Real Madrid to help Arsenal complete amazing striker deal?

There were Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with this fantastic young forward a couple of years ago, when it became clear that he was surplus to requirements at the Spanish giants Real Madrid. Well it was not as if they were desperate to offload one of the few academy graduates to feature in the first team, but Alvaro Morata wanted regular first team football and knew that he would have to leave to guarantee it.

Whether Arsene Wenger actually tried to sign him back then or not, the young striker ended up signing for the Italian champions Juventus and he has really flourished there, so unless the Gunners were ready to make a massive offer to the Turin club then it is highly unlikely they would sell.

However, according to a report by NBC sports there could be a way around this. Real Madrid wisely included a buy back clause when they sold him to Juve and the story goes that they might be set to activate it this summer and then sell Morata on, with Arsenal said to be in pole position to complete the complicated deal and bring him to the Premier League. Morata himself dropped a massive hint that he would be leaving his Serie A club in the summer.

The 23-year old told the Spanish media, “Of course I’d like to know where I’ll be playing next year, mostly so I know where to buy a house. However, my future doesn’t only depend on me.

“I’m happy at Juve, but it isn’t up to me and I don’t know where I will end up. Going by the contract, returning to Real Madrid is a real possibility and I just hope everything is tied up quickly.”

So after selling Arsenal the sublime German star Mesut Ozil, are they set to do the Gunners another big favour this summer?

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  1. Oh yeah, it is really going to be a long international break….Transfer Rumors are back!!!

  2. I know Morata is really good. But.. honest question though:

    Is he that good.. on the level of say a Harry Kane or Lukaku?

    Nobody is talking about Mauro Icardi. Maybe that is good sign. LOL

  3. This summer will be an interesting one…
    Will Wenger buy a striker or let’s say a world class striker at last?
    If he buys one,then who will make way for the new player?
    Are we going to keep all our current strikers which includes,Walcott,Giroud,Welbeck,Campbell,Sanogo,and maybe Sanchez and then buy another one again?
    For me,the most interesting will be who gets to leave?
    I am not sure Walcott or Welbz will leave which leaves us with Giroud,Campbell and Sanogo…
    I think Campbell and Sanogo will leave permanently and Ox on loan!

    1. Wenger may choose to swallow the bitter pill and sign some unknown for all our sakes


      He may simply just click the “Ignore” button

      {Hoping wenger Leaves at the end of the season}

    2. “If he buys one,then who will make way for the new player?” Walcott, logically. Is Sanogo still an AFC player?!

      “For me,the most interesting will be who gets to leave?” Agree with on that 100%

      “I am not sure Walcott or Welbz will leave…I think Campbell and Sanogo will leave permanently and Ox on loan!”

      Very likely. Wenger operates in mysterious ways.

      1. He most likely will keep Walcott just to spite the world and anybody who thinks he made a huge blunder by placing the player on an undeserving world-class salary of 140K.

        Wenger always loves to proves his points.

    3. I don’t think he will let go any of Ox Theo Joel Welbz or Giroud. If it were up to me and we had to get rid of one, to make room for the new guy, well then I’d sell Theo. Theo is one of our senior players and he has completely let us down this season. I don’t really need to say how he has let us down because we all are witness. What makes it worse is we’ve seen what he can do when he puts the effort in, the manu game, Bayern, the tott game before he picked up injury and the tott game when he came back. Raising your performance when it is against the countries two most hated clubs is all well and good but what about the other thirty four games.

      He’s one of the lads the others are supposed to look to for answers, or inspiration, but the lad gave them nothing. He should be gone, he let everyone down, and after he was giving his forward role makes it even worse. He knows one of the reasons we don’t have a new striker is because he start bitching at a time when we couldn’t afford to lose any more players, right before his contract was up, he got a bumper new pay rise. The second bumper pay rise is all on Arsene though. There is no hiding from the fact that the boy asked for his shot and the boss gave it to him, what does Theo do, he avoids the freaking play. He should go, I know he won’t but he should. Arsene has a good excuse, look you totally let me down this season” goodbye and good luck”.

  4. Hahaha……..oh yea

    R.mad will help us sign morata by re-signing him back into their squad…

    And at the end of the day, we will be like a feeble school kid who’s beat by a bully and cries home to Momma

  5. What will make us think Real Madrid will sell us Morata so quickly after buying him back from Juventus?

    Was it not that buy-back clause that made Arsenal to stop continuning with their bidding for Morata? And will that same buy-back clause not be inserted by R Madrid into the transfer deal of Morata if at all Arsenal want him and bid for him?

    I think the only way Arsenal can bid for Morata i.e. if they want him, is 1st, Madrid should not insert any of buy-back clause into Morata’s transfer deal to Arsenal.

    And 2ndly, Morata should stop his dreaming of playing on permanent basis for R Madrid. So that he can see clearly and focus properly on whichever club he’s playing for.

    By the way, why will Arsenal want to buy Morata as they already have Sanchez for the LW role? Morata may not want to be a bench warmer at Arsenal. Or they want to sell Sanchez to Juve and buy Morata from Madrid? Yes, why not as Sanchez is largely out of form this season? I think Arsenal should diversify & be flexible and not be rigid.

