Real Madrid plots how to force Arsenal sell star youngster this summer

Real Madrid determined to lure Gabriel Martinelli away from the Emirates

Real Madrid is prepared to make a move for Gabriel Martinelli in the summer with the Spaniards hatching a new plan for tempting Arsenal into selling.

Martinelli joined Arsenal from unfancied Ituano in the summer, and the Brazilian has set the Premier League on fire since he was given the chance to play for the first team.

He has scored 10 goals for Arsenal already this season and remains one of their most important forwards.

Arsenal is planning to renew his deal after his impressive campaign at the Emirates, but they now face competition from Madrid.

Star Sports claim that Real Madrid has devised a new means to make the deal happen.

According to the report, Real Madrid is prepared to use Dani Ceballos as a sweetener to make the move happen. Ceballos has been on loan at Arsenal for the season and the Spaniard has impressed the Gunners.

Mikel Arteta would love to keep Ceballos beyond this season after bringing him back into the first team.

That said, it really does not matter how well Ceballos has been playing or whether Arteta wants to keep him on permanently. There is absolutely no chance that the club will allow Martinelli to be used as a bargaining chip for Ceballos.

The backlash from the fans would be huge, they have a lot of time for Ceballos but not to the extent that they would accept Martinelli being swapped.

Real Madrid will have to come up with something far better than a player swap deal, maybe a fee in excess of £100 million as a starting point would suffice as a basis for negotiations.


  1. A J says:

    A player I’m sure none of us would like to see sold.

    Given the current business model of running a football club, there is undoubtedly one hell of a profit to be made here, but for me – hold on to Gabby !

  2. Ken1945 says:

    Him and Saka are two of of our future generation of INVINCIBLES AJ.

  3. Paul Le'Dain says:

    No Bloody way can we let Gabrielle go, okay Dani Ceballos would be an asset beyond this season, if the season get’s resarted at the begining of April,but
    Martinelli is definetley a no- brainer,but if they were to throw in cash & Isco well l suppose then we could
    think about it !!!!!!!!!

    1. jon fox says:

      Sensible post but an April resmption cannot possibly happen. I do not see football being played at least this side of August. We are hardly at the beginning of this war with Corona, let alone near the end, not even the middle. Just my take but we MUST, MUST, MUST keep Gabby!

    2. TIMCHANG says:

      Please can some one hlpe me to tell real madrid that they shoul not think of that now gabrielle martinielli is good for arsenal

  4. A J says:

    I’ll willingly raise one of my remaining John Smith’s to that !
    Take care.

  5. Top Gunner says:

    As long as players like Ozil start ahead of him, he might think otherwise. Arteta should pick players, otherwise we might find ourselves left wih a group of deadwoods whilst the good players move on

  6. GB says:

    Ceballos to sweeten the deal, ha , ha, what a load of tosh.
    As if we need him over a Gabriel!

  7. Kennedy says:

    unless our senses as arsenal fraternity goes a leave I don’t see any other possible reason of letting gabii go *HE* and *SAKA* are a must keep. #🔫gunners

    1. ozziegunner says:


  8. Tojjolo John says:

    I can compare Gabby with Klyan Mbappe. In fact give Gabby just two seasons and opponents are Gonna feel him. He is one f our best assets at Arsenal so we cant let him go. Arsenal fan Uganda, East Africa.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Tojjolo John,
      Agree 100%
      Arsenal fan – Highlands of Scotland – United Kingdom
      How’s it going over there brother?!?!

  9. CanonSpike says:

    Fcuk them

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