Real Madrid finally make up their mind about the future of Dani Ceballos

Real Madrid has decided not to allow Dani Ceballos to join Arsenal on loan again next season, because he will be an important part of their first team.

The Gunners had the Spanish midfielder on loan for this season, and he was one of the best performers in their team as they won the FA Cup.

The Gunners want him to return to the Emirates either on a permanent transfer or on loan again this summer ahead of staying with them next season.

However, that will no longer be possible, according to AS.

They claim that the Spaniard was signed to replace Luka Modric when he joined the club in 2017.

The Croatian is now in the twilight of his career and ready to leave the club as he enters the final year of his deal.

AS claims that Los Merengues have watched the midfielder thrive for Mikel Arteta in the Premier League, and they will now look to keep him as they phase out Modric.

The report also stated that Zinedine Zidane will have the last word on the midfielder’s future, however, he will join them for preseason.

Arsenal is still keen to have him and it remains to be seen if they will be able to get a deal done for the 24-year-old.

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  1. This news does not surprise me one little bit to be honest and nor does it bother me.

    In my opinion, he was never 100% committed to our club… so let’s divert his salary to Auba’s obscene and grotesque demands, keep AMN and concentrate on giving ESR the experience he needs to move up to the next level.

    If the rumours regarding Courtinho are true, then we will have an already proven premier league player for him to learn from.

    Of course, Willian could move into that role, albeit a little bit more defensive than when he was classified as a midfield player… if those transfer rumours are true as well.

    It might even come to pass that MA and MO can get back to the pre corona virus relationship.

    But whatever happens, at least we won’t be playing nurse maid to a committed Real Madrid player, whose been injured as much as he’s been fit… seen as a mortal sin by some of our fans!!!

    1. Wow – this is a bit harsher than your normal posts Ken!
      Not sure what you mean about Willian “… albeit a little bit more defensive …” so please explain. Thanks.
      Not sure we need both Willian and Coutinho. Maybe the Coutinho interest will drop if Willian is announced today as the rumour mill predicts.
      I totally agree about AMN. One of our best players now in my opinion. Now that Ceballos is going back to Madrid maybe Arteta will even consider playing AMN in his favoured midfield position – along with Partey if we get him, not Xhaka.
      If not I think AMN would be happy playing wing back on either side of the field so there are options. I definitely don’t want to see him in Mouirino’s midfield. I don’t particularly want to see him playing full back for us either.
      Looking forward to seeing if, or by how much, ESR has come on for his loan spell. The potential is definitely there so I’m very hopeful. Playing in the Championship he’ll have been battered a few times and has come through it well. That will stand him in good stead in the Prem.

      1. Agree Ken, that Arsenal and Mikel Arteta, can’t waste time on players who aren’t fully committed to the Club.
        I believe Coutinho is too great a risk at this time of financial constraints and not worth the investment required. Willan was very successful in the midfield role behind the forwards and Emile Smith Rowe and AMN are deserving of opportunities.
        If Arsenal is successful in bringing in Thomas Partey, as an excellent box to box midfielder, Arsenal should look at a DM such as Marc Roca of Espanyol.
        A designated DM like Roca, would allow greater freedom for the fullbacks/wing backs to go forward, as well as Partey, with the Roca providing cover at the back.
        With two good defensive midfielders like Partey and Roca beside/behind, Arteta may be inclined to give Mezut Ozil another opportunity. If he couldn’t perform along side Partey and Roca doing his tackling and ball recovery for him, with him feeding Aubameyang, Pepe and Willan, or Martinelli, Saka and Lacazette, then even his greatest admirers would have to come to the conclusion that Ozil is finished.

        1. GJ, just gone back to this article, so hope you read my reply.

          What I meant by Coutinho playing a more defensive role, is that he would be then doing what Ceballos has done – unless AMN gets the recognition he deserves by the club of course.

          I still don’t get paying £55 million for Partey, when we consider AMN is worth over £30 million, saw what he is capable of in the cup final…and yet decide he can leave?