  6. On Morata, I have never really seen him play but I saw him the run he made against Bayern which led to their second goal and for most parts in the game,he threatened Bayern’s defence..
    His qualities are pace,running behind,dribbles,good in the air and also finishes well…he will be very good to add to the likes of Giroud and Welbz as he will replace Walcott and his foolish desire to be a our strike force will be giroud,welbz and Morata…
    If I have the power Walcott will leave and Campbell will own the right wing…
    Right now,I don’t think we have to buy a new striker and then completely rely on him to fire us to the title especially if he is not from the Epl..
    I say we buy a new one and then ease him in while Giroud and Welbz+sanchez share the goal scoring responsiblities and then he can slot in without pressure..
    Am very sure Morata will be very good for Arsenal,he is Spanish and Spanish players are about intelligence and technicality.he will be fine!

  7. How did u start properly and end so badly by suggesting Sanchez is sold cuz of his poor form this season?

    This is one of the hardest working player in our squad and the fact he carried Arsenal all thru last season coupled with the number of games he played (WorLd-cup >> EPL >> UCL >> Copa America >> EPL) incessantly…it was bound to take a toll on him!

    And he’s WC….. PLs knock urself out sir!

  8. Meanwhile……… Somewhere in North London

    Jack wilshere suffers another injury setback and will miss rest of the Season….. Bingo!

  9. When it comes to strikers
    and attacking mids we have
    oodles in the academy.
    Why spend 20/25/30mill on
    overseas players when we can get them free at home?
    The academy is stacked with fast inventive AM’s and strikers.
    Iwobi Mavididi Akpom Adelaide Niles Willock Zelalem.

  10. If u are reffering to me, I never mentioned Sanchez to be sold,NEVER!
    How can anyone even suggest that, I can’t even say we should sell Giroud talkless of Sanchez.
    Giroud will be eased out of the team just like Mert…
    IF we buy Morata, or Icardi, Giroud will lead the attack for like 5-10 games into the season if he is in good form…then the new striker will start with cameos…
    Giroud for his price alone is more than enough back up for us,and then his hardwork…if we sell him just like that we will be back to square one,depending on the new striker to quickly hit the ground running may or may not work!

  11. It is generally accepted that Giroud is not good enough and rightly so…
    But if you will be honest, we all know Giroud is our most reliable source of goals..
    The problem with him is consistency,pace,and skills…
    Personally,the major reason why I like him is because he is always available I mean always fit!
    Imagine Giroud being half as injury prone as Welb and Walcott..

  12. I get your point on Sanogo but we still pay his wages and he occupies a spot in our entire squad..
    I can never in this believe Wenger will sell Walcott, even if he will, it won’t be as soon as this summer.
    A lot of players may leave this summer..
    Arteta,flamini, Rosicky..(Almost certain)
    Then we have Ox,Sanogo,gnabry, wellington Silva and Sanogo..what do we do with all these ones?

  13. I have an idea Real will be helping us with a new striker, just not Morata though. I think we’ll be back in for Benzema and this time we have a good chance of getting him. Real will most likely bag Aubemeyang, that will leave Benzema out in the cold. Aubemeyang has said he promised his grand pa he’d move to real. Also they (real) will not sit still while Barcelona’s MSN grab all the headlines, I don’t really want Benz to be honest, I think he’s been over hyped throughout his years. He looked a real prospect in the beginning but never really developed any further. Still, maybe this season would have been the time to have him.

  14. I have been begging an praying for a while now that I want Morata at Arsenal he has all the good qualities of Giroud but add more consistency, pace, stamina, technical and killer instinct. basically I call him the young Benzema…I do not want to lose Campbell he is a real gem of a player and has proven with more game time he matures more. Walcott can go we do not need him we have Campbell, Iwobi who I think can hold up the position on the flanks…look at united they look like the have a breath of fresh air with these kids running about and making an impact, We need to do the same and get rid of unneeded players.

    1. In Italy Higuain is the striker for Arsenal, I always thought this even when he was on Madrids bench. He is the type of runner we need, we also need a midfielder or two who are good late runners but Ill leave that for another time. Higuain would suit our style perfectly, I think Alexis and Ozil would have him flourish. Morata, I definitely wouldn’t say no, but I’m scratching my head wondering were on earth that price tag came from. Potential is why Juventus payed so much for him, but he is not twice as good as when they first signed him. He is still worth about the price they paid in my opinion. It is still much to do with potential.

  15. I’ll try not to be too negative.

    Morata would add quality to our squad IMO, but this is not so difficult.

    I would get excited about his arrival.

    But… This is all media nonsense and the chances of Wenger signing a quality forward who can score goals in Morata’s price range is next to zero IMO.

    More likely Real Madrid will get him back for themselves, perhaps to replace James Rodriguez who might be leaving.

  16. btw: normally buy back clauses don’t give the selling club the right to buy the player back whenever they want. Normally it gives the selling club the right of first refusal should the buying club decide to sell the player in the future.

    So in this case I doubt Juve will have been dumb enough to leave them exposed to Real’s impulses. IMO Real will only be able to buy him back if Juve want to get rid of him.

  17. I don’t want either Morata or Benzema.

    Most of Moratas’ goals were scored playing for Reals’ reserves and his last two season have been disappointing at 9 goals in 34 appearances in 2013-14 season, and 10 goals in 40 appearances so far this season. Hardly prolific is it! £40 million, you’re having a laugh.

    As for Benzema, totally over rated and a complete scum bag from head to toe.

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