Real Madrid make decision on Odegaard’s future

Although these are early days of his stay at the Emirates, Martin Odegaard is a player that Arsenal may like to keep in their team for more than his current spell.

The Norwegian joined the Gunners on loan from Real Madrid last month and he has been one of their consistent starters.

While he struggled for playing time at the Bernabeu, he has already played six games for the Gunners in just one month.

Mikel Arteta has clearly taken to him and there have been reports that Arsenal will pursue a permanent move for him.

However, Marca is reporting that it will not happen because Madrid sees him as a major part of their future.

The report says the Spaniards are delighted with how his loan spell in London is going, as he is now getting the game time that he wants.

The plan is that he will feature in as many Arsenal games as possible and return to the Spanish capital as an improved player.

This will not be the best of news for Arsenal, who had plans to keep him beyond this campaign.

The Gunners may even prefer to return Dani Ceballos while retaining Odegaard.

They will have to turn their attention to their other midfield targets now.

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  1. Real made it clear 4rm the onset he’s not 4 sale, a pity though as he would have improved us. He’s a replacement 4 Modric or Kroos in the near future.

  2. If am Odegard I will definitely reconsider my future with RM. Saying he’s part of the future for a 22 yrs old isn’t abit late. Just look at RM players starting and playing in front of him.
    He’s been there for so long.
    Even though he goes back he will not be getting alot of starts. He will be playing just to raise his value at some point will be sold.
    In Arsenal at least he’s bound to get more roles n freedom to work enjoy with our Saka Emile Martini Gabriel etc n our talented Manager MA rebuilding project.

    1. We will see at season’s end. Being Norwegian will make it easier for Odegaard to settle into life in England and particularly London. He could also build relationships with the other young players at Arsenal.
      Real Madrid needs cash to buy ready made “stars”, so will have to sell players in areas where they have surplus.

    2. You are wrong he is the future replacement for Modric. He is well within the near future plans of Madrid. If you would have said this about Cebollos I would have agreed. Coming to Martin him self playing for Madrid or Barca is the dream of every player, who in their right mind would turn Madrid down n choose Arsenal ( sad but reality). When Madrid comes calling no one says no. Real Madrid is the biggest and if not the most then one of the most successful club.

      1. Its not all about the club being big or small ,is the player playing football or not ,he has been there for so long and playing not, depending on the talent he has ,at 22 he should have been a big player but due to luck of playing time ,he is nothing on the word scene,

        1. You are right but mostly players would prefer to sit on bench for Madrid or Barca then to play for teams like Arsenal at the moment with no champions League. If they get tired of no chances at all for years then they might consider to switch to lower team but again they prefer to move to a team with champions League or a team which is coached by a well known manager. Like James did when he switched to Everton. I can bet my house on if clubs like Madrid n Barca want to keep the player then it’s almost less then 1% chance that player would look at other options.

  3. Surely there are glimpses of a great player in the making. He has the passion,the hunger and the vision. But sometimes I wonder his first touches are not as deft as yet. He sometimes puts the ball that is on the ground into the air and am not sure if he is strong defensively. Let MA continue to assess him.

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