumour mill nonsense article, why isn’t there one about how our former manager won another EL Cup, this time against our former archrivals ManU…now we have the unwanted distinction of being the only blemish on Emery’s EL Cup final record…what a tough pill for all the Unai naysayers to swallow…of course, I never favoured him as a logical Wenger replacement, considering our roster at that time, but if you were going to roll that dice the least you could have done was give this proven “system” coach input when it came to recruitment…functionally he was nothing more than a sacrificial lamb in North London, so good on him for quickly regrouping then capturing Villareal’s first major trophy in their 98 year history

    1. My take isnโ€™t exactly the same as yours TRVL
      I ultimately wanted Emery gone and Baku was the catalyst as he couldnโ€™t control the dressing room. I donโ€™t know why but something was going on and rightly or wrongly he became the fall guy for the power individual players held.
      If nothing else Arteta has removed that clique but good luck to Emery who has found his niche back in Spain

      1. The fact that you don’t agree with my take certainly isn’t surprising, considering our differing opinions, historically-speaking…what transpired in the dressing room was clearly something that developed under the former manager and simply got progressively worse as a result of several circumstances outside of his control…(1) the fact that the very individual who recruited his services left elsewhere within months of his hiring, (2) the fact that the roster, at the time, contained few if any players who made sense tactically for the incoming manager, (3) the fact that Emery was given virtually no say when it came to personnel decisions and (4) the fact that the internal power struggle between the weasel Raul and Diamond Eye simply further complicated matters…not to mention, the mess he was left to deal with following a two decade reign and the relative disinterest displayed by our absentee landlord…the only real mistake made by Emery was his ill-advised acceptance of the position, which likely occurred as a result of his desire to get back on the horse in a timely fashion following some of the unfair negative press he received leading up to his PSG sacking…I would likewise suggest that some of the pertinent promises he received from Gazidis weren’t adhered to by those who replaced him…based on what we’ve witnessed in Milan and Villareal, a Gazidis/Emery partnership might have been our best bet rebuild-wise

    2. I have to agree also the only articles on UE allowed are the ones that slag him off (it seems).

      1. Allowed!!! Maybe you should ask Ken1945 about that lol.

        But if that is your perception mate, then feel free to send in your article in support of Emery and we can see if I publish it, eh?

        1. Ok”allowed”was the wrong choice of word and you’re right it was my perception that the majority of articles on UE were negative but like in this instance you can see i have no problems with being proven wrong!๐Ÿ‘

  5. Arsenal has two defenders out on loan why do they need another centre back for. We were not going to afford him anyway if look at figures being quoted for him

  6. Partey left Athletico Madrid for Arsenal. Athletico just won the La Liga title first time for many years.
    Arsenal got 8th the 2nd year running.
    Arsenal paid Lille 95 million quid for Gabriell and Pepe.
    Lille just won the French Ligue one.
    Arsenal got 8th the 2nd year running.
    Arsenal sacked Emery after he got the team to the EL final.
    This season Emery wins the EL for the 4th time with a bunch of rejects like Coquelin ex Arsenal Capoue ex Watford Moreno ex Liverpool Foyth ex Spurs.
    Arsenal got 8th the second season running.
    And we are 5 years in Tottenam’s shadow.
    It must be Stans fault after all he buys the players, coaches them all and picks the starting line up.
    We need EK cause he plays cool music

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