          I was harsh on Cebs, but it seems to me, that all he ever wants to do is get back to Spain, either with RM or RB and as ozziegooner says, we can’t waste time on players who are not 100% Arsenal.

          ozziegunner, your comments/thoughts regarding MO would also be mine.

    2. Stop moaning and whining about Ozil.
      The guy has been given chance after chance to prove himself at Arsenal since 2013.
      Has there been a player in Arsenal history that has ever given so many chances and leeway than Ozil? You are the elders, please enlighten us.

    3. OMG!Auba’s “obscene and grotesque demands”!And what is the poster boy drawing? Oh a paltry sum 350K/week and after tax all the more less! That does not seem “obscene and grotesque” but supposedly 250K/week is! What an irony. The man bangs in 20 goals a season, wins us the FA cup with his brilliance while the other gets injured sitting on a seat drawing 350K/week! And if Mikel can organize a barbecue and invite the jersey merchant, yet it wont work, cause he has no more stamina to to do something PRODUCTIVE for the team for 60 minutes, forget the 90+ minutes. Hope some gunners wake up from their slumber!
      We had a loan deal fro Danny for a year, its over, he goes back to RM. We urgently need a good CAM (forget James and Coutino, just wont make us great again) and a DM. Xhaka /Willok / AMN can partner the DM, Ceballos if he wants to stay good, doesn’t want to, then okay, thank you, we move on.

  2. He has hugely improved within the last months under MA and I would love to see him in our side again.
    If no deal with RM then I wish him best of luck and to keep focusing on his performance because he has the potential to become one of the best mid players in the world.

    1. I completely agree!good luck to Dani no matter what he decides to do in the future,I’ll miss him,had we tried to buy him at the start of the season ( or included a clause to buy him in the summer)when he had no future at RM and wasn’t in Zidane’s plans we would have got ourselves a bargain,UE had worked with him before and was an admirer but the board were too cheap and stupid,a young player with resale value ,great potential and a very good reputation how was it a big risk ?

        1. True his heart was at Madrid but time is a great healer,he said it himself he was happy at the club,lived London and felt an important player,I guess we will never know!☹️

        2. What missed opportunity Ozziegunner. I don’t know if Siamois really forgets how we got to loan Cebellos from Rmadrid and not Spurs or just bend reality to suit his narrative. Spur insisted on Rmadrid to include option for them to buy him outrightly at the end of the loan and Real didn’t fancy that and that was how we were able to get him.

          1. I have forgotten anything Mobella,the reason the loan deal to spurs failed surprise surprise,wages my friend,Levi wanted RM to contribute towards his wages!do you need the links to the story??

    1. What makes team management to decide and pay off dani once than going around hiking up tabloids revenue 🤔😏

  3. Arsenal must be prepared to spend good money to attract quality players. If Arsenal had been prepared to buy Cebas. outrighly from the onset at Madrid’s terms, all this back & forth wouldn’t have arisen. But then, this could still be a speculative news item.

  4. The idea that AMN can replace what ceballos brings to team is beyond daft … We have a midfield squad at this moment devoid of power and skill … If we don’t correct that in window be prepared for a struggle for 6th place next season

    1. This is where I totally agree, RW1. AMN is not the right player for us. We need skilful , qhick and agile players who can turn on the ball with creative passes (Like Ozil). Seballos was giving us that and it proved to be the winning formula!

      How anyone can even mention AMN in the same bracket is ludicrous!

        1. I was referring to the Ozil that was, Top Gunner, not is. That was why we bought him. So that we had a player who would create and feed the strikers with scoring options. Ozil was quick in mind and could open defences in a second.

        2. Let him play and he’ll amaze us, He’s got a job, he’s getting paid, let him earn. Why did we give him 350 000 if he is not good enough. Internal problems need to be resolved, the best team needs to be fielded.

  5. Nothing exceptional. Maybe he will make it in the slower league but in England he is nothing more than a squad player.

