Real Madrid set to beat Arsenal to the signature of French midfielder

Fresh from missing out on the signature of Kylian Mbappe Real Madrid is now looking to beat Arsenal to the signing of Aurelien Tchouameni, as they add new players to their squad.

The midfielder has been one of Europe’s best in his position and he is just 22.

That age makes him an ideal target for Arsenal because they are rebuilding their squad and will benefit in the long-term from signing younger players.

A report via The Sun claims Madrid has joined the race for his signature and the Spanish side has been in touch with AS Monaco and they are prepared to make an offer for him.

This development means Arsenal has their work cut out in trying to get his signature, but they can still try.

Madrid has an abundance of talent, and he might struggle to play regularly if he moves there.

But at the Emirates, he is very likely to become one of Mikel Arteta’s most trusted players.

In truth, almost no club in the world can compete with Madrid for a player, but if the individual chooses not to join them, it becomes easier.

Arsenal needs to sell their project well to the Frenchman and hope it convinces him.

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  1. I have read alot of members on here mentioning this young man to be snatched up for us. Pogba could be away to Madrid & they already have loads of talent there ready to play.

    If only we managed to grab thay 4th spot be alot easier to convince to come to London, Spurs have the advantage now.

    1. We should hire people who know how to convince players.not everytime giving up easily yet best players don’t come at chip and it’s through best players that you can win trophies.

  2. Some people keep saying we aren’t ready for forth and the CL so does this mean we aren’t ready for the big players that would’ve possibly joined us as well? IJS

  3. What’s it with these youth project all of the time??
    Are we the first club to be playing with youth?
    Every time youth project, like other teams don’t play with youth.
    The likes of chealse and Man u have had more academic players featured for them in the league and I don’t see them claiming youth project all the time.
    Chealse squad that one the UCL last year was a young squad as well, and little was said about how young they were.
    We were not forced to use the youth, we made it upon ourselves to do that. So there shouldn’t be excuses at all.
    However kudos to the young lads, they really did more than anyone could have asked of them, but at the same time, he shouldn’t be the reason why we should remain incompetent.
    Theres a reason why there is lower lever for their kind.
    The men among them should step and stop hiding behind youth syndrome.

    1. Liverpool has made there first signing in Carvalho and now after this fine player and we are here praising ourselves for finishing 5th. We need this guy more than anyone else. Cl or not that should not stop us to go for players that will increase the squad quality massively.

  4. “RM looking to beat Arsenal to the signing of Tchouaméni..”we never a shout and I’m not even sure we were after him.according to reports in France,he has agreed personal terms with both RM and Liverpool and just needs to make his mind up.

  5. Does anyone else find it hypocritical that La Liga are complaining about PSG bribing M’bappe to stay, whilst Barca and R Madrid have been for decades the two biggest wallets in football, until recently discreetly supported by the Spanish govt in circumventing ffp regulations. Barca have been (temporarily) reigned in but RM are still going as strong as ever.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you!RM had agreed on a 110M signing on fee plus 20 or 30M annual salary after taxes so they are in no position to complain or take the high ground.also,only in the last year Perez’s construction company ACS have “won” contracts worth over a billion from Quatar despite not being involved in the construction of stadiums for the WC in Quatar,would have been too obvious!!!

  6. This has got to be one of the most ridiculous pieces of drivel, being passed as a story; but then again, it’s expecting a lot from this site. Arsenal was never in contention or among the list of possible destinations for Tchouameni, so how can they be set to lose what they never had a shot at getting to a team by far more desirable to an in-demand player.

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