Real Madrid looking at high profile swap deal with Arsenal

Real Madrid ready to swap highly-rated Luka Jovic with Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.

Real Madrid has stepped up their pursuit of Arsenal star, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as they look to land the Gabonese striker.

Los Merengues have been linked with a move for the Premier League golden boot winner for some time now and it seems they are ready to take the next step.

A report from Mirror Sports claims that Real Madrid is prepared to offer Luka Jovic as part of the deal taking Aubameyang to the Bernabeu.

Aubameyang was the joint top scorer in the Premier League last season and he is still Arsenal’s top scorer in the current campaign.

He has, however, been unsettled recently with reports claiming that he has opted against renewing his current Arsenal contract.

He is still contracted at Arsenal until 2021, but he can begin to speak to other clubs from next December.

Jovic was one of the highest-rated teenagers when he moved to Real Madrid in the summer, however, he has found chances very hard to come by with Karim Benzema in top form.

Although the Serbian is highly thought of in Madrid, Zinedine Zidane wants a proven goal scorer to take some of the goal-scoring burdens off Benzema.


  1. Rather have the cash, Auba proven goal scorer wherever he plays; can’t say the same for Jovic.

    £50 million in January would be nice to spend on a CB or 2. Then move Laca in Summer and get a striker to hold the spot until Martinelli takes over.

    No faith in Raul tho, or anyone at Arsenal when picking CB’s. They identity good ones, but somehow sign scrubs instead.

    1. B. Kamara from Marseille and Malang
      Sarr from Nice would be 2 young,
      precocious talents that Arsenal
      could and should pursue in the next
      2 windows. Neither, or both wouldnt
      break the bank and with Saliba
      would provide MA with an extremely
      athletic trio of young CB’s for
      years to come.

      Add Parte and Sangare to physically
      dominate the midfield, Max Aarons/Y
      Attel to usurp Bellerin @ RB and
      well Arsenal my friends are in

      1. Very excellent strategy cons my man this is what we are supposed to do and I have believe Mikel he is going to correct all those mess unless they don’t support him.

  2. Not sure if we would get that amount of money Durand, especially if other clubs start to wonder about the unrest he seems to bring wherever he plays (thanks patH).

    It does say, however, “part of the deal” and if we can negotiate using the golden boot analysis as a bargaining point, Jovic plus £30 million sounds attractive.
    He is young enough to be groomed by Arteta and would fit in superbly with the idea of young and hungry players.

    OT Admin..if this is printed, I have had two disappeared again, relating to Mavropanos…no idea why???

  3. Get Jovic and Ceballos, give them PEA.
    I’d say give em PEA for cash but
    Im more worried about Raul Sanhelli wasting funds and ruining stuffs for Arteta instead.
    To me Raul is a scám most fans are yet to identify, he might be more careless than Gazidis ever was.
    I remember reading him coming out to say the club needed to bring in experienced defenders, him and Emery sang that experienced defenders song soon as Emery got the job.
    Then Sven already identified and targeted Diallo and Soyuncu as targets, but Raul & Gazidis instead preferred Sokratis and Litchsteiner that summer.
    We all know how both players helped us massively.
    Fast forward a year later, after having issues with Sven regarding recruitments. (Ornstein exposed how Raul always want things to be done by his contacts, while Sven was always about going through Data and Analytical approach which has seen him successful so Raul and Sven never saw eye to eye).
    Emery wanted Maguire and Zaha, Raul gave us David Luiz and Pepe, people labelled him Don Raul.
    Hehe it’s working perfectly so far isn’t it?

    Edu came in immediately, and identified Martinelli and Everton Soares as the wingers to bring in, Edu could only bring in Martinelli cause Raul decided Pepe already.
    (Don’t forget Pepe deal was agreed with Lille before Edu even got the job and before the nations cup. Lille President long came out and said they accepted offers from top 4 clubs and Pepe will have to decide which he’s going to)

    I’m not writing Pepe off, infact I like him. My point is people don’t pay enough attention to these details. So far it seems the transfers Raul preferred have all been massive failures especially the Defense.
    The man is obsessed with doing things by his black little book of contacts.
    So I’m more worried about him diving in and deciding which players come in for Arteta.
    Now he seems hell bent on spending a fortune for Upamecano, no disrespect but the boy is way too overpriced for that amount, a season of success outside the EPL and now it seems we are focused on blowing that money on him.
    Why isn’t he going for experienced defenders anymore?

    Let him bury his book of contacts for now, let Arteta and Edu handle the transfers.

    I wish fans would pay more attention to details like these happening around the club apart from the players and coaches.

    1. Well that certainly made for interesting reading Eddie, I also think we missed a trick when Mislintat left. Whatever the internal politics, it was he who brought in Aubameyang I believe.

      Raul isn’t as effective in that role. Just like Gazidis is no David Dein!

      1. Yes, it was also that fraud Mislintat that brought us Lichtsteiner, Mkhitaryan, Sokratis and Mavropanos. Good riddance to him. He was nothing more than an average scout.

