Real Madrid likely to snatch Arsenal’s long-term target?

Some reports in Spain claim that Real Madrid have a deal in place with Borussia Dortmund, that gives the club first-hand information on any bids made for German superstar, Marco Reus.

This means that should Arsenal bid for the midfield maestro, Real Madrid would be notified of the situation. If a team was to have a bid accepted for Reus, Los Blancos would have the option of matching the bid and given the first chance to talk to the player directly about a move.

This deal is said to have been arranged while thrashing out the deal which allowed Nuri Sahin’s return to Dortmund on a temporary basis in January 2013, before making his return permanent this summer.

Arsenal along with many other European giants are keen admirers of the World Cup winner, but it had been widely reported that the Gunners were readying a bid for the player following news that he had rejected the offer of a new contract.

With the player entering the final year of his current deal next summer, a move would seem highly likely in one of the next two windows. Whether Arsenal could manage to persuade the player that the Emirates should be his new home would seem unlikely now however.

If this turns out to be true, our long-term target could prove extremely difficult to acquire. Is it time for Arsenal to forget about Reus?

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    1. Or could it be that teams like Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern ect just get to work on the next transfers as soon as the window shuts, and that is why we are still scrabbling around on the last day?

  1. Real have to sell first in order to buy anyone now. That’s why they didn’t go ahead with the Falcao deal…

  2. That talk of Real Madrid having first dibs is definitely bollox. Just the press trying to sell headlines desperately because the transfer window has just closed.

    1. Sorry it’s true. That is how it works in Germany. Bayern do it all the time, and probably have agree something along the lines with Schalke for Draxler.

  3. This is why I hate the international break cos the press just must report something so they cook up shit posts such as the above to keep business running.The transfer window is close so we sure don’t need this

  4. Exactly right arsenal plan ahead lmao! I also am relieved the window has shut and we can now focus on the season ahead. However the loan window opens on the 9th and we need a cb, especially as I’d like wenger to deploy chambers as our dm player from time to time. Wenger there is no excuse for selling tv5 and not replacing but now you have a chance to rectify the situation. Also may want to consider loaning out one or two of our 14 mf players vying for only 5 positions, coquelin? Although he may be needed as dm cover as oh yes you missed out carvalho, god damn trip to Rome, wtf was all that about?!

  5. Maybe “big mert” ozil and prince podolski can convince their fellow german comrade to become a “gunner”! Coyg!

    1. totally we need to help fund for our rivals to strengthen…..

      sign a reject from chelsea, city, utd or fool

  6. Well, yeah if Wenger messes about with waiting ages for someone or being cheap or any of these other games, we end up with cheap alternatives and not getting who we want

    We could have got Reus or a top striker and a top CDM but we either want them cheap as chips or next season for free that’s if another team doesn’t offer more money to the player

    I doubt we will get anybody in January

    Next summer just expect 1 marquee signing as usual if lucky.

    That’s Wengers philosophy abd he won’t change.

  7. Loic Remy scored a great goal for France today against Spain, which made wonder why we didn’t pay the 10 million for him, but 16 million for Danny Welbeck? Danny Welbeck scored 20 goals in 90 appearances for MU between 2008-2014. Loic Remy scored 20 goals in 40 appearances split between QPR and Newcastle United in 2013-2014. WTH???

    1. Few reasons why i think we chose welbeck instead:
      1) apperances dont mean anything, actual minutes played do. Welbeck makes late appearances which count as an appearance but in actual fact its very little time. Like 10 mins left in the match.

      2) welbeck was constantly played out of position on the wing. If loic was out on the wing and scored 20 in 40 appearances he would be worth about £40m.

      3) welbeck works harder, will fit better with our style and is younger.

  8. I dont give a crap about all this reus talk anymore. We’ve been linked with him for 3 years and its pissing me off. Some of you lot talk more about reus than our actual arsenal players. If we get him then great. If not then idc. Rather a world class CDM.
    I hope madrid fail miserably this year. Their policy of buying the ‘new shiny toy’ annoys me.

    1. Lets talk about Mvilla then…Capoue, Mbigwa, Diame, etc..the rest of the fans fav

      the especially super fav Mvilla ….

  9. As far as i am concern reus will never be an arsenal player, draxler will never be an arsenal player, Khedira, carvalho and Gustavo will never be an arsenal player. any target which is media driven will never be an arsenal player.

    Basically arsenal buy what wenger wants , not what the media wants, articles like this only get the fans riled up, when there was no interest in part by arsenal only by the media and what they think would fit arsenal.

    A matter a fact i think some the so call fans here work for various media houses to get other fans going, while others work for arsenal management and always try to put a good spin on shitty situations.

    So i am asking stop talking about crap transfer that will not happen and focus on the loans or free agent we could get to patch the holes in our team

  10. If we miss out on reus, we should go for el shaaraway. He is back from his injury. Looks more fit. And looks like the same old man. He is an awesome player. He can be the next superstar in world football. Milan are in financial struggle. So a descent bid will tempt them into sale. He also plays as lw. Scores,assists,dribbling,pace etc. I watch milan vs lazio he looks like ronaldo.

  11. the race for reus starts now in effect for next summer real just think because they are “real” they can bully other clubs in to giving up to them, i say screw them we have just as a fair chance as anyone now its down to player because unless bvb can change his clause price he is going for a fixed amount, and we are playing twice against him its a (sign almost) great way to showcase our club to him because it is him that we will need to impress now not bvb with a big bid it is out of there hands now, i think we should brown-nose him by giving him mozarts shirt number and his place in the squad he will feel honored hopefully and accept wages be no problem fee no problem just getting him on board slight problem.

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