Real Madrid is tempted to sign £117m Arsenal star

William Saliba’s heroics at Euro 2024 are a source of pride for Arsenal, but they could also lead to the loss of the defender.

The Frenchman is beginning to find the consistency he lacked on the international stage, and he could potentially win Euro 2024.

France has kept four clean sheets in the competition and has reached the semi-finals.

His form has not gone unnoticed, with a report on Fichajes claiming Real Madrid is interested in signing him.

Real Madrid is seeking the world’s best players and looking for defenders who will outlast the likes of Antonio Rüdiger and David Alaba, making Saliba a perfect target.

The report claims Saliba is not untouchable at Arsenal, and the Gunners will sell him for the right price.

A fee of around £117 million could be enough to lure him away from the Emirates, and Madrid is reportedly preparing to pay that much for his signature.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saliba is a player we should never sell, and we expect the club to turn down Madrid if they put in a bid.

However, Saliba could get his head turned by their interest, especially if we do not win trophies soon.


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  1. Arsenal had plenty of superstar player in their squad, why not selling them while there is a buyer outthere.

  2. Hopefully Real will sign L Yoro and will not need to try and bring in world-class Saliba. Yoro is tipped to be the next big thing from defense in France, and some even say he could surpass Saliba, in time.

  3. Arsenal can sell their Williams Saliba for say, £150m in transfer fee payable this summer. If Real Madrid comes to Arsenal for his signing.
    They can reinvest the proceeds they’ve received from his sale to sign a new versatile top class cenre-back and another new top player and keep the balance.
    But if the Blacos make their moves to sign Saliba early enough in the window. Which will allow Arsenal to have the ample time to sign a replacement to Saliba if Real Madrid does sign him eventually.
    So therefore, Arsenal SHOULD be proactive to start searching for a top class quality CB for signing. Should in case RM comes calling to price away their priced asset of WS.
    Should Arsenal have sold their former forward Alexis Sanches for £60m to Man City in a winter transfer window? But which they didn’t. After Pop Fuarduila’s Man City club side was ready to pay the money ti Arsene Winger’s Arsenal had agreed for Man City to sign Sanches.
    At Arsenal, any Gunner can go for the right price but if he wants/accepts to leave Arsenal.
    The hefty money that will be gotten from his sale can be reinvested to sign a new top quality replacement to him. And even could sign other new ones And the top Arsenal will reminde top. And could even perform better to win titles and win them.
    I don’t have anything whatsoever against Saliba nor my club – Arsenal. But just a thought that came on me I have expressed.
    If at all anything, I support Arsenal my club 100%.

    1. The misguided belief that certain players are indispensable is what costs us when those very players are injured and unavailable at crucial stages of the season.
      There should be competition for every position and if the price is good, no player should not be considered as off the market.

      1. Yeah, provided they insist on leaving of course. We can’t sell a player willing to stay, especially the key ones proving valuable to our ambitions. Rather foolish and an indication of lack of ambitions.

    2. I agree and hope we find a better quality if the sale goes on. Which I pray not until maybe we win the league, which will tag top his price again more high then 150.
      Love the guy ,William Saliba.
      Thanks to all gunners.

    3. Keep saliba. Young strong & will become even wiser..we could sell him in 3/5 years & still make money. Our defence is solid apart from zinchenko so concentrate on wingers midfielder. Havertz & jesus can be our strikers & next season go all out for that striker.👍

  4. Saliba and Gabriel have already bonded and related very well in defence to sell Saliba at this juncture would result in arsenal defence and it would take a lot of time to rebuild such an unbreakable defence, if we don’t sell Saliba and buy Calliori + Timber coming back from injury we’d be the strongest defence in the PL.

  5. I agree that no player is indispensable but it would have to take a huge sum of money to let him go.

    I understand the arguments put above. Coutinho for example gave Liverpool the spending power they needed to go up another level. However, that would require Arteta/Edu to come up with the right answers immediately. Spurs didn’t do a great job with the lottery win from Gareth Bale’s move to RM.

    Having been part of the Arsenal story and now on the cusp of winning something, I don’t fancy Saliba moving on at all. He and his teammates still have something to prove

  6. If Madrid are willing to pay no less than £100 million for Saliba then we can start talking. Saliba just signed a new contract last summer until 2027.

    We know that Madrid are the holy grail of world club football for most players. So we won’t delude ourselves into thinking we could force Saliba into staying if his head is turned by them. All we can do is squeeze as much money from them as possible. So we are not going to be bullied if push comes to shove.

  7. I would also agree arsenal to let go of William Saliba if an offer of £150-160m is tapled, otherwise he is a player i see having a long stay at arsenal.

  8. First let me say I think he is worth 150-200 million. Some please tell me the last defender to go through a season like he has had and then a major international and again be name and show that he is the best defender in the world right now. I think most if not all Arsenal fans are expecting the tittle next season. If we sell Saliba and do not win the title…

  9. I think arsenal need Saliba at this time, if we can buy the Bologna defender -calafiori he can understudy Saliba after then he can leave for a good price to Madrid. That money is much for arsenal to wave.

  10. I wonder why the Premier League teams do not have a buy out clause in their contracts.

    I believe Benzema had such a clause for close to $1bn.

    If we had Saliba signed with such a clause for $250m, it might be okay if Real want to meet that amount!!!

    Odegaard though should have a clause for around $500m

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