        1. Lichtsteiner was brought as a free and experienced back up for Bellerin. Mikhi was a swap deal with Manure for Sanchez; not sure if he had any say in that. Apparently Mislintat wanted to bring either Soyuncu or Diallo; but others (Emery/Raul?) wanted Sokratis. As for Mavropanos, he was a youth project; you know they don’t always pan out.

    2. Spot on Eddie, spot-on, I am also very suspect of Raul. He has been making suspect decisions from day one and something isn’t quite gelling with him from where I’m standing but time will tell. He sure does seem power-hungry.

  4. Luka Jovic plus 30m pounds is worse than daydreaming. Real Madrid paid about 55M pounds for Luka Jovic and we expect them to give us the player plus 30M which will value Aubameyang at 80M pounds. I do not think any club will pay that much for Aubameyang at 30 years of age. I know Juventus paid more than that for Cristiano Ronaldo but that is Christiano Ronaldo. If there is any truth to the story it will be that Real Madrid may want a straight swap like the Sanchez case.

  5. Interesting piece of info.

    Potential managerial candidates were asked who they would see as good additions for Arsenal. As well as mentioning that the defence needs work, Mikel Arteta pinpointed long-term Man City target Mikel Oyarzabal, who has a €75mil release clause.

    I hope he’s allowed to pick his own players before we buy any.

    1. After the Pepè disaster I think we should focus on value for money with our signings. None of the City players cost above £60M yet they made us look like total amateurs on Sunday. Additionally, we should focus on plugging the leaky defence first before spending big on yet another foward.

  6. Madrid wants Aubadly, last window already, let them pay current full price 70M, he is 30, benzema 32, they have this season and at least two more at the top with him! Win title is what they look for…

    We do not need Jovic, we have Laca, Saka, Martinelli. Nelson, Pepe…Let’s take that money and put it on Koulibaly including Torreira in swap, ask Allan and make it even!

    Now we talking and it looks like Napoli may like idea of Xhaka too, perfect.

    Kroenke are dumb ignorant football as their idiotic appointed board,
    focused on coach at last minute, desperate to make sure stadium is full.

    Ancelotti is 10M, would request new players to compete, not just come up and flop his resumes’s winner reputation!

    They went for Arteta, 5M as Emery, + no money nexf transfer window…

    See, they not from football and always steps behind and not thinking football at all. Nnow as world does that Ancelotti or Mourinho are top coaches with records but not putting money. Spurs pays 17M for Jose wage! They target champions league title!

    Football and smart would have been to think in a bigger picture and way, look at coach and players that will help coach, how to provide both.

    Ancelotti would be offered Koulibaly, both would love it as Napoli who could get not Torreira they their priority target…

    His Market value is 45M, add 50M will close a deal!

    With sell of Auba, it is ,20M left,sell Xhaka & Sokra for 60M.

    We have 80M, get Ulmiti for 40M and two young promising tuff RB and LB urgently to back up Bellerin and Tierny with 35M and add the 5M missing for Ancelotti.

    No, Kroenke looked at stadium and put 5M on Arteta to make sure it is filled til end of season. Until next trick!

    Question is how we sack kroenke. An empty stadium with signs for fee attending; Kroenke out !


  7. Supply and demand is the name of the game.
    So what is our supply and what is the demand?
    Aubaa is 31 in June but is fit for his age so probably has 2+ 1/2 good years on the clock.
    We paid 60m for him so what will we get?
    Madrid will offer 30m and Jovic.
    Arsenal will demand 50m and Jovic but only on loan till June.
    My guess Arsenal will target the EL as a way of getting CL so will keep Auba.
    But a 50m offer would be very tempting but is Madrid offering 50m?
    Arsenal want 34 mill for Mustafi. Clubs are offering 17m
    Arsenal want 27m for Torreira . Clubs are offering 19m.
    Torreira and Mustafi are young so we can play hard ball.
    We have no such leverage with Ozil who is 31 and over the hill.
    He demands 350k p/w salary and is now a political embarrassment.
    He is also seen to be a lazy player and petulant.
    No one will even go halves for him 175k p/w on loan.
    But despite this the club won’t let him go because of the fear
    of being seen as a soft touch in the market.
    The club will keep paying his 350k p/w and hope Arteta can get Ozil back on track.
    Will Arsenal buy a DM? Only if Torreira is sold. A loan is most likely but who?

    1. I only have one more thing to say about the way our transfer is being handled. We are right now looking for bench players and yet the situation needed top quality players some thing I don’t think the board will accept to do.

  8. I would do Auba for Jovic and cash or Jovic and Cellabos.
    Auba is 30 and is of high value. He is running his contract down which we want to avoid and also if rumours of his ego are true we should move him on.
    Young and hungry with no big egos is what we need at Arsenal. We need to complete reset and build the culture from ground up.

    Jovic looks good and I think he would be well suited to EPL

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