    1. Xhaka and Mustafi are partly the reason for us winning the FAC. Include David Luiz, he made some strange calls in the season, but these are the guys that have given everything. I am not a fan of these guys but they were there for the team.

  6. To those who have a low opinion of AMN I would point out three items of factual information.First of all ,along with Auba, he is the quickest player at Arsenal.Secondly,he is the most versatile player in the first team squad.Thirdly, you may not like him, but he is attracting more interest from other Clubs in the EPL and in Europe.Add to that his excellent performances against Man City and Chelsea in the FA Cup, and I am left wondering if the doubters have a clue as to what makes a good footballer.Technically and in terms of football intelligence ,Ceballos is superior to AMN, but in all other respects, he comes second best.These are the facts.

    1. I’m not saying he is bad in any way, Grandad. I am saying he is not the kind of player to fill the gap of Ceballos. I’m not even sure Ceballos was that great but at least he gave us the attacking midfield we needed. Something we have been lacking for a very long time. We need someone who can fill that void from the very first day of next season. I have nothing against AMN and is probably suited to many other teams.

    2. You mentioned his versatility,I think that it might be one of the reasons he wants to leave,reminds me of the situation with the OX who wanted to play in his favourite position,for a manager it’s great for them to have versatile players but sometimes for some players it can be a bit of a curse if they are always played out of position.

  7. We Arsenal fans we always criticise those who are making positive contribution, and protect deadwòods. The way we protect Ozil, Xhaka, and Mustafi is unbelievable

    1. Who is “protecting” Ozil or any other “deadwoods”, Top Gunner? Or anyone else for that matter?

    2. Spot on Top Gunner! We are what we are is because some gunners cheer mediocrity and laziness and get on the backs of those who sweat and toil on match days! The league standing does not lie. We won the FA because of Emi, Tierney, Pepe, Auba and Bellerin. Just watch next season Tierney and Pepe will be singled out.

  8. I will take Niles ahead of Cebellos any time and any day. Firstly, he is ours and secondly, I saw more of what we lack in the middle in him than in Cebellos. Speed, tenacity and raw power. Not that I don’t like Cebellos but his mind is elsewhere. We are in rebuilding phase and I would like Arteta to have a full season with our academy products to see make the grade like Chelsea is doing. Besides, they we save a lot of money on wages. The news is Party is demanding 200k a week and to me that is outrageous for a player that on lesser or 50k a week. What if it doesn’t work out we will be stuck with on higher wages.

  9. Really liked Ceballos’ contribution this season. Proved himself in the EPL. Hope a deal can be done to keep him and if not all the best. AMN is pure Arsenal. Quality, versatile, home grown and competitive. Too valuable to let go. Seems like the home growns have to really be patient for their chances and not dare speak. This is wrong. Do you remember a young Tony Adams. This is exactly what is needed to win leagues at Arsenal. We don’t want to wait 18 years to win the league. Desire, ability and quality over players with past reputations and a massive online media following. COYG

  10. Offer AMN the number 8 jersey, a new contract and let him know he’ll be fight long for that b2b role with Partey or whoever else we will buy to replace ceballos. He will excel in that role, I have no doubt.

  11. ESR is good enough to play the ceballos role. With the help of MA, he could save us a lot of money. I saw some excerpts of his loan spell and man, he is a gem.

  12. I don’t know how Ceballos can be termed a creative attacking midfielder. His stats speak for themselves, 24 EPL games, 0 goals, 2 assists, 1 big chance created and a total of 6 through balls. His La Liga stats are similar.

    Personally I would prefer it if we developed one of our own, possibly Emile Smith-Rowe who now has experience of playing in, arguably, the toughest English League. I really hope that we keep AMN but unfortunately it looks like MA doesn’t have any say in the matter.

  13. Andrew,
    I agree with you to a point.
    But, like many have said with regard to stats- they don’t paint the complete picture.

    He was THE guy who moved the ball forward, either through dribbling to break off his markers or passed it forward, not sideways and backwards like many at AFC.

    The team needs a guy like Silva in our side. Like ESR to the max, but he is too green to assume that role currently.

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